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Goodmorning to all of you.

I've been living in Germany for a while, so I believe

I'm entitled to talk about this

today's question is: how's life in Germany?

... is it positive/negative/would you suggest it?

would you suggest not to?

There are many things to talk about

I'd start with people

One of the things I have an issue with

is that I feel there's some lack of mental flexibility

I mean, every time they have a problem...

"There's a problem! Ooh! Drama!"

Sometimes the problem...

isn't even really a problem.

It feels like they don't know how to get around it.

As if they didn't even try to.

There's a problem! Let's call the police, lawyers, anyone

someone has to fix my prolem.

No! I mean, take a deep breath, maybe we can fix it!

I had to take the bus...

I know they don't understand me. Sometimes my exposition is not that clear

my German is far from perfect, so

I totally understand they might not get what I'm saying.

That's why I showed them my ticket

and said: I want one like this.

But apparently that wasn't clear enough.

"where do you want to go?" and I've told him the name of this town

and he says "oh, you can go there with this ticket"

I know I could, but it's expired...

I would go, but then if his colleague checks the tickets...

he will tell me it's expired...

I eventually managed to get my ticket

but he asked me a ton of question...

You have it in front of your eyes, sweety!

I mean... apply yourself!

Another thing that kills me

is this work ethic.

I know that's like this even in Italy

But one of the things that really

gets me down is: I get to my workingplace

and everyone is yelling.

I miss a "Goodmorning! How do you do?"

A little chat before starting... no.

You're at work, ta-ta-ta, ready, go!

This happened to me last year:

one of the interns got there

5 minutes late

and told me: "oh, don't tell anyone..."

"I was 5 minutes late, but I think no one noticed"

I mean... 5 minutes late?!

I get being punctual,

In my hometown we usually get 10 minutes earlier, but

all this drama, I get you're an intern, but...

seriously, that's ridiculous...

anyway it seems to be something they really care about.

I used to work in a school

I had to take care of the children and my colleague told me:

"look, I have to talk to this person, it will take half an hour"

and half an hour later he wasn't there

another colleague came to me and said:

"look, the half hour is over, if you want to check what he's doing"

"I can keep the children for a while"

O.o even if he was coming 5 minutes later...

they're just kids, it's not like I'm going to die

Nope. He wasn't allowed to be late.

I was supposed to check on what he was doing because he told me half an hour

and 30 minutes already passed!

hmmm... I'm sorry but on this

I really can't get myself into the German mindset...

5 minutes it's ridiculous...

that doesn't count as "being late"!

I can sit 5 minutes more

while not feeling bothered at all,

I don't get the tension!

This might be because right now

I'm living in a small village

but I'm sensing some closedness of mind

like you are the foreigner

you have a different accent, even if you

don't look different, you know, looking at me

it's hard to tell the difference between me and a normal

a "normal German" xD... a German.

I met black girls

who told me they're

having problems too. Even...

German guys with parents

of other nationalities and that for that reason

don't look German, even though they speak German perfectly

are perceived as foreigners

and feel some sort of distrust

towards foreigners. So be prepared...

if you come here you have to speak a perfect German and look like Germans!

Dye your hair, use contact lenses

I don't know, you have to look like Germans!

And mind the accent!

The accent will spoil you!

Now, seriously...

Except for being orderly, precise

and quiet...

listen, you can't hear anything in the background...

I'm here, at home, probably they're all listening to me...

I'm the only one speaking, There's just my voice.

and deadly silence!

They're really quiet, they have this times thing

you can't make noises at certain times... don't dare talking at those times!

They might call the police.

It happened to some friends, the neighbours called the police

because they were having a party in the evening

They're a little... standoffish.

When you introduce yourself they're a little reserved.

I thik it's a matter to wait their times.

Meaning they're really sincere people, very

helpful, very open, but...

they need to know you first.

And before that happens... you need to wait. A lot.

If you're a little quirky like this person here...

you'll have to wait even more!

It often happens that when I'm walking down the street, they look at me

with these big eyes, as if... I've already told about that in other videos

they look at me as if I were an alien

and it's not just a sensation.

I can finally prove it, I was going around with some Germans

and they told me: "did you see how that guy was looking at us?!"

and I was like: "look, guys, I'm sorry, it's me"

"they always look at me like that, I must have something..."

it's probably my face.

I was talking about it with a lady the other day...

