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- Yo, what's up guys?

Welcome back, today we are looking at a very special puzzle.

Very unique and rare puzzle that I found online,

which I'm super stoked to able to present to you today.

By the way, thank you for everybody who checked out

yesterday's video.

We posted some street magic, if you will,

went out and performed some magic.

I know a lot of you guys liked that by the comments.

So, appreciate that very much.

But today's Wednesday and we're talking about a puzzle.

I came across some very rare puzzles.

I'll be featuring a few of them in the coming weeks.

Today, I'm very excited to be featuring this one.

This is known as the Packman puzzle

by a puzzle maker by the name of Gary Foshee.

Now, I've been trying to hunt down Gary's metal puzzles

because these are the type of puzzles that I like.

Very reminiscent of Wil Strijbos and sort of the CNC'd

and aluminum and steel puzzles.

I really like those and I think they're really intricate.

So I picked this one up online.

Found it, very happy to of found it

and to finally be able to play around with it.

It comes in this nice purple little satchel that you get

and this is his trademark when it comes to his puzzles.

The whole point of this puzzle is to make all the pieces

that are protruding fit inside of this cube

without any protruding edges.

Probably somewhere around a level nine or 10,

so we're definitely going to have some fun

trying to solve it.

I don't know very much about Gary Foshee

but I've heard that his puzzles are pretty insane.

This one was featured at the IPP,

in the year 2000, in California

and that's all I got to go on.

So, pretty stoked.

Hopefully we get this done today

and hopefully you guys enjoy it.

So without any further ado,

let's get into solving the Packman cube.


Here we go.

This is it, the Packman puzzle by Gary Foshee.

This one, I think, from the year 2000,

so almost 20 years old when you think about it,

which is quite a while.

So the whole point here, as I mentioned,

is to make sure everything fits within this cube.

Including this little screw here, this little bolt.

And I figured you can unscrew it

because I've been toying around with it a little bit.

So that has to come out.

Before we do that though, my god, I almost forgot, timer.

I'm set up a little bit close as well

because I want you guys to see everything going on,

as oppose to having it a lot farther away.

So first things first, there we go.

So now we have this extra tool.

Let's see if we can place this extra tool somewhere.

Here we need an Allen key to get that out.

Now this would fit perfectly in here, it seems,

but there is a rod as you can see, like another screw.

So, I'm guessing something has to come out.

Hm, there does not seem to be anything moving.

You can't hear anything on the inside.

There's not much to look at here.

Literally a solid cube, conundrum.

Well, how does this work?

Trying to see if anything's magnetized.

(gentle guitar music)

So that rod looks like it might be the same rod here.

How does one pop that out?

Probably being held in place by this bolt.

So I need a tool to get that out but where's my tool?

My goodness, this is one of those puzzles

where you're left starring at it without any indication

of where to go next.

Which is somewhat delightful, mostly frustrating.

Seems to be a pin on the inside of that,

like on the very bottom of that,

a little pin that I can be able to push.

Wait, maybe there's more to this.

Sometimes there's more to the tools than meets the eye.

Definitely not, ow.

What would you do in this situation, is what I'm asking.

Spin it?

Blow in it?

Well that doesn't do anything except give me a headache

and make me dizzy.

There are no moving parts, I can't hear anything.


I don't want to be here for an hour just starring at this.

Something's gotta give, something's got to give.

I need one of those eureka moments right now

where your brain's just like, oh try this.

For those of you wondering,

I'm just vigorously shaking this thing in front of my ear.

Does this thing move at all?

No, it seems to be jammed there.

Doesn't seem to move at all.

Again, it's probably being held by this thing.

Can you just push this thing in?

There really isn't anything else, is there?

No seams. (sighs)

Just kind of getting no where with this thing right now.

I need to get this out, I need a tool to get that out.

Let's see what this says here.

IPP 20, August 2000, Packman by Gary Foshee.

Repack all the parts of the cube into the cube.

No part may extend beyond the surface

of any side of the cube.

Coordinates, no idea what that means.

Are there any...


Oh my god, how?


Look at this, in here, look.

This is absolutely diabolical.

There was a hidden tool in the bag.

If I would've spent hours on this thing,

just trying to do that.

It's a secret compartment within the bag.

Okay, all right.

God damn, all right.

Yeah, there we go.

Okay, so this comes out.

This comes out, brilliant, perfect.

Now we have to re-put everything back, right?

No, well if I put that in then that can't fit.

Oh, I see, we're in another dilemma.

Is there something else here?

Now we have to repack everything, I see.

So that was one part of the puzzle

and this is the other part that is a lot more tricky.

Stuck protruded, okay.

This has to go here, right?

That's the only place that that fits.

But by doing that, that doesn't fit.

And it doesn't fit here.

And it doesn't fit, oh it fits there all right.

But then there's no room for this.

Okay, so I see the hole where that goes.

That's the only place that that'll fit, other than here.

'Cause there, I'm blocking the hole there.

All right, so I won't be able to fit that in.

What if I just put this in the bag?

And then everything will be solved.

Huh, if I just like, huh.

No, that's cheating, I'm sure.

Oh, that fits all the way.

But now this doesn't fit.

That's gonna get stuck, isn't it?

What would you guys do?

So it's good sign that that fits on the end

because that allows this piece

to go all the way in with that being flush still.

Look at every piece.

I'm always left with one bolt.

Gah, hm.

Without the inside of this thing doesn't really help me.

That one would never fit in there anyways.

There's definitely something I'm missing here.

