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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Do Gay People Care About John Oliver? With John Oliver!

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Hey guys, it's Billy.

You know, here at "Billy on the Street"

we care very much about gay people.

But do gay people care about John Oliver?

Are you ready, John?

Let's find out.

Let's go.

Sir, are you gay?


Do you care about John Oliver?



Sir, sir, are you gay?


Do you care about John Oliver?

John Oliver -- hmm, not really.

Okay, great. Thank you so much.

Sir, are you gay?


Do you care about John Oliver?

Not particularly.

Okay, thanks so much.

Are you guys gay?


Do you care about John Oliver?


Okay, all right, thank you, all right.

Sir, sir, are you gay?

Yes, I'm gay.

Do you care about John Oliver?

Who's John Oliver?

It's a weekly show about the news on HBO.

He has a show.

I don't know.

Being on once a week

really allows us to get into more depth.

Do you like Wendy Williams?

I love Wendy Williams.

She's the best.

Oh, come on.

Thank you so much.

Sir, sir, are you gay?

Yes, I am.

Do you care about John Oliver?

I don't even know who that is.

Oh, okay.

What about Wendy Williams?

Of course I do.

Yes, thank you.

Sir, sir, are you gay?

I sure am.

Yes, do you care about John Oliver?

Yeah, I love John Oliver.

You like John Oliver?


Oh yeah, he's right here. He's right here.

Hi, John Oliver! Whoo!

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!


Sorry I'm yelling.

He's far away from me.

Yeah, okay.

He can't hear me.

Who do you like better, be honest --

John Oliver or Wendy Williams?

Be honest.

Wendy Williams.

I knew it!

Sir, sir, are you gay?


Do you care about John Oliver?

I have no idea who that is.

Oh, John Oliver?


What about Wendy Williams?

I like her.

Yeah, she's great, right?


What do you like about Wendy Williams?

Everything about her -- she's real.

Yes, absolutely.

But John Oliver...

I have no idea who that is.

Okay, thank you.

Well, he's right here.

Yeah, hi.


We kind of unpack the week's news,

put a comic take on it.

Oh, really? I don't...

No, no, no, he's not interested!

Oh, gentlemen, gentlemen, are you gay?




Yes, and do you care about John Oliver?

Well, we kind of like John Oliver.

He's right here!

That's me!

Howdy, howdy!

Howdy, wow!

Howdy to you. Lovely to meet you.

Come on, cowboys!

He's a really smart guy.

Yeah, isn't he smart?

He's so clever.


I mean, it's a comedy show so...

Oh, my God, he's British, too.

You didn't know that?

Oh, I thought he just put that on, you know?

Oh, come on, you knew that.

Yes, I did.

Yeah, so what do you think

John Oliver has meant to the gay community?

Well, I think -- he talks about all the people

that are involved in a lot of non-traditional relationships.

So, he does a good job of helping everyone

start to think about it a little bit better.

Right, and what about Cookie from "Empire"?

Oh, she's fierce.

Yeah, so you got very excited.

Oh, she's fierce, yeah.

Okay, thank you.

Sir, are you gay?

Excuse me? Duh.


Do you care about John Oliver?

I know Jo-- oh, that's you!

Yeah, that's John Oliver!


A gay person cares about you!

Well, he didn't say that yet.

Well, his girlfriends certainly do.

Hi, I'm his homo honey.

Okay, is that what they're calling them now?

My little -- my chica.

Okay, great.

Wait. Why do I -- why should I care about John Oliver?

We just wanted to see

if gay people care about John Oliver.

Who's John Oliver?

Thank you very much.


Billy on the street

Ooh, ooh-ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah

Billy on the street

Whoa, whoa-oh, whoa, ooh, ooh

He's making dreams come true

Billy on the street

Hey guys, I'm Billy Eichner

and this is "Billy on the Street,"

the only show on television concerned with whether or not

Anthony Anderson is in over his head.

Let's play for a dollar.

