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- What's up guys, it's Trevor with Embers Living.

Man, winter has lasted way, way too long.

It feels like it's been forever

since I've done a gas grill review.

I'm excited, we're getting ready

for summer and spring coming up.

Let's get started.

We're comparing the Coyote C series

versus the Coyote S series.

What upgrades do you get with the S series?

Got to watch the whole video,

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So today we're taking a look at the Coyote series

of their gas grills.

I've already done a review on their upgraded S series.

If you want to see an in-depth review of that,

I'll include a link below.

But we've gotten this requested a lot more than I thought,

a lot of people have asked for a review on the C series,

because it is more affordable than the S series,

and a lot of people want to know if it's still a good grill

considering how well it's priced.

Now, this grill is priced extremely well.

But when you stack it up to the S series,

do you lose a lot of features?

So that's what we're really going to talk about.

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Okay, so let's start with the outsides of the grills.

Usually I like to start from the bottom up

and work my way up the grill.

So both carts are solid stainless steel.

Now just looking at both carts,

so I don't really see a ton of differences

between the two grills here as far as the carts go,

they're all solid stainless steel, it appears

I do like that they have the soft close front doors.

Both grills have the same features there.

And then you notice on the bottom,

if you're ordering it in propane,

they have the LP pullout drawer as well.

And again, the S series is no different here.

Pretty much the same exact features.

Now this one, I got to check the specs,

but I believe we just have this because it's a wider grill.

Anyways. I believe part of that

is just because we're in a 36-inch grill versus a 28,

so we're dealing with a narrower grill.

So we're not going to have that shelving feature on them.

And then both of them,

the grease tray is a pull-out tray

on the front of both grills as well.

So I would say there's absolutely no difference

between the carts.

Now side shelves,

both ends are retractable.

And again, I'm not seeing any difference here.

I will say this on the S series.

Notice this, see this?

So we do have some cut in air slots.

Coyote's never told me if that's functional

or if that's just by design,

I'm guessing it's just by design.

I don't know.

They don't need extra airflow

of this overheating right here.

I wouldn't think, but...

We're going to go that's just in aesthetic change.

So again, carts, I'm not seeing any difference here.

Okay. Let's get into the actual heads themselves,

and just see what's different with the hoods.

Looking at the hoods,

let's get a close up with thermometers,

both the thermometers appear to be the exact same

between the two.

And the design hood handles are the same.

Again, all 304 stainless hoods.

Now let's measure to see

if the actual hood build is different.

Let's go under the hood here.

So as far as vertical height in our C series,

we got about 10 inches until our top hood.

Let's go into the S series, 10 inches.

So not seeing any difference there

in the amount of vertical space we have

in between the grills.

Both hoods are double lined.

Now I was talking to a manufacturer lately

and they let me in on a little secret

on those double lined hoods.

Usually we think double lined hoods

helps hold temperature better, which it does a little bit,

but he said the main priority of these double lined hood

is to keep the exterior stainless steel from discoloring.

So that's why they're double lined,

which again all stainless steel grills

usually typically are.

That's going to help keep your hood from discoloring.

So as far as I can tell,

the exterior shell between both of these grills

is absolutely identical.

So hopefully when we get into the guts of these grills

we find some differences,

because so far, I'm not seeing any differences here.

Okay, you probably noticed right away,

one huge cosmetic difference between the two

is going to be our lit up knobs.

So both grills have interior lighting, standard,

but on our C series,

when we turn them off and turn these on,

we don't have any knob lighting.

Whereas our S series is going to come standard

with the interior lights and the exterior lights.

Now it's not a huge, huge feature,

definitely not a deal breaker.

This, what I care more about is the interior lights.

That's definitely more functional

than having the exterior lights lit up

but a nice little curb appeal.

Both of these grills too,

are available as far as install options,

you can do them as a built-in grill

that you can build into an outdoor kitchen,

or you can order them as a cart model.

What's really cool about the C series,

this is the 28-inch,

this grill comes fully assembled.

So it's a one SKU, assembled out of the box,

you have a fully assembled cart grill, easy purchase.

All right, so let's show you the C series here quick.

You notice we do have a warming rack.

Warming rack seems fairly heavy duty,

but you notice one important thing is missing

is we don't have a rear infrared burner.

So we have no rotisserie kit on this grill

and we also don't have a rear burner.

So again that's one of the things

that's keeping this grill affordable.

However, that is a big feature that's missing

when we go over to the S series, you can see two things.

One again, we still have our warming rack, here,

but we have a ceramic infrared rotisserie burner

or rear burner.

So here's our controls for that.

And then on top of that,

we actually have rotisserie motor included.

I liked that it's included,

some of the competitors in the S series

like a Blaze or something, Blaze LTE,

a rotisserie kit is not always included.

But let me show you a really cool feature

on the back of the grill here,

is they also give us

storage brackets for our spit rod.

