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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Saradaga Kasepu Telugu Full Movie || Allari Naresh, Madhurima, Srinivas Avasarala || Vamsy || Chakri

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What do you think aboutme?

You'll diebymyhands now. Oh!

Stop it. Why do you strain yourself?.

Tell me. Do you say giving divorce to her as correct or notnow?

lt's very correct as you wear alawyer uniform.-You only arebalance.

Wait! What's this, man?

lt's a plan, dad. -Plan...? -What's your plan, man?

lfl go there as Srinivas, everybodywill behaveartificiallyto impress me.

Their original characters will not comeoutat that time.

lfl go thereas a driver...

l can study from a distance. Her original characterwill come out at that time.

lt's very bad.-l too told likethat only.

Oh! Go & change your dresses.

Dad! However you maytell. lfl decide once, l won't drop it anymore.

Notthat.-Stop it. Allow him to go. Rain will come, then.

lt's going to rain. Come.

Tell me, brother.

Has your son started from there?

He's started from here.

Our driver is also comingwith him.

My son will bein driver getup & driverwill bein my son's get up.

What? Will your son be like your driver?

Will your driver be like your son?

l don't understand anything.

Let me givehim. -Okay. Givehim.

What, sir? -Nothing.

The one,who comes as a driver to your house, is my son.

Theone, who comes as my son to yourhouse, is driver.

Did you understand?

Whyis heplaying this driver drama?


He plannedthis as hecan't study your daughter's characters ifhestays near her.

lfyou co-operateus littlebit...

Okay. lt's okay as you've called us in advance.

Orwe'd have committed amistake. Driver is our son-in-law.

ls that all? -That's it. -We will take careofthe rest.

Like the colourful parrot & likethepurewhitemoon...

Will shebea smiling statue?

Will she be cute & a calm type?

Goingthereby anew get up... -Let me find her mind set.

With yourwings...-l'm goingto join with her.

We'veheard the temple's bell soundwhilestarting from there.

So it will beended positively.

Don't makemeexcited, man. Allow meto drivethejeep.

Oh God! Why are you hurryingthis much?

Why did you get admired this much without seeing her also?

lfthat girl controls mesoftly, l'll obeyher words likeakid.

Mightshebein a silk saree?

Might shebe beautiful wearing a Punjabi dress?

l'm goingto test thatflower bunch bymaking herto wait for me.

Mightshebe fat crushing her eyes?

For how long l haveto do holy Pooja further?

Don'thurry, you handsomeguy!

lfl think about her, her thoughtwill be very sweet.

Oh God! Why are you hurryingthis much?

Why did you get admired this much without seeing her also?

lfthat girl controls mesoftly, l'll obeyher words likeakid.

Can she admire me byher shyness?

lf you go in front ofher, can she talk to you?

l'll stand calmly in front of that beautiful girl.

Why are you showing your love on her without seeing her also?

For how long we haveto go yet?

Don't worry about it. Sheis for you only.

You'd sit calmly for sometime. Okay...?

Oh God! Why are you hurryingthis much?

Why did you get admired this much without seeing her also?

lfthat girl controls mesoftly, l'll obeyher words likeakid.

Like the colourful parrot & likethepurewhitemoon...

Will shebea smiling statue?

Will she be cute & a calm type?

Goingthereby anew get up... Letmefind her mind set.

With yourwings... l'm going to join with her.

We'veheard the temple's bell soundwhilestarting from there.

So it will beended positively.

Don't makemeexcited, man. Allow meto drivethejeep.

Oh God! Why are you hurryingthis much?

Why did you get admired this much without seeing her also?

lfthat girl controls mesoftly, l'll obeyher words likeakid.

You man!

Give him way, sir.-No way.

Don't torturemewithout giving me a way. Why am l torturing you, idiot?

My ears are paining.

You idiot! -Hold anything. But don't hold his collar alone.

lfl hold it... -No.

lfl hold... -His shirt will get crushed. l'veironedthat.

lfwegive ahorn in Rajahmundry, you haveto move aside, man.

Did you givehorn asking meto givea way for you?

l thought you gave horn to teaseme. -Are you a highway girl to tease you?

You idiot! lfl hit you, your face & car will get damaged.

Brother! Pleasebear him. Heis a 'L' board driver.

Why did you givea driver job to a 'L' board guy?

Hestudied with me in my old school.

That's his obligation. Forgive him looking my face.

l've looked it. Nice. Man! l leave for sir's face.

Orl will crush you under my lorrytirelikealime. ldiot! Go.

lt's irritating for me. -Why?

Can an ordinarylorry driverwarn me?

l won't giveway for any lorry driver in mylifeanymore.

Can yourstory get changed, then?

Sir! Caris coming.-l won't move.-Seethere.

This idiot has broken my shop, what Government gavemein flood relief scheme.

You man! Stop! You're finished. l'll catch you definitely by chasing you.

You idiot, who took birth in Saturday! Wait, man.

l feel delicatewhilethinking about that Vulcanizing shop.

Astrologer! lt's me, sir.

l'm Eraju. Brother ofGanapathy!

l'm walking wearingwhiteand whitedress as you told me.

Mylegs are paining. Sir! Should l walk accordingto my horoscope?

l'm goingto seethebride in thebus stop, sir.

What? lf anymud or dust fall on my dress, won't this allianceget fixed?

l don't havethat problem, sir.

He's our bridegroom, dear.

Aremy eyes nice? l like your daughter, sir.

Shit! l won't marryhim.

Why do you say so? lt's just a mud. That car has donelike this.

lf you make your dress dirty, how can l marry you, man?

Has my this brideseeing function also gotspoiled?

You man! -Stop, man. You yellow jeep! Stop.

Can you givemelift? -Nota lift or nothing. Shut your mouth.

l have to beat that yellow jeep driver first.

l also want to beat him only. -ls that thematter? Sit,then.

Sit properly, man.

Takecare ofmy daughter, man.

Stop it.

We are goingto seemybride. Right? l'vegota wedding get up, man.

lt's nota get up for seeing a bride.

lt's likea photo get up. -When?

After your death...!

Stop it. You man! stop!

Flock of goats.

Has he passed away?.

You man!

Get up.

lfl see you, l'm getting scared.

Are you all goingto beat him? -We will beat him.

Goingto beat him? -We will beat him.

Oh God! Beat him now.

l thought driving in lndia is very easy.

Should l get this much ofbeatings? l can't bear it.

Shall wego back to ourhouse again? -No. -What shall wedo, then?

Let's change our dress and come to our original getup.

What? -You're the driver & l'm the owner from now.

Who is he? -Mabas.-We know Prabas, Bibasha Basu & RTC bus.

Who are you Mabas?

Whyis his facelooking reddish? Did anybodybeat him? -No. He's applied lip stick.

Girls will apply lip stick in lips only. Right? -That's in lndia.

He's come from America. Theywill applyit on their faces there.

Why arehis legs also trembling? -Hewill think heavily.

Something happened.

lfl see you both, l get lot of doubts.

What happened actually? -No great storyhas happened, sir.

lt's got started just now.

Your getup is nice. We plannedto go to Hyderabad changing our get up.

We've cometo our original character again by the problems we faced on theway.

That onlyhappened.-lt means you both changed your getup first. -Yes.

Have you both cometo your original get up,then?

For how many times we haveto tell you? -ln which get up you will go there now?

Thereis no any getup to wear hereafter.

Let meremove it,then. -What? Cap...? -No. Zip.

Heis looking indifferent. Come. Let's go.

Sir! Justa minute, sir.

Remove my zip, sir. -Go, man. -Please.

lf you guys seethething, which is there into this bag, you both will die.

l'll show this to them also & to you also at correcttime.

Bye until then.

What, man? -What, Neelagandan sir?

l can hear hot songs from your heart instead ofheart beat.

Remove thel-pod from your ears first.

This fool will do likethis always.

Wheredid our legal advisor go, man?

Hetold that hewould comeafter finishing the court formalities.

Give me.-l think the letter, which l posted has come.

To respected & god like Neelagandan sir!

Chitraju's brother Ramana wrote this humbly.

l'veshiftedto Hyderabad Kims hospital from Vizag K.G.H hospital.

Mybrother didn't cometo meet meas hedoesn'thave money.

l am struggling for my life here. l want to see mybrother finally.

So please send my brother urgently.

By Ramana, who is struggling for mylife.

Doctor! ls Chitraju's brother so serious? -Yes, sir.

Why didn't you tell methis ever, then?

Pity! They believeme confidentially, don't they?.

l'll give Rs.50000 to Chitraju,then. -l'm going to court only, sir.

lfyou give me Rs.50000, l'll conveythatto Chitraju.

Okay. Let megive you.

Doctor! How is our man's condition?

Has his death timecomecloser? -Yes.-ls thattrue? -Yes.

Not thetime for death. The time for goingto his office.

He will go out in another half an hour.

Okay. Did he receivetheletter thatwewroteto him?

He's read that now only. -What did hesay?

Hegave Rs.50000.-Only 50% is therein this.-l'vetaken therest.

Why, man? -To keep up the secret as you don'thave anybrother atall.

You're amechanic.

lfl make you his family doctorgracefully, are you stealing my money?

Why shouldn't l cheat yourmoney, when you cheat him, lawyer sir?

What's theuse? l'm goingto givethis as a settlement to get divorce from mywife.

Why? -Shedemands 10 lakhs from me.

How can l correctsuch agreat amount having a dummybrother only?

What did you plan, then?

l've plannedto murder Neelagandan.

lfl murder him accidentally without leaving any evidence...

His whole property... -Everything will go his daughter.

l'll get everything. -How?

l've got Neelagandan's daughter's signatures in stamp papers without his knowledge.

l will gethis properties as soon as hedied. At lastl'll get everything.

How is my plan?

lt's wonderful. Have you fixed thegoodtime for his murder?

Very soon. Be alert. Colour your hairs. -Okay.

Sir! -What? -l'vemade your caseto win.

Thanks alot, sir. -What's thenoisethere?

Not noise. Chitraju has won our case it seems.

Can you shout louder forthat?

l'velostmy concentration totally here. Do you know that?

Do you need any concentration to draw such crazy paintings?

Thesearenot crazy paintings. -Then? -Ultramodern paintings.

Whatever it is. l only should getthefirst prize in painting competition this time.

You haveto go lonelyto that competition,then.

Okay. Whoseis that worst painting? -lt's yours.

Dear! -What? -They've come.

Dear! -What? -They've come.


Hello uncle! -You stay, man.

What, boy?. Was your journey comfortable?

l know. How did you get thosewounds? -l'vemet an accident because ofthis driver.