Sir? Sir, for a dollar,

do you think Cara Delevingne

has ever heard of Dustin Hoffman?


Correct, there you go. Thank you.

All right, look at that. Thanks.

There you go.

Do you like Dustin Hoffman?


Yeah, what's your favorite Dustin Hoffman movie?

"Rain Man."

Yes, so good.

"Rain Man, Rain Man."

It was great. Yeah [ Laughs ]


All right.

Did you like "Little Fockers"?

What'd you call me?

[ Both laugh ]

I could do this all day!

Miss, for a dollar --






Hi. Who are you?




Like, stands for Melissa?


Oh, no.

Sir, for a dollar,

how often do you think Rob Lowe

compares acting to surfing?

Do what?

Rob Lowe.

What about Rob Lowe?

How often do you think he compares acting to surfing?

I'm tipsy right now.

Y'all got these damn cameras all in my face.

All right, thank you very much, all right.

Sir, for a dollar, which do you prefer --

VICELAND or Dollywood?!

Miss, do you ever wonder what your favorite stars are up to?

-Uh, no. -Oh.

Snapchat! No, please. Yes!

Census! -Aah!

Yes, census!

Oscar buzz, baby!

Miss -- sir, oh.

Miss, for a dollar,

please take this chair to Samantha Bee.

She's so smart. Let her sit down.


Take this to Samantha Bee so she can sit down.

You want to sit?

No, not anyone. Samantha Bee!

I don't know Samantha Bee. I'm sorry.

She's always standing.

Please bring this to her so she can sit.

Do you want to sit?


Do you want to sit?

Yes, finally!

After five seasons, I'd love to sit!

You get the [Bleep] out of here. You get the [Bleep] out of here.

Someone else walk away for once.

[ Sighs ]

Billy on the street

Billy on the street

Hey guys, it's Billy, and I'm out here today

for a segment we like to call "Louie C3PO."

I'm dressed as C3PO, and Elena's dressed as...



And we're about to hit the streets

and talk to some native New Yorkers

to see what they have to say

about the new Star Wars movie, "Rogue One."

Are you ready, Elena?

I think so.


She's so excited.

Doesn't R2D2 say the same thing over and over?

No, he just beeps and stuff.



Let's go.

Oh, sir?

Sir, a new Star Wars movie's coming out.


"Rogue One."

Oh yeah, I heard about it, right.

Are you gonna see it?


Do you like Star Wars?

Yeah, I've watched all of them.

You know they're making another one after this?

But that doesn't involve the future characters, right?

I don't know.

I -- this one is the first stand-alone movie.

Yeah, it doesn't have any of the original characters.

No, it doesn't, but I think maybe Darth Vader

kind of pops up for a second.

Doesn't it have to do with building the Death Star.

I don't give a flying [Bleep]

Miss, you know the new Star Wars movie --

it's part of the canon,

but it's not one of the main movies.

What was it?

The news Star Wars movie, "Rogue One."


Okay, do you like Star Wars?

I don't -- I've never seen it.

You've never seen a single Star Wars movie?


Me either.

Me neither. I hate it.

Yesterday I saw, um...



Yes, it was fabulous.

Did you see it?

No, but I want to.

I saw it right down here.

Oh, okay, great story, Elena.

All right, bye.

Star Wars "Rogue One," who cares.

Sir, the new Star Wars movie's coming out, "Rogue One."

Oh, really?

Are you a Star Wars fan?


Okay, what kind of movies do you like?

I haven't really watched a movie lately.

You saw a movie you liked.

"Moonlight," yeah.

Well, movies --

I think there's a lot of good movies,

but they're really expensive, too.

Movies are expensive now.

Yes, too much money.

But you can watch them at home.

I like big screens.

Oh, she likes a big screen.

And I like to sit close.

That's too close.

And I was sitting at "Moonlight"

on the fifth row.

And it was huge screen.

Yeah. That's annoying for me.

Oh my God, you just hit that thing right in my head.

Oh, come on.

