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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WAS THAT CHAIR ALWAYS THERE? | Prey - Part 2

Difficulty: 0

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to PREY

Now on the last episode we were trying to figure out what Neuro-mod to be using

and you guys said that hacking is a very useful one

but you said that hacking doesn't get useful until you get about to hacking III (Three)

Also useful is repair, also useful is necropsy

Because the benefit of necropsy is that I get more organs from the typhon

which means that I'm going to be able to use those

to make more exotic materials which is used in

the fabrication of neuromods!

So I don't know...if that's like a direct correlation but -

If it's like in a-- If it's like

You know, in any economy, you wanna go for the route

that gives you more of the thing, that allows you to upgrade more.

So for now... I need physician to be able to get to that point.

And I'm pretty sure I'm on'a need physician!

Because I seem to be taking a lot of damage!

I'm not saying I'm bad at this game!

I'm saying I'm just new to this game...

Oh god, NO!

AH! *silent terror*



*high pitched* I thought it was just gonna be like a suction cup!

You didn't tell me needles were gonna jab into my BRAIN!


*weak laugh*

Oh hi, you're still open- You're very shocked about all of this.

He's like: " *exaggerated gasp* I can't belive they killed me with that bullshit!"

Ok. So, uhm-


I think we uh-

Huh-- I think we found everything we need to find in this area,

we need to get to the Lobby area. The Skill Recording Room??

I don't know what that's all about, but I think we've been everywhere around here...

Except for maybe in here...? Have we been in here???

Oh no... oH NO, that was hacking level one!


I could've gotten in there! Ah, I take it back!

Ah, load, load, load it back!

I take it back!

I'm not above this! *laughs* I am not above this!

I am not above this, I am a man who wants to

stab himself in the eye again!

To be able to get hacking one

because you guys told me hacking wasn't gonna be able to be- AHHH!

Frick, I should have followed my intuition-

Oh god, not this again!


Ohhhay... [Alright...]

Hahahahoh, jeez!

It's like I really am Morgan Yu, I'm just doing this over and over again...

unless I'm not. -January speaking in the BG-

Oh, thank you, January

Just a second January,

There was a reason I did that again

Wham~! Bam~!

Thank... you... ma'am

Hello dude...oh

Awww, but now I need-

ah, I wouldn't have gotten Necropsy anyway

so that's fine

but I didn't get that- these organs here

so I gotta make sure I get all these

oh wow that guy had a whole bunch of stuff

9 mm bullets!

Am I going to be getting a gun any time soon?


Wee-- Ohh...

*reading instructions*

oh... OH-- Ow!


I don't know how to do this!


Ok I think I got it

'C'! -Victory Tone-



Hacker voice-- I'm in~!

What the hell is that?

Found an up an--

wh-- You can use these to upgrade weapons...?

*more instructions*


select the weapon I want to upgrade

well I could upgrade my GLOO gun

to be able to spew more GLOO everywhere

that's something I've always wanted to do!

I think

unless I can upgrade this thing


upgrade ok

I guess I can only upgrade this


reduce the GLOO ammunition required to incapacitate

handling, range, reload

I'll do this one, I'll upgrade that

I've always wanted to be more efficient about my GLOO

I mean, heh

Eh, I gotta shut up about that

Anyway- so I got that now

so that's good I guess

but I don't have a password for this- AW

if I had Hacking II

Security Stations track all the employees aboard Talos I

What? ...Oh... *more instructions*

Wow, that lady on the right does NOT look ok

I'm just saying

somethings off about that

Alrighty then... that's good


Well alright then!

uh OOO!

*reads memo*

Oh ok... why?

Uh but why though?

Ok whatever, it doesn't matter

Let's carry on, we've wasted enough time

I know I've been exploring the environment

a whole hell of a lot in this game

but that's just cuz', like, I'm honestly so curio-

Oh, okay, favorite wheel


Ok, so mouse 1 to favorite wheel


Oh I can use a med kit right from there!

Oh that's good!

and I got the bonus- No I don't have the bonus for med kit anymore

because I don't have the - for NECROPSY!

It's like a trade-off no matter what you do

but I'm going to go for Necropsy next

Uh, if- this'll be useful in case I need to break into any

keypads that I come across, so I will be able to use that

So long as I can hack it ok

which is not always generally guaranteed here

don't know why... January's complimenting me on my skills


Eh hey *nervous laugh*

Hey buddy!