So you can see we have our spit rod, our two forks,

and then a nice handy place to store it.

So if you're like me, the most annoying thing

when you have a gas grill

is figuring out where the heck to put this,

so idea that you can just rest it

right on the back of your grow with these brackets included

is super handy and well-thought out.

Okay, you probably noticed this sitting here too,

so there's going to be a smoker box.

Again, this is an accessory with most grills.

So we put our wood chips, pellets,

something like that to add flavor in a smoker box.

This isn't a big deal.

Cause these aren't usually typically expensive,

20, 30 bucks if you wanted to add these,

but it's nice that they throw this in for you.

So you're going to get this standard

with the S series.

Again, you do not get that with the C series.

All right, let's go to our cooking grates here.

So here's our S series cooking grates,

again, solid stainless steel.

And they're thick,

If I had to guess, about eight millimeters or so,

I don't know the exact measurement.

But they're definitely thick.

I've seen heavier duty cooking grates,

but these are definitely solid.

Now let's compare them to the C series.

I'll just put these side by side.

So I am not seeing a difference

in the cooking grates.

It looks like their spacing is the exact same,

diameter is the exact same.

For what it's worth,

these have like rounded little knobs on 'em,

and this is flat.

That's going to make absolutely zero difference

for you in performance,

but you guys like in-depth reviews.

So I'm going to be as in-depth as possible.

So that's a cooking grate.

So let's leave these off,

so we can really get into the grill.

Oh, one thing we got to mention

is one thing that makes Coyote super unique

because that's the thing with gas grills

is there's so much overlap

and there's so much similarity between brands

and the competition is so high,

and quite frankly, the industry is super saturated

with a million people making gas grills.

What's really important when you're a gas grill company,

is that you have a feature

or something that makes you unique.

Well, Coyote has that.

They have these cooking grates,

which are super unique to them.

And they're awesome,

because it creates a lot of surface area.

It's really to spill veggies through these.

And then it's really nice to get nice sear marks

with these cooking grates.

What I find annoying

is that this is what sort of makes Coyote unique is

that these are not standard in the S series.

So the S series is their loaded grill.

No one likes to buy extras

when you're buying top of the line.

When you're rolling in your Benz,

when you're rolling in your Range Rover,

you're not looking to buy ad-ons,

you want that thing loaded up off the lot.

You're spending Primo money,

you don't want to buy extras.

That's just annoying.

So Coyote, you need to make these standard.

These are cool feature, but you have to pay extra for 'em,

big bummer, but it is what it is.

So right off the bat,

you probably notice a huge difference here.

The S series is going to come with our ceramic briquettes,

versus the C series,

we're going to get our flame tamers.

You guys know, I never know what to call these.

That's what I'm going to call them today

is the flame tamers.

Now, you guys know how I feel about these

if you watch any of my other videos.

So the idea behind the ceramic briquettes

is when you're cooking over your burners

is it's going to heat up these ceramic briquettes

and it's going to create

perfectly even temperature distribution

to where you have zero hotspots within the grill.

And it is true that they work.

However, the problem with them,

you guys hear me complain about this in the other videos,

when grease sits on here,

it's basically becomes grease fire city.

So you essentially have to regularly flip these over

and burn off the grease, ideally after each cook.

Now, if you do that,

if you take the time to flip these over after each cook

and burn off the grease, they work perfectly.

But if you go a couple of cooks

with grease sitting on there, you're going to have problems.

And that's annoying.

That is not so much the case with these guys.

They're lower maintenance, I guess you say,

'cause you don't have to flip them

and clean them quite as much.

However, the ceramic briquettes do do a better job

with even temperature throughout the grill.

So it's sort of a trade off.

So it just depends, are you super hands-on

and like getting in your grill and cleaning it all the time?

Or do you just want something easy to use?

I wouldn't say one's better than the other,

but the S series comes with the ceramic briquettes standard.

All right, now another thing that you'll notice here,

is we have our infrared sear burner.

And you've heard me talk about

infrared sear here burners before.

What do these do?

Well, they're essentially going to sear

and get extremely hot.

So if you couldn't read meats, things like that,

this is an awesome feature to have for searing.

Now what's really cool, is again,

a lot of grill companies,

you can change out a burner for this burner.

However, on the S series,

this is the standard configuration.

So when you do the S series, this is the way it comes.

Always your very left-hand burner

is going to be the infrared sear station

and you get that extra.

You don't have to buy that extra.

So again, minus their upgraded cooking grates,

there's cool things:

We get a rotisserie standard.

We get the lighting standard.

We get the ceramic briquettes standard.

We get the infrared drop-in burner standard.

So really cool features that come standard with this grill.

Now let's look at the burner.

So we mentioned the cooking grates

that make Coyote unique.

But what I'm most impressed with is their burners.

Now they call these their infinity burners.

And they're cast stainless.

