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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Najlepszy domowy hamburger. Przepis, jak samemu zrobić w domu idealnego hamburgera. MENU Dorotki

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Hi. A hamburger - what is it for you?

Theoretically everyone has some associations with it.

For some it's a fast kind of sandwich with meat, typical fast-food,

prepared almost like on assembly line in a factory,

while for others it's almost art and delicacy made from the most sophisticated ingredients.

I think it's definitely worth trying. It's worth eating good hamburgers.

It's also good to make them yourselves.

If you don't have any experience in preparing hamburgers

or what's even worse, you have some bad experience, definitely watch this video.

Today I'll tell you about the most common mistakes and show you

basic rules on how to prepare a good burger from scratch.

The meat will be not only juicy but also with appropriate shape and size.

And here, those who have failed will know what I'm talking about.

The burger bun will be warm enough and perfectly crispy.

There will be of course extras, sauce, easy and fast in preparation.

So we'll have a burger success. It's gonna be delicious. Stay with me and watch the video.

Dorotka's Menu

I'm starting traditionally with the ingredients.

What do we need? Of course beef meat. What kind of? I recommend either rib eye steak or chuck steak.

Why these particular parts? It's because they're the most common parts of beef and most accessible.

Besides they have the right amount of fat.

Between 15-20% because meat for your hamburgers cannot be dry

because then the burgers will also come out dry, and they won't be enjoyable.

The best meat is also one that's in one single piece, since then you can be sure what kind of meat it is.

There are no additions of dry or too fat meat from other batches of beef.

Most shops offer the service of grinding meat on the place

so if you don't have a machine at home just ask the seller to do it.

What amount of meat? I usually use 100g of raw beef to prepare one burger.

So if you have 200g it's two burgers, if 300g it's three of them.

As you can see I'm gonna make three.

As for burger buns, honestly it's best to buy them ready to use in a shop.

They work really well. One day I'll make a video for you, guys,

to show you how to make buns at home but if you're in a hurry I recommend store-bought ones.

What else are we gonna need? I think the classic burgers include a slice of tomato and some lettuce.

And also sauces, very important for me. Today I'm gonna show you two sauces,

the first one is avocado with garlic and yoghurt and the other one will be like burger classic

but this time in the form of sauce, very comfortable one cause it will be easy to eat.

Pickled cucumbers, onion and some mustard.

To season the meat I'm gonna use just salt and pepper. Nothing more. Why?

Because if you really like beef just leave the beef flavor in the burger without adding ground onion, garlic

or other seasonings because then it's not gonna be the original nice burger but kind of fanciful

and improved, you could even overdo it. So salt and pepper will totally do.

There's also one tablespoon of cooking fat, then I'll show you how I'm gonna use it.

In the way that there won't be too much fat in the pan,

but honestly guys, one tablespoon for three burgers isn't a lot, right?

What else will we need? Definitely a cutting board, baking paper, a knife, a brush,

some spatula for turning the burgers in the pan, a fork, garlic press,

of course some skewers to secure the hamburgers.

My meat wasn't ground so I need to grind it, ideally using a plate with bigger holes,

to that we will also need a bowl and two frying pans.

While preparing hamburgers it's very important to keep the right order of preparing the ingredients.

As you might guess, the meat is placed at the very end after the burger is toasted and sauces prepared,

and all other extras are sliced and ready to place on the meat.

So the meat with burger buns will wait, and I'm gonna start preparing the sauce.

I'm gonna start with classic kind of sauce

that I think perfectly works instead of cucumber slices and onion with mustard,

it's gonna be the mix of those. How to do it? Just dice the cucumber and onion thinly.

I'm placing the diced onion and pickles into a bowl, adding some mustard,

mix it well together and my first sauce is done. Easy, isn't it?

So now let's start the second one. Cut an avocado in half, take out the pit as well as the flesh,

mash it with a fork. To that I'm pressing the garlic in, add some yoghurt, a little salt,

mix it well and my second, my favourite by the way sauce is done

so I can start to work with my meat. I'm cutting the meat into smaller chunks,

you can also chop it with a knife if you feel like doing so.