AAAAAH... how's it going friend?

AHHH it's my buddy!

Alrighty then

No I am not

Why- why is there a real view

is it all a fake world?

Oh, I'm in space






I like space a lot

I like space a lot- oh hi


I took this tulip


Oh geez, tape drive - carry with leverage 3

How that does that give me more le-

How does that make leverage allow me to carry that?

I'm pretty sure I can't leverage my way to hauling giant boxes

Ah, whatever

I'm not gonna complain- Hello

OOOOH that gives me health

Fancy that, but I've had enough to drink I guess

*singing gibberish* OOOHHH it's beauti- *noises*


Well, goodbye!!!

*January speaking*

I do! Who are you?

Oh, that's - No, that's not what I wanted

Oh *silent burp* Excuse me, that's beautiful!

Oh, that's beautiful - Ok

*reading* Talas I (one) is open for you to explore from the lobby, you can reach oth-

AHHHH right, never mind then!

Access the video file, ok!

I'm gonna - DOWAH!

I saw that

Wait, I saw that!


Ok, never mind

I thought I saw...

I- I almost forgot for a second

where I was

and why I was here

I saw that


I thought I saw something!

I might be a little paranoid here but I think it's for good reason!

You can't trust anything!

Or anyone!


Alright, I'll take the used cigar, that's good for my health


Alrighty- Oh hello

Shotgun shells? Am I gonna get a shotgun anytime soon?

Can I get in here? I've got hacking skills! Ooh...

Wait, there's- No, stop that!

There's a safe in there, ok

So either way, I need to get to my place

Of some sort

So that I can get something

I don't remember what

*Station announcement*

Ok, why though?

But- but why?

Everyone seems to already be dead


Hey, hi, OK!


How about you get bap! YOU GET BAP!



I've got so much glue! It's so much more efficient!

You don't even know the same glue anymore

Oh yeah, you think- I've evolved!


Okay, man I wish I had necropsy

I'd be able to take these tumors here

I don't know what good they would do-AAAHH


Oh god, what happened?

Holy shit you're beautiful, BAM

I'm gonna break you though, but you're beautiful

God I need necropsy, I'm missing out on so much shit




I think

That's good right? I hope

Alrighty then, hello, hi

Hiddy hiddy hiddy ho

Oh... psychotronics staff only

Oh I don't know what that is

Hello can I get in here?

Can I bash this open?

Alright nevermind then

You all carry on, you have a lovely day

You have a lo- oh good blood


Can I have these...? OH, lovely!

I'll just be flower picking for the rest of this duration

That looks like...

That looks flammable, that looks flammable

looks extremely flammable


Anybody want some GLOO in here?

I've got an excess of glue, it's VERY efficient

You'd be amazed at my glue!

Everyone would be amazed at my glue...hello?

Alright, fine then


I'll take that, agave plant clippings

Gonna make some...some sweet, sweet agave nectar

Alright...uh okay

Getting a lot of med kits which make me think something bad is gonna happen



Well that's good! Good to know people are still squatting in the future


AY fucking god dammit

Jesus Christ

You guys still spook me

Nooo, no!

Where'd your friend go, huh?

Gimme your tumors!

I want them real bad

Okay so is your he blended in?

He's blended in isn't he?

*sudden loud music* HEY!

Where was he?

Where was he?

Alright I'm gonna forget about him

I'll come back and get him later- *loud sound* WHY


Okay, I'm gonna pretend like that's nothing apparently

Get these goodies

Oh good! A lemon peel, let me just stuff that in my pants

*weird sound* ...why?

Turrets...are you friendly?

Thank you I appreciate that!

I'd like to think that I'm not a-

AY what the fuck!

Jesus Christmas

Oh the turret got him

Hey turret can you take care of that guy too?


Turret...thank you turret!

That turret's useful

I don't need to waste any of my gloo

I value my very, very efficient gloo


Hi, okay yeah I'll take-

Why did you have bio hazard waste on you?


eugh, sky king pomegranite

*weird beep* OH, hi



Key card oxygen detected beyond this point, proceed at your own risk

You know what?

For my- for the sake of mine own risk I don't think I'm gonna go over there

Oh god

Eugh what happened to you?

What happened?

Eugh hu hu

Alrighty then

Carrying on

Oh yeah I need to get to uh, my office

I almost forgot about my freaking office

Geez...alrighty then

Habooski, habooski, hello

No! I need that!