And you can see, we'll really get in there close,

but you can see this lip on here.

That's going to protect your burner ports

from damage or things like that.

But they're nice, beefy, robust,

and we've got burner ports on the inside and the outside.

So high, high BTU, so 20,000 BTU per burner.

So that means that this grill

can get really hot really fast,

and it's going to pack a lot of punch.

So this is high BTU burners.

And also not only that,

but in comparison to some of its competitors,

like, let me show you this here.

This is a Blaze burner, for example,

again, you can see,

it's made out of the same material, cast stainless,

but lower BTU.

And then it's thinner.

So imagine this sitting in here like this.

So they Coyote burner is more spread out.

And so again, I think not only on top of having a higher BTU

with the Coyote burner, with it being more spread out,

you're going to promote more even cooking distribution

throughout the grill, which is important.

That's what I'm, after more than BTUs

is even cooking surfaces throughout the grill.

That's really important.

Now for comparison,

Blaze and a lot of competitors,

Somerset's another one,

they use burners just like this.

So this is a good comparison

because this burner, which is a great burner,

is in a lot of grills.

So the S series just goes a little notch above that.

Now my biggest surprise is over here in the C-series.

What burners do you think we're going to get

in the C series?

Normally when we go down, we downgrade our barbecues,

the first thing that we see different

is going to be the burners.

What do we see?

What do we got?

Uh oh, it looks like the exact same burner.

So that is super cool

because the C series still gets the infinity burners,

which if we're really breaking down barbecues,

burners are probably one of the most important,

the lifeblood of the grill

is the quality of burners that are in it.

So they did not downgrade us at all in the C series.

So we still get the infinity burners,

which in this price point and grill,

you never see burners that nice.

So that's pretty impressive that we don't down in burners.

Okay, so those are the differences I'm seeing.

Am I missing anything?

Anything you've noticed while I'm filming here?

No, I think I caught everything,

but if I didn't catch something,

I know what a commenter's going to do,

he's going to let me know about it.

They always let me know if I missed something.

So if I miss something, you tell me.

So let's summarize.

Both of the carts are the same,

both of the grill bodies are the same.

The burners are the same.

The cooking grates are the same.

We're starting to see a theme here.

The majority of these two grills are identical.

What upgrades do you get with the S series?

We get our rear burner.

We get our rotisserie kit.

We get our ceramic briquettes,

and we get a drop-in infrared burner and a smoker tray.

So we get five upgrades with the S series.

But the one thing that isn't upgraded is the burner.

So we're getting the same burners.

So those five things worth the price difference?

Price difference here is substantial.

And so I personally am not seeing a lot here

to really justify a jump from the C series to the S series

unless you're looking for a premium grill.

Now I say that with a caveat,

am I saying that because the S series is overpriced?

No, in fact, like I mentioned,

Somerset, like the Sizzler Pro, The Blaze LTE,

this grill fits very nicely in those price points.

So it's right in line with those price points

and I'll have a review coming up on brand comparisons.

So it's right in line with those.

And in fact I think like I showed you,

it even has better burners.

The problem is not that this is overpriced.

The problem is that the C series is such a good deal.

So hopefully that makes sense.

This is price right where it needs to be.

I would say this is even priced of low,

which makes it such a good value

considering what you get for the grill.

So if you're looking for these premium features,

and you're going to buy these features anyway,

let's say you like this grill,

but you want to buy an infrared burner.

You want to buy a rotisserie kit.

You want to buy a smoker box.

If you're going to start doing add ons to the grill,

go ahead and get the S series.

But if you're not going to buy any ad-ons,

take a look at, I would strongly look at the C series

if you're on a budget.

I'm talking on both sides of my mouth here,

because also these grills are solid 304 stainless.

You have a great warranty.

Both these grills are gonna last you forever.

You're going to have this grill 20 years, no problem.

So part of the thinking is too,

if you're going to have a grill for 20 years,

you might as well spring for the rotisserie.

You might as well spring for some of the ad-ons,

because you're going to have this grill so long.

It's not like you're going to replace this

every couple of years.

So what I usually say is each customer's different.

So think about what your needs are.

And don't always apply what I'm saying

as like a blanket rule of thumb.

Think about what your personal needs are

and think of the added value

of the things that come with these upgrades

and see if they apply to you.

If they apply to you,

then maybe go ahead and spring for these upgrades.

So I'm again, as usual, just going on way, way too long.

There's upgrades here with the S series.

I think the price jump is too significant between the two.

And again, not because this is overpriced

it's just the C series,

I would borderline say it's under priced.

And so you're just get so much value with the C series.

But again, if you want any options at all

and you start buying extras at that point

just get the S series.

But if you're looking for a bare bones grill

that's super durable with great burners,

take a look at the C series.

Don't forget if you're in the Denver, Colorado area

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See these grills for yourself.

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Thanks so much for watching today.

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