Oh! ls it so?

You lady! Bringthewaving light.-l'm coming.

Getinside, boy.

Drop this and come, man.

Why did you giveme thewaving lightplate?

Yes. l'm his driver Ranga Babu.

He's Srinivas. He's come from America.

Weknow that, son-in-law!

Wehavea small formality. -What's that?

Wewill honourthedriver. We made thatas our sentiment.

That's whywe haveearned this much ofproperties.

That's whywehonoured your driver.

Do you think that wedon't have any respect on you?

Oh no. Don't think so.

Sir!Juice!-Giveit to driverfirst.

Uncle's sentiment. -Oh! This boy is following us verywell.

Why do you strain yourself?. l'll drink for you.

Man! Give guest rooms to son-in-law & driver sir.

Come. -Oh! How grand their houseis!

This is your room. -Oh! lt's likea star hotel room.

Will the givesuch aroyal treatment for a driver?

Settlingwith them is better by resigning my job Gajapathy sir.

Mylifewill be comfortable atthattime.

ls this yourroom?

No. lt's yours. -l don't like this room.

Our sir asked you to stay here onlywhether you likeit or not. -Why?

This room is builtaccording to vasthu. -ls there no fan here? -No bathroom also.

From how long l am calling you!

What are you doing inside?

l have exams, mom. l'm preparing forthat.

Pass in the family exam first.

Pass in your college exams after that.

Go & give this tea to your future hubby. -Who? ls he that Giraffe?

l won't marry him definitely.

He is looking like an old professor.

Crazy! He's notgoing to marry you. Driver, who has comewith him.

Should l marry a driver?

Never. l won't marryhim. -He is not a driver.

He's Srinivas,who has come from Americato marry you.

Give him this tea & show your faceto him.

ls it so? Let meget ready & go, mom.

lfyou go with makeup & decorations, he will geta doubt.

lf you go naturally like this, it will begood.

First timein my life... -Are you drinkingtea?

l'm seeing abeautiful lastgrade woman worker like you.

Am l alast grade woman worker?

Oh! l haveto tell as servant maids in city. right?

What's your name? -3 roses.

l didn't ask the tea name. Your name.

Surya Kantham.

Your name. -Ranga Babu. ls this nice?

lt means arosehas got me3 roses tea.

Don'tmistake me. What's your salary here? Why do you worry as l scold you?

l asked about your salary only.

Salary...? Theywill give me food twice a day & giveme Rs.1000.

Rs.1000...? ls that all? Thatwon't beenough for you. Right?

lfyou need money, ask me. l'll give you.

lfl get Rs.5000, it will begood.

Rs.5000...? lf you ask meto arrange that on the spot, is that easy? l need sometime.

lt's okay. What's your salary, then? -Rs.8000.

l'll getspecial beta,when l take my sir's familyto out door.

Oh! ltmeans your are very rich. -Yes.

Okay. lf you giveme that cup, l'll go.

l havemany works there.

Hai Mani! l wantedto call you justnow.

Don't say stock dialogues. -Sorry, dear.

l wantedto call you in themorning itself.

But l forgot it by being busy in my painting work.

Okay. You told that ahero from Americais comingto see you. Has hecome?

He's come.-ls he there? Or... did herun off fearing for your dad's punishments?

He's there.-lt's okay. How is he?

ls helooking a Hollywood hero or Bollywood hero?

He's verytall like Allari Naresh.

Do you likehim? -Verymuch. -Does helike you?

l haveto wait for some days to know that.

ls thereanytwist in that? -Yes.

He's comein driver get up to studyme.

Heintroduced his driver as an American person.

Another interesting matter is...

He thought me as a servant maid. -What did you do,then?

l also acted like a servant maid.

l want to tell him the truth today ortomorrow.

No. You don'ttell him the truth until hetells you.

Act likea servant maid until then.

Okay. Take careof your futurehusband, man.

Am l looking like your mom?

l'm a young girl. -l didn't see you in that way. Why should l bother about that?

Get mecoffee.-l'll come in front of you aftergetting ready. -Getmecoffee.

We'd not drink or eat anything on the bed here. That's our sir's rule.

lfl ask, are you refusing to givemea coffee?

Wecan't do anything.

Oh my light. You man! Did you break this? -Oh no. l didn'tbreak it.

Did you break this, then? -No, sir. l swear on myself.

Did you break this, then? -No, sir.

Who has broken this,then?

lt's me. -Why?

lfthey don't wakemeup with bed coffeegenerally, l'll get irritated.

Whatever l get in myhands. l'll break that bymyirritation.

A mistake has taken place, son-in-law.

A great mistakehas taken place. -Yes, uncle.

He's donea greatmistake without getting me coffee as soon as l asked him.

lt's not a mistakeas hedidn't give you abed coffee.

You'vebroken mything, haven't you? That's agreat mistake.

Do you know what is the punishment forthis? -Punishment...?

lf anybody do anymistake in myhouse, they haveto get punished here.


What should l do now? -You haveto crawl here.

Why do you look likethis? Start crawling.

lf you touch any fence while crawling...

Yourteeth will getbroken.

Be careful.

Proceed. Why are you looking like that being as a youngster?

Just miss. lf you touch anything... -Dear! He's touchedthat.

ls it over? Why are you looking us? Why do you delay?

You'd act in agoodway. What, son-in-law? You are crawling slowly.-Dear!

He's touchedthat again.

Stop it, uncle. My bodymay get swelled.-Without fail, son-in-law.

l'm goingto become your son-in-law.

That's why wearegiving you such punishments.

lf you are not proper after your marriage, shouldn't l control you, right? -Yes.

Nothing, son-in-law.

l give you punishments to teach you manythings.

Can you feel forthat?

Just wait. l'll crawl there likespider man.

What, man? Whyis he crawling therelike that?

Didn'this food get digested?

Our sir has kepta test for him.

ls your boss such agreat man to givetest?

Oh God!

Uncle! Ranga Babu is running away after breaking your doll.

Givepunishment to him also, uncle.-l won'tgive him.

Why?. Shouldn't he learn yourteachings?

Why do you ask unknowingly, son-in-law?

Honoring a driveris our family's custom.

How can we givehim punishment? -Yes.

Look there. He's touched the fenceagain.

No. Oh no.

Why should l eat Tiffin on this diningtable?

lf your ma'am sees this, shewill get angry. -l only asked herto give you Tiffin here.

Sit down.

This chairis not good. -Sitin this one,then.

We've prepared all these items for you only.

You have to eat without wasting anything.

Won't you givemelunch in the noon, then?

Wewill give you dinneralso tonight. Tasteitfirst.

Very good. Who preparedthis?

l madetheflour. She's preparedthedosa.

lfyou both start amess in Rajahmundry, you will getmoreprofit.

You & yourwifecan start a mess after your marriage.

Why don't you also eat? Ajob will beover. Right?

l'll eat afterwhen you finish eating.

Nothing except plates & chutney, will bethere afterwhen l eat.

Leaveit. Letme eat that chutney.

Cooking is verynice.-Whyis my driver sitting here?

Why do l need that now? l'm hungry.

He's tortured mea lot.

Why do you act like a silly fellow, son-in-law? Giveher.

Eat it now withoutanyhesitation.

lt's looking like shirt buttons. How 4ldlies areenough for him?

Only 3 ldlies....?

lf you talk againstmy punishment, l'll increase my punishmentagain.

lmpossible. How only 2 ldlies...? -l pray you. Stop it, man.

Uncle! l'll die ifl eat only 2 ldlies. Givemeonemore, uncle.

You'verequested me likethat. That's nice.

You've given me two and halfldlies. Butheis eating menu items fully.

Have you forgotten it? He's a driver.

Hecan eat anything & drink anything.

Sir! He's sitting near me. Shall l givehim a Vada?

You haveto act obediently. Why are you doing naughtythings like akid?

Who is there? -What, sir?

How did you bringflower? -Bones.

Who is that? -Not him, sir. l'vebrought it from shop.-ls that all?

l think son-in-law has finished eating his tiffin. Can you go, then?

Come, uncle.

ls there robberyin myhouse?

That too our future son-in-law.

lt won't be failed. l have to give you a very strong punishment for it.

l've got more works in housealready. Guests also have comehere likeghosts.

Mybeautytips didn't get spoiled bymyworks.

What's there for me? l am beautiful like lliyana.

lf sheis doing makeup in myroom so boldly...

She maybe Raja sir's daughter only definitely.

ls your dadtherein home? -How does heknow about him?

He is there.-l think heis very strict.

Yes. Hetakes drinks often & beats mymom.

Hedoesn'tseem likethat.

Why should l botherabout it? Ma'am! Clothes arethere forwash.

Can you send the servant maid?

Servant maid. Who elseis the servant maid withoutmyknowledge?

Can you send that girl, who gaveme3 roses tea?

Please, ma'am. Can you go out fast?

lfyou stay here for so long, bad talks about us will get started.

Ma'am! -What, Kantham?

That driver is asking you to comewith clothes.

From where? Should l buy from Kala Mandhir?

No. From bathroom. To wash it seems.

What did you say? -l've run to you without knowing how to reply for it.

You'd be Manimala & l'd beSurya Kantha from now in his point ofview.

You'd actlike me until l tell him thetruth.-Why, ma'am?

Fun or bun...? l think you both aregoing to spoil my job.

lfyou do as l said quietly...

l'll increase your salary also.

ls it true, ma'am? -Yes.

Get me thosebiscuits. -Dog biscuits...?

Mybiscuits. -Forwhom arethose? -For him.

You are fresh likeagrown up chubby baby.

Have you taken bath? -Yes. After a week.

Won't you tell me your glamour secret?

Lifebuoy. l've decidedto use Lifebuoythroughout my lifetime.

Oh! You told that thereare clothes here forwash. Right?

Myma'am told me.

Just aminute.

Surya Kantham! Do you know a matter?

What's that? -l like you very much.

Braveman! Handsomeguy!

l want to get mingled with you heartily.

You've changed meby your look & by your new talk. Do you know that?

ls that true? -lt's trueonly.

Manimala! You are therosary.

You'remy sweet heart, who has admired myheart.

l'vecome to know you as love & me as you just now.

ls that true? -lt's trueonly.

There are thousands ofdreams in my small heart,which needs you.

l feel why l could not meet you forthesedays.

Braveman! Handsomeguy!

l want to get mingled with you heartily.

You'vetaught me a beautiful & naughty story.

My fatehas changed after seeing you because ofthat, dear.

You'remy affection. You are my dream.

