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- It's dinosaurs versus army men.

Three, two.


I always wondered what was in that door.

Here, let me go check it out.


It's like a weird vortex thing.

It's like a portal.


Oh, I don't wanna do that.

Here, I've got my own stuntman.

Okay, let's see if it can be safe

for me to go in there,

Three, two, one.


(dramatic music)

I'm still here, right?

- Hey, Park Ranger LB man, what you doing?

You playing army men and dinosaurs?

- Yeah, but you might see I don't have any dinosaurs.

- What you mean?


What's this?

- It's like a weird vortex doorway.

- It's like a portal, or something.

- Yeah, I threw my dinosaur in there and now it disappeared.

- Okay well, sorry, your dinosaur's gone.

- I gotta go in there!

- No, you don't need your dinosaur!

Oh, no, I've gotta go get him!

Okay, this does not look good.


(air sucking)

(dramatic music)

- Oh wow.

I told park ranger I'll with him.

Man, I need to get some lunch quick.

What's in that little door?

It's open.

Maybe they went in there.

Hey, Park Ranger, you in there?

(air sucking)

- What is this place?

Man, don't know what time I'm in.

Or if I'm even in a different dimension.

Hey, lookie over there.

That looks cool.

- Ow, ooh ooh oh

Park Ranger LB ,man, where did you go?

Park Ranger LB?

(light slam)

Hey, where are we?


Hey, Park Ranger LB come back, man!

Come back!

- Wow, what is this place?

Hey, Park Rangers!

Where are ya?

That is a real crammed a little.

Park Ranger, hey, hold up.

Where are we?

(adventurous music)

- Whoa! Look at this place.

Looks like the jungle I dreamed about last night.

- Park Ranger LB, what are you doing man?

- Whoa!

- You just went through that portal thing.

- Look at this.

- It looks like the place in my dream last night.

- Man we have to get out of here.

- Yeah, I get it.

- [Despicable Gee] Hey, Park rangers.

- Oh, oh.

- Despicable Gee?

- Why did you come with?

- What are you doing here?

- Well, I thought you were going for lunch, so I--

- You can stand up now.

- Yeah.

- Right.

I thought were there for lunch, so I decided to follow you.

- Ah man, he followed us.

We're not going for lunch.

We're here looking for his dinosaur toy.

- Yeah.

- But we're a not going to look for it,

because something gives me a bad feeling.

- Yeah, we have to.

I'm gonna go find him!

- No, Park Ranger LB, come back, man!

- Are we gonna eat something now?

- Wee!

- Park ranger LB, wait!

Wait, wait, wait, -

wait ,wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,

okay, okay, fine.

We'll go look for your toy

and let's see if we could find it, okay?

- Okay.

- But we can't be out here in this strange place

without our CBR blasters.

- Oh, we don't have one though.

- Yeah, I know.

We came through without those.

Tell you what, let's look around

and see if we can't find something to use, okay?

- Okay.

- Is this the way to the food?

- Yeah, I'm sure there is some food along the way.

Go see if you can find something to work

in case we run into something scary, okay?

- Okay, let's split up.

- Let's all split up and

see what we can figure out, okay?

- I' ll go this way.

I don't think this is it though.

You go that way, Despicable Gee.

- Alright then.

(adventurous music)

- Okay, something to have for defense.

Ooh, this way.


- That way!

(adventurous music)

- Oh!

That will be all right.

Hey, will this do?

(adventurous music)

- Ooh, look at this.


Oh that not going to work.


Oh, here we go, here we go.

(evil laughing)

That'd be perfect, okay, let's go.

(adventurous music)

- Ooh, this will work.

(evil laugh)

(adventurous music)

- Hey look, Park Ranger LB!

Look, look what I found!

- Look at what I found!

- Oh awesome.

- Here, I've got a candlestick holder.

- There no candle in it, man.

- Yeah.

- Oh wow.

- What are you going to use that that thing for, huh?

- Yeah.

- I can just,

I'll think of something.

- What is this?

Oh yeah, look what I found, huh?

- The only thing that thing is good for

is to grill some sausages.

