Practice English Speaking&Listening with: IMPROVÁVEL - TRANSFORMA #13

Difficulty: 0

"Blind Freeze"! Everybody plays.

In this game, Gustavo and Elidio, step ahead please...

Gustavo and Elidio will start a scene and when I say 'freeze'

they will stop, and right then

another player steps in, pats one of them in the back and he gets out.

Audience lights, I will need you to give me,

something from your bedroom.

Mini fridge!

Gustavo, you'll turn into a mini fridge in 5...

4, 3, 2, 1... Freeze!

All right. You, in the blue shirt, give me a letter.

You in the second row... 'P'!

Elidio, please, with your body, the letter P!

Freeze, both of you.

You will start a scene posing like that!

They'll have to justify why they're standing like that,

and whenever I say 'freeze', they'll stop, the next one steps in

and replaces a player, that's "Blind Freeze", go!

Look, I think your ass is too big.

- It could be like this, but no, it's like this! - Freeze!

Unroll the carpet, the queen is here!


One more kill.


Unroll the carpet, the queen is here!


I'm glad the queen is already gone...


Do you know how to make bread? You have to roll it!

You have to roll the bread!

Roll it over the flour!

Then you punch it down. Punch it down just a little...


Honey, I go to the sea for a minute, and you already have

two brutes to rub oil on you?

- Well, baby... - You whore!

- What are you... - Freeze!

Shit, who knocked down the cross of Christ?

- That's a fuckin' sin! - Freeze!

I don't believe it!

"Blind Freeze", ladies and gentlemen!

Elidio Sanna, any injuries?

I'm spankin' good!


IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.

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