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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to prepare vegetables - Celeriac

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Celeriac, the recipe for which is also in our OFYR cookbook,

is best cooked like this.

If you look closely, you'll see the OFYR ring is quite dry.

I've oiled it very lightly, and then rubbed the oil in with a cloth.

If you use only a little oil, it will take longer

for your food, the vegetables, in this case, to colour.

These thick slices of celeriac will need a good while to cook,

around a half hour or so.

If you use too much oil early on, the celeriac will colour quickly

while still being raw on the inside.

It's been a good 35 minutes now,

And our celeriac is cooked through, with not a lot of colour on it yet.

I'll do that now, by adding some olive oil.

This will make it cook faster,

as you can hear, and colour faster as a result.

Now for a final extra bit of love, and for this recipe, I like to season

with just salt and pepper, because the celeriac has a beautiful intense flavour

that should not be muddled with special seasonings.

Now I want it to crisp up a bit more on both sides.

And I want that to happen quickly, so I'll put it at the inside of the ring,

which is easily 100 degrees hotter than on the outside.

If you need more of an explanation, just consult the OFYR cookbook,

which explains this way of preparing celeriac in detail, in the vegetable section

and here you can see the end result:

Nicely crusted celeriac

that I can portion up

right here on the fire ring.

There's no harm in that.

This is a steel surface, and this stainless steel knife

won't leave any scratches on it.

and then present the celeriac to your guests all prettily like this, on cedar wood.

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