You aretheexpression. You aremyrelative.

l will becomeunconscious, when l am there near you.

Won't l livehappily, when the bright moon stays near me?

Braveman! Handsomeguy!

l want to get mingled with you heartily.

You'regoing to marryme. Your each & everytalk is very sweet.

My heart expects you onlyin its each & every desire.

lf you give me your smile, l'll give you myself.

lf you giveme yourself, l'll give you my soul too.

l am longingto see your lovely eyes. Hearthis.

You can takeme. l am tellingthis in front ofmy pureloveas a witness for my promise.

Manimala! You are therosary.

You'remy sweet heart,who has admired myheart.

l'vecometo know you as love & meas you just now.

ls that true? -lt's trueonly.

There are thousands ofdreams in my small heart,which needs you.

l feel why l could not meet you forthesedays.

Braveman! Handsomeguy!

l want to get mingled with you heartily.

Oh no. What's this, man?

He's taken more drinks. -Why do you admit him in hospital,then?

l don't admithim. He's getting inside thinking this as bar.

Okay. Whereis emergencyward? -lt's therein rightside.

Thank you, man.

Come, Chitraju.

Come.-Sir! Why did you call me to hospital suddenly?.

A dog has bitten our customer. -How is thedog?

Dog is good. But the patient's position is not good.

How is it? -She is very cute.

Not nurse. l'm asking her about the patient's position.

Chitraju! l heard that your brother is takingtreatment in this hospital. Right?

Yes, sir. -Whereis he, then?

Come. lntroducehim to me. Come.

How can l introducehim a brother, whom l don't havereally?

What? ls he not there? -l told that he doesn't have any problem.

lt's okay. Let's seehim. Which ward?

Which ward means...? Brother... -ls he your brother? -Yes.

They'vetested mybrother. l think they are going to do operation. -You don't worry.

Yes. Don't worry.-When did you comehere?

l only made your brother's tests.

Oh goddess! This operation should become success.

lmpossible, sir. -Why?. -Becausehehas to pay Rs.50000 balancehere.

Can you stop his operation forthat?

Here. Takeit. -Thanks. l leave. -Wheredo you go, man?

l'll pay the bill & stand near thecounter. -Then it is okay.

l'll meet you there. Go.

Who is that patient's relative? -Our Chitraju.

Can you comethere fora while? What's your relationship with that lady terrorist?.

Terrorist...? -Yes. She got missed in our encounter. That's whywe admitted her here.

Thereno anyrelationship in between us, sir.

l'veliedto get escaped from my boss. -What can you do to escape from me, then?

l'll give you money. Therewill be aperson with whitehair nearthe counter.

Ask him Rs.10000. Can hegiveme?

lfhedoesn't give you, encounter him near thecounter.

Whereis my amount, man?

l gave Rs.10000 to S.l, l took Rs.10000 & take your balance.

ls that you? -Yes, dear.

Whereis your brother? Have you also come?

What a face? Don'tgo to children's ward, man. -l'm coming from there only, uncle.

Why?. Did you & your sister steal children's kidneys?

Forwhat else you both have comehere?

Forthis. Arrange mynext installment.

Come, brother. -Come, sister.

America Seenu sir! America Seenu sir!

What, sir? Did you apply paste on your face? -l'm shaving my face.

l don't think likethat seeing your face.

Why did you shout? What's thematter?

l have to tell you an importantmatter.

What's it? -l'm in love.-On me...? -Not on you. On a servant maid here.

A servantmaid...? l've set such agirl according to range.

Even if you're a driver, you're maintaining your lovestory well.

Why? Won't drivers fall in love? Won't they get married & havewife?

What do you ask meto do now?

You go to her house, talk to her parents & makeour marriage.

We will keep your nameto our child.

Oh! How great affection you have on your boss!

l liveby your food only. How it will be ifl don't have gratefulness?

Okay. Let memake your marriagebefore ours.

Let's go there tomorrow itself. Let's fixthe auspicious weddingtime for your marriage.

You are my God, sir.

Wash it.

ls this your Kantham's palace? -Don't tease her like this.

Even ifher houseis small, my Kantham's heart is great.

Whom do you want, sir?

ls your name Ent? -Rent...? lt's not arental houseto payrent. lt's my own house.

Are you Kantham's father? -Yes. lt's me.

What's thematter? -Your Kantham keeps ourhouse.

What did you say?. ls my daughter, your keep?

Oh no. Wait. l'm tellingthat your daughterworks in our house.

Didn't your Kantham tell you about our arrival?

Shedidn't tell him. She told me. Come, boy.

Our driver. He gets Rs.10000 per month.

Wewant to get him a car also very soon.

l havean idea to open a travels also.

Why do you tell these matters to us?

Whyis...-Wherever you maybe. Cometo officeurgently. -Okay, sir.

Raja Rao sir called meto office urgently. l'd go.-You go,then.

Let metakecareof fixing your marriage.

They may fear about the expenses. Tell that l will marry her for free.

Ask them to make her marry me only. l'm leaving. My sirwill talk the rest to you.

Yes. My Ranga Babu loves your daughter Kantham itseems.

Hewants to marryher.

l've cometo talk to you as an elder for him fearing that your daughter mayrefuse him.

Comeinsideonce. Let's talk inside.

l don'tknow what this idiot is talkingthere.

l'm tensed. What? Hedidn't come yet. l'm also waiting for him only.

Why? -He's got money from me. -From you also...?

When did you come? -lt's so long since l camehere.

l fell down unconscious. l've got up now only.

Wait. l'll help you.

A person has gotstruck inside. ls there nobody here?

Why did you get wounds? Did anybull dowser dash you?

Almost like that. That old ladyhas beaten me.

Did you ask her any dowry?

No. Your lover got married already.

Has shegot married? -Yes. Her husband is a carpenter in Dubai.

To which ward? -Not a compounder, man.

Carpenter. Theone, who makes wooden furniture.

l told them that l'd arrange fortheir divorcealso.

Didthey accept for it?

Whywill they accept? They've beaten me well.

What did shedo? Shesmiled, spoke with me & cheated melike this.

Wait. l'll wash her like washing my legs. -Ranga Babu! -Don't stop me.

Don't stop me.-Not that. Myback is paining. Drop me in my room.

l'm suffering bymylove failure already. Why do you also disturb me? Go.


Do you know what you did actually?

l'vecleaned your room now.

l prepared Upmabefore this.

l took bath before that.

No. You'vecheated me against my pure love.

You've hidden your marriagematter from me & played with myheart.

Did l get married? -No, Surya Kantham.

Don'tact. Why didn't you tell meabout your marriage & your Dubai husband?

You fearthat ifyou tell, you'd not getsofa set & bed freely.

ls itso? l dreamt you as wife thinkingthat you areunmarried.

My situation has become likea car without petrol & tire with puncture.

Okay. How many children do you have?

You... -5...? You are very speed. But you'relooking verylean.

Leaveit. Let me givebiscuits for your children after when l get my salary.

Let meleave.

Ma'am! ThatAmerican guy cameto our house & asked meto marrythat driver.

Mymom got angry on him & beat him well.

Didwego to your house? -Yes.

Who is the servantmaid in you both? -lt's meonly.

Then you...? -My ma'am Manimala.

Today is no moon day. -l know.

l've fixedtheauspicious time for Neelagandan's death.

Do you ask meto do anything by mymedical scienceknowledge?

You don't know its spelling also. Why do you talk about medical science?

Leave it. Do you ask me to do anything using mymechanic knowledge?

You've come to line now. Remove his Scorpio car's break.

l'm a genius in that art.

Neelagandan goes to office daily driving his car self.

He will go to his office today also.

But hewon't come back.

We only should go near his dead body.

You go & mind your job.

Chitraju sir! Whereis doctor?

He's goneto his house. You get into this house.-Okay.

Man! ls it over? -How? ls this a dress on bodyto remove itimmediately?


Work is less & comedy is more for you.

l've removed it.

How stronglyhemay try. Break will notwork. -Very good.

You moveaway now. You cometo eat his funeral food later on. Go.

Why did you come immediately?. -Look there.

What, man? You've comehere. How did you know my address?

Why only address, uncle? Weknow youreach & every plan.

l was standing here until now. Tell me thatword again.

You'reroaming with your sister.

Go.-Hey! My payment...?

l'm arranging forthat only. l'll give you.

l'll break yourteeth. -Don't scold me. -Why? Will you tell him? -Yes.

lfl was not a virtuous lady...

lf you werea virtuous lady, why would you havethreatened me?

Sister! Thereis time forthat yet. Let's comeagain. -Leave away.

You man! Why are you standing here yet? Why didn't you go offwith them?

Why do you create a charge? -Okay.

l think you aregoing to office. -No. l'm going to burial ground.

Shall l tell you a matter? You'realso comingwith me.

lmpossible, sir. l'd argue for a murder casein the court.

You'relying to me.

No, sir. l haveto argue theretruly.

Today is Sunday.

Whyurgency?. Drive in 40...!

Are you an old man? Why do you fear about thespeed?

Look now.-Sir! Don't look me. Look theroad.

Oh! l don't know for how long l haveto suffer with him.

Sir! 60...? -Why? ls not it enough for you?

Oh God. Sir! You'vecrossed 100.

You've crossed your age too. You've proved that ageis not amatter for speed.

Cometo anormal speed, sir.

My carwill not get anything by speed breakers ofthe roads.

l know that.

Sir! A ladyis coming.

Thoseidiots might havetaken drinks in the morning itself.

Break is notworking. -l know that already.-How do you know?

Can your break work if you go in such agreat speed?

What can wedo now, then?

Go in the road edge.

l'll jump out. -Then l...? -You go up.

Hey! Don't come opposite to his car, man.

Chitraju! Everything has taken place by you.

Has he found everything? -Not me, sir. That doctor.

lfl appreciate you for saving me, why do you give him the credit?

Chitraju! You'remy god, who saved my soul.

You're my god, who gave meanext birth boon.

l'll increase your salary from today. -Thanks, sir.

Leave it. My plan has worked out littlebit at least.

What? -ls there any special dish today?.

No. Everything is porcelain dish only.

l asked whether she has prepared any special dish for meor not.

Anyhow call Manimala also.

She won't come. -Tell herthat l called her. -Shewon't comedefinitely.

l think she is shying.

Aunt! How it will be if girls shyin these days also?

lf she takes lunch with me, she will learn the tablemanners.

Knowing manners is enough. No need of learningtable or vegetablemanners.

Come.-l won't come, sir.

Come.-Leaveme, sir.

lfuncle calls you, why don't you go? -You've told correctly.

