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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Live Life One Step Ahead | ASB

Difficulty: 0

Everyone expected Ben to do big things.

C'mon Ben, only 10K to go.

Man, you're strong aye!

You could be an All Black!


Ah! Sorry!

I hope you're okay!


Sorry, mate.

*Maniacal laughter in the background*

You ever thought about acting?

You'd make a great henchman.


Take the stairs up to the, uh, shark tank,

go right past the shark tank.

You need some help, Uncle?

I want a pickle.

Muscles! You could be a bouncer.

It's getting a bit chilly out here.

Get in there, have a little boogie!

Hey, you look like you've had too many pickles, mate!

But Ben had his own big plans.

Whatever life you choose,

we can help you live it

one step ahead.

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