Practice English Speaking&Listening with: VLOG #8 - MERMAID UNLEASHED

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Hey, who is this?

who is touching my tent.

What is your mermaid name going to be?





Beautiful !

As you can see, here we are, at the entrance to the camp,

I am Čedovište and this is my first vlog.

Its extremely hot today and my goal is maybe to show you how its in the camp, whats going on,

if there is someone there, that is. Because, I think everyone is at the beach, sofollow me.

Hey! Who is that? Who is that? Why are you touching my tent?


Beat him! Beat him!

Are you ok? What are those wounds?

Film the wounds.

I hit my head.

How did you manage to hit the head and the….

I hit the head in the parasol and thisI fell.

Fuck it.

Ok. You still have time to get

I have two days to get fucked completely.

Yes. But you have to do it harder.

Here we are, at the tent

At the moment, 28 asylees are sleeping in there and we dont want to disturb them, so we go on.

The guys are in there.

Are the guys in there?!

No, inside is...

Who is alive inside!

Yes, but is there a male inside?

Yes, yes.

We were at John Newmans. It was great. It was crowded, people just came suddenly and there was

chaos. In general, there are people from all over here, which to me is great. When the tourists visit us and

when they party with us. Somehow, I feel like a host since we are here in my Montenegro.


Dont…. dont do this.

Im curious.

You are sweating like crazy.

Of course Im sweating.

But not like crazy. Normally.

What is normal to you?

A little bit.

Its not like Im soaked in water.

Well, dont do it even a little bit.

Where is my glass with water?

What colour mermaid do you want to be?

There has to be some pink.

Pink. Pink mermaid?

And you can add whatever you want.

I thought blue.

But there should be some pink, please.

Well, OK.

She wants to be a pink mermaid

and I would like her to be this one

What is this colour?


Well, you will be turquoise.

Oh, well

Well, you will be turquoise.

What will be your mermaid name?

But we should pick some Montenegrin name since we are here in Budva.

It has to be Montenegrin.

You should pick between Ljubica, Ljubosava, Zdravka

You want Zdravka?


Mermaid Zdravka.








Life, you break me.

Life, you prison!

How shall I do it like this?

The whole life islie down, work!”. I dont know how it came to this.

I think its 200 degrees outside.

You know what would be great?

That I fall asleep.

If you can fall asleep like that

Move a bit….

Have you just farted?

No. Unfortunately, no.


what I think is very important to film for this vlog is the difference between tastes.

You said it yourselfyou dont like beard

Didnt you say it?

No, I dont like it.

You dont like longish hair….

No, its disgusting….

Rockers and such….


When I see hair in generalugh !

I like them when they are smooth.

What is it?

I mean, he doesnt have to have smooth legs, but smooth chest is a must.

But this is a love carpet.

And I dont like long hair.

Well, it all individual.

There are men who dont like women with moustaches….

And there are those who like, so

With moustaches?


Come, my child.

Čedovište, here I come.

All little monsters are my children.

You are officially Montenegrin. – Working while lying down.


Dont spill it over me!

Not on the head!

God, what I just did!


I will connect your eyebrows.


Dont ruin me!



I was convinced that you pained all of my head. Its OK.

Break, break, break…..

Be happy because of the break.

Order, work and discipline, and here it is discipline and partying,

with the fact that there are no weapons and nunchakusnunchakashow do you even say that?

There are no knivesOK.

Tampons are forbidden….

Those are not tampons.

Responsible formy todays look is….


More precise, yes….

It doesnt matter

Burst them.

Can I try?


Like this? Yeah.


I cant !

Why cant I do it !

Was it good now?

Now its more crowded because its not hot and also, theres some sort of euphoria. People getting ready,

putting on pants, washing and drying their hair

They are getting ready to leave in about hour or two for the main stage and to party, together with us.

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