Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Adding Favicon in SocialEngine

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Hey everyone, here from

Today I want to very quickly show you how to add a fav icon

into your SocailEngine site. The fav icon is basically this small image

associated with your website and it helps users

identify it and it's great for branding. So to start grab an icon image that

you would like to use for your fav icon. Here's mine,

a television image. What I suggest is that you get an

image with the same size dimensions; basically perfect square.

The image can have the PNG

or GPG file extension. Afterwards,

go on and type in the keywords 'fav

icon generator' and just click on the first result. Now all you have to do

here is upload the file by clicking on choose file

and choosing your image. Now just click

on create icon button

and it should show you a preview how will look like. If you're content,

just click on the download fav icon button. Now that you have your fav


we need to upload it to your SocialEngine root directory.

Go to your web site's FTP and upload the image your SocialEngine

root directory. Now just go back to your SocialEngine site

and do a hard refresh by holding down the shift key

and pressing f5 button on your keyboard

at the same time. Congrats, you've successfully added a fav icon into



The Description of Adding Favicon in SocialEngine