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Back in 1987, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage combined their might to become the Mega Powers,

the collision of the Madness and the Mania not only caused some eye-watering colour clashes -

seriously this is like a magic eye picture - but lit the fuse on a three year feud that would blow

the roof off of WrestleMania 5 and become the blueprint for long term storytelling in WWE.

Now lets see if we can condense three years into about three minutes,

This is Fast Feud: Hogan vs Savage.

1987, WrestleMania 3, a slam was heard around the world,

cementing Hogan as the biggest star in wrestling, but while he had toppled the giant,

it was Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat who stole the show, earning Savage a push.

Not too long after, Randy was about to be bonked by the Honky Tonk Man and co.

And real life wife/fictional manager Miss Elizabeth ran to get some help.

She ran right into some 24 inch pythons brother.

Hogan and his guns chased off the goons, saving Savage and leading to a now iconic handshake.

Both guys approached this handshake like it was giving them static shocks,

but it sparked a story that would take 3 years to culminate 3 Years.. Can you imagine? Today,

were lucky if we get 3 minutes of consistent storytelling.

Hulk would lose the title to Andre at Saturday Nights Main Event. Giving us our first screw-job

as Dave and Earl Hebner pulled off twin magic to swindle Hulk out of the belt.

This was all the design of the Million Dollar Man Ted

DiBiase who paid off Andre to hand over the title.

Thankfully the WWF stripped the title off DiBiase faster than Vince gives up

on promising young stars and declared a tournament to determine the new champion at WrestleMania IV.

Savage won the tournament with help from Hogan and a steel chair. From there,

the Mega Powers would unite. They even got matching tights,

which was a refreshing change from their usual gear theme of: visual migraine.

At Summer Slam 88 it was the Mega Powers vs. The Mega Bucks.

Miss Elizabeth whipped off her skirt and suddenly there was more than one Randy in the ring.

While the Bucks were thinking with their downstairs department, Hogan and Savage went over.

But Hogan also went over the line, picking up Elizabeth during the celebration

and hinting at the first problem within the Powers.

Savage wasnt a fan of Hogan and Elizabeth getting so close. Randy was a jealous man,

a green eyed Monster Maniac would eventually rear its ugly head.

But this was subtle to start, just planting seeds. You have to admit:

Vince McMahon was a wrestling genius back then. Vince has forgotten more about wrestling than

most people know. Literally, hes forgotten a lot about wrestling. Like storytelling,

how to book a babyface, or sensical stipulations.

Anyway, Miss Elizabeth started managing Hogan for his matches,

too. This was just too much for Savage to handle.

Fast forward to Saturday Nights Main Event, The Mega Powers would face The Twin Towers.

Savage dared a dive to the outside and whiffed his opponent but didnt miss Elizabeth.

Rushing to tend to his downed friend and his wiped out wife,

Hogan made the strange decision to carry Elizabeth to the back and look for a medic.

He sold the whole thing by acting like Elizabeth was on death's door - I use

the term acting here loosely, so loosely its become untethered from all meaning,

drifted off into the great wordless void and disappeared forever. It was shit.

Eventually, after a commercial break, a doctor managed to save Elizabeth, meaning

Hogan would return to the ring, tagging back into the match but causing Savage to freak out

Randy slapped Hogan and left,

defying the 2on1 odds though Hulk won out and confronted Savage in the training room.

Savage told Hogan he was afraid to come after him like a real man and said Hulk could never

beat him for the title. He said Hogan had lust in his eyes for Elizabeth. Then hit him in the

head with the WWF Championship. Fleetwood Mac expressed their love triangles by writing Rumors,

one of the greatest albums of all time, Randy hits Hulk in the head - same thing.

So the Mega Powers exploded, meaning it would be Savage vs. Hogan at WrestleMania

5. But the question on everyones lips was which corner would Elizabeth be in?

Hogan or Savage? Elizabeth would actually go to the neutral corner and so would the crowd.

Because Hogan was clearly supposed to be the babyface in all of this,

but the crowd was split. He was messing with a mans wife after all.

The match took place and Hogan would win after Hulking Up out of Savages

Elbow Drop finisher. Hed hit the leg drop and the rest was history.

3 Years to build to one match at the biggest event of the year. It was beautiful. They didnt face

each other 45 times trading wins in one month to build to a throw away pay-per-view. It was simple,

straight-forward and fantastic. The subtle story-telling and slow build made the pay-off

so satisfying for fans. And thats why Hogan vs. Savage is one of the best feuds of all time.

This has been Fast Feud, Hogan vs. Savage. .


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