Definitely something.

Maybe it's obvious to you guys, I don't know.

There's something up.

Maybe there's an extra latch that opens.

It honestly looks exactly what it looks like.

There's no extra on the insides,

there's no extra tunnels or latches or secret doors.

It's pretty much exactly what it looks like here.

There's one hole that goes all the way through

to allow that rod, this one goes down pretty deep,

this one as well, and then there's this one here.

This is the only one that has nothing to do with anything.

That doesn't accomplish anything but it's fun.

25 minutes, okay.

Trying to look at it practically

but it's so simple, there's nothing else.

There doesn't seem to be anything else in this.

One of these things needs to come apart

for this to make sense but that's not the case.

You know what it is?

It's probably something here

that I need to...

I would've heard something by now

if there was a moving part.

Testing for magnets.


Everything is futile.

I can't fathom how there would be something

other than what it is.

Ever try explaining a puzzle to someone?

So difficult.

If that one could drop lower, that would be cool.

Why would it just stop here though?

Why would it stop midway?

Okay, so I'm absolutely getting nowhere.

I've reverted back to looking at this bag

and the only other thing I can see is this.

I don't know what this means.

Well, I know what it means.

It's coordinates but coordinates for what?

I don't know, let's Google it I guess.

Option, shift, eight for degrees, okay.

Is there a space there?

There seems to be a space, space.

I'll be really surprised if this works.

This is like, I'm running out of options.

It's giving me the coordinates for this place, Washington.

In Washington, satellite.

Let's take a satellite view.

Okay, here we are.

Maybe the mailbox here has something to do with it.

2-6-4-4-2, I don't understand what that means.

What is happening?

Why am I doing this right now?

How is that a solution?

But how does that help me solve this puzzle?

Why, this doesn't make sense.

Did they even have Google Maps in the year 2000?

I'm not any further.

I don't think those coordinates do anything.

Maybe they give me some type of clue or something.

I mean, I think it's pretty random.

I don't know why you would throw that in there,

just to throw me off.

Still think there's an extra piece here somewhere

and I've been trying to unscrew these screws for a while.

Maybe using this tool.

I would really like this to come apart.

Oh, what if, oh my god.

Watch this, I guarantee you this is it.


Okay, maybe not.

And there we go, boom.

I knew it, god, I knew it.

What am I, an hour in?

Jeez, look at this thing.

Oh, that is diabolical.

So what does that do for me?

What does that do for me?

Oh, it goes in farther.


Oh, that's what it, oop.

So now that, yep, should fit in flush.

This should...

Fit in here.

This should fit in here.

I think I actually got it.

This one in there.

And voila, solved, 54 minutes.

All the sides are now flush, nothing is protruding.

Nothing is protruding and this puzzle is now complete.

Woo, that was clever.

You know what?

I should've figured that out a lot sooner.

I knew that this tool,

I had a feeling it came apart 'cause there was a seam.

And if you look at Danlock puzzle, the Danlock B,

one of the main things is there's an extra tool

and it was hidden within the lock

and it had kind of the similar mechanism to this

except it unscrewed backwards, which was tricky.

I should've just resorted back to looking at the pieces

that I had instead of trying to make them fit

and bouncing my head against the wall.

Wow, super clever, really, really, really great.

Let's put this back together now.

So this comes out.

Let's get this guy out of here.

And this comes out of there.

This comes out of here.

Now, this one, you want to go back in here.

Wow, I'm actually thoroughly impressed with this puzzle.

I didn't think it would be this much fun,

looking at it from the outside,

you kind of feel like, oh there's no much going on.

But those are the funnest puzzles,

when you've got nothing to go on.

I mean, while you're Googling coordinates.

I don't even know what the hell this is for.

But yeah, probably wasted a good 15 minutes

just trying to do that.

So that goes in there, this goes back on top.

That's where that started.

This goes back in here.

Gary Foshee, bit of a mad genius.

I've got another two.

I've got two other of his puzzles,

that are similar and very tricky,

that I'm going to be solving soon.

Stay tuned for that.

This goes back into here.

I really love the fact that there was an Easter egg

and that the bag became a part of the puzzle.

(chuckles) How to trick puzzle solvers.

You really got to be clever.

That goes in here, that goes back in there,

and this is now solved.

Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen.

That was the Packman cube.

It through me for a loop, let me tell you.

I did not expect to be Googling coordinates on Google Maps.

No idea why that was in there,

maybe some inside joke between puzzlers.

I didn't find it very funny.

I thought it was just terrible.

I've never typed in coordinates into a computer,

I don't know if you have, but it's a puzzle of it's own.

So that being said, aside from that,

I thought it was genius.

Like I said, it reminded me of the Danlock B,

where you had to unscrew parts of it to discover new tools

that reached new depths inside this puzzle,

which is really cool.

It took me upwards of about an hour,

which is pretty decent for a puzzle.

I mean, that means it's pretty difficult.

I'm glad I didn't have to spend the whole day on it.

Also, on a last note, very last note,

I have assembled a massive collection of Hanayama puzzles.

Literally, every Hanayama puzzle.

And I'm looking to feature those maybe on the weekend

and just show you guys maybe some basic level one puzzles

for beginner puzzlers or anything.

If you guys have an suggestions,

let me know if that's something you guys want to see.

I'll put that together for you.

But thanks for watching, like this video, subscribe,

and we'll see you on the next video.

Peace, rah.

Cameras over there.

Whatever, you get it, bye.

(bass heavy music)

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