Maybe...I don't know

I don't know man, okay...

So it's...up there

Okay, so I gotta get up there


AYYY! What the fuck?!!!

The turret! Help me!

Help me turret!!!

Alien threat?

Alien- wait, ALIEN threat?!


Well these turrets are awesome

It just said ALIEN threat though


When it says alien threat is it talking, like...

FOR REAL aliens here?

Because I was under the impression that these things were things that

this corporation, whatever it is

Transtar, I think it was

That this corporation had made

Not that it was...

Utilizing aliens

So my understanding right now as it stands- what I know thus far

Is that I may not be human

But... I may be alien

Or something along those lines, I'm not 100% sure

Can I hack that?

Please tell me I can hack that

No, apparently not, ok.


That doesn't make the most sense I've ever heard

That just makes a little bit- Ooh


Ooh, is that a neuromod?


GIVE me YOU! Thank you!

Thank you for that!

I think, anyway. Thank you!

I'll take THAT as well, thank you!

*high pitched* Hurray! Goody!


So I need to go up

I've wasted enough time, god, I just- *noises*




HIYAH! Ok, alright I just wanted to check, I was pretty sure that was going to be the real one!

But that means...

There's a trash can up there


Oh ho ho!

Get ready *laughs* for a big load of my gloo


bleh *station announcement*


AHH! Goddammit I glooed you!

I glooed you!!!

I glooed you up!


You sack of shit

You sa- oh, hi


*more groaning*

*smol groan*

Oh, the trauma center

Wait, I needed to go into the trauma center

For SOME reason

I can't- Oh, bul- bubla- *blubbering*


Blammy! Blammy! Blamy! Below me?



I'm up here now!

Oh my god

That's so cool!

Oh, I hope I get to go out there

Oh, I hope I get to go out there!

OH I hope I get to go out there!

I mean, it'd be very Dead Space if it did that

But in a way...

This game does kind of give off a bit of Dead Space vibes

Maybe like a mixture of Dead Space and Bioshock is actually a good way to describe this game right-


Can I has that?

Wait, there's TWO guns

Is one of those a Mimic?

*high pitched to low* I'm thinking maybe one of those is a Mimic

Alrighty then

Just a bunch of Dittos from Pokemon

Oh, hi

Ok, there's a turret over there, that's gonna be useful

This is a nice office, ooh, what's this?


Oh, good! I can go down there and I can go for Dr. blehblehblehblabla

Ok, emails


For where?

What are you talking about?

7703, where is that... code to?

Ok, thank you- oh, no, hang on, wait



Let's see...


Ok, thank you


Get scanned for what?

What are they scanning for? Some sort of brain mapping here?

Is there like some sort of SOMA application here?

I don't know what it's all for

Well that's super weird, and I got a code but I don't know what it's to

Maybe some volunteer headquart- woah

This office looks a little more... dilapidated than the last one


Ok, so...

Our brains are a little bit of a quantum computer, is that what we're talking about here?


From Morgan Yu, supposedly that's me

Oh wait, hang on


So who is this?

This is Sylvan Bellamy, OH!

That's Bellamy! That's Dr. Bellamy! That's the guy that is supposedly dead because he's been attacked

By something


Ah, I've already read that one about the consciousness thing

Oh, man, ok. Moving on, moving on, moving on! Hello

Movin' on, movin' on, movin' on!

What have we got here?

Oh, hello. Is this your password?


You- you talkin' about me? Oh...

You talkin' about Jason Chang?

This is my office, right? *noises* HI?

Thank you!

*January speaking*

Thank you, how do YOU know that?

How do you KNOW that?

Alright, whatever


Wha- I just-

Wa- I was just about to find that out

Wait, what?


Woah *dialogue*


Where'd that come from? *dialogue*


I don't--


I don't know where I got that

I don't think I got it from right here.

ATTITUDE Adjustment?!

I don't need an attitude adjustment!

Especially not with bul-lets!

Okay... 0451

Wow, that would take a Hacking of FOUR.

I guess I got good security on my own office here.

MY office.


I sure-- I BELIEVE that. Oh YEAH.

I'm sure it has.


Whatever you s--

Oh, helo--ooh!


Oohh, hello, hello.~





Ooh, hello.

Ooh, I don't know what I got, but I got something good.

Ohh its a Morgan Yu's suite

I don't know where that is but I got that

Ooooh a fabricator?

