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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vocabulario: WORK - Clase de inglés - trabajo

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everybody welcome back to another video

the amazing glasses punto calm

how are you Isabel I'm fine thank you

how are you feeling I'm very well Thank

You Eunice the video bombers up in their

vocabulary or relacionado con el trabajo

Clara Valley San Jose most posted on

what was no yes we have dress down start

with implant tell us do I look smart

you do yes your hair is a bit messy when

you made a good effort record aqui

estamos trabajando Kani tolki punto con

la pagina y donde puede encontrar on

professor online a practicar desde tu

casa y tenemos no fair tapara vosotros

al comprar una clase oh so no darou

trottle Mendte gratis Gracchus kratae

i Abajo Oh a key in a drink on ok so are

you ready I'm ready are you ready I'm


good like it entails pampas are

normative and OpenOffice alguien por

primera vez no es bastante communicator

Bronte's que haces que trabaja Sacchetti

ready cos no Claro

come on boys parent are a lien in

English la pregunta mess come on s what

do you do

don't miss the famous cafes what do you

do yeah I want to stop with a don't

full Sun up and I do not handle

screen que lo que este fin de was no se

Alana contigo no what do you mean

también podría say what's your job

what's your job or where do you work

where do you work or what do you do for

a living

tambien raise the Thira so what do you

do for a living yo masculine is what you

do what is it une erreur Vicente commune

a la hora de la profession yes Kay in

English no puede fear I am doctor no I

am engineer nah

en la respuesta siempre cuando estamos

hablando de trabajo utility ahmo's am

tan zest areas I'm a teacher I'm a

doctor I'm an engineer I'm a scientist

Ibrahim bla bla filter on oficina

Hospital you'd say I work in an office

or I work in a hospital I work in school

mm-hmm easy to Hospital and blessed by

Ramiro sing glasses come on a video you

would say I work for amazing lessers or

I work for this company

mm-hmm quando Takeda central Ajo coma a

fetus pass the simply Allah in English 3

us I'm unemployed I'm unemployed

where's the Fiat ambien I'm between jobs

I'm between jobs at the moment when I'm

Koka mejor y para que tiene un trabajo a

tiempo para el tiempo completo see an

English the famous I have a part-time

job or I have a full-time job

mm-hmm a commodious penguin contrato

temporal on contrato fijo Permanente you

can say I have a temporary contract or I

have a permanent contract okay II Oona's

presión kami falutin raffia in English

un trabajo de novia Finco see basically

a nine-to-five I have a nine-to-five

like typical office job nine-to-five one

hour for lunch yes no but here in Spain

nine-to-five job is like many people's

dream here it will be more like 9 to 7

job or even 9:00 to 8:00 or 9:00 to 9:00

yes people in Spain work long office

hours they work long hours in England

alone the typical office hours are 9:00

to 5:00 hmm or maybe a little bit longer

ecommerce a fair after practica Simon

Impreza in English you can say I'm doing

an internship or I'm doing some work

experience having some work experience

an another university but you just need

some practical experience yeah yes okay

a community is a tango me propionyl Oh

Theo or Saldana mo in English philosophy

I'm self-employed or I have my own

business or I run my own business


Yano expression case wonít relief edo el

español es carrera de ratas yes can you

explain to us what that means

the rat-race many people want to escape

the rat race basically the rat race is

waking up driving to work working for 8

hours coming home in the traffic going

to sleep waking up and going back to

work again this routine we call it the

rat race so someone might say I want to

escape the rat race I want to escape the

rat race but it's not easy it's not easy

to escape the rat race how can you

escape the rat race as well you can

start your own business but sometimes

you will work harder in your own

business done for someone else maybe if

you win the lottery then you can escape

the rat race but that's very unlikely

yeah absolutely cause if it empleado an

englis empleado is an employee employee

ill empresa

silent letter ln play law would be the

employer so you have the employer the

boss and the employee ready yeah huh yes

from near las nobody's on my

policy de yeah let's say you said

employee employee and employer employer

employee employer ok ecomo yeah maria

seduced compañeros de trabajo in English

de Simoes my colleagues or my co-workers

let's see here it is in very good USA

colleagues yeah colleagues come on

colorize huh my colleagues colleagues my

colleagues colleagues my colleagues or

my on my co-workers co-worker but let me

say if their workmates or workmates you

know I work me my workmates mm-hmm ok

if ever a heifer heifer is your boss no

or your manager

or possibly your supervisor mm-hmm

okay II know maintain Casillas oficina

santos los trabajos esta el

típico pelota no la persona que ya que

la pelota al jefe bah bah austin de

siempre star en de set de los she stays

