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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 15 Keto Vegetables (Plus 3 Honorary Mentions & Recipes)

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top 15 Keto vegetables and three honorary vegetables coming right up

there is a lot of confusion surrounding Keto and some of the proponents they say

that I'll just eat whatever you want just don't worry about as long as you

cut the carbs you can have whatever you want and some of the opponents they

claim that oh why would you ever want to eat something like keto where you can't

even have vegetables all they eat is butter and bacon so both of those views

are actually wrong and with so much misinformation some of you maybe even be

surprised that you're allowed to eat vegetables on keto so yes you can eat

vegetables on keto just make sure that they are the low carb varieties so to

that end I'm going to talk about my favorite vegetables so we're talking

about 15 true vegetables and we're going to talk about three honorary vegetables

those are things that people think of as vegetables that but there are actually

fruit and that still fit the bill so this is data that have taken from if there's any mistakes in here I apologize for that

I've done my best to transcribe correctly and this is my personal

preference so you may have other favorites and if you do please give me

your favorite your top list and the more that we share and collaborate the more

we can get healthy so first of all keto is not a diet it's not something that

someone sat down and said I'm gonna call my diet the keto diet and here's what

you can eat that's not how it works ketosis is a physiological state that is

a result of cutting carbs so low that your body has to start burning fat which

is a goal for a lot of people so yes it reduces body weight but more importantly

it reverses insulin resistance which is at the root of 95% or a

causative contributing factor of 95% of all degenerative disease so here are my

top favorite vegetables and this is my personal preference it's based on flavor

what I like it's based on the number of uses how versatile is it how many

different things can you do with it east of use is it something you can just

pick up and eat or does it take a lot of preparation and of course it has to be

very low carb and how much of it can you use because if something super healthy

but you can only eat a tiny amount then it's not gonna have a huge impact it's

not gonna be a lot of volume that you can can benefit from so those are the

factors that I included and here is my favorite list so we're gonna start from

the bottom we're gonna start with number 18

so number 18 on my list is olives and it is one of those honorary vegetables

because it's actually a fruit and it's that thing you know that they make olive

oil from so we know all know that extra-virgin olive oil is one of the

best fats that you can have on a ketogenic diet but yes you can actually

eat the olive straight so some people like them some don't I really like them

but it's not something that you sit down and eat a half a pound of you you have a

few and it's a great flavor and it's good to know that they're healthy for

you as well they have 3.1 grams of net carbs and eight milligrams of potassium

and this is all these values are going to be per 100 grams that's about three

and a half ounces or just under a quarter pound so that is also a way of

expressing in percentage that so these numbers are basically going to be

percent of net carbs Swiss chard it is super healthy it only has two

point one grams of carbs and 379 milligrams of potassium so it's one of

those super super healthy things I put it kind of low on my list because I just

don't know what to do with it I like it i steam it once in a while but I don't

find myself keeping it around that often and it doesn't stay fresh all that long

you have to steam it and so forth so super healthy if you like it go for it

number sixteen favorite is celery super healthy very very low carbs 1.4 grams

260 milligrams of potassium I like it I just can't eat tons of it okay you can

use it in salads you can use it in a Waldorf salad you can make little sticks

and and dip in things and in hummus and other healthy dips I just don't eat that

much of it so there are other things that I find I can I can eat more of but

it's a great thing to keep around and of course all of these things are things

that you want to mix up you want to use as many different vegetables as possible

throughout the day because variety is a good thing number 15 cabbage I like

cabbage you can steam it you can do coleslaw you can do various different

stir salads with it great vegetable three point three grams of carbs a

hundred and 70 milligrams of potassium it is also great you can make sauerkraut

if you want to ferment it then it's one of those things that keep forever and

also help repopulate the good bacteria in your gut so fantastic vegetable

number 14 broccoli one of those cruciferous greens that the liver loves

it has four grams of carbs and 316 milligrams of potassium it is something

that a lot of people like to eat raw I don't that's one of the reasons it's

relatively low on the list I do like it steamed or oven baked so I do eat it

quite a bit the people who like it raw they can also find that it's very easy

and you can use it for dips as well super healthy number 13 parsley

I love parsley it has only 3 grams of carbs and a-whooping 554 milligrams of

potassium it's one of those things you're not going to eat sit down and eat

a pound of parsley in a sitting but I do love to make tabbouleh and there's a

recipe on my channel where you can see how to do a keto friendly version of

that love it eat it as much as you can number 12 asparagus this is one of my

favorite side dishes it goes with a lot of different things steak one of my

favorites fish eggs there's a lot of different things that you can use

asparagus as a side dish I just pan fry it a little bit with some

ghee or maybe some coconut oil something that's heat stable use some salt pepper

and some lemon or maybe vinegar and it comes out super super delicious number

eleven cucumber very very simple very versatile I love to slice it up on

salads it's one of those always in my salad vegetables and of course you can

cut it up in little sticks and use it for a dip with various forms of of

hummus or other dips number ten tomato I love tomato and I put it in all sorts of