OOOOOH I can make a wrench


fabricators can be used to create weapons

*deep breath*



those are the materials that i just picked some up and i've gooot

and my inventory is kinda full

suit modification skill increases inventory size

ok i'll get to that but i've got

synthetic material, organic material and mineral material.

So that's good

oh, biohazard. refrigerate or recycle imediately

okay.. Nah, i'll just carry it on me. I'd rather risk disease and keep this really cool biowaste

so if i can.. place items in


Ah, so this is how-

Oh, it gives materials...Okay

So, that's why I have this stuff...

So what's junk and what's not junk? Is it the grey stuff?

Okay, I'm gonna trust this

I don't if this is 100%-

I mean, I'm assuming it's, if-if

If a lemon peel is grey

i'm assuming that means it's junk. right?

Typhon organ contains exotic material which is used to faBRICATE NEUROMODS

That's what I need necropsy for!

So do I...?

Do I recycle that? I think I recycle that

And then...

Wait, there was an auto-sort

Okay, that is...helpful, I guess


Yeah- WOAH

The future is NOW!!

Oh HELL yeah, oh HEEELLLLL yeah

Okay so I can take these and I can fabricate stuff right?

Can I make more neuromods?

Ugh, I don't have the recipe for it

God dammit- ooo what is this?

Operator Designator...?

-dispenser? Designator, dispenser. I am not doing words correctly right now

Okay anyway- woah

Baseball glove

Seach for- OOHHHH

The motherLOAD

Why yes please



Okay...well I know my-

my, uh, my password

I could hack it- nah I know my password

It's fine I know it!

Hello, ah!


I don't know what that means



Okay, so I had a relationship of some sort...?


Okay, cool. Cool, cool, cool

Hello, AHH!

The whole family is here!

Everyone is looking awfully grim

And also uh...

That's a rather ominous symbol of my jacket quote unquote

Wait I can make gloo amo!!

I can make more gloo! My gloo!

Never mind, you know what I'm not even gonna go there

I'm gonna cut it with the gloo jokes, but hopefully...

if I do this right...

I can make more gloo!

I can make gloo!

Hell yeah!

Oh shit, dude!

Is there any reason I shouldn't be making as much gloo as I possibly can?

Cause it seems like there's a good bit of salvageable here

So that's good, okay

So...what is this?


Huh, okay then

So...*reading* Watch me Morgan


AM I??

Any mimics in here??

Play, okay


Ooohhh, hi!

Hello, hello?

Am I supposed to step in there-WHAM


I didn't mean to do that!

I di- I do- I did not mean to do that!

Oh, fucking god dammit, I didn't mean to do that!

OH, 5150


Fucking god dammit I didn't mean to do this!!

Okay hang on


Ooohhh god why did I break that?

But there's something back here

What is that?

Where am I?

Okay, Alex



Alllright, okay Alex, if that is your real name

Okay, but that room-

That room was right outside,

of the-the-the-the place where I woke up from, where they were containing everything


Alright Calvino?

Okay but 5150 that is the key code to the safe in the original area where I just was

Now it'd be a long trek to go back there, I may go back there at some point, but now I know that

Woah, hey woahwoahwoahwoahbbbrah

Shoot 'em! Shoot 'em shoot 'em shoot 'em

Okay good!

-as quick and painless as possible? What are you talking about? Quick and painless?

Are you trying to execute people? What are you talking about?

But either way, if I go back there eventually-which I will at some point in this game

I will open that safe, but probably not in this episooooode...

*reading* I know how to fight!

I know how to shoot my gloo at the enemy

You tell me you don't know think I know how do that?


Hi, I'm gonna go back to the turret


Okay buddy you wanna fight me over here-

OOOHHH mistake! Mistake baby

What a mistake you made!

Okay, hi!

Hi! How's it going over there?

There's a gun and I want it!

Bloop! BLoop!

Get glued! Bloop

Oh, no! You've been...GLUED


Got that one...can I have that?

AH! I knew it! I called that!

Blap Blap

Okay I called that

Totally called that

Sorry-Ehh why'd you twitch

Hey! I can make bullets!

*Weird Mark noise*

Alright okay

Alright okay!

Good ol' fashioned 9mm silence pistol


So what good is this gonna do me in the face of the Typhon

Are the Typhon particularly susceptible to bullets?

I'm gonna say that's a yes.

I'm not 100% sure about anything though


Anymore Neuro-mods for me to get? Nope.

