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ROB ASHE: Business intelligence has had two major

revolutions in the last 15 years, graphical user

interfaces in the early '90s, the web in the late '90s.

Search is the next big revolution.

JOHN WOOKEY: Search really needs to be unified within the


MARC BENIOFF: You've got to make it simple.

You've got to make it fast. And you've got to

make it easy to use.

ROB ASHE: Onebox represents the shortest possible time to

the right information.

MARISSA MAYER: Traditionally, in corporations, if you wanted

to do a search for, say, something like east coast

sales reports for the last two years, you'd have to go to a

special website or application and do a search that maybe

involves filling out various forms and fields to pull up

the exact right piece of information.

But the power of Google Onebox for Enterprise, you can go to

Google Search Appliance, and in the same box you would

search your internet, type in east coast sales and see those

reports right on top of your search page.

ROB ASHE: The whole idea of the search paradigm is to get

users to information quickly so they can act.

And time to action is fundamental to competitiveness

in today's market.

And so anything that we can do that speeds time to action is

going to be a huge benefit to an organization.

What Cognos is able to do now, with the Onebox solution, is

really open up to search capability, all the data, the

reports, the metrics about performance in an organization

that up till now have not been available, as we've been

limited to textile searches.

JOHN WOOKEY: If you look at any employees that you hire

today, they walk in with very specific expectations of how

they'll be able to work, the first of which is, how easy is

it for me to get information?

And when you think about Google Onebox, that's the

definition of basically how you expect to search and get


The thing I hear over and over again is, you have to make

this Google-like in terms of how this application works, in

terms of how easy it is for someone to actually uptake it,

use it, deploy it to their enterprise.

The really important thing that Google Onebox actually

brings in the enterprise is the simplicity, ease of use

design point that was really perfected in the consumer

marketplace, and really is the acid test for how well things

are designed.

Because there's no training program, there's no


It either works natively for someone, or doesn't.

MARC BENIOFF: Google has demonstrated that the future

of our industry is about the internet.

And in many ways, the future of industry is about search,

and your ability to access all of your information and make

sense out of it.

By using Google's Onebox technology, when you type your

search word, not only are you accessing all of your

documents and databases, but you're getting right to, your contacts, your accounts, your

opportunity, even your custom information.

Google's concept of simple access to broad ranges of

information is really the critical, essential element to

make that knowledge worker more

powerful than ever before.

KEITH COLLINS: At SAS, we believe the right answer is

around predictive performance management.

How do you know if you're within the bounds of your

business operations?

Are you headed in the right direction?

Now, if you combine that with the ability to use search, to

quickly get that information, you're really driving at the

efficiency of the organization.

JOHN WOOKEY: We think, at Oracle, it's just very cool to

be working with Google on this project.

ROB ASHE: It's become clear to Cognos that Google is

committed to the enterprise.

KEITH COLLINS: Google has set the stage that the way we

expect to get information is completely different.

And now it's incumbent on the rest of the organization and

the enterprise to figure out how to do that.

MARC BENIOFF: No one make search better than Google.

And now with Onebox, Google makes search a lot better.

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