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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English for Video Games | Useful Video Game Vocabulary

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hello I'm teacher Robin welcome to

another live-streaming class if this is

your first time to watch let me explain

how the classes work today we're going

to talk about English for video games so

if you have a question during the class

you can write it in the comment section

and I'll answer your question at the end

of the class and I also have a few

questions at the end of it the lesson to

check what you've learned and you can

write your answers in the comments as

well so before we get started with

today's topic let's look at what you

learned in last week's class in case you

missed it

teacher Dell was with you and you were

talking about tricky preposition so she

actually explained what prepositions are

how to learn them because they can be

difficult and then she gave you some

examples of some of the most difficult

prepositions so the differences between

them so if you miss that class and you

want to watch it again go to the video

section of our Facebook page and there

you can find all of our previous classes

so you can watch them again as many

times as you want you can share them on

your own Facebook page or tag someone

you think might want to watch the class

so today we have kind of a fun topic and

I have a special guest joining me to

talk about this because video games are

actually not my specialty at all so I'm

bringing in an expert Alex thank you for

joining a Robin hello everyone this is

Alex from our marketing department you

may have seen her in another class when

she talked about English for tourism

right it is for travel in English for

the hotel with teacher Dell so we're

happy to have her back and alex is a

huge video game fan right yes I am how

long have you been playing video games

well I've been playing C so us I mean

young but let's say seven eight years

ago Wow okay very good so she is going

to help me to explain some of this

vocabulary to you but first let's look

at how we can actually learn English

through video games you might be

thinking why would I improve my English

by watching video games so actually

Gamze many of them are simulations of

real-life situations so this can be very

practical for you and most often

especially if you're playing in a

international setting online then

English is often the common language so

it's helpful for you to know at least

some of this useful vocabulary to be

able to communicate with your team

players or opponents and you can

practice your your reading skills your

listening skills your speaking skills

even your writing skills

if you chat with the people you're

playing with so it's actually a great

way to improve would you say that you've

learned some things in English as you've

been playing a video game lots of things

to say and I also have friends that have

learned like most of their English there

are immediate games yeah I would

recommend that as practice to to

learning to improve and also to gain

fluency you know confidence is really

great okay so I see a few people are

joining us already have are though Patti

and Anita say hello so thanks for


okay let us know if you are video game

players if you enjoy video games and

hopefully this class will be useful for


okay so first we're going to go through

the different types of games that you

can play so I'm going to let Alex take

you through most of this because as I

said I don't actually play very many

video games but it's it's been a great

interesting experience preparing this

presentation with you because I have

learned a lot okay so first person

shooter obviously when we say shooter

does that mean that the person is

actually shooting in the video game is

that you use shooting as a tactic okay

is usually in the first-person shooter

which is the first type of game it's a

game where you experience the game

through the first-person perspective

okay so you use guns you use ranged

weapons in order to defeat the enemy of

course while shooting mm-hmm okay what

about role-playing games okay the

roleplay is when you take you take on

the role of a specific character class

okay let's say a mage a tank or support

and you develop these character skills

and abilities in order to to build like

the best the best combination ever


hey let's see massively multiplayer

online so this is what we are saying you

might be playing online with people from

all over the world connecting to to play

here and so what's the difference

between that and and the battle arena

the difference is most at the battle

arena is you also play with different

people but the objectives are different

you usually defend your home base from

the invasion of the attacks from the

enemy and om during the multiplayer

online you can either cooperate or

compete against other players that's the

main difference okay all right and then

we have player versus player and player

versus enemy okay so with player you're

actually playing against other humans I

guess on your players right and the

enemy won that what is this AI here

that's the computer okay so you you

compete against computer-controlled

machines mm-hmm artificial artificial

intelligence okay good all right so now

that we've talked to the different about

the different types of games let's look

at the different kinds of game modes all

right so one possible game mode would be

capture the flag okay so is this similar

to the actual game that you play yeah is

game capture the Proms from that it's

usually common in multiplayer games and

what you have to do is you have to

recover you have to take the enemy's

flag and recover it to your base while

defending your own so it's a very

competitive and also you know stressful

yeah hype of game where you have to be