- Oh yeah you can use it,

No, man, it's not for grillin'!

This is my shield, okay?

- Oh, so you can go like--

(whacking noise)

- Wait, wait a minute.

- What is that?

- Yeah, what's up with the stick?

- Oh, you know, it's pokey.

- That's gonna work.

- All right.

- All right, let's go see if we can find your toy dinosaur.

- Okay, let's go.

- I think it might be that way.

- Let's go!

- Let's go!

(adventurous music)

- Be careful, Park Ranger LB.

(whacking noise)

- Pretty dense jungle here, huh?

- Yeah.

(adventurous music)

(whapping noise)

- Aw, hey!

You need to be more carefully.

- [Park Ranger Eric] Oh, sorry about that, Despicable Gee.

(Whacking noise)

- Aw man, how are we suppose to get across this river?

- Aw no!

It's a stream man!

- Yeah!

- Aw, that's to wide.

I think we should go back and get something to eat.

- We can't give up now.

- Hey!

- What?

Oh, hey, it's a little bridge here.

Sort of.

It's just like fallen log that just falling over.

Let me go first, okay?

- Okay.

- Let me go first.

- Then I'll go.

(cracking noise)

- That's not good.

(Adventurous music)

- Uh, Park Ranger Eric?

(nervously laughing)


- Whoa, that was a close one there, wasn't it?

- Okay, my turn.

- No, I don't think you should try, Park Ranger LB.

It's kinda,

it's kinda slippery right there.

You're gonna end up in the water, man.


Here, I'll hold it steady for you , okay?




- Aw yeah, whoa!

- All right.

You may, ooh, you almost went in.

Okay, Despicable Gee.

Can you make it?

(adventurous music)


- You know there's a different way

of how to get around here?

(Exciting growling)

- All right!

We made it!

- Yeah!

- Good job, bud.

- We could have just gone that way.

- I wasn't scared.

- You weren't scare at all?


- Did you hear that noise?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, that, that might have been me.

I'm really hungry.

Are we gonna get something to eat?

- Man , okay, we'll look for something.

It's just Despicable Gee's tummy.

Let's go this way and see if we can find some food.

Let's find your dinosaur, okay?

- Okay!

(adventurous music)

I wonder where these stairs go?

- They go up.

Let's go.

- Well, duh, off course they do.

(adventurous music)

- Oh, wow!

- Oh, wow!

- Oh, wow!

- [Park Ranger Eric] Look at all the apatosauruses!

- Apatosaurus!

- Yeah, sorry, I said, that's what I said.

- There glowing!

- Yeah, yeah, I know.

I've never seen glowing dinosaurs before.

- Those are alive.

- Just like the ones in my dream last night!

- [Park Ranger Eric] Hey, you know what?

I think maybe we need to get on and

get out of here and find find your dino toy.

- Okay.

- Let's go, hurry.

(adventurous music)

- Wow, look at this leaf.

This shouldn't be here.

- Oh wait a minute.

Hey, look!

It's a lake!

- Whoa.

- Hey, lunch!

- Lunch?

- No, it's a lake not lunch.

- I'm going fishing.

- Fishing?

Despicable Gee ,we don't have time to go fishing.

- Man!

- He doesn't even have a fishing rod.

How is he going to go fishing?

- Yeah, I don't know.

- Okay, so you don't think this plant belongs here?

- No, I mean, look at the size of it

compared to our regular ones.

- Hey, Despicable Gee, no man.

We don't have time to go fishing right now.

- Yeah, yeah, no, no.

- Oh man, you're not going to

catch anything with that fishing rod, okay?

- [Park Ranger LB] Yeah!

- We're gonna to eat shortly.


- Look!


It's huge!

Despicable Gee, look!

Get out of there, man!

- Get out of there, go, go, go, go!

- I'm getting out of here, come on, let's go!

- It's huge.

- [Park Rangers] Go, run!

(adventurous music)

- Man, just what we need, a fork in the road.

- Oh yeah, you're right.


Which way do we go?

Left or right?

- I don't know?


- I don't know what that was.

All right, do you think we should go left?

