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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Can You Beat Pokemon Platinum Without Catching ANY Pokemon?

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- Greetings Pokefans, Michael here

and a big thing in the Pokemon YouTube world right now

are play through challenge videos.

Can you beat a certain Pokemon game

with a certain challenging condition.

One of the most popular formats is

can you beat this game with only this particular,

usually weak, Pokemon,

but there are other challenge variances as well.

I thought it would be fun to do one of

these play through challenges myself,

and the one that I came up with was

is it possible to beat a Pokemon game

without catching any Pokemon?

For the purposes of this I define catching a Pokemon

as obtaining a Pokemon by throwing a Pokeball at it.

Therefore the only ways to obtain Pokemon

are via gift Pokemon and hatching any eggs,

so the available Pokemon are very limited.

Here are the rules for my no catch play through.

The first is that I cannot throw a Pokeball

at any Pokemon, therefore I can't catch any Pokemon.

And number two is that trading with another game

is only allowed for the purposes

of evolving a Pokemon if necessary.

And if you do this it has to be an immediate trade

and trade back.

In game trades are allowed but,

spoiler alert, all of the in game trades in the game

that I'm going to be playing require a Pokemon

that you have to catch in the wild,

so I won't be doing any.

So in short, no catching

and no trading Pokemon from other games.

All other methods of obtaining Pokemon are fair game.

I selected Pokemon Platinum to be the game

that I do this challenge in for two reasons.

The first is that I haven't played through Sinnoh

in several years so I wanted to again.

And the second is that the available Pokemon

in this style of play through

will make my final team pretty interesting.

Also you probably noticed that I am filming

with a new camera.

Wanna give a quick shout out to my sponsor Elgato

for sending me a new Cam Link

that I'll be using to record and stream from here on out.

So, if you wanna pick up some

of their cool content creation tech,

check out the link in the description.

So don't forget to leave a like on the video

and let's dive in to see if I can beat Pokemon Platinum

without catching any Pokemon.

The game starts out like any other Pokemon play through

and it's not long before I get to choose my starter.

The first gift Pokemon in the game.

When I originally thought up this play through,

I had first thought that I would have to choose Piplup

because Empoleon can learn every HM in the game except Fly.

Since Surf and Waterfall are necessary to beat the game

and the other two starters cannot learn those,

I thought I had to pick Empoleon.

However, during my research I discovered that Eevee

is a gift Pokemon in Platinum

which you can evolve into Vaporeon

long before you need Surf to progress in the game.

The only HM's you need prior to getting the Eevee

are Cut and Rock Smash,

and all three starters can learn both of those moves.

Therefore, I can actually choose any starter

that I want with the only caveat being

that if I choose Turtwig or Chimchar,

I have to evolve my Eevee into Vaporeon

because no other obtainable Pokemon can learn Waterfall.

I decided to go with Chimchar

because it would be my only Pokemon

for a good chunk of the early game

and it handles the first two gyms very well.

Plus it gets STAB from Rock Smash.

A move that it'll be stuck with for a while.

I defeat Barry pretty easily

before making my way to Sandgem Town

where professor Rowan let's me name the Chimchar.

I named him Ludachrist.

I know that name sounds weird,

but it's actually a call back

to the first play through I ever did

here on my YouTube channel,

My First Nuzlocke Pokemon Platinum.

I started with Chimchar in that game too

and named him Ludacris.

He survived all the way until tragically falling

to my rival's final Pokemon in the last battle

right before the Pokemon League.

So therefore, this Chimchar is Ludachrist

because it's Ludacris who has risen from the dead.

After back tracking to say goodbye to my mom,

Dawn has us go through the catching tutorial,

something completely unnecessary for this play through.

She gives me some Pokeballs

and immediately sold all of them.

No use for them so, might as well make money.

Ludachrist swept through all

of the Pokemon I met pretty easily

before evolving into Monferno

right before the Oreburgh Gate.

The hiker inside gave me the HM for Rock Smash,

but I decided to wait

to teach it to Monferno until it's necessary.

I arrive in Oreburgh and in the process

of grabbing items outside the mine,

I accidentally found a hidden heart scale.

This will come in handy later.

I find Roark and tell him to get his dumb butt

back to his more important job, then head to the gym.

I make quick work of the trainers

then take on Roark.

Since Ludachrist is the only Pokemon

getting any experience,

he is very over leveled for this fight.

