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One of the things people wonder about a lot is how I cook.

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So, the menu today -- it's an easy one. I'm gonna go with a burger and fries.

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Let's get out some french fries here. That's all, that's all.

Uh oh! (laughs) See, so that's our first little catastrophe of the day right here.

(slow motion) Uh oh.

(Music transition)

I spread them out all over the tray.

So I put this in the toaster oven here. We'll do it for like a half hour. (Ding of timer) So we have to plug in the stove too..(laughs) the stove..

The George Forman grill because this takes a couple of minutes to warm up. The fries are cooking so let's see --

Now, this is stupid that I do (laughs) but, you have to sort of check on them, right? So, let's just try one.

Now, of course you know I am afraid of burning myself -- (slight gasp) See, I hit the top of the thing there. Look, this probably still has a little ways to go.

(Music transition)

So, let's make a burger. So we'll just cook this for probably about three minutes. (Ding of timer)

And listen to that sound, and there it goes. (sizzling grill) It cooks both sides at once.

It's real easy to use. I mean, because I would never, you know, mess with something with a frying pan. It was scary to me.

What did I do with my beer? (hits glass bottles)

(Music transition)

If the grill gets a little bit quiet, I'll check it

I'll just see if it's in a good spot, maybe move it a little bit, grab the spatula and move it,

And I'll also touch it to see how well it's cooked. They say you touch your hand. Like this part here is rare.

Back here is medium, and out here is well done.

There it is. (to beer) You were hiding from me. Alright, well let's take out our french fries? Why don't we just do that?

Uh oh! So let's grab our burger. Unplug the George Forman grill. Safety first.

Now, it's not going to be terribly hot because I am going to touch and sort of help and there we go.

And now look, see it didn't land on the roll- nowhere near. So let's move it. Let's put a little Ketchup on there.

And there it is. Mmmm...

Now that's what I call delicious.

(Bumper music)

Now were just gonna wait while this stupid thing warms up. See, so far not much, let's have a look.

You can probably touch it. Ah, it's not that warm. No, I won't do that two minutes from now! (laughs)

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