mm-hmm we call them a brown-noser

brown-noser entonces Darius don't be

such a brown-noser don't be such a


nadie my run no yeah okay and then let's

have a look at some verbs cuando cuando

su trabajo y let's go save a contra dad

a lien in English the famous to hire


yeah so nan come to tell oh come on load

Reyes as well yeah I got hired yeah how

they hire me they hired me

Oh Moscow moon I got the job I got the

job yeah you could go take it there I

got the job well done

yeah okay españa ASIMO's quiero meter la

cabeza meter la cabeza en si

departamento when s empresa de el primer

paso para que mikonos Canelo ordinaire

lo mas facil now get an englis you can

say I want to put my head now in there

nosotros tenemos el PA entonces tenemos

to get your foot in the door to get your

foot in the door so we say I'm taking

this job just to get my foot in the door

mm-hmm configure next answer how do you

say in English in English we say to get

a promotion

get a promotion mm-hmm okay

Scala no no lower I'll mentor see the

famous to climb the ladder to climb the

corporate ladder

ooh nice Keller is a ladder yes we say

boy a conjugate acid raha we are climb

the ladder or you could say I'm going to

work my way up I'm going to start in

this low position I'm going to work my

way up yeah for God walk away that's Ben

e como se llaman si una empresa que son

compresses casa talentos caso las que

contra Daniken signator sisto's jakku

TiVo's an englis 18 number that yeah we

call them headhunters head home to use

some como catalyst take cover - come on

fellas the talentos potassium I hit

hunters Godfather is the covetous yes

you've met bears down mm plot our boss

he has left because he was headhunted by

a rival company

Aqaba radius r2 her fair una so we

Dallas well low in English you can say

excuse me I would like a pay rise y

otras presión cuando tienes mucho

trabajo en espanol a famous pasta Riva

Netra bajo see the famous I'm completely

snowed under

I'm snowed under at work or you could

say I'm swamped sorry I can't come to

the party because I'm swamped

Florence's coming in and alone oh yes

yomo areas mi jefe esta todo el tiempo

infimum iam esta Prezi anonymous table

siendo no man path you can say in


my boss is breathing down my neck her

boss is breathing down my neck

he smells his breath for sellers valiant

bouff comedy Diaz Phillip me on

despedido and star sonidos swelling the

third I've been fired

I've been fired or they fired me better

in El Reno needle Dimas

I've been sacked or they sacked me

because I arrived late if you are fired

or sacked is forget I said to a local

man si la compañía tiene problemas the

company is reducing costs

serious they let me go they laid me off

or they made me redundant I was made

redundant cuando esto el que seguir a

you know

a spatula - jefe EDT 1700 our micarta

mision como civilian Inglis in in last

areas I've come to hand in my

resignation or I'm handing in my notice

go sorry there may we are who will add

in English 30 us I'm going to retire

yes Doha Vlado I'm retired alright let's

do some practice time are you ready for

practice time yes

let's practice vamos a ver si please

translate SS Francis let's go how you

say on the yacumo a new nano estar fo

Villa in English you say this time next

year I will be retired I'll be retired

okay Mira - Wendy stop in your mono s

engine yellow in English my sister is a

dentist and my brother is an engineer

good okay yo era barista pero me SPD

Aaron in English I was a journalist but

I was sacked they sacked me okay tangle

and play Oh a tempo can feel como

Camarena there yes in English I've got a

part-time job as a waitress or a waiter

I've got a part-time job as a waiter or


pero ven aqui no mas estado en contacto

estado esta Riva no trabajo in English

you would say sorry I haven't been in

contact or sorry I haven't been in touch

I've been swamped at work for I've been

snowed under at work okay lo siento no

puedo hablar ahora Stan FEMA

yeah con el trabajo lo siento sketchiest

Arriba lo de llamo thuria's sorry I

can't talk now

my boss is breathing down my neck can't

talk now

my boss is breathing down my neck I

couldn't believe it

so rude such a naughty nurse so yeah

this one have you seen this yes would

you see in this report yes yes of course

I was just calling the dear sponsors for

the meeting next week okay but you know

you need to finish this today yes yes

yes sir I will try hopping yes yes I

will try to hand this in by the end of

the day no very late and the deadline

was yesterday ok ok no problem - now

focus on my desk by the end of today

please I'll go down is not a problem

oh my god this man's really breathing

down my neck are you talking - yeah who

you talking to yourself and now I was

talking to the people who are gonna come

and record us next week

maybe I'll get I don't know I'll dye my

hair maybe blond user that sorry sir and

yes I'm talking to on that phone - yeah

next week hold on for you your card now

get your things get out how dare you I'm

the best unplugging and this one yes you

fired me

can you believe it see you at the bar

yeah bye bye


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