Mach Punch makes quick work

of his Geodude, Onix, and Cranidos,

and I have my first badge.

Now that it's useful, I go ahead

and teach Monferno Rock Smash.

On my way back through the Oreburgh Gate,

I head to the basement

and pick up the TM for Flash which I'll use later.

Back in Jubilife Dawn and I take out

the Galactic grunts with little issue.

I then find my way to Floaroma Town,

take out some more Galactic grunts

on the way to fighting Mars.

Her Zubat is dealt with easily

and while a Crit Scratch from Purugly did a decent chunk,

a Rock Smash followed by a Mach Punch

were enough to take it out.

I head out and battle my way up to Eterna Forest

where Cheryl tags along for a little bit.

This trip was uneventful

since Flame Wheel decimated everything in the forest.

I arrive in Eterna City,

the site of finally gaining some new team members.

My first step was to speak to the underground man

to get the explorer kit

because we're digging for fossils.

Duh, duh, duh, duhn.

Since the process of reviving a fossil

does not require me to throw a Pokeball,

fossil Pokemon are fair game for this play through.

However, in Platinum it's more interesting

than in other games because I didn't get a choice

as to which fossil Pokemon I got to use.

If you didn't know in Diamond,

you will only find Skull fossils

which become Cranidos, and in Pearl,

you can only find Armor fossils which be Shieldon.

In Platinum you can still only find

one type of fossil in the underground

before beating the League, however,

which one you can find is determined randomly

when you start the game.

If your trainer ID number ends in an odd number,

you'll find Skull fossils,

and if it ends in an even number,

you'll find Armor fossils.

While I could have known

which fossil Pokemon I would get on my team

at the start of the play through,

I decided not to look at my number.

I thought it would be more fun to discover

which fossil I would find by simply digging it up.

You know makes me feel more like a real paleontologist.

I head underground

and after about 10 minutes of digging I find my fossil

and it's a Skull fossil.

Cranidos will be my new team member,

but not quite yet.

While I could back track all the way to Oreburgh City

to revive the fossil immediately,

that's a pretty long trip.

If I wait to do the revival until I get my bicycle,

it's just a straight shot down the cycling road

to get back to Oreburgh.

Since a rock type Pokemon isn't gonna help me very much

with the grass type gym,

I decided I would just wait.

I head back up and straight into Gardenia's gym.

Ludachrist's Flame Wheel sears though all

of the gym trainers and it does the same

to Gardenia's team OHKOing all three of them.

That wasn't really surprising though,

after all Monferno was five levels higher

than her ace Roserade.

After some conversations Cynthia gives me the HM for Cut.

I debated then making the long trek back to Oreburgh

to teach Cranidos Cut instead of Monferno,

but then I realized that Cranidos cannot learn Cut,

only Rampardos can,

so I begrudgingly taught Monferno Cut.

I bust in to the Galactic Eterna building

and fight my way to the top.

Once there I pick up the upgrade then fight Jupiter.

Her Zubat was a joke,

but Skuntank was a bit tougher.

Its bulk meant I had to hit it with multiple Flame Wheels,

but I wore it down without too much issue.

Resisting its Night Slashes definitely helped.

After clearing out the building,

I was careful to save the game a lot.

The reason for this is that Cynthia

is about to give me a Togepi egg,

which will be my next member of the team.

The scary thing though is that Togepi

can either hatch with the ability Serene Grace,

which is amazing, or Hustle, which is awful.

Hustle boosts the Pokemon's physical attack

while lowering its accuracy,

but since Togekiss is a special attacker,

all this ability would do to it is lower its accuracy.

I was not about to deal

with an inaccurate Togekiss the entire play through,

so I saved before receiving the egg

because if you didn't know,

the attributes of a Pokemon are determined

when the egg is generated, not when it hatches.

Thankfully the first one hatched with Serene Grace

so all was well.

I named it Gabriel after the angel from the Bible

since Togekiss is very angelic.

I already had a Christ Pokemon,

so I figured another biblical name would fit well.

As soon as Gabriel hatched I swung by the cycle shop

to grab a bike, which would have helped with hatching a bit.

I actually don't know why I didn't do this beforehand.

I biked down to Oreburgh, revived my Skull fossil

and named my new Cranidos Solomon.

I decided to stick with the biblical names theme

and Solomon fits Cranidos well.

Solomon was wise and Cranidos has a big head.

So its got a big brain maybe.

