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The iPad has come a long way in 10 years, just not the same journey or evolution of

the iPhone which of course changed the world.

Tablets in history were designed to be written on by creators however the iPad was created

to be a content consumption device, something to lean back with according to Steve Jobs.

But today, the iPad has evolved into what tablets throughout history were being used

for: computing and creating things.

Apple does want the iPad to be PC users next Laptop and it is powerful, fun fact: my first

ever Technology video on this channel was created on an iPad Pro using LumaFusion.

Look, this is a 10 year old tablet and it performs as well as a 10 year old tablet would

perform: Apps wont download from the App Store because the software is too old, theres

no camera on it physically so you cant do a Zoom call or even FaceTime call.

And the Internet is slow and laggy because of the march of time.

Now get this: The screen isnt even HD meaning at launch you could only watch Movies in standard


But the original iPad did evolve Computers for the better, even if it was criticised

for that at the time.

Just like how everybody hated the original MacBook Air for getting rid of the DVD Drive,

the original iPad did not have Adobe Flash and neither did any iPhone or any following


What that led to was the eventual death of Adobe Flash and being replaced by a more safer

and efficient technology called HTML5.

And every Video Playback website in the world now that you use, uses HTML5 Technology.

The iPad is an example though of Apple changing their product even if its a complete 180

of their original vision.

The iPad was never to be used by anything other than fingers and occasionally a keyboard.

Steve Jobs infamously hated Styluses.

However today, the iPad offers the best stylus experience on the market even competing with

high end graphic design tools.

This coming May a new Magic Keyboard will be released for the iPad Pro bringing a long

awaited trackpad to the platform, Ill definitely be sure to get my hands on and review that.

You can even use any wireless mouses and trackpads with the latest iPad OS Software.

Reviews for the iPad have also gotten more positive because as Apple evolves the Platform,

more customers are finding more useful and innovative ways to use the iPad in their day


Now look, as for me - It hasnt replaced my Computer just yet I mean check out my setup

but I will say this: I use my iPad in the morning before I even touch my Computer and

Im using my iPad long after I turn off my Computer in the evening and thats more

than I can say for the original iPad 10 years ago.

The iPad may not have transformed the world as quickly as an iPhone but for many people

out there, their next Computer will be an iPad and lets face it, that was Apples

goal all along.

Thanks for watching my retrospective, leave a comment below on your thoughts about how

the iPad has changed over the past 10 years, and also how does it fit into your digital


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Thanks for watching, Also, remember this huge connector!

Those were the good ol days.

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