Where, uncle? -To have lunch with us. -Can an ordinary driver take lunch with us?

Why? Don't you like it? -No. -Do athing, then.

You go & eat in some mess. Wewill takeour lunch here.

Oh God. l fear. Why should hetake his lunch in mess?

Let me go to myroom & takelunch.

Send somerice & gravy to myroom. -No.

Thatwon't behappened.

You alonearegoing to talk with us equally.

l'm not goingto acceptthis. lfl don't agree this...?

Our bowls won't become empty ifheeats. Do you think that hewill eatmore?

He will eat lightly. That's all.

No. -You sit.-No. You keep quiet. You sit, man.


Come, dear. You serve him staying near him. -Well said, aunt. -You move, man.

Stay here itselfif you need food. lf you want job, go out.

Why do you fear for him, boy?

Come. Let's take lunch. -lfyou don't obey mywords, l'll send you from here.

Don't do that. l can bealive without food also.

l won't be alive even for a second withoutseeing you.

Why is everybody going oneby one?

No lunch or dinner.-Why? Do you follow any fastingtoday?

You're goingto follow the fasting.-Forme...?

Today is a fasting for you for insulting your driver.

This is your punishment today. Kantha! Keep the food items inside.

Dad! -What? -Hetells that he wants to go out.

Does hewantto go out? -Yes. -You both can go, dear.

Hedidn't say that he would go out. This person.

Hai uncle! l'll show thecityto Manimalagoing out with her.

Are you showing our cityto us? -Yeah. -Do you havesense?

Okay. lfManimala shows me, l'll visit thecity.

lt's ridiculous. Dear! -What, ma'am?

My daughterwants to go outit seems.

Can you go with her? -Why he? -Wewon't send our daughter with anybody easily?

We will send her with the driver only.

That's our formality.

You go, man. -Okay.

That will be uncomfortable for ladies. You sit there.

Hey! Can you go & get me corn? -Wait.

She is my fiance. l only should get herwhatever she wants.

l told you only.-Thank you.

When hehad scold you in thelunch time yesterday, why did you go silently?.

Whatever it is. Heis myboss, isn't he?

Verynice. -What?

Your acting. -Why do you tell this as an acting?

He's my owner & l'm his driver.

That enemyis yourowner. But... Hehas hurt you, hasn't he?

Let's tease him forthat. -l like teasing verymuch.

l like teasingthis dinosaur verymuch.

You.. l'm beauty... You... l'm disturbing you.

Myheart is creating a delugein you.

Your colourful smilehas created a disturbancein me.

You haveeyes,which make everybody to getstunned.

Let you mingle your dreams in my eyes in this second itself.

Letmeadmire your eyes by my eyes.

Your lips has rubbed my cheeks now itself.

Your beautyis there in myheart.

Wherever l go. -Your purelove calls me.

Mybodywill attract your mind.

Can l getthesweet honey from this flower? -Definitely.

We will join together in teasing others.

ls this thetime foryou to join my youthfulness?

Your loveis sweet in myheart.

You.. l'm beauty... You... l'm disturbing you.

Myheart is creating a delugein you.

Your colourful smilehas created a disturbancein me.

You haveeyes,which make everybody to getstunned.

My heartwill call you, when you go away from me.

Your naughty plays will make to get freeze.

Your beautyis theboon, which l got from thetemple.

Your relationship should bethere with methroughoutmylifetime.

l don't know when my heartgottuned towards you.

l also started loving you at that time.

Our hearts havejoinedtogether like key note & harmonies blend ofsong.

Your soft beauty is melting my stubbornness.

l need your lovein each & everyminute,when l am alive.

l'll spend my each & every minutes for your love.

You'd makeme marry you finally.

You.. l'm beauty... You... l'm disturbing you.

Myheart is creating a delugein you.

Your colourful smilehas created a disturbancein me.

You haveeyes,which make everybody to getstunned.

What, sir? Bonus...? -Money for charges. Go to Rajahmundrybybus immediately.

Now...? -Yes. Dad is suffering without driver thereit seems.

Go.-lfl go, you may suffer here.

l'll suffer onlyif you stayhere. Go out first. Go.

Where do you go there? -To Raja Rao sir.

You'd not tell him. -Let me inform to Chandrakalama'am.

No. l won'tagree.-Letmetell to Manimala ma'am at least.

You'd not tell to a servant also. Come.

Why here? -Jump from here & go through this way.-Okay. Leavemyhand.

Ranga Babu! Wait, man.

l won't wait. l won't leavewithoutsending you to Rajahmundrytoday itself.

l also will stop only ifl tell them.

Moveaway, please.

Are you saying sorry after kissing me? -Not that. -Notan ordinary punishment.

l'll give you a strong punishment.

Get up. -l haveto go to Rajahmundry by anybus. -Wheredo you go, boy?

Let me go to my city, sir.

You won't see me here hereafter.

What, man? Didwedo anythingwronglyto you?

You've treated meroyally more than my own house.

But hedoesn'tlikemy stayhere. -Whyis that paining you?

He's come to drop mehere. lt's over. lfhestays here further, it won'tbe good.

ltwill be very good for us.

Because he is a driver. Wewill honourthedrivers always.

lf you send him against our family's formality,we don't likeit. Right? -Yes.

Look, boy. -Okay.-You can stay in our house for many days.

You think houseas yours. -When shall wefix the registration?

Boy is very fast.

Why do you look so? Take him inside.

Shall we get in? -You don't go to city. Right? Givememymoney.

We both should go to cinema. Right?

Which cinema? -To a cinema, where there won't becrowd.

Look. -What? -They'vegonein thatway. Right? Let's go through this way.

Why? -To give you punishment...!

There's no use further. l'd tell thatl like Manimala & l'd arrange for our marriage.

Oh! lfl tell now itself, shemay tell thatsheloves that Ranga Babu.

l haveto remove Ranga Babu from thescene in any way.

What are you doingthere? -How elsel'd do it, then?

How you'd strikeis...!

You'd make your hands strong and...!

That's it.

l told you to do. Did l ask you to show that to me, fool?

Who are you? You're looking likea new student.

To learn which course you've come here?

Karate...? Short term Kung fu...? Longterm Tycoon...?

l didn't comehereto learn any course.

Did you come to teach me,then?

He comes to givea job for your legs & hands.-Who is that?

My enemy Ranga Babu.

Come, boys. Come.

Go back. Come.

Why do you obey him ifhe asks you to comein reverse?

Come, boys. Come.

Oh no. l've got hurt in thesameplace.

Beat him well with firewood. -Whom arethey beating, sir?

Do you need a dhoti for your job? -Leavemy dhoti, man.

Oh America! Arethese yourscripts?

You man! Your character is goingto get ended today.

l'm the America guy from now.

All ofyou comeout.

What, boy?. Did that idiottrouble you?

Whywill hetrouble me?

Heis my friend. -Why did you shout, then?

To tell a truth to all of you.

Truth...? What's that?

l'm not driver Ranga Babu as you peoplethink.

l'm America Srinivas,who has come to marry your daughter.

Did theyfindthat l've liedto them?

Letmetry itagain.

ltmaybea fun for you people.

l'm tellingthetruth.

Weknew this matter already, son-in-law.

Do you know? -Yes, man.

Your dad told us everything before when you started from Hyderabad.

Very good. He's saved me.

But weacted likewe don't know anything.

You need not act further. You've cometo know thetruth. Right?

The real matter is... l like your daughter Manimala verymuch.

Did you like herthat much?

When did you come, man?

Don't slip yourtongue scolding me. Wait for a second. l'll tell you.

You man! Did you come from America? -Yeah.

Are you Srinivas? -Why do you ask meas you don't know that?

You acted liketheAmericareturn. Right? lt's comeout now. -You wait.

Letmeshow you the real colour ofus now.

Tell America's spelling.

lt's America.-That's in English. l told in French.

He knows French also. -Where did you stay in America, man?

Why should l stay outside? ln my house only.

l ask where your houseis. -NearJangapudi junction.

Whereis that? -Near Pasalpet.

There's no such placein America, uncle.

Rajwal is therenear warangal & Amalapuram also.

ln that case... lf Kathipad is there in America, is thatwrong?

Oh God. That's my aunt's house.

ltmay be. -lf you're the America return truly, talk to us in English fluently.

Wedon't understand even abit.

l've understood. l think heusedto read many English papers there.

You've caught the point, uncle.-There is no any grammar in English actually.

Even ifthere is no grammar, our son-in-law has glamour.

That's enough. You spoketoo much now itself. Dear! Punish him.

Okay. l'd not give him a silly punishment.

Givehim a greatpunishment such as tipper lorry.

Okay. Comeout, man.

Uncle! He has cell phonein his phone. lfwe takeit out, that is good.

lfweremovehis dress also, it will begood.

Do it, men. Not here, guys. Ladies are therehere.

You go, man.

Heis looking lean. But heis too heavy, man.

You men! -Lock thedoor. -You! Stop it.

l'm roaming to put another plan.

You don'tknow for what you areroaming.

Dog! We removed his carbreak. But we could not murder him.

Hehas a luck ofhaving paddy on this earth yet.

Not only paddy. He has a luck of getting Basumathi rice too.

We'd not put a silly plan this time.

We haveto put apowerful plan according to section 302.

l havesuch a dangerous plan.

Do you have? Can you have that yourselfortell me?

l'll tell you.-What's that?

There's agreat large lightin Neelagandan's house. Do you know that?

Not only one. 100s arethere.-l'm telling about the largeceiling light.

Chandler. -Yeah. -How can you kill him bythat?.

lfthat Chandler light falls on Neelagandan's head...

His head also will get broken along with thelight.

He will pass awayimmediately. -Plan is good. Can it get worked out?

Look. l'll tiethelight by arope & stand near it,when thereis nobody.

You'd make that Neelagandan to stand underthe light correctly.

Okay...? -At what time you ask me to bring him there?

At 10 o'clock tomorrow. lfyou bring him underthe light, l'll cut therope.

Hewill dieby 10 o'clock itselftomorrow.

You'll gethis wholeproperties in agolden plateimmediately.

We'll do his funeral on coming Sunday. Print thecards also.

l can't say correctly. But your brain is wonderful, man.

Come here. Shit. Takeoil bath, man.

l haveto takeoil bath after when that Neelagandan dies tomorrow. Right?

Yes. Right?

Come forward.

Turn towards right!

That's it. Come forward littlebit.

Why do you take my photo, man?

lfwetake your photo, enlargeit & keep it in our office, that Raja will die by jealous.

