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Mexico is on the verge of a recession economically we regret having to give this

kind of news my name is at ease is great this is news at the moment

subscribe to the channel that I give you the most cordial of the welcome since it is already

is talking in the markets international and of course in the

Mexican market over a recession that is looming and they probably say

analysts say experts are going to extend until 2018 that is going to

bring this recession in case you arrive that seems to be already very

very close to mexico because it will bring us this less investment is going to bring us

few jobs will bring us a inflation of 5.5 percent or so

we will have a very expensive dollar of yes you see that this 12-bit quickie went up

to 18 17 and it fell and then from there we we went to 20, well, we're going to have a

dollar up to 22 23 and they say some experts that up to 24 pesos

obviously it will bring us lower consumption and it's going to bring us a deterioration in

welfare of thousands thousands of families we regret having to

say it the specialists of those who I speak for example it is about citi

Banamex and the Ibero-American University who after the cut to

growth forecast of the bank of Mexico for 2017 warned that the

recession will materialize forgiveness or will shoot according to two factors the

first of the two factors is the results of the negotiations of the

free trade agreement of america of the north with the us and the uncertainty

financial caused by the plans migratory the construction of the wall

trade policies of the government of donato and the second factor is the

dollar increase the increase of the inflation caused by the tremendous

gasolinazo what the government does to us and the cost of energy the rise of

interest rates in the USA and also the rise in interest rates in

mexico just add that the governor from the bank of mexico banxico el señor

Augustine Carstens announced that the his agency cut the

country's growth forecast for the 2010

of a range between 1.5 2.5 per cent presented at the end of the year

past he cut it to 1.3 or 2.7 when we should be growing

between 6 and 7 percent per year so that the economy more or less stay good

no it is not enough that it will be cut back 1.5 to 2.5 now there is another cut more than

it's about 1.3 to 2.3 notes Augustine banxico carstens the bank cut

from the gross domestic product is addition to the decrease in the goal of

official growth of the announced country by the Secretary of Finance Jose

Antonio meade last Monday We were waiting or we are still waiting

or we are waiting for the benefits of President Peña's reforms

grandson finally news friends to subscribe moment clarifies that I'm going

to keep informed of everything that happens mexico in the USA and in the world my

name is agusto is great we see you in the next note until then


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