Are you gonna see "Rogue One"?

Oh, yeah.

Star Wars?

Yeah, yeah, I love Star Wars.

Are you a fan?


Who's your favorite Star Wars character?

Probably C3PO.

Do you know who this guy is?

C3PO, yeah.



The other -- his other ego.


The real person inside of this costume.

There's no one real in here.

Yes, there -- Billy!

Let's go, Elena.

Let's go.

There's a new Star Wars movie.


Do you like Star Wars?


What about you?

I've never seen any Star Wars.

Never, not one?

Is that --

is there a Star Wars movie coming out now?

Yes, but it's part of the canon,

but it's not part of the original nine films.

It's the first --

What does canon mean.

It's the first stand-alone Star Wars movie.


Nobody cares.


Nobody cares about it.

It's gonna make them $3 billion, you're saying no one cares?

Is there really a Star Wars movie coming out?

What was that?

Is there really a Star Wars movie coming out?

Yes, "Rogue One"!

You're saying no once cares?

You keep saying something about

it's not part of the canon.

That doesn't even make sense.

Yes, I said it is part of the canon!

It's part of the canon! It's part of the canon!

She wanted to know if I'm your mother.

Oh, God!

Sir? Sir, new Star Wars movie.

What about it?

"Rogue One."


Are you gonna see it?


Are you a Star Wars fan?

I love Star Wars.

When are you gonna see "Rogue One"?

After I'm done with finals, first thing I'm gonna do.


See "Rogue One."

And do you think --

do you think Nicole Kidman has any idea

what the [Bleep] any of this [Bleep] is about?

Where is Nicole Kidman right now?

Excuse me?

Where has she been?

Where's she been? She's in "Lion."

She has Oscar buzz.

What's "Lion"?


She was nominated for, like, five Oscars.

She has an Oscar.

Didn't she do that Australian movie,

or was that someone else?

She is Australian.

Oh, she is Australian, yeah.


I thought she just went there.

And she did the movie "Australia" with Hugh Jackman,

and she did "Moulin Rouge!" -- Oscar nominated.

And she won the Oscar for "The Hours."

And she was also nominated for "Rabbit Hole",

and she was also in "Cold Mountain."

And then -- and then she's in "Lion."

She's probably going to get nominated for that.





I want to see "Lion."


I didn't know she was in that.

I don't even know what that's about.

Yes, she is. She plays the mom.

She adopts a little Indian boy.

Oh, like -- oh, so is that why you stopped me?

No! No!

I stopped you to ask about "Star Wars"!

Yeah, but then we got to "Lion."

You don't know what Nicole Kidman's doing!

Yeah, but...

You know what [Bleep] Boba Fett's up to, asshole!

Miss, did you know that Leonard Cohen

died of Star Wars fatigue?

Sorry, I don't know...

Oh, "Rogue One."

Sir, do we really need a movie every [Bleep] year?

No, we don't.


Billy on the street

Billy on the street

Hey, guys, it's Billy.

I'm here with a man that can only be described

as the thinking man's Mr. Bean.

He has so many great writers.

Please welcome to "Billy on the Street,"

for the first time,

you loved him on "The Daily Show"

and you like him well enough on his own show,

from the hit HBO series

"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,"

it's John Oliver!


How are you, John?

All of that's fair.

That's all completely fair.

You're damn right it is.

[ Laughs ] I couldn't agree with you more.

You know, I have to say it's an honor to have you.

I think you're amazing.

I think you're the smartest person

that's ever been on truTV.

Although it might be a tie

with the host of "Lizard Lick Towing."

But really, it's great to have you.

Thank you.

And it's an honor to be on the same channel...

That's not true. "Lizard Lick Towing."

Oh, that's true.

Let me finish my thought.

They run a solid business there.

Okay, your show's on HBO.


So, are you pressured to feature

a lot of female nudity and beheadings,

or are they just thrilled with all your stuff

about loans and special tax districts?

As long as they keep producing things with dragons in,

we will slip by underneath.