Then okay. Take well. Comeon. -Stand straightlyunderthat light.

lt's getting late for you. Smile.

However you maylaugh. Soundwon't comein this.

Dad!-What, dear? -l'm drawing a donkey's painting.

Do you need yourdad's photo for reference?

Does ithave hair in his tail ornot? -Do you havehair? -Yes.

Then that also will be having. Go. -Shit.

Dear!-You stayhere. l'll take yourphoto. -You comehere. -Why?

Take our photo together, dear.

You man! Stay here. You are supporting melegally & personally.

You'vemade me to get succeeded in all theways.

Keeping our photo in officeis correct. -No.-You don'ttalk anything, man.

lt's now 10 o'clock.

Come, man. Let's takea photo. Take, dear.-Just move.

What atragedyis this? We will turn into pieces.

Just smile. -However hemay be. You click us, dear.

You saved me from a car accident once & saved me from this lightnow.

You'd not be mylegal advisor. Then?

You have to be my son-in-law.

Shit.-Dad! Please. Think about it only once.

Hesaved metwice.

You marry him only once.

Let me go to office. -Okay. -Bye.

What, sir? Everybodywill worship theGod ortheir elders whilegoing to office.

Why do you worship a dog?

That's nota dog.-Hybrid dog? -lt's my soul.

Ashok usedto come to office with medaily.

He usedto sit near me.

But Neelagandan passed a rule that nobody should bring a dogto office.

l could not bring Ashok to office.

Pity! Ashok passed away after that.

ls theresuch a pitiable flashback behind Ashok's death?

Are you also crying? -No. Dusthas fallen in my eyes.

But l would liketo cry now after hearing yourAshok's story.

Don't cry, boy. l've plannedto takeits puppy Polo to office.

But that fool has passed arule. Right?

l could not takeit to office.

Polo also will cometo office. -How? -Let me tell you.

What, sir? You'vecometo theboard meetingwith a dog.

You'vekept it on the table. lfit urinates, can you peopleclean it?

Not you. -You know theruleas you'd not bring any dogto office, don't you?

We can suspend themembers ifthey don't behaveas perthe board rules.

l'm a 50% share holder already.

So... -Nobody has a right to question me.

Nobody has a right to bringtheir dog also.

Yes. -Whathesaid is right.

Everybody is the share holder in Ludo company.

Can you keep your dog on thetablein front ofthem?

That's... -Takethis file.

What's that? -l've written 250% ofshare on my puppy's name.

Our Polo is oneofthe board director ofour company from now.

Who are you actually?. -My advisor. He onlytold methis plan.

My honor has gonehere. -Not only here. Whereit didn't go?

You don't havean intelligence, what that Raja Rao's advisor has.

You mean l am an useless fellow. Right? Yes.

Look how l trap them by this criminal lawyer's cruel brain.

Thanks alot for giving me aliftin your car, sir.

ls sir necessary? -Wesay some places also as sir. Right?

Tell me the nameof thatplace.-Amritsir.

You'reintelligentthan me.

Weare friends from now as weboth are intelligent. -Then sorry, man.

You'vecalled me so rightfully. l'm very glad, man.

Whatever itis. You'vegiven methelift correctly.

lf you have friendship with me, l'll begiving you lift throughout my lifetime.

Are you always free? -l'm always freeas l'm working illegally.

How do you livein such a bad way, fool?

You can call merightfully. But l didn't ask you to scold me.

Okay. lllegal income is like 20-20 match.

Wecan get themoney immediately.

Legal is like atest match.

Wecan get money late.

l bought a car as l livein this route.

l'vebooked another car also.

ls it? Which car did you book?

l don't remember. But it starts with T.

With T...? Myboss car will start with petrol.

You're very naughty, man.

Okay. lf you come up in lifelike me, you'd join with me. -Stop it, man.

l stopped it when you asked meto stop forthe first time itself. Tell me.

l'm ahonest citizen oflndia.

l'll livewith truth only.

l never had touched the injusticeuntil now.

Don't tryto have touch with me anymore.

Manimala! You don't think about therate. l havemore cash. You selectanything.

lfmy dad knows that you only spent, hewill givemeagreat punishment.

He'll scold you ifl spend for somebody else. l spend foryou only. right?

Why do you think yet?

Select anything. -You select for me.

l can select cars. But... How can l select sarees?

This is for betrothal. lt's forwedding. lt's for ourfirst night.

lt's forthe next day. Wear it & come. Letmewait here.

How am l looking?

You'relooking like abrand new showroom sports car.

Why don't you tell meclearly?. -You'rebeautiful likethat display doll.

l want to tell you a matter. -What's it?

Suppose... lfl am a driver, what will be the situation?

What? Joke...?

Not ajoke. l'm asking you truly.

lfl a driver...-There's no any chance forthat, isn't it?

l'm telling you as you ask meso.

Whether you're a driver, cleaner or anybody.

l need you.

You handsome guy! Get mein anyway.

You handsome guy! Get mein anyway.

My lovablehero, whom l like. You join melike my shadow.

ls it so, Mynah? Did you fall in love on me? Did you call me?

You stayin my eyes permanently as a support for me.

You stayin myheart permanentlyto protectme.

Your aremy breathe. You're my respiration.

You handsome guy! Get mein anyway.

My lovablehero, whom l like. You join melike my shadow.

Yourlovablewords are always beautiful.

Ourrelationship is likethe relationship of alutewith the lips.

Whether it is hot or chillness. Everything is you for mehenceforth.

Are you requesting only that? l'll show you my pure love fully.

That's whyl selected you, my hero!

Oh! Come to me, my dear Manimala. Manimala!

You handsome guy! Get mein anyway.

My lovablehero, whom l like. You join melike my shadow.

ls it so, Mynah? Did you fall in love on me? Did you call me?

You'rethebelief oflove & you arethewonder.

l'm your signature. You're my world.

lfl get this onlyboon, mylifewill become pleasureful.

l'vefixed you in my heart. l'vetaken that decision.

Our relationship is a long lasting relationship.

Will l refuseto come with you throughout mylifetime?

You handsome guy! Get mein anyway.

My lovablehero, whom l like. You join melike my shadow.

ls it so, Mynah? Did you fall in love on me? Did you call me?

Why didn't shecome yet?

Are you longing to meet that?


We've finished 2 coffees until now.

l can't be ableto take thethird coffee.

A/c will not work here. ls that okay?.

Wewill decreaseit in thebill & pay. -See, shehas comenow.

My cousin. l told as Usha, didn't l? She's that.-Hai, uncle.

She's little fast. But shedraws her paintings aloneslowly.

Of course. -How is your uncle?

Heis handsomelike Allari Naresh.

How is myuncle, girl?

Heis arranging for mymarriage. -What? Your marriage...?

With whom? -With Chitraju.

With him...? -Yes. Hesaved my dad for 2 times itseems.

Heasks meto marry him only once.

ls Chitraju your company legal advisor?

Yes. He's amost experienced cheater.

Ourfamilies was united. Wegotsplit becauseofhim only.

We don't know what hedid. My uncle has gotsurrendered to him completely.

Heis the careof address for cunning plans.

He asks me to marrythat stupid.

lfthatsituation comes, l'll commit suicidein the wedding hall itself.

Oh no. Don't do likethat.

l'm here for you, am l not?. -No need, uncle.

What will bemy sister's situation, then? -Don'timagine too much.

l didn't tell that l'd marry you.

l told that l'd save you from Chitraju. -Do methathelp, uncle.

l'll draw any painting for you & give you.

l don't need anything. Paint my jeep. lt's got faded.

Oh God. No any connection is good.

l don'tknow about thesecell phones.

Which connection do you feel in all the connections?

lllegal connection.

Why do you givemepartyin bar so suddenly?. -As l have money...!

lfl havemoney, l won't come to bars. Do you know that?.

Why? -There is abarin my house itself.

lt's in myroom also. Do you know why l brought you here? To talk frankly with you.

lfl drink more, l'll startblabbering. You tell methematter fast.

You man! How did you earn this much ofmoney?

By cheating others.

Whom? -Neelagandan & Raja Rao.

l joined as alegal advisor in their companyfirst.

My salary was not enough for me.

lfl want to takecommissions, that Raja Rao was having his dog with him.

That's why l'veseparated affectionatebrothers using his dog itself.

That's all. Therewas clash in between them & cash in my account.

l changed Neelagandan as an ATM centreafter that.

How? -l created abrother & told him thathe takes treatmentin Kims hospital...

l'm drawing more money from him.

Don't you haveany brother, then? -lt's alie.

Likehow Buddha got wisdom under papal tree, l got yourteaching in this bar.

You got your sharein all thedrinks brands. Totally you are a completedrunkard.

lf Ravi Teja is a Vikraman, you area cunning king.

You're not Chitraju. You're a cheating king.

You'remy guru from today.

Ramana! Where are you? -Whereelse? l'm grindingtheflour in hotel.

Stop that grinding job & come to Hyderabad by bus urgently.

Forwhat, man? -l need a small favour from you.

Comehere. l'll tell you.-Okay.

You man! How is your brother's condition in hospital?

They'veshifted him to 'lCU' ward. -Why? Has he becomeserious?

Doctorsir got serious. -Why?

He didn'tpaythehospital bill.

Don't worry about the bill. l'm hereto pay your bill. Right?

Dad! -What? -How is this painting?

lt's likea scare doll. Keep it outside.

Whoseis this? -lt's my dad's painting.

Phone is ringing. Land phone is ringing in thegroundfloor. -Okay. Let's go.

Neelagandan sir...? How are you?

Wespeak from Kims hospital.

A good news to your legal advisor Chitraju sir.

Good news...? What's that?

Heneed not spend money for his brother's treatment hereafter.

Why? Are you goingto givehim a free treatment?.

No. Wearedoing him postmortem.

Post mortem...? Whathappened?

His brother is dead. -ls thattrue?

Are you my friend or uncleto kid you?

l tried to tell him this matter. Buthis phoneis temporarily disconnected.

Pity! l think he didn't payhis bill.

lf you tell his address,we will deliver his brother's dead body.

No need ofhis address. l'll give my address. Deliver his body here.

l know your address. You need not tell me, sir.

What, sir? You told as delivery. Do you have second wife without our knowledge?

Can trees & plants also get suffers & problems like people?

Why do you talk crazy likea F.M radio?

What happened actually?.

Your brother, who is there in lCU, has passed away.

l don'thave anybrother actually.

l also toldthat only. You won't haveany brother hereafter.

What he says? -Oh brother! -Which fool told you likethat?.

l think it's a compounder from Kims hospital.