Okay Alright then

Oh good, Paper and bullshit.

So glad I'm gathering up-

Is this where I'm supposed to go?

Looks like that might be a yes!

Alrighty then

I might need to make a run to the-the salvager

Yeah, I'm getting pretty full-up on here

So I'm probably gonna make a run to the salvager and also...

How did a corpse get all the way over here?

What is this? Aw I don't have repair!

I know I've got neuromods, but I'm trying to go for necropsy here


BOOM baby!

That wasn't as...glorious as I thought it was going to be

So before I go there, I'm just gonna run back real quick

I'm gonna run back real quick and I'm gonna salvage what I got

And then I'm gonna try to craft more bullets because that's gonna be good for me


Thank you for that

And also if I can ever find a key card to the thing behind-

*weird noises*


OHH AH fucking hi



You wanna get glued buddy-boo? You wanna get glued?!

There's not a turret nearby is there?

Alright buddy...alright buddy

Alright, okay

So how you doing?

How you doing?

Where you at? OH Jesus!

No need to be so angry about everything!

Some things aren't worth getting angry about

Oh yeah, oh yeah you keeping walking over there

You big dumb doof! You DOOF

Get ready...I mean I'm gonna gloo him then I'm gonna shoot-

Yuri? Wait, Yuri?!

Wait Yuri? Why's his name Yuri?

It was surprisingly effective!

But why...why was it's name Yuri?

If it's name was Yuri-Yuri Kimura

It doesn't say phantom, it doesn't say mimic!

That say Yuri Kimura!

It's like, I'm not going out of my mind here, that's Yuri Kimura

And there's a reason-THIS IS YURI KIMURA

Neuromod install technician

The turret said something about aliens

These neuromods...

must be something derived from these typhon

Which aren't made by this company, these must be actual legit...entities

That we're trying to reverse engineer

Ooohh shit!

Oh hell yeah!

Oh my god!

Oh frick dude!

Here comes another eye jab- I've got EIGHT? Holy shit

Okay I can get necropsy

Okay yeah I can do this

Oh good I don't need to stab myself in the eye again that's good!

But then I can do...necropsy

Which means I'm going to eventually get more neuromods

Hell yeah!

And then I can get...

I can get leverage, I can get repair

I could get conditioning

I could get combat focus, stealth

ooo that'd be nice

I'm gonna to for the level 1 things

Just because...they're cheap,

and they open up the doors for a lot. Especially this repair one and I've already seen things that need to be repaired

So that's good

I don't think I necessarily need these things because I seem to be doing a lot better about damage

So that's probably good

Let's see...*reading*

So someone was trying to export something here

But I'm thinking because Yuri Kimura, that just suggests that she was doing some shady stuff-she or he- I have no idea

was doing some shady stuff

And that means something

...right? That means something. Anyway...

*reading* "it's just a little pick-prick near the eye, right?"

Yeah, a liiiiiittle pin-prick

*back to reading*


So that's, that's a side effect I think we already knew about, but that's still weird-


Fuck you dude!

Fuck you!


*sigh* Thank you for that but as least I got necropsy and I can do that

I already knew about that one

Huh boy

Oh I fucking turned- what is this?! OH!

OH! *reading*

Ooohh I've got a nerf crossbow!

Good, I guess?

*high pitched voice* I think, I'm not so sure about that one. I don't know why I have that but okay

*normal voice* But okay, there was a benefit to coming over here because I got a whole bunch of neuromods

Which is good

Because now at least I can go what I need to go

That's the space elevator, that's the baseball glove...

Oh yeah! I totally forgot I was going- I was going to get recycling! I was about to recycle-Ohh

I know a secret path when I see one!

And this is definitely a secret path!

Hello, OOHH


You fucking asshole!

You fucking- I was doing great, not taking-oohhh shit

I'll come get you later, I didn't realize I could break the floor like that

Fuck man these guys are dicking with me


That's nice! Habooski!

My arms have gotten stronger!

I guess I got a lot of med kits, holy shit

These guys are dicking with me

Can I hack this? Ooo I can!

Alright let's see if I can hack something in here

Alright got it

Play a little game here

Hup... and 'c"

YAAY!! I did it, okay I don't know what that did but I did it

Oh, hi-oh

"what do you see it the glass?" what are you talking about?

What are you talking about?

Okay, I'm running out of bullets

I've got enough glue and I've got full- HEY

There's a thing-there's a thing right next to him

That do any damage?