It's not the dragons. It's the titties.

And I love titties, and everyone knows that.

You're famous for it, Billy.

I really am.

Love them ta tas.

You know, where's my award --

where's my Emmy for loving titties too much?

Do you know what I mean?

But to be honest, I don't know.

I'm presuming they're sculpting it now.

You've been credited with

bringing diversity to late night,

and that your name isn't Jimmy or James.

How does that feel?

Well, it's good

because I think that the other "J" sounds

have been unrepresented

since the main John went off the air.

Jon Stewart -- how often do you talk to him, or you don't?

I talk to him. We e-mail back and forth.

You e-mail.


Always the sign of a real tight friendship --

an occasional e-mail.

That's right.

And how did he find you? Did you audition for that?

Well, you know, they were looking for another correspondent

and I guess they needed another white male one.

Okay, perfect.


And speaking of that, let me ask you something.

Do you think maybe it's time for you

to apologize to, like, American talk show hosts,

because foreigners like you

have come in and taken their jobs?

Do you think you're better than Craig Kilborn?

You're not.


I don't think so.

Are you sure, Billy?

I am sure about that.

That's a mean thing to say.

You know, let me tell you --

When you got to set the bar...

Let me tell you something.

....that low, Billy --

Don't fake it, okay?

We've got you -- I'm serious about this.

He's coming here doing shtick.

Not on my dime!

We've got you, we've got James Corden.

Oh, yeah.

The whole idea was that we're supposed to have

more women and people of color in late night,

not British guys who are somehow even whiter

than the incredibly white men we've already got!

When was that the whole idea?

Excuse me, you don't think it's time

for more women in late night?

What about American TV history

has made you think the whole idea

was getting more women and people of color?

Well, that's what we need --

"Diff'rent Strokes" was not enough!

Wasn't it?

I mean, that showed a nice family.

What you talkin' about, John?

Oh, I wouldn't do that, Billy.


I wouldn't do it.

You can't --

You don't have the cover for it.

You don't have the cover for it.

Things have gotten so sensitive that I can't do...

You don't have the cover.

...a "Diff'rent Strokes" impression?

You've got a different kind of cover.

You don't get to do that, Billy.

What you talkin' about, Willis?

I can't say, "What you talkin' about, Willis?"

It's bolder a second time.

Let's move on.

Okay, now, you cover

a lot of nuanced legal issues and legislative issues

on your show.


And James Corden is having so much success

with "Carpool Karaoke."

So I was thinking -- wait, hold on --

what if you did something like that,

and you would sit in a car with, say, Gwen Stefani.

But instead of singing pop songs,

you would just bore her to tears.

Well, if Gwen's in, I'm in too.

Now, what else do I want to say here.

Now, you've made your show a hit

without once talking about something I'm interested in.

Who would be your dream guest on "Carpool Karaoke"?

The Queen.

The Queen of England!


You know, is there any topic that's off limits to you

because it's too boring,

because it doesn't seem like it.

Well, not at the moment, no.

We've not yet found something too boring

to put on the show.

That's a great challenge for you, I think.

Well, we challenge ourselves with that every week.

Do you still watch "The Daily Show."

I don't.

You don't?


Is that because you don't want to get, like,

unduly influenced, or...

No, it's 'cause the last thing I want to do

is watch any comedy about the news.

Right, that's what I meant.

I'd rather watch "Project Runway."

Oh, okay.

Do you watch "Project Runway"?

Every week.



Do you like Tim Gunn?

I think he's the greatest.

You know he hasn't had sex in like 30 he said?

I've heard that.

You need to change that.

Okay, I'm happy to try.

It's up to you.

I'm happy to give it a go.

Have you ever experimented with a man?

I haven't, Billy.


Well, today's not the day!

No, Tim Gunn would be the man.

What was that?

Tim Gunn. Tim Gunn would be the man.

I would like to see you two together. That'd be charming.

Yeah, I think the idea of it

would be more effective than the practicality of it.