Or do we go right?

Oh well, you know if we went left,

it kind a looks like it's-

- Left?

I thought that was right?

- Oh you have thoughts on it, Despicable Gee?

- I think we should go this way.

- This way, okay, lets go then, okay?

(adventurous music)

- Okay here we go.

Ah man, this looks steep.

It's a T. rex and a stegosaurus battling!

- [Park Ranger Eric] It is!

- [Park Ranger LB] Yeah!


- [Park Ranger Eric] Ooh, we better get down and hide, okay?

- My toy!

- [Park Ranger Eric] It is your toy!

- [Park Ranger LB] Yeah!

- There's a baby stegosaurus guarding it over there.

It must think that it's a baby dinosaur.

Okay, we gotta come up with a plan

to get over there and get it, okay?

Okay how about,

I know!

The old Indiana Jones switch a roo, you know?

- What?

- We take something that looks like the dinosaur toy

and we'll swap it out real quick and he'll never know.

- Oh!

- Good idea, Huh?

- Yeah.

- I got an idea.

- Why're you all up in my grill, huh?

- Give me that stick,

let me have a look at that stick of yours.

- Fine.

- Oh, there you go.

What are you going to do with the stick?

(adventurous music)

- String, stick?

What's he doing?

- Aw, he's going fishing again.

- Fishing?

Now is not the time to go fishing, Despicable Gee!

- [Park Ranger LB] Yeah.

Wait, I think I know what he's doing.

He might be getting a fish.

- Fish?

- Now that's-

- What!

- Look at that!

- How do you do that so fast?

- Took some origami classes.

- Origami, isn't that paper?

- Paper?

- Okay, anyway that looks like

a pretty little cool little toy dinosaur replica doesn't it?

- Yeah.

- Okay, I'll tell you what.

I'll sneak over there with this little dinosaur replica

and I'll do the swap-a-roo,

and I'll sneak out.

- Okay.

- But that lizard's going to see you.

- I know.

- Yeah.

- We'll use this as my,

that is not going to work very good for camouflage.

The dinosaur is going to see me!

- Can I see that?

- Yeah.

- Idea.

- Where you going, Park Ranger LB?

Look out for that T. rex and the stegosaurus battle.

- I'm back!

- Oh, hey man!

- Oh wow, LB did origami classes.

- Look at that.

- No , I did sewing.

- Sewing?

Don't you do sewing with a thread?

- No, I used leaves.

- Okay, all right, so here is my camouflage,

and here is my swap-a-roo dinosaur.

I'm ready to go in, okay?

- Wait, wait, won't that fall over?

- You're right, what's going to hold this thing up?

Oh man, our plan is ruined.

- Then why don't you stand it in that?

- It just might work.


- Wow!

- The candle holder saves the day.

Here we go.

Y'all, keep me covered from behind.

- Okay.

- Yeah, we got ya.

- All right.

(suspenseful music)


I don't think it sees me, okay?

Here we go, here we go.

- [Despicable Gee] It looks like that lizard

is coming towards ya.


- Not so loud.

I got an idea.


- Oh!

Oh no, it's coming towards me.

- [Despicable Gee] That's working.

- [Park Ranger Eric] It's working!

It's going away.

- But it's coming towards us now.

- Run!


- Let's get out of here!

- Bye, Park Ranger Eric.


I need my toy.

Here, come on hurry up.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Give me the toy.

- Here, here, here, there you go.

Let's go!

- Yay!

I'm getting out of here.

(adventurous music)

- This place is crazy.

- Too many of those strange lizards here.

(thud sound)


(adventurous music)

- Yay, I made it and I got my dinosaur, too!

- Oh man, I'm glad to be out of that place.

- Oh, bad head hurt.

Good, I'm out of that strange place.

- Ah man, are you okay, Despicable Gee?

- Hey, you made it out.

- With just one problem.

- What's the problem?

- I still haven't had any food.

- Aw, man.

- Yeah, I'm kinda hungry too.

I skipped lunch.

- Yeah, dinner actually.

- [ Park Ranger LB] Hey Park Rangers,

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