Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Breaking Bad Cast Reacts to El Camino Trailer Comments | Netflix

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- Hey, I'm Aaron Paul and I am inside of our meth lab

at the El Camino movie premier and I am reading comments

about the movie trailer.

(guitar riff)

- Digging deep like I'm taking it serious, like it's bingo.

You know what I mean?

- I'm gonna go down to the bottom cause nobody ever

goes down to the bottom of these things.

- Give me the good ones, pick a good one.

- Oh, this is cute.

- I have to be honest, nothing in my life currently makes

me more happy or excited than this.

And I'm getting married next week.

Well you know what? Your priorities are correct.

- Me: finished Breaking Bad six years ago.

Netflix: we're done when I say we're done.

(laughs) Right?

Netflix, I'm just waiting for another check.

- Fam, I'm so gassed for this.

Can't wait!

Gonna book the day off so I can watch in peace

and process it properly.

Well off the top of my head, I feel old

because I don't know what fam is.

I don't know what F. A. M. is.

- Okay, it says... You ready?

Yeah, bitch! (laughs)

- You have 12 days, bitch!

See, I don't say bitch as good as Aaron Paul does.

- Yeah, bitch.

- He says bitch a lot.

He's so disrespectful.

- This is a big one.

- Oh my god, this one is a tome.

- Wow, Jesus, it's a book.

- Let's not pick such a big one.

- I bawled my eyes out watching this, Jesse Pinkman

has always had a place in my heart--

- Jesse Pinkman has always had a place in my heart

and I always hoped he was okay.

Jesse Pinkman's always had a place in my heart too,

after I beat the shit out of him.

- This is a puppy named Pinkman

and they can't wait to see her name tag back in action.

- Can we just give Aaron Paul an Emmy now?

Yes, yes you can, please, please give him one

and you know, while you're thinking of him,

I don't know.

- Patricia Podnar says, Jesse was my favorite character

in Breaking Bad, glad to see he's alive

and his story continues.

I just hope for him to find peace and love.

Patricia, I have not seen this, but you are

an eternal optimist to hope that Vince Gilligan

makes someone turn out to be happy, peaceful and in love.

- In Vince Gilligan we trust.

Me too.

- Everyone's a gangster until Jesse comes in.

- Charles Pavlik says, best birthday ge...

Charles Pavlik says (phone ringing) phones off!

Charles Pavlik says, best birthday gift ever.

Happy birthday, you beautiful bitch!

- [Producer] Jesse, I mean, oh my god...

- Jesus christ!

- [Producer] I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

- No, you can you know, refer to me as Jesse, that's fine.

- Can I do another one?

- We deserve this, can't wait.

Yeah, you do.

And the wait is over.

- Jo Edwards, you seem like a very nice person.

- Be sure to watch El Camino, a Breaking Bad movie

on Netflix October 11th, peace.

- Yeah, bitch.

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