Suit integrity?! Is this really the time?


I don't have enough bullets, there was another one in there

It doesn't seem to have noticed that I'm just killing his dude

I've got enough for one shot on like...that cannon there

Uh-oh. aaaAAHH NOO! Oh god!

Oh I should've reloaded

Alright I'm gonna bash you, gonna bash you, gonna bash you-

Woah where'd you go, where'd you go, where'd you go??

Hello woah hey, hey, hey no need for that

No need for that, no need for that

Woah you had a lot of stuff on you!

Holy shit, okay

Oh my god, you had even more!

They both had stuff on them!

OH! I got a whole bunch of shit!

I got- I got THREE upgrade kits?!

Oh shit okay

So I'm gonna upgrade this, I guess

Upgrade that bad boy to more...*mumbling* firepower, magazine, accuracy...

Firepower first...

Uhhh, then I'm gonna upgrade the gloo gun because it's really useful

toooo reload speed maybe?

Reload, and then...

I could always use more handling

The range is fine

I would like be able to move faster while I use it though

Okay, that's good!

I need-I need to dump my salvage

I keep forgetting! I'm supposed to go dump my salvage then I got-

I kept getting distracted

Security office, okay I got that

That's good

I think the security office is downstairs by the shuttle bay if I remember correctly

Authorized personnel, clearance required, okay key card only

No hacking on that one

Where am I?

Ah... *reading*

Okay, alright


Okay well that was go- woah

The frick happen there?

Sorry I blinked and though I was in a different dimension or something

So where's--OOooohhhh


Okay alright I'm down with that!

Well- oh my health is low, geez

Alright there we go, I'm all full up

I need to eat my food now- eugh...

I saw that

I saw that!

I saw that...




get rekt

OOHHH get re-e-e-ekt

OOHH Nelly!

And I'm gonna guess you are one too, but I don't have enough...

to get you

Alright I saw how this is going

I don't know that doesn't seem to work

I have a funny feelings there's another one in here

Ooo recyclable! OH handy!

Okay...grey...grey, grey, grey *mumbling* grey, grey, grey

There's gotta be a way to do that easier

I've got a lot of food here but I'm gonna eat it next time I get hurt which I'm sure I'm going to be

*mumbling* 'F' to transfer junk, okay

Wait is that the fast way to do that?

Huh, whatever

Alright, yes please, thank you

I like that, very convenient for me to have that there


Well thanks Alex! Big bro, you're suck an inspiration for every- hEY

Oh, hey I was wrong

Kay woah, can you fucking stop?

Can you stop being such a douche for one goddamn second of your goddamn life

I'm gonna drink this and eat this and that's gonna be the end of that!

You guys are gonna shut up, you guys are gonna let me live,

so I can get back to my goddamn office which is what I meant to do the whole time here!

Our psychos- *loud sound* Why?

Where- What did I just do?

I need to stop hopping up on things


No no no blap and blap

Okay, you're dead now

I love that necropsy

Hopefully that's gonna pay off in the long run because right now it doesn't seem like I'm going to be able to get anything

Except a lot of food here

But for now...


Ah, good!

Great! So I'm guessing...

This place called Pytheas...

Is where I'm going to be going next

I'm probably going to go down to Pytheas...

Probably where they found the typhon! I'm gonna call that right now

In that mining station on Pytheas, is where they FOUND the-the typhon,

and THAT'S where all this came from, and THAT'S where it is and THAT'S why it's terrifying

Cause it's all in your mind

That's what it is isn't it?

How close am I guys? How close am I?

Just on the little bit that I got here...

I'm a mimic

I'm a mimic, I'm calling that right now

I'm a mimic beCAUSE of neuromods

and the constant installation

because the neuromods are BASED on the typhons

which are aliens, which is why Yuri was a typhon

and she got infected by it and turned into one of them

because they're aliens and it's bad tech!

How close am I? How nailed on the head do I got that bad boy?

I feel 100% confident about that one

I feel 100% confident that I got it all on lock

Oh god, I need to go in the trauma center

But frick there's so many things to explore I keep getting forgetting what I need to do

Okay, uhh...

Oooh, if I just hold down 'F' that's gonna be- that's way easier

But I've got all this food that I...

I either need to need or do something with it, I guess I could recycle it

...I guess?

Would it be a waste?

Would it be a waste to recycle all this?