Hecalled mein front of you only. Right?

Doctor sir! Let's go to hospital urgently. Come.-Okay.

No. lf you go therenow, everything will getspoiled. -Then mybrother...?

He will bethere here in another 5 minutes.

Who is he? -He's not yourbrother. Right?

Hedoesn't drop tears seeing his brother's body by his greatshock.

How did you die, brother? -Sorry, Chitraju.

l'vecometo know about your brother's death just now.

l also havecome to know aboutjust now.

Don't worry, man.-l don't worry. l'vegot scared more.

Smell is coming from thebody by decomposition.

Let's buryitsoon. Come. -wait.

lf you giveme5 minutes times, l'll givehim alifeagain.

That's impossibleaccording to medical science.

lt's possible.-lmpossible.

You don'tstrain yourselfunnecessarily.

Don't get emotional. Cool down. -No, man.

l'll save your brother.

How? -How itwill be if you ask so, sir?

Didn't Raguvaran tap Rajinikanth's chest & givehim alifein Shivaji film?

Correct. But he is not Rajinikanth & you arenot Raguvaran.

How can you savehim, fool? -Hey! Yourears aloneshouldwork, when l talk.

lf any other parts work in your body, l won't call you again.

lt's a wonder.

Your heart has started beating again to go.

My second heart will never leave you, man.

You man! You'd not hug me.

Him only. -Brother! -Why do you hug me, man?

l don't know how tightly l hug by myhappiness of seeing you, brother.

ls it? Comehome. Let's talk.

l don't have any house. Right? We sold it for my treatment already. Right?.

Let's stayin thathouse for rent now. Come.

No. -Who is he? Hedoesn't know himselfforwhat heshouts.

Why did you shout, sir?

Your brother should not go anywhere.

He'd stayin myhouse.-Why do you get troubled unnecessarily?

Nothing, man. You'remy future son-in-law. Heis your own brother.

He'd stay in my houseonly. -Takecare of your health. -ls itpuncture? l'll come.

Let mealso leave, Chitraju. -Okay.

Who is this brother?

From wheredid hecome?

Why do you look so? -You'relike a small recharge card. Who are you, man?

l'm Mabasu. -No Mabasu or gravy. Go.

You're very dull. l haveto know thehappened matter.

l'm this Neelagandan's legal advisor.

l don'thave anybrother actually.

He's entered here as a dead bodynow.

My friend has given him a life. Thesehave taken placehere.

lt means you don't have any brother. Right?

Yes. -He's entered as a dead body suddenly. Right?

Are you repeating mywords? -Your friend saved yourbrother it seems.

Yes.-He got settled in this househappily. Right?

Yes.-Why didn't you do anything, when these happened?

What should l do? -You need not do anything.

Let medo it.

What will you do? -l'll remove. -What? -Mybag zip. lt's nasty.

Who's there? Come here. -Sir! Nobodyremoved ituntil now.

You atleast removeit, sir. -Just turn.

Keep your bag aside.

Brother! ls that you? -Who is your brother, man?

Why do you question yourown brother?

Am l your brother? Who are you, man?

From where did you come?

What's thenoisehere? Whathappened?

He tells that l am not his brother.

Why do you talk likethis to a weak person?

lt means l can't digest his liveliness.

Digest it, man. He is alive, isn't he?

Not only that. l'd tell you many stories about mybrother.

What? -Dad! l kept amodern painting on yourtable.

Whereit is? -ls that apainting?

l thought that coffeehad dropped on a paper. So l hadtorn it.

l haveto work hard throughout a day to draw such apainting again.

Do you know that? -Why?

lf you drop coffeeon a paper again, won't itbeenough?

Chitraju's brother.

He's a lively dead body actually.

ls he aghost,then? -No. He's a human. Hegot saved now.

How, dad? -Chitraju's friend had tapped on his chest & saved him.

lt's funny.-Nothing. My fatehas changed likethat.

Whatwere you doing herebefore?

Hewas exporting children to Dubai illegally.

Brother... -What?. -l didn't do anything.

l was dead atthattime, right? -l mean before your death.

l was apainter. -Forwhat, man? -What, brother?

You ask melikeinnocent.

l was agood painter,wasn'tl?

l gota trophy also from Governor. Don't you rememberthat?

l remember that. This facemight have washed onlytea cups.

What's your name? -Junior Picasso.

lt's not his name. Right? -lt's mybrush name, brother.

Brush names will be close up or Colgate. What's this, man?

Artists brush names should be likethat, brother.

Picasso sir! l haveapainting competition nextweek.

Can you draw somepaintings for me?

Paintings...? lfyou give me sometime...

Why do you need time?

Brother! l'd think somepainting tricks. Right? So l askedtime.

You don't worry. l'll give you more paintings in some days.

Come, Chitraju. Let's go to office.

Take careofthe house. -He's atricky person.-He will sell yourhouse to you.

lfyou marrymy daughter, you'll get this house. How can hesell it,then?

Hai,Ranga Babu.

Tell me. How is your new life?

What alifeis this? l think l've fallen into thefire.

What happened? -Why do you ask so?

l'vetold myselfas a painter to your sir's daughter.

So... -She has a painting competition itseems.

Sheasks meto draw paintings.-Proceed.

How do l know to draw, man?

You draw likehow you prepare Dosa on tawa.

l'll come and manage after that.

Why did you comehere, Ranga Babu? -To see your brother once.

How is he? -He's fat. Look here.

How are you? -Fine. -What, Picasso sir!

Why did you call me? -Picasso...? -Yes. Picasso is his brush name itseems.

This fool is dark likedicaution. -You bequiet, brother.

Painting is ready.

He's told likea tiffin item is ready. -He's coloured something.

Why is this glottering, man?

lt's called oil paint. -Yes, brother. lt's an oil paint.

lt's looking like an onion.

Do you say that these paintings are meaningless?

lt won't begood if you see those by your eyes.

Why? Should l seethesesecretly? -You have to see thoseby your heart.

Oh no.-Look this painting. -l've seen it. He's scribbled likeahen in it.

No. lt's ablasted Sun.

Exactly.-l'veseen blasted bomb & broken heart.

This is thefirsttimeas l seeablasted Sun.

My appreciations for your artful knowledge, Picasso.

Congratulations.-Thanks. -Show me that.

You also will like that verymuch.

Brother! -They areseeing the torn paintings also now.

This painting intimates the Tsunami in sea.

ls this a Tsunami in sea? He's alloyed it likea cyclechain.

No. lt's a Tsunami in the seareally.

How great depth is there in this! -Does this havesuch agreat depth?

Show me. -What, man? You've thrown these on thefloor.

This Chitraju. -l'vearrangedthese on thefloor instead ofwalls.

Show me. How beautifully you'vedrawn it, dear.

How great talent you have!-l didn't draw these paintings, dad. Picasso sir!

Picasso...? -Yes, sir. -l am crazy aboutsuch modern paintings.

l'vetold correctly. You keep quiet, man.

How grandly you've drawn! Mybaby only will get thefirst prize this time.

Thank you. Congrats. -Take this tomorrow.

l'm so lucky to get introduced with such a greatpainter! -l too.

Painters, right? Theywant to talk personally.

Why shouldwe disturb them? Come.

Why should l needthis? Come.

Who are you? -Who am l?

l'm theelder forthis family. -Who am l, then?

They'velocked you into this room. So you maybe the thief.

Non sense. l'm this family's futureson-in-law.

Son-in-law...? l'm athief, sir.

They'velocked you inside. But you say yourselfas son-in-law.

No timeto tell myflashback.

You told yourselfas a thief. Right? Can you open thedoor?

l'll open it. What's the use for me, then? -Takesomeplates or cups from here.

Did you think me as a cheap thief?. l'm a costly thief.

l'll show you the costly things here. Can you open the door, please?

lf you say so, it's nice. Come.

Oh no. Did l cometo rob in this jailer's house?

lt's better ifl get surrendered for my robbery. l may get Briyani at least.

My sorry for you & your punishment.

Let me chase someother house.

Whereis this thief friend?

Oh God. l'vegot caught. Everybody has come.

l don't know whatwill happen now. -Whyhas hecomehere?

Uncle! He's robbed money, jewels & totally.

Car keyis also there in it.-lt means herobs also alongwith driving.

There's no any link for me & this, aunt.

Do you think yourself as Mahesh Babu to have alink with you?

Notlike that. Let's complaintabout him in policeurgently.

He's cheated our family. Arepolicemen needed forthis?

Butit is correct for him.

Men! Not only ordinarylock. Put a strong & largelock forhim.

Okay, sir. -Why do you need thesedresses now?

Removeit & get inside. -Uncle! Leavemeout this time alone.

You'll come to know thetruth.

Go. Why do you talk like this?

Uncle! Go. -Ma'am! Coffee! -Keep itthere.

Oh God! ls that you?

Sit down. l didn't come here to sit.

l'vecome to ask to makeour marriage. -So urgently...? -Yes.

Wedding hall ifweget. Ortemple...! Or church...!

Ormosque. l don'tbother abouttheplace. Make our marriageurgently.

Orl fear as that driver may change your daughter's mind.

Okay. lt's yourwish. Letmecall your fatherto comehereimmediately.

No. lfthey comehere, they will show my wedding & his death on thesame hall.

Whyis ourson-in-law telling like that? -lt's true.

lfmy parents seemywedding,theywill die. lt's therein myhoroscope.

Death in mywedding & death in flight...

Wewill die in theseways.

Will we refuse yourwords? We will follow your horoscope.

Telling your parents once... -Let me talk to them first.

Hello!-lt's me. -Hey Ranga Babu. -Yes, dad. lt's me.

Am l your father, fool?

Whether you aremy dad ornot.

You're everything forme after when hedied. Right?

You've touched myheart. Tell me for what you'vecalled me.

l wantto get married urgently. -Get married. What's there for me?

Forgiveme for getting married without inviting you all.

Wearenot free in this situation to feel forthis.

Am l right? -Yeah.

lt's okay. Letmegetmarried keeping your photo nearar.

Keep it. But don'tspoil it. -Justa minute. Jailer uncle wants to talk to you.


Greets, sir.-Greets. What, sir? He is talking about his marriage.

His horoscope is like that. What elsecan we do?

Leavehim. Pity! A marriage won't get stopped by anything. lt's a saying.

Allow him to get married.

Or hewill bean orphan throughout his lifetime.

lt's correct. Butwehaveto make it without your presence...

Good. You'll arrange for thereception. Right?

Okay. Hecomes for your reception, man.