I taught Solomon Rock Tomb immediately

because very stupidly this rock type Pokemon

does not learn a rock type move,

until head smash level 52.

I was not about to deal

with not having a STAB move this entire play through

so burn the TM.

My next order of business was getting Togepi evolved

as soon as possible because,

it is completely useless as a Togepi.

Thankfully I was given the Soothe Bell

upon entering Eterna City

so after a little while of switch training,

leveling up, and journeying all the way

through Wayward Cave, Gabriel evolved into a Togetic.

By the way I had taught Flash to Togepi

to get through Wayward Cave

because it's the only one that can learn it.

After Gabriel evolved I taught it Grass Knot.

I needed some way to counter water types in the mean time

because my other two Pokemon are weak to water,

and also Togetic doesn't learn an actual attack

until level 33 and I was not about

to only have Metronome that entire time.

I battled my way to Hearthome City

where I obtained the gift Eevee.

I considered saving before receiving the Eevee

so that I could reset for a female,

so if I wanted to I could breed Monferno and Eevee

to get a lot more Eevees and all the other Eeveelutions,

but I decided that having a team of just Eeveelutions

would be kind of boring.

So I just took the first one that I got.

It ended up being a male Eevee and I named it Levi.

The Leviathan is a sea monster

from the bible, staying on theme,

but I thought it would be funny if the Leviathan

is actually just a small sea cat,

so I named my future Vaporeon just little Levi.

I decided to go ahead and challenge Fantina

without grinding.

After all Solomon has sky high attack and pursuit

so I figured I'd be fine.

Learning assurance during the course

of battling the gym trainers was extra great

since assurance doubles it's power

if Cranidos takes a hit first

which was likely since its a bit slow.

I took out her Duskull without much issue.

I was hit with a future sight after it fainted

but that was fine.

Then she sent out Mismagius and things got bad.

Mismagius immediately goes

for a super effective Magical Leaf.

A move that I did not remember that it had.

I thought Solomon might survive it,

but nope it Crit.

And my only Pokemon with super effective damage goes down.

I bring in Ludachrist who is five levels higher

than Mismagius.

However, that wasn't enough.

Mismagius out sped us and confused Monferno

who then hurt itself immediately.

Then Psybeam did most of my health

and while I hit the second Flame Wheel,

it wasn't enough to KO.

I was a bit salty

because if Monferno had not hurt itself in its confusion,

I would have taken out Mismagius right away.

I switched in Togetic to take some hits

while I healed up Monferno.

However, since I only had super potions at this point,

it took two turns to fully heal Monferno up.

Mismagius finished off Togetic,

but I brought in Monferno back in

to finish it off with a Flame Wheel,

and it lives.

The Mismagius lives.

It did this much the first time,

then doesn't KO it from half health.

What the heck dude.

At this point I was screwed.

While I could have brought in Eevee to sack it off

while I healed Monferno, thanks to her super potion,

Mismagius definitely needed two Flame Wheels now.

I used one more Flame Wheel hoping for a Crit,

but didn't get it.

So I gave up and let Mismagius finish both Monferno

and Eevee off.

My first loss of the play through was done.

Licking my wounds I grinded Cranidos up to level 27

and got Monferno a level in the process.

In the second attempt I tried

to OHKO Duskull with assurance,

but barely could not.

Duskull used future sight

and this time I wanted Cranidos to stay totally healthy

to make sure I could tank a Magical Leaf.

I brought in Togetic and messed around with Metronome

and Yawn for a little bit

before eventually getting impatient

and bringing in Monferno to finish off Duskull.

In came Haunter,

which I was confident I could OHKO with assurance.

I could, but not before taking some damage

from Sucker Punch.

It was fine though because Cranidos still has 62 HP,

more than what it had in the last battle.

Mismagius comes in, goes for Magical Leaf,

and critical hits again.

For the second time in a row.

I hate this Pokemon now.

Cranidos goes down, but I quickly formulate a plan.

Since I don't have to use Togetic's turns to heal Monferno,

I can put Mismagius to sleep

to allow Monferno to KO it safely.

I get off the Yawn and then randomly click Metronome

on turn I expected Togetic to go down.

However, Togetic survives, then the Metronome happens

and it becomes transform.


I now have a powerful Mismagius with Shadow Ball,

up against a sleeping Mismagius.

This is amazing.

I go for Shadow Ball and it does more than half.

The enemy Mismagius heals with it's citrus berry,

but it doesn't matter

because I got the special defense drop.