I did just get a lot of it, I don't need all that much of it I guess

I mean I'm doing okay, I'm not dying horribly which is nice

*high pitched voice* Ah, you know what, why not?

I'm doing all right

I can live on the edge, I've got 1 neuromod here I didn't even know I had

So, that's good

*high pitched* Ah, you know what-*unintelligible*

Bling blang blang blong

Okay, so I'm out of here. God,

I got SO sidetracked there, but that's just like...

that's what I actually really like about this game is like it's...

it's got a lot of- Can I drop down here safely?

Ah! Okay I'm fine

I can uh...I can just explore for a while and I can just-

Okay yeah, is it because our brains are being scrambled?

This is like, very Dead Space-y. I'm not gonna lie about this, but this is very Dead Space-y

And I got the security office key which means...

I might be able to get something here

Hello, ah!

This all looks very bad!

Okay then seems like these are all in error and not usable

That is broken as shit, that all broken

There's nothing here good, there's emails



Okay, then. Oh, another weapon upgrade, I'm getting lots of those, that's good

Kay, woah *gasp*


HELL YEAH! Okay got that


So I gotta be point-blank on these bad boys



That's nice

Oh, I can't hack that...oh okay


That's weird

That's super weird



Like mimics?



What is white noise?






Okay, thank you, I don't know what the holding room is

Is this the holding room?!

Is this the holding room?

This is the holding room...Uhm


Alright...who's in here again?

Not that, could've hacked it but...1129 I guess



fuck these assholes

Oh my god

Wait so that's Demetri Boswer


Ooohh the mimic was the chair he was on





Yuri Kimura

That's the one that was in her office

Man what is going on here, what is happening?!

I was just-

I literally was just trying to go back and salvage some stuff

before I continued on to the main quest!

I got so sidetracked, but it's FASCINATING!

It's FASCINATING! Download area map?


There's just so much here!

I haven't been able to go anywhere and I don't care it's awesome!

And what is going on in psychotronics?!

What is happening over there?!

Look, I have no idea and I love it!

I love it so much, this is SO COOL!

But now I'm finally gonna go back up to my office

so I can salvage some stuff

And I still need to go into there!

Let me go in here first!

Geez, one last stop before I go where I need to go

because supposedly...ugh

This is where Bellamy is or Bellaimy or whatever it is


I'll take that, yes. How full is my inventory right now?

Not full, that's right I forgot that I actually found...

Oh wait Sylvain Bellamy: tracking bracelet?


So, I don't have his tracking bracelet

So that means I can't track him through the system, right?

Download area map, okay


Okay so that helped with the trauma center I think

Okay but...that's fine

So what I need to do, I need to find...

Dr. Bellamy




Man these words...


Is that the person they were calling something about white noise?

Is that what that was about?




So he's not here, that's why his collar was here...

Bellamy's not here

He's in psychotronics

Hello, thank you for that


How do I get to psychotronics?

Uh...uh...hi...oh, hello

Was that guy on fire?

Why is that guy on fire?

Garfield what?

*softly* What the fuck?

What the fuck is going on here?

Did they hear that?

So I'm gonna try to be sneaky about this because that one's on fire...

So I'm assuming it's bad

Yeah you heard that didn't you?

Oh yeah you heard that

Ooohhh yeah you heard that

You heard that, oh yeah

Come on, come on a little close

Let me get you a shot gun right to the face huh?

Want some of that?

Oh, you both coming aren't you?

Oh, you both are coming

I don't if that's good that both of you are coming

Oh! Oh my god, BAM

Bam bitch! Oh, you wanna get swonked

Swink swonk-Ohwaa-a-a-hey

Hey none of that, none of that! I need to reload my gloo

Okay, alright you wanna dance?

Wanna dance buddy-ooOHH hey!

Put the fire out!

Put the fire out!

Put the fire out, oh boy!

Is he out? Why is not-

Jesus Christmas-AH it's a harmless crossbow!




Okay I need- AHH GODDAMM IT!

Holy shit dude!

That guy is tough!

That's guy's tough!

I was not prepared for that!

I was NOT prepared for that

Okay so what I need to do is I need to lead him to the explosive things

Because I think THAT....

Where am I? Have I read these yet?

Yeeaah, okay there we go. And then the utilities, I need to get the area map again

God dammit I need to save more, there is a quick save to this one,

but now...I have all this stuff and I got the materials I need right there

I got that I need to lead them...


that's not what I meant to do

Did I just set off the explosives?