I'd like to see Tim Gunn [Bleep] the [Bleep] out of you.

Okay, John, enough about that.

Now it's time to play my new favorite game.

My don't you walk with me over here?

And, John Oliver, this is a game that I like to call


This is our take

on the classic arcade game, Whac-A-Mole,

except we call it Whack-A-Joel because in this game,

we're gonna do what you do every week on your show.

But instead of hitting little animals over the head,

he's gonna be hitting his viewers over the head,

most of whom are 30-something liberal-seeming white guys

with names like David, Josh, Jordan,

and of course, Joel.

Which is why we call this "Whack-a-Joel."

And since this is truTV,

we're not gonna be using well-written rants and epic take downs.

You're gonna be using the classic Wac-A-Mole gavel,

and you're gonna be hitting them over the head.

As we go, I will be narrating as we go

to describe what the viewers are feeling.

Now, usually on your show,

you get about 20 minutes to hit people over the head.

That's right.

On our show,

you're only gonna get about 60 seconds.


And if you can hit enough people over the head

with your thoughts and your views,

you're gonna win a big prize.

John Oliver, are you ready to once again

hit your viewers over the head?

Of course, it's muscle memory!

Okay, here we go. He does it every week.

Here we go, it's "Whack-a-Joel" with John Oliver.

I will be narrating the viewer's thoughts as we go.

Good luck with Joel, Josh, Jordan,

and probably a David or two.

Here we go John, and away...we...go!

Oh bam, schooled him on the Puerto Rican government!

Oh, we got panty-manufacturing?

Sick, bro!

Oh, common core?

More like common ground among Millennials.

You found it.

Oh, yeah, that guy's gonna end his week

more impressed than ever

by your knowledge of the North Dakota oil boom.

Yes, there you go.

Oh yeah, John, show us how that Canadian election

really went down!

Yeah, that guy's named Seth,

and you really changed his mind about Gamergate.

Joel doesn't usually get political, but, man!

Oh, that guy used to be in favor of pay-day loans,

but now he's gonna think about it.

Yes, that is an epic takedown!

Keep going!

Don't forget to build to a promising conclusion!

Oh [Bleep] that was brutal!

Smart, though -- very smart.

Yes, reiterate political positions they already hold!

Keep hitting them over the head!

And that's time -- you win!

[ Bell dings ]

You win, John! You win "Whack-A-Joel"!

Yes, what a [Bleep] pussy handshake that was!

Thank you so much, John.

You hit all your viewers over the head.

That's my key demo right there.

All right, thanks so much, John.

Let's see your prize for winning "Whack-A-Joel."

Oh, my God!

It's a laptop

where the screenplay for "Pitch Perfect 3"

is literally writing itself.

And it's a laptop

where the screenplay for "Pitch Perfect 3"

is literally writing itself.

Look, mom, no hands!

I loved the first one.

Elizabeth Banks had so much on her plate.

Thank you, John. Thank you so much.

Thank you, Billy.

All right, that's "Whack-A-Joel" with John Oliver.

We'll be right back.

Billy on the street

Hey guys, it's Billy.

You know, the TV show "Bones" is about to end it's run

after 12 triumphant seasons,

so we're about to hit the streets

for a segment called, "A Farewell to 'Bones',"

where New Yorkers will finally get the chance

to say goodbye to this ground-breaking show, "Bones."

Let's go.

Sir, "Bones" is ending.

Excuse me?


"Bones" -- what about it?

The show.


It's ending after 11 years.

I'm sorry to hear that, man. I liked that "Bones," man.

It was so -- those bones were so good.

Yeah, they was, man.

Yeah, what was your favorite bone?

I only liked it because of "Angel",

When he was from "Angel" with "Trauma.



David Boreanaz.

David Boreanaz, yeah.

You didn't like anything else about it?

No, not really.



It was a great show.

It was a great show,

but you seen one CIS show, you've seen them all.

That's not -- no, it's not a CSI show.