The second Shadow Ball finishes it off

and I beat Fantina using her own Mismagius against her.

This was probably the wildest gym battle

that I have ever had.

It was awesome.

I start making my way to Solaceon Town,

but not before my rival attacks.

This battle was pretty uneventful though,

and I beat him easily.

My top priority is now getting to the Solaceon Ruins

because that's where the Water Stone to evolve Eevee is.

I skip as many trainers as possible on the way,

enter the ruins and find the Water Stone.

I evolve Levi immediately and now I have my Vaporeon.

Unfortunately what I didn't realize is that

I already missed a water type move on Vaporeon.

It learns Water Gun by level up at level 15,

but I got the Eevee at level 20.

Vaporeon doesn't learn another level up STAB move

until Hydro Pump at the wildly inappropriate level of 71.

71, are you kidding.

This means that unfortunately

I can't teach Vaporeon a water type move

until I get the Brine TM from Wake,

so for the time being Levi is still useless.

I grab Defog from the ruins and teach it to Gabriel.

After a quick depressing detour to the lost tower,

I begin my trek to Veilstone.

This was arduous.

The long trip with no healing,

and the last battle

is one of those cursed Ace Trainer double battles.

I beat their last Pokemon

with only a poisoned hurt Monferno left standing.

I genuinely hate that battle.

It gives me a hard time no matter the play through.

But, I still make it to Veilstone without loosing,

so I'm finally able to grab my 15 member Porygon.

I gamed it Galaxian,

like the book of the Bible Galatians,

but more sciency sounding.

If you recall I already got the upgrade

from the Galactic Eterna building,

so I was able to evolve it into Porygon2 immediately.

My next step was to take on Maylene's fighting type gym,

but I didn't want to do that yet.

My only attack that was super effective

on fighting type Pokemon was Galaxian's Psybeam

which isn't super effective on meta type

or Lucario and is also on normal type Pokemon.

But I had a plan.

Since this is Platinum and not Diamond and Pearl,

just west of Pastoria is a shard move tutor

where I can teach Togetic Air Cutter.

A special STAB flying type move.

I make the trek south, all the way there,

only to discover that I don't have enough shards.


After digging in the underground for half an hour

and only finding one red shard,

back trekking to Wayward Cave and several other places,

and evolving Solomon into a Rampardos,

I finally had the shards I needed.

I taught Togetic Air Cutter

and now I was ready for the Veilstone gym.

Side note while I was digging for shards,

I found a couple more Skull fossils

so if I want more Rampardos, I can get them.

I'm just not going to do that.

That would be dumb.

First she sends out Meditite,

but sadly Air Cutter is just shy of OHKOing it.

It hits Togetic with a Rock Tomb,

which lowers its speed.

Something that I neglected to pay attention to.

I go for Grass Knot to finish it off

to save some Air Cutter PP,

but that ended up being foolish.

Meditite now out speeds and hits us with Drain Punch

doing some damage and healing itself in the process.

Now Grass Knot doesn't KO,

and I'm forced to take another hit before finishing it off.

Machoke comes in and I switch to Porygon2,

hoping to either live a hit or out speed.

I live a Karate Chop and again,

barely don't KO it with Psybeam.

Why is this barely not KOing thing happening so much to me?

I decide to risk it and try to live a second Karate Chop

which I do, so Porygon2 finishes Machoke off.

She brings in her Lucario which Monferno easily handles,

actually scoring a burn with Flame Wheel in the process.

Maylene was done.

I head to the Galactic warehouse and get fly,

which I promptly teach to Togetic.

I fly back to Pastoria for Wake's gym.

A battle which I am actually really concerned for.

My only Pokemon that resists water,

and is actually immune to it is Vaporeon,

but Vaporeon can't really do any damage back.

My only super effective attack is Grass Knot

which is not STAB and is also on a Pokemon

that is weak to the ice and rock type moves,

several of his Pokemon have.

I bought the TM for Thunder

from the Veilstone department store

and taught it to Galaxian to help out.

I did some grinding

which evolved Ludachrist into Infernape,

but I was still worried.

I beat my rival before the gym,

beat all gym trainers,

then started my battle with Wake.

I lead with Gabriel expecting him to lead with Quagsire,

but he leads with Gyarados instead.

I'm forced to switch to Rampardos,

who I thought had a chance to survive

and hit back with a Rock Tomb,

but nope, it was OHKOed by a waterfall.