Remember the bigger the chunks the better the structure of the whole burger.

I'm cutting it in half to make it easy for my grinder to grind.

This is my meat after one grinding, absolutely don't grind it twice

because it's going to be fried burger rather than fried pie or fried paste.

Once again, big chunks are a better structure of meat itself after it's cooked.

Because I'm gonna shape the burgers in a while, this is a good moment to start toasting the buns.

I'm turning on the low heat, about one third of it, and I'm placing cut in half buns on the pan,

with he internal part touching the pan. If you've ever wondered why I need parchment paper for burgers

I'm gonna show you in a second. I'm gonna divide this paper into smaller parts first,

so I'm folding it in half, cut it, then fold three times, cut again and in this way

I get six sheets. You;ll see in a while how useful these pieces are and I'm gonna start forming my cutlets.

Now, meat shouldn't be shaped too long and definitely don't add any salt to it.

Why? Well, salt dissolves some proteins of raw meat and that kind of cutlet

won't have the characteristic crispiness and structure for a burger. It will be an ordinary, stiff cutlet.

You can salt the meat after it's cooked and that's what I'd recommend you to do.

But if you like, you can definitely add some pepper like I did.

As I told you, I don't form the meat for too long, it's not needed,

I'm gonna form very flat burgers out of it, the diameter of around 1/4 bigger than the buns.

Why? Because while cooking the meat will shrink a lot in size and what's more, it will also become thicker.

So the patties should be flat and big. Of course now you could think these burgers are too big,

unevenly big for these small buns. But while they cook, which you're gonna see in a while,

the patties will shrink and become higher, so it's essential for them to be very flat and really big.

You can also apply one trick, namely make some indents with your fingers in the middle.

It will prevent large shrinking. So, I'm gonna start heating the pan on the maximum heat,

and here's my another trick, brushing the external part of the cutlet with a teeny tiny bit of fat.

Thanks to brushing their surface with some fat they won't stick to the hot pan

and for the further frying don't worry, enough fat will melt from the beef

so you will be able to turn it on the other side. Now I need to wait till the pan heats to the maximum.

The pan is very hot and now look how useful a piece of baking paper becomes.

I can easily transfer the meat from this sheet into the pan with the brushed side down.

Please remember to turn the heat down after transferring the meat to three fourth or even half,

it depends how well done you want your burgers. I'm turning it to three fourths as I like when it's well roasted.

How long should they cook? Well, if you want to get rare meat, it's around 2,5-3 minutes on each side.

If medium rare, which I think it's the best, with a thin pink layer of meat inside, around 4 minutes on each side.

And if you want to have really well done meat, it's even 6 minutes. But remember to turn the heat down to half

cause otherwise it will burn. Also remember not to press down the meat on the pan, whatsoever.

It's not gonna make any good, certainly it won't be flatter or bigger, just dry

and it won't be tasty cause it will squeeze all the juices out.

My burgers are almost done, the buns are perfectly crispy, they are golden brown on the surface

so I'm gonna start preparing cause it's just a while and we'll take off the meat from the pan.

So I'm starting off with the sauce. Then place some lettuce on top,

and onto that we can lay out our burgers. Now a slice of tomato on top,

some more sauce, and here we go.

It's almost done. I'm just gonna stab them with a toothpick, and it will make it much easier to eat.

At the very beginning of the video I promised you it's gonna be delicious.

Is it? You must check it out yourselves.

Now you have no excuse that you don't know how to make a hamburger

cause in this video I've just shown you how to do it step by step.

So the only thing left is to wish you Bon appetit and see you soon!

Presented by: Dorota Mädge

Script and direction: Dorota Mädge

Music: Topher Mohr and Alex Elena "Hey Girl" Album Youtube Audio Library

Editing and realization: SEO MOVIE

The video was recorded in the SEO MOVIE studio

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