It's "Bones."

Yeah, but it's about, you know, dead people

and trying to figure out --

Excuse me.

No, it was a very different take, different angle.

It was?


Oh, my bad, "Bones."

[ Groans ]

Sir, for a bone,

what are you gonna miss about the show "Bones"?



I have no idea what that is.

"Bones" has been on for, like, 11 years.

Oh, I'm sorry.



What do you watch?

I watch "Survivor."

I watch, um...


..."Breaking Bad."

That's over.

Yeah, but I watch it occasionally.


And what else do I watch...

You still watch "Survivor"?

28 seasons -- I've only missed 2 seasons.

Why'd you miss those two?

September 11th.

Not an excuse!

Miss, "Bones" is ending.



The "Bones" show, right?

The "Bones" show is ending.

It's ending? No!

Yes! I swear!

Oh, come on. All my shows are ending.

I hate that.

Yeah, but...

I loved the show. What can we do to keep it on?

Nothing, I mean, they've done like 12 seasons.

I think they're done.

I think they're done,

but I loved the show.

What was your fav--

For a bone, what was your favorite part of "Bones"?

Booth, and Bones obviously.

Yeah, obviously the Bones.

And I just liked the way they interacted.


She could drive anybody up the wall...


...Because she doesn't understand feelings, I think...

Exactly. we do.


And -- but I loved it.

And I'm so sad that it's ending.

Me too.

How will you fill the void now that "Bones" is over?

I gotta go look for new shows.

Oh, that's gonna be hard to get something as good as "Bones."

And there's really nothing out there that I like.

I mean, I watch "Person of Interest,"

but they're going off the air too.

It wasn't as good as "Bones."

Well, I don't know.

Excuse me?

"Bones" was better.

Yes it was! "Bones" was better!

"Bones" was better. I agree.

Yeah, when that "Bones" finale airs,

I'm gonna be such a mess.

When's the "Bones" finale?

It's coming up this year.

Oh, no.

I'm gonna miss it very, very much,

and I don't think they're ever gonna find

another show like that again.

I agree.

There will never be a show like "Bones"!


Does he get to get out of the wheelchair

by the end of the season?

I don't know.

Here, just take this bone.

Take this bone. Thank you.

Sir, will there ever be another "Bones"?

I don't think so.

I agree.

Miss, say goodbye to "Bones."

Goodbye, "Bones."


Will you miss "Bones"?



Sir, did "Bones" open the door for anything?

Not that I'm aware of.


Miss, did "Bones" go off the rails?



What about it?

Did it go off the rails?

Miss, for a bone,

what are you gonna miss about the show "Bones"?

The bones.

Yes, yes, there you go. Thank you.

We are gonna miss the bones most of all.

Sir, for a dollar, we're singing a song to the cast of "Bones"

to pay tribute to them.

Please join me in singing. Here we go.

The hip bone's connected to the back bone

The back bone's connected to the neck bone

Hip bone

No, neck bone.

Neck bone

The neck bone's connected to the head bone

Now shake them skeleton bones

Next verse.

The finger bone's connected to the hand bone

The hand bone's connected to the arm bone

The arm bone's connected to the shoulder bone

Now shake them skeleton bones

You can take the next verse.

[ Speaking ] ♪ Them bones, them bones, gonna walk around

It's hip-hop.

Them bones, them bones, gonna walk around


Them bones, them bones, gonna walk around

Now shake them skeleton

Now shake them skeleton bones

There you go. Thank you.

Goodbye, "Bones"!

Billy on the street

Hey guys, it's Billy.

I'm here outside a doctor's office

where Debra Messing once spoke in sign language

to a girl with an ear infection.

And we're about to play one of my new favorite games,

"Hanukkah or Stupid?"

What is your name, sir?

My name is Christopher.


What is your name?

My name is Jonathan.

Now, you guys are obviously brothers.


Are you twins?

Identical, three minutes apart.


Best friend forever,

my number one man right here.

Oh, that is so nice.