Give me once.

Send money for my marriageexpenses.

Then what? Okay. Getit from jailer's account now.

Thanks, dad. Hedesposits in your account it seems.

Guru sir! Will you put any stuff or not?

Here. Take it.

You... -Tasteis good. Did you apply any sauceon this?

l'veapplied burnol as the chicken didn't fry well.

Go, man.

Your formalityis notgood. -Why? l'vemixed your peg well. Right?

l didn't tell you about peg.

About your income. -ls itthat? l got more caselikethepending cases in court.

l'veordered for a car. -Stop yourcar story.

Why?. -Can you buy an apartment or bungalow?

Can you buy any airport?

Neelagandan is not enough forthese. l haveto cheat somebody else.

That's why, l ask you to join Neelagandan & Raja Rao.

Whatan ideais this? Myintoxication has got reduced.

lf you want to increase your collection, you'd join them.

Oneperson is Bin Laden in them & another one is Obama.

Joiningthem is tough.

You don't know thetruth. lt's very easy like Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik.

We haveto mix coffee & milk to drink coffee.

We haveto mix brandy & Whisky to drink cock tail.

lf you want to getprofit, you'd join them.

So join Raja Rao & Neelagandan.

ls that all? -That's all.

Let mejoin them likeChandana brothers & Bomanabrothers.

Who asked you both to come in without getting my permission?

Just aminute.

You Ashok! You werelooking like a dog,when you were alive.

Doesn't it look like that now? -No. lt looks like ahuman.

Correct. lt's passed away in young age. -Ashok!

Forgiveme. l'm thecause for your death.

Not you, sir. l'm thecause forit.

lt's me.

Chitraju! What do you say? -Yes, sir. l'm thegreat fraud.

l know that, man.

What's your link with my Ashok's death?

l havealink like Bin laden's link with World tradecenter.

l was powerless, when you both wereunited.

l got an idea at that timeonly.

l used Ashok's matter.

He felt alot as you treat Ashok equallyto Neelagandan sir.

l trusted that & passed a rule as you'd notbringAshok to office.

That's why, you both gotseparated.

Pity!Ashok passed away.

Brother! l'vedone amistakekilling your soulful dog. Forgiveme.

l insulted you manytimes without considering you as my brother.

You forgiveme, brother.

Brother! -Brother!

How manytimes you call! You can't be united.

You mayhug. Not me. Him.-Brother!

lf you both join together, our company will cross theother companies.

Notbecauseofus. lt'll happen by all ofus.

Yes. We have to be united & work together.

Even ifmywife beats me... l'll go hometaking drinks onlytoday by this happiness.

Here. lf you needto file divorcecase, call me.

How does he know that? -l only told him.

Why did hemakehis dogto sit here?

Don'ttell this louder. Hewill batheit & bringthat to yourplace.

l won't accept it. -Shit. That's very cutethan you.

Brother! Their marriage is there on coming Thursdayby 6:30 P.M.

You haveto preside their marriageas thehead.

Why do you drop tears? ls it so hot?

Sentimenthas increased.

Brother comes to my homeafter along period. He asks me to presideher marriage.

l can't bear these happiness.

Brother! -Dear! -Aunt!

Stop it. Our marriage is goingto happen well. Why do you peopledisturb that?

This is a happylanguage, son-in-law.

Won't itbeniceifwesmile instead ofthatlanguage?

Soft smile. Sweetsmile. Young smile. Child's smile.

That's yoursmile. You smile always.

Whatever may beour fate. You smile again.

Child's smile. Naughty smile. lnnocentsmile.

You smile. Smile.

Soft smile. Sweetsmile. Young smile. Child's smile.

That's yoursmile. You smile always.

Whatever may beour fate. You smile again.

Small smile. Cutesmile.

You smilebeautifully always.

Little smile. Naughty smile.

You smilelooking me.

Musical smile. Natural smile.

This smileonly doesn't leaveme from you.

You smile,which admired myheartby your eyes.

Smilejoining me. Smileasking meagain.

You smile!

Soft smile. Sweetsmile. Young smile. Child's smile.

That's yoursmile. You smile always.

Whatever may beour fate. You smile again.

There aremanytypes of smiles. You smile mixing everything.

Sweet smile. Parrot likesmile. Beautiful smile. You smile in all thestyles.

Whatever maybethesituation. You smile always.

You smilelike a sage,who knows the differencebetween thedreams & reality.

Pleasureful smile. You smile again and again joiningwith me.

You smile!

Soft smile. Sweetsmile. Young smile. Child's smile.

That's yoursmile. You smile always.

Whatever may beour fate. You smile again.

Childhood smile. Naughty smile. Ever green smile.

You smile!

Soft smile. Sweetsmile. Young smile. Child's smile.

That's yoursmile. You smile always.

Whatever may beour fate. You smile again.

Uncle! -What? Why do you call me with hesitation?

Nothing. Raja Rao's daughter's marriagehas gotfixed. Right?

Yes.-lf you also makeme & Usha's marriagealso in the sameauspicious time...

lt's agood idea to makeothers to know that you both joinedtogether.

ldeais very good.

But your brother should sit instead of you in the bridegroom seat.

What, uncle? You toldthat you'd makeher marry me only. Right?.

But Ushaloves your brother.

Oh God.-l knew that theyboth are in lovein the function.

l wantedto get abridegroom from your family.

lfthat is your brother, which is better than that?

Think about it once.

You'renot ahuman, uncle. God!

Let medo your Pooja from tomorrow.

l have to meet Ranga Babu urgently.

Ranga Babu!

Whereis Ranga Babu, man?

Why do you show me signal, man?

My sir gavemea punishment as l'd not talk today.

What did you do now, fool?

Whereis Ranga Babu, man? -l don't know. -Your silenceis better.

From where is hecalling mehere?

But this is nothis voice. -Chitti! Comeup.

Chitti! -You Srinivas. Why are you here?

You're in America. Why are you therein jailer's housenow?

Why did theylock you inside?

Did you becomea thiefin lndia? -What happened is...

Oh God! l thought him as a good person.

He's not that type it seems.

Picasso & this guy are friends it seems.

Weboth studied together even if you're elder. l helped you manytimes in exam.

That's why l got failed many times. -l gave you credits also financially.

You at least help me now.

l can playwith that Ranga Babu onlyifl help you. Right?

But he'd not know that we both are friends.

What do you talk to him? -Hetold me fully about you.

What did hetell? -l didn't understand it clearly.

Heasks me to help me in your matter.

What did you say? Why do you laugh so?

l'velaughedthere likethis. -You'vedoneagood job.

Why did you come without calling mealso?

To see you...!-You've seen me. Right? Someone is calling me. l'll come.

l'll see you, man. Who is coming again?

Have you come? -Uncle! -Dear!

Signals too arerarein roads. But you both comeeverywhere.

Our network is so fast. -Man! There should not beanynetwork in between us.

Only patch work.-Why?. Have you decidedto get compromisedwith me?

Nobody will get compromised with you, who knows about you.

l'vedecided to get divorce from you.

Whatever it is. l don't bother. Give memymoney.

l've got an America friend. l'll get you from him tomorrow. Leavenow.

Letmesee. Come, brother.

She calls you, man. Why do you stand here yet? Go.

They arebrother & sister. But they won't get parted at any time.

Heis a mad. She is a femalebuffalo.

ls he coming? -He's coming.

Shall l start with cry?. Start with happiness.

Save my Picasso in anyway. -Sorry, Chitraju.

Nothing is therein myhands.

lt's there in myhands. Right? -l mean l can't save Picasso.

Why? -Because Picasso has got a dangerous disease.

What's that? -Motorcyclopedia.

What amatter has happened!

Even ifhe acted likemybrother... Fortheonly reason as Usha loved him...

l wanted his marriage should behappened.

But what amatter has happened.

What, Chitraju? lsn't Picasso your brother?

No, uncle. -What?

Forgive me. Like how l separated your families bymy selfishness...

l created a brotherfor me.

Afterwhen l knew that itis an expiry date for him...

l can't bearthat now.

No, Chitraju. My coat will get dirty. -Coat?

What can you alonedo?

His fateis like that.

We haveto changeit. Orshe'd roam in whitesaree,who roams in T-shirt now.

Chitraju! l'll makemy daughter marry a sacrificing person like you. But...

l won'tmakeher marry a cheat likehim.

Leave that thief,who cheated you, me & my daughter. Whereis he?

Uncle! Do you know how was thepicture climax? -Hero was like Picasso exactly, dad.

Yes, uncle.

Who is your uncle, idiot?

Are you Picasso? -Yes. Chitraju's brother...? -Yes. -Thief!

Why do you take me? Whyis he shouting, brother? Tell me.

l will tell you. But your reaction will not work out.

Fool!-Don't beat him. He's not a normal person.

Heis apatient. Let him die peacefullyinstead ofbeating him.

You come. -Picasso! -lf you call him, l'll break yourhands. Come.

No Usha or Trisha. Go out.

Come.-Dad!-Brother! Come. Let's go to our house.

Did you seehow violent he is!


Man! Are you cheating this Chitraju?

lfl see you hereagain, l'll beat you & hang you in rope.

l want 10 children. -10 children...?

lfthis much of children born, that's all.

l'll also bethere in home as a company forthem.

Then office...? -This is our office. l'll operate everything from here.

Then, it is okay.

l can hear ahorn sound.


What, sir? You'vecome heresuddenly. You know yourson's horoscope. Right?

Horoscope...? -lf you see your son's marriage, you'll dieaccording to his horoscope.

Did hesay so?

Can you call him?

Son-in-law! Pleasecomeout once.

Are you fine? -How are you, man?

l'm fineuntil now.

l was worrying without seeing you & mom.

Without seeing us...? Are you my son, man?

Why do you ask yourson like this?

Stop it. He's not my son,who cheated you & planned to take yourwealth.

He's Ranga Babu, who works as a driverto us.

Did he tell the truth? -Yes, sir.

l'm nothis son. Driver.

l didn't act as his son for yourwealth.

For your daughter Manimala.

We both are in love. We want to get married.

Don'trefuse me. l'll takecare of your daughter.

Daddy! Ranga Babu is agood person.

Shut your mouth. -lt's good as Chitraju called meat correct time.

Or... How great danger might have happened!-Chitraju? -Yes. lt's me.

You'rean ordinary driver. lfyou arethis much haughty...

l'm a criminal lawyer. How haughty l may be!

Chitraju! Whereis my Srinivas? -See there. How hehas becomelean!

You dear Srinivas.

Didn't you eat anything? -They didn't givemeanything.