However, at least now I can bring in Porygon2 safely.

I click thunder but Gyarados' waterfall flinches me.

He doesn't flinch me with the second waterfall,

but Thunder misses.

Have I ever talked about how

I genuinely hate the move Thunder?

It misses at just the worst times.

After healing up thunder finally lands,

but Porygon2 is weakened badly.

Wake brings in Floatzel

and I bring in a healthy Togetic to use Grass Knot,

but then Wake hits with an Ice Fang

which Togetic lives but gets frozen as a result.

You've gotta be freezing kidding me.

(crickets chirping)

I decide to sack off Togetic to heal up Porygon2,

but that was a mistake.

While Porygon2 landed its first Thunder

and OHKOed Floatzel,

I realized that I should have preserved Togetic

because I needed Grass Knot to beat Quagsire.

During the process of using Psybeam

to whittle down Quagsire, it uses Yawn.

I switch into Infernape expecting it to take a Mud Shot,

but Quagsire used Water Pulse instead.

While Infernape did survive the hit,

it got confused in the process,

then hurt itself in confusion on the turn

that would have ended the battle.

It goes down to Water Pulse,

but Porygon2 is then able to come in and finish things off.

Remember how I said that my second battle with Fantina

was one of the wildest gym battles I've ever had.

Well this battle with Wake is probably one

of the most hacks filled battles that I've ever had.

Flinching, Thunder missing, Ice Fang freezing,

Water Pulse confusing then hurting myself, ugh.

It was awful.

I'm glad it's over.

Wake gives us the TM for Brine,

so finally Levi isn't useless.

I taught it to him immediately.

I then chased the Galactic grunt to Lake Valor,

get the secret potion from Cynthia,

and start the trek to Celestic Town.

This trip is mostly fine,

except for another awful Ace Trainer double battle.

God, my team just really does not do well against Gyarados.

I fight Cyrus in the Celestic Ruins

and the battle was a cake walk.

I almost swept him with Solomon alone,

but a missed Rock Tomb forced me

to switch to Porygon2 to beat his Murkrow,

but I ended up crushing him,

then Cynthia's grandma gives me Surf.

I immediately taught it to Levi

and then I headed to various places

to get all sorts of goodies.

Most notably the Flame Thrower TM from Fuego Ironworks

which I taught to Ludachrist.

After battling the trainers on route 219, 220, and 221,

I headed to Canalave.

This town is a big deal

because it houses the home of the Move Deleter.

I can finally delete any unwanted

and unneeded HM moves from my team.

So I promptly deleted Cut on Infernape

and Defog on Togetic.

I beat my rival on the bridge,

then rushed over to Iron Island

for two very important things.

Well actually three since Riley gives me Strength,

but two team related things.

The first is the Riolu egg,

my final team member for this play through.

Then immediately after that, I snagged the shiny stone,

finally being able to evolve Gabriel into a Togekiss.

I quickly fly to Pastoria and use the heart scale

that I accidentally found back in Oreburgh

to teach Togekiss Air Slash, its best move.

Let the Serene Grace flinching commence.

I then head back to Solaceon

and bike back and forth for a while

until I hatch the Riolu which I named Luke.

A book of the Bible and also short for Lucario.

I finally have my final squad of six,

but then at this point I notice

that every member of my team,

except the genderless Galaxian is male.

I expected that from my starter and my Eevee

since I knew they both had 87.5 percent male gender ratios,

but I was surprised

that all of the other three ended up being male.

Even Togepi.

I thought Togepi was mostly female.

Nope, turns out it is 87.5 percent male.

As is Riolu, as is Cranidos.

Every member of my team

that can have a gender is 87.5 percent male.

It's wild.

The only reason I can think of is

that they wanna make it harder to breed gift Pokemon.

I don't know.

After some switch training with the Soothe Bell,

Luke became a Lucario.

He was still several levels below the rest of the team,

but I felt safe tossing on the experience share

and heading to the Canalave gym.

The gym trainers were swept through easily

as was Byron's team.

Ludachrist OHKOed all three of his Pokemon

without taking a hit.

I do all the stuff at the library,

hear the Lake Valor explosion,

then head there to fight Saturn.

I make quick work of him,

then head to Lake Verity where I beat Mars

in a similarly easy fashion.

It was now time for me to make the frigid trek to Snowpoint.

