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'Matilda visits' today comes to you from Osaka

We have just arrived with the Shinkansen

and now we are on our way to the hotel.

We are looking forward to discover this great city

which greets us with beautiful sunshine

and many sights to see

and is also the food capital of Japan.

Konnichiwa and welcome to 'Matilda visits Osaka'

We have... aouuh

arrived at the hotel here in Osaka

and are now on the way to Dotonbori street

the most famous shopping street here in this town.

Already it looks absolutely crazy here

kind of what we expected Japan to look like all along.

Mummy what is that?

Oh wow, what is that?

So after one week of searching for

Sushi, Kobe Beef and Okonomiyaki

we have been on this street for not very long and have found

all three within five metres of each other.

This is going to be the culinary highlight of our trip in Osaka.

Is this a big ice cream?

A hand holding Food!

That's drums!

Where are you now Matilda?

It is a littlebit scary actually...


Do you want an apple?

Just give me a kiss.

Just one photo

No photo!

Let's go through here.

So darling what are we eating tonight?



Japanese pancake

Waygu beef

and we just had some vegetables.

Did you see the baby behind you Matilda?

It's a Thursday night

What is it?

It's a Daanish

It's our last day here in Osaka

Matilda is already very eager to get out there

she is saying "Let's go"

so let's do that.

Do you think that has something to do with GM?


20 Swiss Francs for a Mango

and 13 Swiss Francs for two peaches.

Looks alien doesn't it

We wanted to show you here the Ota road

which is home to the Anime subculture in Osaka

but we just had to find out these guys are probably more the evening people

rather than the morning people

hence everything is closed

as we are walking through the streets here

but nevertheless let's go on to another market

which is for the Gourmet specialists

where the Chefs of Osaka

buy their kitchen appliances and kitchen bits and bops.

Which way?

This way!

Do you think this is Macha?

Who knows!

Ice cream!

Green ice cream.

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