different things I use it fresh in salads but I also use it slightly cooked

in things like omelets and of course you can use all forms of different meats

twos and all kinds of different dishes and spaghetti sauce Oh tomato shows up

everywhere in my household and it only has 2.7 grams of carbs 237 milligrams of

potassium tomato needs no further introduction except of course it's one

of those honorary vegetables because it's really a fruit number nine arugula

and it is one of those things ie with salads sometimes I do the whole

salad just arugula I love that slightly peppery a little bit nutty flavor

it only has 2.1 grams of carbs 369 milligrams of potassium and you could

substitute for virtually any of the salad greens okay so this is one of the

things that you can use for fresh salads over and over number eight romaine

lettuce another salad green you eat it raw you can actually put these romaine

and arugula in a blender and make a smoothie as well sometimes I do a fruit

smoothie or even a chocolate smoothie where you can put some salad greens in

there works great it has 1.2 grams of carbs 247 milligrams of potassium and

it's one of the the staples in my fridge number seven favorite vegetable is

mushrooms and it goes in a lot in my household you could make various forms

of lasagna with it of course without the dairy and wheat you can do a lasagna

with tomatoes and eggplant and onion and things like that

you can also slice it up and cook it slightly and I put mine in omelets or

you can use it fresh in salads if you like that as well so mushrooms wide wide

range of uses we use it a lot number six bell pepper and this number I got is

four green bell pepper has 2.9 grams of carbs 175 milligrams of potassium the

red yellow and orange bell peppers are gonna have higher values so you may want

to restrict those a little bit if you're on a really really tight carb schedule

bell pepper goes in everything you can stir fry it you can use it fresh you can

use it for dips it goes in omelets it's a great snack there's just no end to the

ways that you can use bell pepper always keep some around

number five French green beans this is a surprise to a lot of people and I have

to explain this over and over that there's a difference between beans and

beans because most people know they can't have black beans and kidney beans

and pinto beans and lentils on a keto diet because they're way high in starch

and protein but green beans are different because the bean portion is

almost non-existent in comparison to the pod and the pod is a green watery

vegetable so you could have as much green beans as you desire

it only has 1.6 grams of net carbs and 209 milligrams of potassium I love love

this vegetable I always keep some around it's super easy to steam and after you

steam it you pour out the water you put the beans back in there you throw in a

tablespoon of butter and a little bit of salt maybe even a drop of lemon and

they're just super super delicious my two favorite side dishes in terms of

vegetables are green beans and asparagus a very very regular item on the menu

number four eggplant very very versatile I sometimes cut it up like little french

fried potatoes I put butter and olive oil on it then you throw some spaghetti

sauce on it and now you have kind of a like a pasta dish you can make lasagna

type dishes with it you can do eggplant parmesan

lots and lots of different uses 2.9 grams of carbs 230 milligrams of

potassium this is one of the ones that can sort of become a meal in itself it's

very very substantial number three spinach another wonderful food you can

eat it fresh you can saute it you can turn it into soup there's just so many

different ways of using it it has only 1 point 4 grams of carbs and 558

milligrams of potassium so it's super super rich in minerals and this is one

that if you eat it fresh like a salad you can't eat

a whole lot but if you saute it maybe add a little butter and sour cream at

the end to make them creamed or if you turn it into a soup you could

conceivably eat 150 200 grams of spinach and you would get over a gram of

potassium just from that so get as much spinach as you can find different ways

that you like to use it I love it number two favorite keto vegetable is

cauliflower it is so versatile it goes in so many things it has three grams of

carbs and 303 milligrams of potassium you can use it for so many things I

don't like it raw like some people like to dip it I don't much care for that but

you could use for rice cauliflower I do something called stir-fried not rice

where I use rice - cauliflower diced mushrooms and diced onion a little bit

of onion that's that higher in carbs that's why it's not on this list but I

certainly use onion then you add some butter you add a little bit of lemon

salt and pepper maybe a dash of soy sauce or Bragg's aminos

and you have a wonderful wonderful side dish I call it stir-fried not rice and

it goes with just about everything where you would normally have had rice you

could steam it as well just put a little butter and salt on it so many so many

different uses some people even do pizza crust from it and because it is so

versatile you can eat quite a bit you could probably eat a pound of

cauliflower in a day and that would give you over a gram of potassium just from

that number one favorite vegetable you all knew that was going to be on the

list it is avocado and it tops the list even

though it's not strictly a vegetable it is a fruit but who cares so I eat

probably a couple of avocados per day I use it in almost everything you can

slice it put it on omelets you can eat it fresh with a spoon just scoop it out

I put it in my smoothies whether it's a chocolate smoothie or a fruit smoothie

or a berry smoothie I put some avocado in there there's so many different ways

you can use it it is so delicious I sometimes use do a little bit of

mashed potato and then I'll use a little bit of potato a little bit of

cauliflower and some avocado you mix it up with salt you steam it mix it up with

salt butter and a little sour cream and you have a wonderful incredible creamy

potato mashed potato substitute with very very little potato in it if you're

not super strict you can put a little potato in there if you're super strict

just do it with cauliflower and avocado incredible incredible food and it's one

of those that it has two grams of carbs on 507 milligrams of potassium so if you

eat two normal two large avocados a day there's about a hundred and fifty grams

apiece times two is three hundredths you get one and a half grams of potassium

that's like half of what you need in a day just from two avocados and on top of

that it's just super super delicious figure out what you like let me know

what your favorite list is maybe we can share and and make even more progress on

this and realize that you can eat vegetables on a keto diet even though it

is a carbohydrate it matters how much carbohydrate plus most of these things

have a lot of fiber in them which will further slow down the carb

uptake so it's almost like you really don't even have to count carbs that come

from leafy greens and from extremely low carb vegetables because there's so much

fiber that they buffer that sugar uptake so I'm then say you don't have to count

it I said you almost don't have to count it so eat tons and tons of vegetables if

you haven't this channel before you even enjoy

knowing how to get healthy please subscribe and then share this video and

all of our videos with as many people as you can because the mission here is to

get people healthy the more we can get the word out the more we can help thanks

for watching

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