I taught Lucario strength

to spread the HM burden around a little bit,

and then I headed to Mount Coronet.

I was afraid of the fog for a bit

because recall that I deleted Defog,

but thankfully there are no trainers in this room.

A Max Repel let me run through it without a hitch.

The rest of the trip was arduous but doable.

I was cautious and back tracked

to the rest lodge multiple times,

but before long I made it to Snowpoint.

I immediately headed to the gym

and beat virtually every gym trainer

with Lucario in an attempt to help catch it up

to the rest of the team.

Then it was time for Candice,

and most of the battle went smoothly.

Lucario OHKOed Sneasel, Vaporeon OHKOed Piloswine,

and Infernape OHKOed Abomasnow.

Things only got sticky when Froslass came in

as it got up two double teams

that made me miss two Flame Throwers in a row.

It struck with a powerful psychic

that almost KOed Ludachrist,

but thankfully he survived

and landed a Flame Thrower OHKOing the Froslass.

Now that Candice was done,

I could use Rock Climb outside of battle,

I just didn't have it.

I had to go back to the Frozen Wasteland

and pick it up behind this guys house.

I never remember it's there on the first trip.

I taught it to Infernape

because it still had an open move slot from deleting Cut

and I didn't really care about the next move

which was Fire Spit.

I climb up to Lake Acuity, see Jupiter taunt Barry,

then fly to Veilstone.

I begin progressing through the Galactic Headquarters,

finding the dubious disc in the process.

This finally allows me to evolve Galaxian into Porygon-Z,

finally getting my entire team to its fully evolved state.

I reach Cyrus and take him on in battle.

Despite taking some hits,

Rampardos KO's both is Sneasel and his Crobat.

I heal up against his Honchkrow

and hit a Rock Tomb which barely doesn't OHKO.

Why does this keep happening to me?

My next Rock Tomb misses because of course it does,

and then Solomon goes down.

But no worries, I bring in Galaxian

to finish off the Honchkrow.

Cyrus gives me the Master Balls as a reward for winning

and I meant to sell this, or toss it,

but I forgot.

My next fight is Saturn

and I didn't revive Rampardos before this fight

because I didn't think it would be necessary.

Porygon-Z handles Golbat no problem

but then was rudely KOed by Toxicroak.

Togekiss then beats Toxicroak easily,

and then Infernape cleans up with the Flame Thrower

on the Bronzor.

I free the lake trio before beginning the climb up

to Mount Coronet, a famously grueling journey.

It turns out not to be too bad though,

thanks to Max Repels, and I arrive at the summit.

The multi-battle with Barry vs Mars

and Jupiter was my next fight

and Barry sends out Munchlax.

I was disappointed,

but also, wrong.

Barry's Munchlax was weirdly really good in this fight.

Imagine my shock when I see a Munchlax

OHKO a Skuntank six levels higher than it.

To be fair it had been screeched earlier,

but by Munchlax, so it gets credit for those strats.

The Golbats prove to be pretty annoying

with dodging attacks and out speeding us,

and again barely surviving hits,

but despite Porygon-Z going down,

I still finished off the battle without too much issue.

Also, very important side note,

there was a good chunk of the battle

where it looked like Skuntank

was constantly smelling Purugly's butt.

Barry heals his squad, then Cyrus does his evil time

and space mumbo jumbo.

I follow him into the Distortion World

then meet back up at the end.

The infamous battle with Cyrus

from my first Nuzlocke begins.

Infernape OHKO's the Houndoom with no issue.

Porygon-Z lives a Waterfall from Gyarados without flinching

and fires back with a Discharge

which Gyarados barely survives.

What is it with this play through?

Cyrus heals Gyarados back up

while my second Discharge gets it down

to red health, but Porygon-Z's health

is now too low to live a Waterfall.

I decide to sack off Porygon-Z

and bring in my fastest Pokemon Ludachrist

in order to out speed and finish it off.

I knock out a Gyarados with a Flame Thrower,

something that I don't actually think I've ever done before.

Rampardos handled a Crobat with ease

and while the battle against Honchkrow needed some healing,

after barely surviving a Night Slash Rampardos OHKOed it.

Weavile then tried to make Lucario flinch with a fake out,

but Lucario's inner focus prevented that.

The first time I've actually seen this happen.

Lucario easily defeats Weavile with an Aura Sphere.

My next battle is Giratina,

which I must defeat because obviously I can't catch it.