like on top of it if you want to win

okay you have to be alert and active

okay campaign mode what is this

okay campaign mom mode is what we know

as levels okay and these levels say they

take you to complete the linear story

depending on the game you can have

different different paths that you take

decisions that you make during the game

that will affect the outcome and also

the ending hmm okay and open mode does

this mean you can do whatever you want

what is open well it it most refers to

to an open space an open map we are not

restricted to an area you can explore

the whole map as you want as you know

some games you you come to certain

places where you can go okay

so we'll put in an open mode like

everything is there for you to explore

okay very good and then you might have

to complete a mission or a quest right

okay so you could have multiple one or

more missions throughout the again yeah

it's mostly objective based activities

that you have to complete in order to

develop the story or also to increase

your level in the game yes sometimes

campaigns are within missions are within

campaigns mm-hmm so depending on the

game you will have more or less missions

okay I see we have a comment from

Edouard video games are the best for

learning English and to improve

coordination okay so do you mean

coordination like speaking like doing

two things at once I think actually

means yeah yeah of course because while

you're thinking you're playing you're

talking so yeah I think I would lose my

focus I would be so focused on the game

that I would forget to talk to my to my

teammates how about practice yes okay so

now let's look at some specific

vocabulary related to video games

alright so I would define myself as a

noob or a newbie because that means that

I don't play a lot of video games or

I've never played before maybe it's a

new game in particular for me so this is

what we mean when we say newbie or noob

okay what about ping or lag what does

that mean okay this being or lack is a

pain for players because it means that

the connection is terrible

so the game goes loose and it can cost

you two to lose to loose what you're

doing or to get killed so whenever we

have a lag or pin we start I mean

sharing this information with our team

players so they know that there's a

reason why were not performing well okay

this could depend on where you are yeah

I think lesson also on your location and

your need with your internet provider

your computer okay what about build what

is your build when you're playing okay

the build is the configuration of a

specific character during the game let's

say skills abilities also items that you

get before starting but for a specific

purpose okay let's say that you're a

healer so you heal your team players you

you might want to get skills that help


get to this function or also by ethan's

that can help you as well okay all right

so we have some different roles when

you're playing video games right so you

might be a streamer you might be a

supporter you might be a tank or a

healer so can you just quickly tell us

the differences between these roles okay

let's start with streamer streamer is

any player around the world that streams

through platforms such as YouTube or

twitch they're their games they're being

so nice they might they make they might

have lots of fans thanks there are

people who earn money so streaming or

watching live streaming right now you

could be watching a streaming of a video

game if you one other RA if you want I

don't have to play a game watching a

streamer could be good maybe elsewhere

okay and a support with a support the

support supports the main fighter of the

of the team okay so it helps healing

also giving this fighter skills or

abilities just to go over to the

opponent and win okay and a tank a time

mostly absorbs observes damage and

protect the weakest players mm-hmm so

obviously if you get hurt or killed

during a game the healer would come and

exactly and heal you and heal you

okay very good all right a few more a

feed what does it mean to feed defeat is

to die constantly during a game me


against a team whole team or a player

and yeah it can mean that you are a

newbie yeah

I sometimes the other players can start

haha I don't know making fun of making

fun of you saying comments laughing okay

so yeah you have to be prepared okay all

right and gank and getting it's a tactic

when you will you go and attack by

surprise the enemy okay you can go you

can go around the flanks you can go

laterals or from behind and you just

attack the idea is to get a quick and

quick and easy kill okay Tim and a

flamer flamer is a person with a route


okay toxic toxic people during the game

it's kind of a troll okay it's a person

who's always complaining and criticizing

and making bad comments so jump on other

players or the game or whatever so it's

bad it's bad energy okay that can cost

you to lose the game because it morale

goes down so don't do it please

yeah okay good advice alright respawn I

guess so

maybe a healer could come and respawn

you or you could respond meaning that

you would come back to life right if ya

will die okay my spawn you should be at

the base so you have to start over

all right and go and find the action

okay so as you're playing you might come

across a bug in the game so this is sort

of like a glitch or what it's not

working yeah it's a technical technical

problem except me about the game mm-hmm

and the fix for that would be a patch so

yeah yeah I mean the game developers are

always informing to the channel social

media or the website when there's a buck

and also when there will be a patch

available for to solve this issue okay

so here cool down does this mean that

you're finished with the game or what

exactly is a cool-down well you're going

in that right direction now is when you

use when you use an ability or a skill

