Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Frankenstein's Monster Challenge

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elbows knees no bendy let's talk about



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beast you are not seeing double right

and I have gone to great lengths to

embody the most infamous corpse in

Halloween history Frankenstein and no

matter how many times I tell a link that

Frankenstein is the doctor and not the

monster he still gets it wrong actually

Rhett the real monster is America's

health care system well we might need

health care after today's episode

because we are going forehead to

forehead in a challenge where we cannot

move our elbows or our knees or bend

them really it's time for the straight

arm straight leg breakage star challenge

we're gonna be wearing elbow

immobilizers and knee immobilizes the

type you wear when you're recovering

from an injury or when you're making a

weird video and body in Frankenstein

we're gonna be competing in three

different challenges we're being able to

bend your knees and your elbows would be

very helpful the winner after three

rounds well they just win and the loser

has to endure a punishment round one

okay our elbows and knees are fully

immobilized just like Frankenstein we're

in underwear just like Frankenstein

before he came to life so our challenge

is to rise somehow and then put on a

blazer and pants somehow first person to

do it

gets a point again Frankenstein is the

doctor not the monster whatever let's

get dressed okay here we go

three two one go

okay easy not so easy yeah you see that

yeah oh you wanna put on the blaze at

first I don't know oh yeah oh I should

have stretched a hammy oh gosh okay oh I

win a splits that gets you late

congratulations round two

if you were a corpse that have been

brought back to life chances are you'd

wake up hangry that's why this challenge

is all about eating and drinking we're

going to drink a monster energy drink

and eat a frankfurter get it first guy

to get Abe you got to put the mustard

and the relish on your hotdog you get a

bite yeah in the bunch and get a bite of

the hotdog and get a swig of the monster

energy drink to wash it down get those

things done you win push my glasses up

okay guys

three two one go


okay here we go button on the master

mustard goes before Oh






round three okay we are fully dressed

and our bellies are full so now it's

time to do the Monster Mash and by

Monster Mash we mean mashed potatoes

with our feet onto these scales and see

who can make the most mashed potato in a

certain amount of time and by Monster

Mash you mean not the real Monster Mash

because we couldn't get the rice to that

so we're gonna be dancing to the

royalty-free hot track called

monster stomp it's a good one listen the

loser has to eat all the mashed potatoes

that the winner mashed with defeat

let's make some mashed potatoes three

two one go

oh there's a stupid strategy

yeah hey we must ayahs you have Poland

your tato greater I went through my home

you went through tato greater me and

then duro I'm not going to stand on that

here month get a little nervous about my

title great gotta be careful on the

tater crater well looks like you had a

breakthrough over there yeah alright who

got more taters link you made three

pounds five point three ounces aha and

Rhett you made three pounds seven point

eight ounces what yeah but I kind of

cheated what did you do I rolled some

whole taters over and then I took one

off the ground and put it on there in my

defense my whole system broke during the

thing that you your foot literally went

through the grater okay so let's just

say we tie good work old chap this is

exactly how a Frankenstein actually

talked it's not a leprechaun we like it

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