I tried with Rampardos for a short bit,

but then Giratina when for a Shadow Force.

I switched to Gabriel to absorb the hit

and then several Air Slashes later,

Giratina goes down.

I beat the devil with an angel.

It was now time for the Sunyshore gym

which I was deeply concerned for,

since the only ground move I had

was Earthquake on Rampardos,

no one on my team resisted electric,

and they were all pretty under leveled.

I decided to go in with

the strategy of keeping Rampardos alive

as long as possible

and see if I could pull something out of my butt.

If I don't, I'll try again after some grinding.

He leads with Jolteon and I with Infernape.

Jolteon paralyzes Infernape with Thunderwave,

but I'm able to land my Close Combat.

Unfortunately it's not enough to KO.

On the next turn when he heals,

I get fully paralyzed.

The following turn I try for Flame Thrower

as to not make myself too frail,

but it's far less damage than what I need.

Charge Beam does a good chunk too,

so I have to heal with my only full restore.

Jolteon's next Charge Beam almost OHKO's Infernape,

but that's fine because now I can simply out speed

in Close Combat on the next turn.

Unfortunately Jolteon had Quick Attack

and Infernape goes down.

I bring in Lucario and barely live a Charge Beam,

allowing me to KO it with Close Combat.

He brings in Raichu

and I decide to stay in

to get off one more Close Combat before fainting.

However, Raichu is faster than I realize,

and out speeds Lucario KOing it.

Yeah, I probably should have done a bit more research,

'cause a lot of his team is surprisingly speedy.

I bring in Porygon-Z hoping for Focus Blast

to be Focus Blast and miss a lot.

The first one doesn't miss,

but I thankfully survive and hit back with a Signal Beam.

The next Focus Blast misses, so more damage.

Next one misses again and I think I've beaten Raichu,

but, no, barely survives.

This game genuinely hates me.

Okay that's an exaggeration.

I did after all just dodge two Focus Blats in a row,

but come on I was salty.

It was now my three Pokemon against his three Pokemon,

but two of my standing three are weak to electric.

Things were not looking good.

I bring in my fastest conscious Pokemon

to finish off Raichu, that being Togekiss.

Unfortunately it's still not fast enough

and I take some Charge Beam damage before finishing it off.

His next Pokemon is Luxray,

and I decide the best course of action

is to pray to the flinch Gods.

They give me one but that's it.

Gabriel goes down to a Thunder Fang,

after I land two Air Slashes.

I decided it was time to bring in my ace Solomon

because Levi had no hope of doing anything here.

Luxray hits with a Thunder Fang,

and it does a disappointingly large amount of damage,

but my Earthquake, KO's it.

Electivire is the last one left,

so I bring in Vaporeon to take a hit while I heal Rampardos.

A Thunder Punch and a Quick Attack later,

and Vaporeon is done.

It's now Rampardos verses Electivire,

winner take all.

Thunder Punch does about half but doesn't paralyze,

and thank Helix, Earthquake OHKO's.

The battle is over and I get my final gym badge,

despite being under level,

so pat myself on the back for that.

Okay yes, I used six Pokemon compared to his four,

and also did a lot of healing,

but hey, come on.

I already can't catch any Pokemon,

don't want to make this too hard.

Jasmine gives me the HM for Waterfall

which I teach to Levi.

I then head off to the Victory Road

and get through it with little incident.

I had some Pokemon faint along the way,

but reviving them wasn't an issue.

I make it through and arrive at the Pokemon League.

I have one final battle with Barry

before entering the League.

And may I just say how much BS it is

that his flying type has a super powerful fighting type move

that is super effective against my two Pokemon,

who have super effective damage against it.

It was ridiculous.

I ended up having

to beat the freaking Staraptor with Togekiss.

The rest of the battle wasn't bad though.

He did some cheeky switches,

but I handled them just fine.

Barry was done,

but I wasn't ready for the League just yet.

My team was levels 48 to 51,

which is definitely not high enough for the League,

since Cynthia's Garchomp is 62.

It was time to grind.

I got the entire squad up to level 55

then gave them a rare candy each.

Once the grinding was done I flew to the Move to Leader

to get rid of every HM except Surf and Fly

because those moves are pretty good

and replace them with much better move sets.

This was the final move set

for each member of the entire team

before I headed into the league.

Aaron was first up and this battle was a joke.

Rampardos, Togekiss,

and Infernape handled every Pokemon easily.

