Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ??? : 힘내 넌 할수있어 !!! 【에이펙스레전드Aka】

Difficulty: 0

Really? (Reading his chat)

Then I will try tian fall 2 someday.

There's no back-up for this guy.

Then he dies.

Loot is delicious.

I'm bolding because of Apex.

Wow, he is good.

How is he shooting like that?

Oh, they are the champions.

And they are Chinese.

Another team is here.

I have some fan-made montages. (Reading his chat )

I think there are a lot of clips out there.

Of me.

During my days, (Reading his chat)

There was no Korean dub version of it.

That's why I used an English dub.

I got used to it that's why.

The thumbnail? (Reading his chat)

One of my fans makes my thumbnails.

You have to run now.

Oh, you live because I have a golden backpack.

Hello (Greeting his chat)

My stream schedule is random. (Reading his chat.)


Hello~ (Greeting his viewer)

Where do you think you are going?

You know you can't run my friend.

Shall we practice how to grapple?

Here we go.

From here...

I guess no practice.

Oh, thank you for subscribing!

Wait, what is this bug?




My friend!~~

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