They gave punishments. -Very sorry, son-in-law.

l treated you badly thinking you as the driver.

Let me wash your legs as apunishment forthis & give you my daughter.

What can you do him, then?

Who is there? Hold him.

You don't get tensed. l will elope you one fineday

Leave me! Leaveme! - l will be awaiting you!

Why are you hurrying this much?

Chitraju had pushed you down & beat you yesterday.

He's sent meout from hometoday.

Chitraju... -Wecan think about him lateron.

Their marriageis going to happen there. l've got tensed more.

l also got tensed. What can we do now?

We'veto bring our lovers out doing something suitableto our range. -Well said.

What? Do you need drinking water? -Done! -Done!

Whatever you may say. l won't marry Srinivas.

How will you be happy bymarrying a driver?

He earns Rs.8000 per month.

That money is enough for ourhappy family life.

ltmeans you'vecalculated thebudget also for your family life.

Why are you seeing standing there?

Talk to her. -Your dad is aperson, who gives his soul for prestige.

You marry Srinivas obeying my words.

What? Do you think that l threaten you?

l'm advising you as your father. That's all.

l also tell you amatter as your daughter. Listen to me.

l'll marry Ranga Babu only.

Thatwon't takeplace until l'm alive.

lfit doesn'thappen, l'll pass away.

She's an educated girl. Right? So sheis talking intellectually.

Look. l mademany peoplelike you into thecell in my service.

You'd marry Srinivas only.

lf you had brought your daughteralso, it's be good.

Shedidn't come as shegot exams.

Which exams? -No. College exams.

Why didn'tAnnapurna & Santhosh come? -Santhosh has gone to his grandma's house.

Annapurna is pregnant. That's why she didn't come.

You've asked well abouthis children.

Hedidn't ask about his children. About his grandchildren.

Greets. Not for you. Greets.

Why did you wearwhite holy ash? You'd wear black bindhi. Right?

Black won't beseen on my forehead.

Why did you wearwhite dress, then? -As you'd see that...!

My son-in-law has gota wedding look.

My son-in-law has got alook of getting married already.

Won'tit come? lt's a second marriage only for me.-Why did you say?

l'm tensed thinking as Ranga Babu may come. -You don't be tensed.

l've arranged security peopleoutside.

We'd have run offin the fight middle itselfby communication gap last time.

Sorry.-Will you run off beforestarting the fight itself?.

l'll go only after finishing Ranga Babu.

You both go to right.

You both go to left. -Okay, boss.

You both go to backside. -Okay, boss.

Then you...? -l got head ache. l'd getinside & take rest.

Why do you come here,then? Why didn't you tell them in your homeitself?.

What will you giveus after finishing the fight?

Helooks like hehas come to eat full meals.

You guys also can go. Go.

Okay, boss. -Finish that Ranga Babu's chapter today.

Why don't you talk through cell? Why do you need walky & talky?

Nobody's cell has got balance.

l think theyhavegot him.

Man! Did you see Ranga Babu?

No. l'vetested whether ourwalkytalkyis working or not.

Fool! Heis looking like agreat fool. -What are you doing outside?

Auspicious timehas come. Comein.

l'll takecare ofRanga Babu's matter. You both get inside first.

l needthat green border saree.

You can wear that on ourritual formality.

Forwhat? -For changing your mind & getting readyto marry me...!

l'm not getting readyto marry you. To marry Ranga Babu.

Yes. Ranga Babu will come & takeawayme.

Why do you talk crazy?.

You cool down, aunt. Nobody can come in across this Srinivas security people.

He's crossed many traffic jams in his life.

ls your security a great matter for him? -Letmesee how hewill come.

Nothing is there to see. He'd haveentered herealready.

Have a smoke. Wewill feel thepleasureonlythen.

Who are these actors?

Notactors. They are holy sages.

What's yourname? -SageSarvanandha. He's our guru.-Sage Devanandha.

Why did you comehere? -To tell you thatthis marriage won't take place.

Won'tthemarriagetake place? Who will stop it?

He's an only person. Our guru sirtoldthis.

Yes. -Ranjitha! Myhands arepaining by smokingthis.

Pleasedo massage for me. -Okay, sage.

You massagehim later on.

Sage!-Devotee! -What should wedo to make this marriagewell?

l have to comein & makeapooja.

You can take food also. But l think l'veseen this sage somewhere.

This is Lord Shiva's holy ash.

Holy ash...? Whyit smells like Ponds powder?

Ponds powder is madeup ofthis only.

l think l've seen this Devanandha sage somewhere.

Uncle! -He's called me as uncle. -Devotee!

You've got somemagical feeling.

SageSarvanandha has come. He gaveholy ash to all.

Do you also want it? -l don't want anything. Go.

l show waving lightto sage.

Do it well.-Okay, sage. -What a devotion!

Stealthyman! -All of you run off. -Hey! Ranga Babu.

Lock this thiefinside, men.

Do you know amatter? -What?. -Sage Sarvanandha didn't comehere.

Ranga Babu.


You...! -Don't you remember me, Gajapathy?

Not there. lfl hit here, you'll rememberme.

Myhead is paining. Who are you?

lt's me Betti Bangaruraj.

How can we remember such a long relative?

You don't remembermeit seems. -Okay. Come in. -You keep quiet, sir.

Leavehim. Hewill go taking food inside.

Why did you beat me? -Did you think that wecamehere for food?

We'vecometo give aroyal gift to yourdaughter.

Tell them. -lfyou beat me likethis, l'll leave you. That's all.

Voiceis young. But she is looking old. l don'tunderstand anything.

Mywife drinks woodwards gripewaterdaily.

You control your anger. -Okay. Guests should not stand outside.

Come in. Okay. -l don't understand his relationship.

Let's enquireeverything inside. Comein.

Dear! You don'thave sense.-Why do you scold me so in thewedding hall?

lf old peoplecomes formarriage, can you makethem to stand & talk?

Pity! Look. How it is sweating forhim!

Don'tmistake us. l'll switch on the fan. -Okay, ma'am.

Dear! They only havecomeagain.

Somebody kidnapped agirl here & making her marriageby compulsion.

What's your relationship with her?

She is my future wife. lfwe tryto get inside, they've beaten mewith rowdies, sir.

Can you tell me the wedding hall address?

Okay. l'll takecareofit.

You Srini! -Ranga Babu! lf you have guts, come faceto face.

l'll comein policegetup this time & kidnap Manimala.

Dad! -What? -Ranga Babu is coming in policeget up.-Let him come.

Let me show him my power this time.

See! They'vecome. Let's chasethem. Come.

Wherearebrides? -Do you need brides, man?

Why do you look meso? Will you pluck?

l'll pluck it, man.-Oh God.


Men! lf you cometo this area again, we will destroy you all.

He's comebringing many peoplethis time.

Let's fightwith them. Come.

lt's not Ranga Babu. Whereis Ranga Babu? Man!

You Ranga Babu!

Why are you in this getup yet? lt's time fortheauspicious time.

Change your dress fast. Removeit fast.

Leave me.-You...!

You stayhere. -Why do you punish me in this marriage hall?

Son-in-law! ls that you?

You Ranga Babu! l've seen you. l'll finish you. -Come, man.

You didn'twear under wear also? lt's a shame.-Did l forget that today also?

Hey! Stop there.

ls that you? -Did you beatmeunknowingly?

lfl had known it is you, l'd have beaten you strongly.

lt's didn't get damaged yet too.

You Ranga Babu!

Man! Did you cheatme? How dare you are!

Oh God! Removeit.-Go, man.

Why do you laugh? To diewith a smiling face...?

Ranga Babu! l used it forgettingthat thereis no trigger in this.

l'm sorry, man.

l've got caught now.

Sir! lt's getting late fortheauspicious time.

Brother! Let's come making their marriages. Come.

Look. Finish that Ranga Babu's chapter. -Somebodyhas looted my purse.

Dear! Whereare you?

ls that you? -No. -Who has kepthand on myhip?

You comehere, sister-in-law.

Son-in-law! Are you there on thestage? -Chitraju! You...?

Uncle! Whereare you? l'vetiedthewedding chain also.

Wewill do other formalities later.

Manimala! Are you there near son-in-law? -l'm here, mom.

There's only way to remove this smoke.

My first night should happen grandlythis time.


Did l marry you again giving you lakhs ofmoney?

We'dtell that. Right, sister? -ls she your sister?

Who has called me here? -lt's meonly, sir.

You man! He's thecause for ourwounds.

Arrest him first. -S.l sir! He married my daughter cheating all ofus.

Don't worry. Wedding chain is therein my pocket only yet.

No pocketis there. -You thief! Did you tiewedding chain on her?

No, uncle. Hereit is. -Why do you look yet?

Arrest them & take them.

Just aminute. Uncle! lfyou know his mistake... did he do any mistake?

What's that?

They cheated Lakshman Rao & got your alliancehurting them.

This Chitraju acted likea bachelor after getting married already...

Heplanned twice to murder you for your money.

Murder...? -Yes. You gotsaved luckily.

You both are good. But innocentmen, who didn't study others characters.

Brother! Hescolds us. -Why do you giveus a lecture likea good person?

Didn't you plan to marry my daughter as Srinivas?

No, mom. He's agreedthat heis a driver afterwhen he knew me as Manimala.

l wanted to marryhim liking his honesty.

Let her keep on talkingthere. You tiethewedding chain.

l won't.

lfl don'trealizemy guilt now also,there won'tbeany differenceto me & Chitraju.

Why did you say likethat?.

l also realized my guilt seeing you.

This beautiful ladyis mywife from now.

l've given you the second wedding chain also.

Ranga Babu! Sorry, man.

lt's okay, man.

Come. l saidthathonoring a driver is our formalityknowingly or unknowingly.

Thathas become true now.

Why do you see yet? Tie your wedding chain in my daughter's neck.

Uncle! Whatis my state, then?

Tie it without doing anynaughty play.

Have you come again? -l don't comeagain & again. Allow meto remove the zip once.

What will you take out, man?

lfl take it out, you'll getshocked & shaken.

Have you kept anybomb in that? My B.P is increasing.

l've got gastric problem now.

Myhead is paining.-You man! Take that out without threatening us.

Okay, man.

Handsome guy! You getme by your pure love.

My lovablehero, whom l like. Join melike my shadow.

ls it so, Mynah? Have you admired me & called me?

Stay in my eyes as a companion forme.

Stayin myheart to protect me.

You'remybreath and respiration.

Handsome guy! You getme by your pure love.

My lovablehero, whom l like. Join melike my shadow.

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