Next was Bertha, another easy battle.

Togekiss' Grass Knot plus Vaporeon's Surf

and Ice Beam OHKOed her entire team.

Next up was Flint.

This battle was a bit tougher

than the first two due to the prevalence

of electric and grass moves on his team.

While Houndoom was easily dispatched,

my attempts at using Rain as a strategy,

didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped.

There electric attacks still hit hard

and at one point Sun got set up,

but after some weather wars,

a bit of healing, and an Eeveelution face off,

I won with Vaporeon being the only one to faint.

The next battle was Lucian,

and oh my God, this was probably the most intense battle

of the entire play through.

Mr. Mime was easily KO'd with Payback,

but not before setting up Reflect.

Lucian brings in Bronzong,

which I attempted to KO,

using a mold breaker Earthquake to bypass Levitate.

However, Reflect prevents it from OHKOing

and of course the second one leaves it

with just a sliver of health.

He heals back up,

and my next Earthquake does way less damage.

Meaning I had to reconsider how to handle this.

I bring in Vaporeon to tank his calm mind boosted attacks,

which works well enough and then I finish it off.

Next was Alakazam which was really strong.

I bring in Solomon for a Payback that I knew would OHKO,

but Alakazam out speeds and OHKO's with Focus Blast.

I bring in Porygon-Z hoping for a Focus Blast miss,

but nope, another Pokemon down.

I now have no idea what to do

because Alakazam out speeds my entire team.

The only Pokemon I have left

that could survive a hit from it

is Togekiss so I bring in Gabriel.

And then I realize, Gabriel knows a physical move.

Fly, a move that I never used in battle

because Togekiss is a special attacker,

proved to be my saving grace.

With Alakazam's poor physical defense,

I'm able to take it out with two Flys,

but not before taking a ton of damage in the process.

Out comes Gallade,

which I am confident I'll body with Air Slash

so I don't heal up Togekiss.

Unfortunately I was wrong and it only does half.

Gallade's Barry heals it, then it KO's Togekiss.

I bring in Infernape to use Shadow Claw,

hoping for a Crit, but I don't get it.

However, Infernape miraculously survives a Psycho Cut,

and since I out speed, a Gallade heal

and two Shadow Claws later Gallade is down.

His final Pokemon is Espeon,

and I hit it with a Shadow Claw

before letting Infernape fall.

I bring in Lucario expecting to out speed

and finish it off with Close Combat.

However, I do not out speed,

but thankfully Lucario lives with only 24 health.

Espeon goes down to the Close Combat

and I win the battle.

God, that was intense.

I had two Pokemon in red HP left standing when I won that.

It was close.

I heal up though and now it's time

for the final battle with Cynthia.

Gabriel beats Spiritomb with a few Air Slashes no problem.

Solomon spectacularly survives an Aura Sphere from Togekiss,

but Rock Slide is barely not enough to KO.

She heals and I Rock Slide again doing less this time.

I decide it's best to let Solomon faint

so I can bring in someone else safely.

I do just that and bring in Luke

to clean up with Extreme Speed.

Ludachrist easily dispatches her Lucario

with Close Combat.

Next was Milotic, a tricky Pokemon to deal with

because of its bulk.

But Galaxian's Thunder Bolt does half,

Milotic is faster and does more than half.

I bring in Levi to absorb Milotic's water attacks

and heal Galaxian.

Switching Galaxian back in was risky though,

so I go for a Brine that does too little to work.

I switch in Luke to resist a Dragon Pulse

then finish Milotic off with Close Combat.

Next is the big bad Garchomp.

I taught Ice Beam to Vaporeon for this exact purpose.

Garchomp out speeds and goes for Dragon Rush,

as expected, and Vaporeon survives.

Ice Beam lands and thankfully OHKO's.

If it didn't, I would have been in trouble.

Her last Pokemon is Roserade,

which Gabriel easily defeats with a pair of Air Slashes.

The battle is over.

Cynthia is defeated and I have beaten the main story

of Pokemon Platinum

without throwing a Pokeball at a single Pokemon.

Proving it is possible to beat at least one Pokemon game

without catching any Pokemon.

Thank you guys so much for watching this video,

and if you want

to see some more play through challenge videos from me,

let me know down in the comments below.

Also if you wan to see some more

of my fun Pokemon content in the mean time,

I recommend this video here.

All right that's all I have for now,

so until next time Pokefans.

Gotta catch them allll.

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