and you have to wait in order to

disability to restart okay so it's not

like you're gonna shoot all the time you

just have to wait wait you can have

there's a there's the dynamic of the


okay so yeah the cooldown you have to be

really aware of the cooldown of your

powers uh-huh because as you can

calculate okay I have five seconds I

have two seconds now I can use it mm-hm

it helps you like start this the

strategy of the game okay so if I'm a

noob and I don't know what I'm doing I

might get frustrated and rage ya know so

obviously rage means anger so if you get

really frustrated and angry then you

just quit the game you say I'm finished

with this I'm done I don't want to play

anymore but you shouldn't do that

right you should yeah because I mean

don't abandon letting team so we go

together till the end we lose either we

lose so we win but it's but when

somebody quits you know actually that

leaves you in disadvantage okay all

right very good

okay now we're gonna go through just a

few video game abbreviations so I

you know you can chat with your with

your team members so sometimes to make

it easier to make it shorter they use

some of these common abbreviations like

afk away from the keyboard I guess if

you need to get up get a drink go to the

bathroom or something then you need to

let the other players know that you're

not available for the next few minutes

so you can write this afk I just saw

rubbing you can you can you can go and

if K for example if you have like or

ping and you're going I either like it

doesn't work if you're sometimes you

need to shut down and restart and then

you will be afk but sometimes when you

know it's good to let your team players

know that you will be leaving for a

couple minutes okay I see Edouard has

written another comment there is a great

platform to see streamers called twitch

okay I'm going to check this out Thank

You Anwar thank very good all right so

another abbreviation GL fh so good luck

have fun so i guess just encouraging

people before they start getting a

meaning of the game we could write this

to our live streaming classes have fun

there's also when you finish the game

and you win or you win or lose you can

also write good game will play which

would be GG WP uh-huh and that's also

yeah congratulates the team for the

effort great okay so I guess if you make

a mistake during the game or you or

someone gets killed because of you you

would say my bad like I'm sorry I didn't

mean to do that I apologize it was my

fault my bad

- why obviously thank you okay someone

helps you you thank them what does it

mean to be overpowered in overpower is

an enemy that has extreme extreme power

so it can be difficult to kill so you

let your team players know that this

character this champion this monster is

really hard to kill be careful let's

just change the build

yeah order to to be okay great

so this was a very quick overview of

video game vocabulary obviously there's

a lot more vocabulary and expressions

abbreviations but these are some of the

top ones that we've chosen for you so

now we're going to ask you a couple of

questions and

your answers in the comments as some of

you like if wired have done already do

you play any video games and if so which

ones do you play so give me some ideas

as I'm a noob a newbie I'd like to know

which video games and you like to play

ok and the second question Alex

how can media games help you learn

English guys we want to know what you

can see there are the benefits of

playing video games in order to learn

English yeah or have you personally

learned some English through video games

so tell us about that in the comments ok

I'm going to tell you quickly about the

course as you're doing that so at about

we have a complete course from beginners

to business level featuring 144 units

each unit has a short film a video class

explaining the grammar and then

exercises for you to practice your

English and so if you study with us we

have our web version our app version so

you can study from your smartphone from

your tablet from your PC or Mac and your

progress is saved on all of those

devices so it's a great way to study

anywhere and anytime

if you want to sign up with us as a free

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decide to go premium which is the best

thing to do right yes you will have

access to all of the course content and

you'll be assigned a teacher like me who

you can write to anytime you have a


so in Abba we have a lot of other

additional resources Alex you can tell

us about some of these yeah of course

we've got the Abba Journal which is our

blog where we are taking posting

interesting articles about our English

learning mmm-hmm there's also social

channels and Facebook Twitter and

YouTube yeah so check all of those out

some really great free resources for you

to practice your English with us ok so

now let's see if anyone has written

anything else Edward do you have any

more comments you seem to be an expert

if not then feel free to keep writing

and I will take your comments later on

today let me tell you about next week's

class we started a series on a book a

movie and a song in different cities

teacher Dell is going to be with you

next week talking about London so

that's going to be a really great class

so remember that you can turn on your

facebook notifications to receive a

message any time rely of streaming so

that's a good way to remind yourself

about the class okay so I want to thank

Alex thank you so much I could not have

done this class without you it's great

to have an expert here and I hope that

you can come back and join us again soon

I'm so thanks to everyone who is

watching the class thank you for your

comments I hope it has been useful and I

hope you have a great rest of your day

so take care and we'll see you next time


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