I was chatting, because... I need to chat!

So, if they don't come to me I go to them.

This lady was telling me: "ha, yes, it's because you have some peculiar glasses..."

not these, she was talking about the white ones

"and you're very skinny...", but...

while she was saying that I had this feeling

that she was the first to have...

some issue on that. Like...

"Oh, God, if I have to talk to you I can do it..."

"the others think that, but I clearly don't"

"Because now I know you. See? But hadn't I known you..."

"seeing you like this..."

So, in conclusion, it might just be the fact I live in the smallest village.

As if someone went to the Non valley...

Oh, crap! No names.

if someone went to a small valley, without name, tiny-winy...

no names!

Of course the villagers are used to

have 4 people around, they talk to the neighbours

know only them, then comes someone different...

they immediately spot him because they've seen the same 4 people for 20 year...

so this new guy comes and... "OMG! He's taking over my territory!"

Let's talk about supermarkets!

There are many differences there, first of all...

when you go inside you'll se that the shelves

that are usually full of pasta

I mean, the amount of past we can usually choose from

200 different brands and many shelves with nothing but pasta on

4 on one side, 4 on the other

nothing but pasta, they use those for their sausages

I'm sorry, I know it sounds a stereotype, but they really have any kind

of sausage you can think of, any colour and any shape.

You're looking for the regular ones you're used to have

those one or 2, it's not like we have much of a choice

... well, you won't find them.

There's anything but those

you probably have to spend 4 hours checking every package to find the ones you're used to

so, it's hard to find your sausages.

Another thing they have in supermarkets

are the... right! They love Italy.

so they have a lot of "Italian" products

but sooner or later someone will have to tell them...

that those don't exist in Italy.

they might be made following the "traditional Italian recepy"

but they buy their pasta already made

they have these bags

I've never tried them nor I intend to

thet, I guess, you pour in your pan

and somehow you get your pasta

I don't know how and I'm disgusted just by looking at the pakage

they have many sauces... all Italian, of course

because Italian is cool

Antipasti! Antipasti!

They love the antipasti.

And you might wonder: "what are the antipasti?"

It's just our "sottaceti".

or "sott'oli".

They call them "antipasti" and seem to be a specialty.

But if you're looking for your regular preserves

you won't find them. The thing is they don't use oil

they preserve food with a disgusting tasteless thing

so you won't find those mushrooms preserved in olive oil

you'll find tastless preserved mushrooms

If you want something with oil take it from Italy!

Cheese, I'm used to have a lot... I love

cheese and there's so much choice in my hometown

I have no idea if it's the same in other parts of Italy, but I'm used to have some variety

here's all wrapped in plastic

all in ready-made portions

and it quite disgusts me.

Salaries, since people say: "I'll go to Germany, so"

"I'm finally going to earn a lot of money", well, I don't think salaries

are that great.

I'm not sure I got this right

but my colleagues working as nurses

working part-time they earn around 450 euros

and they can call them any time.

I mean, I don't feel that 450for 20 hours is that much.

I don't know about other fields...

last year I was working as educator in a school

and many educators had to

have a second job.

To be fair I've never asked how much they were earning

and I guess that there are fields where people

are paid more. What I do

is not really well paid here either. Speaking of which

one of the problem is that to work in Germany you're required to have an "Ausbildung"

What's that? Basically a training program

that lasts 3 years. True is that unlike university

you're getting paid for doing it, but

you get around 200/300

If you have to pay for a room, or a flat

with those 200/300

I'm not sure you can also eat

It's always better than any university where you can only pay

pay, pay...

3 years if you're lucky, 5 if you want a master degree.

So, you have many possibilities

but you need an Ausbildung and not always

foreign titles are accepted

what you have studied might be worthless here.

basically it's a matter of burocracy

I guess you won't have all those problems.

I was talking to a GErman girl and she told me

she started with the university in one city

and decided to move to another one and she had troubles

getting her exams approved by the other university

because each university in Germany can choose the exams

you have to take for each specific course, so when you ask for a tranfer

that other university has totally different courses

so it's like you're trying to get in a school that did

something totally different, even though the course

is supposedly the same, for example you're learning French

but the French in this university is different from that in that other uni.

Does it make any sense? If you have other questions, just ask.

and I'll try to reply.

This was all and see you next week for my newest video, always here with your Lessie!

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