What do you do for fun in New York?

I like to play Frisbee.

I like to ride my bike.

I like to play soccer.

Wow, and how old are you guys?



Yes, sir.

41, playing Frisbee, listening to Megadeth --

Ladies, tweet me if you're interested.

They're all lining up.

Holla. Holla. Holla.

[ Groans ]

I hate my job!

Okay, great, All right, so...

[ Buzzer sounds ]

Please, don't buzz!

I [Bleep] hate twins!

I hate them!

[ Laughs ]

So what? Deal with it!

Oh, God.

I feel like I'm in a Jamie Kennedy project.

Oh, God, this is literally my worst nightmare,

and I hate straight people so much.

[ Buzzer sounds ]

I hate them.

I hate them. This is why.

This is why America is drowning, everyone.

Okay, here we go.

Ready, guys? Okay, here's the game.

The name of the game is "Hanukkah or Stupid."

I'm gonna give you a fact.

You have to tell me

if it refers to the Jewish holiday Hanukkah,

or if it's just something that's stupid.

If you're think it refers to Hanukkah --

these are all facts, real facts.

If you think it refers to Hanukkah,

you buzz in and say, "Hanukkah."

If you think it's stupid, you just say, "Stupid."

Do you understand, Jonathan?


Do you understand?

Got you.

Okay, the one who gets the most right --

you guys are gonna buzz in if you think you know the answer --

Don't go running over there, just stay right here --

just keep the bu-- Can you please --

Dustin Hoffman over here overacting.

Just keep -- keep -- keep the buzzer.

Don't buzz in until I finish the clue,

and don't answer until I call your name.

Do you understand.



Okay, here we go.


You have to call the name?

I'm gonna call your name.


Okay. No funny business. Really play the game.

No, seriously, Chris.

No, seriously, bro. Chris, focus.

All right. Gotcha.

Okay, here we go.

Yeah, come on, Chris.


Okay, Here we go. Here we go --

"Hanukkah or Stupid."

The one who gets the most right wins a big prize.

Are you ready, Chris?

I'm ready.

Are you ready, John?

I was born that way.

Okay. [Bleep] twins.

Here we go.

"Hanukkah or Stupid."

And away...we...go.

Known as "The Festival of Lights."

[ Buzzer sounds ]



"Hanukkah or Stupid."


Yeah, no -- Hanukkah!

Lasts eight nights!

[ Buzzer sounds ]

Both: Hanukkah!

Hold on! You can't answer at the same time,

you [Bleep] up twins!


Here we go. Here we go.

Here we go. We're doing it again.

Lasts eight nights.

[ Buzzer sounds ]



Yes, correct.

Going on Twitter and really sticking it to "The Bachelorette."

[ Buzzer sounds ]



What? He said bull[bleep] again.

What'd you say?


Yeah, he gets the point. Come back, guys.

Spinning a dreidel.

[ Buzzer sounds ]


Both: Hanukkah.

Yes, correct. Jonathan gets the point.

They speak at the same time.

Okay, Stephen King's old column in "Entertainment Weekly."

[ Buzzer sounds ]



Yes, correct. Chris gets the point.

Inspired by the story of the Maccabee Family.

[ Buzzer sounds ]




Ah, no! Hanukkah! Yes, John gets the point.

Eating milk chocolate coins!

[ Buzzer sounds ]



Yes, correct! John gets the point!

Those "Resident Evil" movies!

[ Buzzer sounds ]



Ah, yes, Chris gets the point!

Eating potato pancakes!

[ Buzzer sounds ]

Both: Hanukkah!

Oh my God! Oh, my God!

I feel like I'm in a [Bleep] Pizza Hut commercial!

Somebody get me a latke, will ya?

Oh, shut up!

I want applesauce, sour cream...

Please cancel the show.

I'm begging you. Please cancel the show.

Billy on the Street

Whoa, whoa-oh, whoa, ooh, ooh

He's making dreams come true

Billy on the Street

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