Did I just set off the explosives?

I think I did

Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god

Okay, there's someone here. I can take care of the little guy

YOU I can take care of

Get Blapped! NOO! Blapp 'em!

Oh, I- EUGH Fucking woah

That fire guy is ridiculous!

That guy is ridiculous!

How is anyone supposed to handle that?!

Geezums, okay so there's more explosive canisters over here

I just gotta throw them at them

Cause I got my super throw ability now

If I can throw it at them...

Let me just drop this for a second, I'm going to get my pistol out

If I throw it...

Go after it, woah!

I guess if I just throw those it does it

Okay so the gloo doesn't seem to do anything to them

but if I just THROW these at them, he's already on fire, that's why it works

That makes sense

Okay, where you going buddy, where you going?

Oh yeah, you want some of THIS?

BOOM! Did that hurt you?

Okay alright, I'm going to get this guy

Not with the crossbow! I need to take that off my favorites because that is not helpful

BAM! Bam? Holy shit

Holy shit! Where'd you-where'd he go?

Hello! Where are you? Come here, come here, come here

I want you-WHAM! BAM!

Woa... what the fuck

Okay I got him though

Man, it gave me a weapon mod

Man, those guys give great shit!

Those guys give great shit!



Mind controlled-? Trevor J. Young (mind-controlled)

What does that mean?


Okay I can't hack that, I don't have a code, okay

I'm gonna...I'll come back to you when I...

when I figure out why you're in there

I have a bad feeling about you being in there but...alright

So why is he mind controlled?

So there is something about this and I'm willing to bet it has something to do with psychotronics

Like, all the psychotronics

And again, I come in here

Just expecting to go on to the salvage place and then I go the trauma center and everything goes to shit!

Ugh, free neuromod though, I like that

I like that, I like that a lot

Oh hello, hi

Request operator...? *robot voice* requesting new operator

Sorry, hi


Man, 3D printing got awesome!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Well that's awesome!

Free healing

Well hot damn!

That's handy! That handy-dandy!



OH! White noise!


What? Wait, they're brain can't be mapped?

So you are talking about brain scans like Soma?

Are you?

Are you??

Oh shit, I don't have a password I can't hack that kit fabricator oooo

Oops? Who said oops?


Okay...alright then

Eugh hi

Okay, hello

Oh good

Excuse me, I'm just gonna take some bio-hazard away from here

Is that your bio hazard? Oh good, more bio hazard!

Oh good

Is this where they map the brain?

Oh, that's so weird!

So there is something to that

That's gotta be right?

No, I'm not shut up!

Shut up you asshole!

Oh, hi. Don't mind me taking your bananas...

"You're planning on a vacation..." Oh, no that's the same test I just took


Good cop/bad cop, Good cop/good cop?


Okay...I don't know what that's for, I don't think anyone here is being...


This is all just medical stuff


"...we couldn't contain it after that"


*continued reading*

What is that talking about?


What the hell?

Something about a psychoscope

I'm assuming that's taking place in psychotronics to do with the typhon

"Session logs"

Waaa, sorry!

I meant to carry that I guess


I'm sorry

I don't know why I was so angry at that white board

That white board just deserved it

Did you see the way it looked at me?

Yeah, I think so

What did I do??

I didn't mean to do that!

I didn't mean to do that!

Okay, broken cooler fan, note


Uhh, okay

Alright I'm gonna put away that because that's just dangerous to have in my hands to be able to shoot at any moment

Sorry! God, I'm a bull in a china shop

Oh, medical operator broken

Well this isn't the one I shot so...

I don't know why I'd need to repair this any way because I've already got one out there

There might be, like, a special reason, maybe that medical operator knows something


Alright, you know what?

I'm going to just take a little bit of a breather and take all of this in

I know I meant to get back to...


Huh, okay I'm going to put the brakes on for now

And end this episode here because I literally just stumbled into a world of everything

I had no idea I was going to dive, but it's AWESOME!

There's so much here!

I didn't mean to do this completion style, I just kind of fell into it!

Man! I'll get back to my main objective over there in just a second but,

I've got a code to that guy's door, so I'm going to find out what, uh

What that's all about in the next episode because something's going on here in psychotronics,

some reason and I don't know why!

But I will find out!

So thank you everybody so much for watching! Let me know what you think down in the comments below

And as always, I will see you in the next video


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