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The worst girlfriend, ever, definitely not me

*Awkward Silence*

What you looking at? I'm a really good girlfriend. I'm talking about you, Ashley

Me? I'm like a really good girlfriend. Okay?

*Gasp* What? One of my five boyfriends slept with another girl. I will never trust men again

Worst girlfriends

*reads the conversation on the screen* About to shave my eyebrows! - Shave? - Yeah look hold up - Alright babe

She's shaved her eyebrow off *reads text conversation on screen** I don't want to be rude

But that's not a good look for you. You looking like Mr. Potato Head right now. I'm not trying to wife up mr.

Potato Head, okay? But all he says is **reads text conversation on screen**

*intense breathing*

**reads text conversation on screen** And then she drew on her brows

Remember they sisters not twins. Those don't even look like sisters, more like

friends. this girl roasted her boyfriend by dressing up as

commitment for Halloween

Hahahaha, I'm so funny. She said "scariest thing

I could think of"

Hashtag shout-out to my exes. **reads tweet on screen**

**reads tweet on screen** I don't know about you guys, but this looks forced.

I don't think guys voluntarily go to the nail salon with their girlfriends

I mean unless you do it as like a first time thing

It's like being an enemy territory like "I want to see what they do here"

but after that no guy ever wants to come with their girlfriends because they just have to sit there for at least an hour or

Two while they do their nails but I mean she gonna bring him along & be like getting her nails done

and be like I'm hungry. Which is me all the time except

I don't get my boyfriend to come with me. I order our postmates, okay?

But he's just gonna sit there and feed her. This is living the life. yes, babe

I'll feed you the nuggets. he probably bought her the chicken nuggets, and then she was like

b*tch does it really look like I can eat right now? look look look like my boyfriend gets mad at me for not texting back when I'm getting

My nails done. I'm like they have my hands. I cannot do anything right now. I am immobile [Phone Pun]

I'm handicapped right now. Okay, either you gotta wait, or you can feed me the damn chicken nuggets okay? because I'm hungry. You don't like me when I'm hungry

**reads text conversation on screen**

**reads text conversation on screen**

**reads text conversation on screen** Girl, he is not your taxi. huuuuuh?

You what you trying to go pick up your money? Maybe take a bus or something

I was like this in high school because I wanted a car really really bad

But I also wanted a boyfriend with a car that was like

And I never had a car, and I never had a boyfriend so it's like a lose-lose situation

none of my friends had cars either

Well one of my friends had a car

But she never ever ever took me in it and I have to pay for the bill?!? first

She wakes me up to go eat

Then we order food, and she finishes all my food and now I pay for the bill

hashtag poor boyfriend


She's gonna wake you up make you take her out to eat. I mean, that's what a girlfriend does, okay?

There's nothing to do except go out and eat

you have to understand that I feel like the thing that couples spend the most time doing is watching Netflix and

Going out to eat. What else is there to do

Y'all nasty, there's a family-friendly Channel, okay?

He's taken caution my girlfriend's muscles are larger than mine beware sorry girls

Okay if you pick up cute you should see my girlfriend my girlfriend is cuter, so leave me alone


Already found the other half don't even try with this guy my boyfriend isn't allowed to sneeze in public girls be like bless you

His hearted blessed he has me true

Story, try to sneak a picture of my girlfriend shaving her likes to mess with her. I think she won this round

OOP summon this demon die

Don't really don't do that don't do that. Don't don't do that

Don't even look at your girl when she's shaving okay. You asked for it when you start talking versus now

Honestly love talking you and I'm very thankful and happy. I met you okay. Now. I gotta go couple months later

You told me I'm annoying or something you are what annoying?

I thought I look cute as hell today, and my boyfriend told me I look like pinhead Larry I

Mean I kind of see it now get you a man's like this


Some girl filled up her boyfriend's toothpaste with mayonnaise

But not just any maintenance

Real mayonnaise, what do you hope to achieve? I'm ha ha ha ha ha joke's on you. You're the one kissing him

I mean if he's kissing other girls

I would do this and then he had that real hot mayonnaise breath this girl literally put her boyfriend up for adoption

New boyfriend is allergic to kitten so I can't keep him. He's ginger and named Tom

Friendly comes when called 28 years old and works in IT the Watson, bra

So I'm allergic to your cat oh no no no honey. You're gonna have to go, but the cat's not going anywhere. It's okay

I will find you a good home. I promise this dude bought his girlfriend unfrosted

pop-tarts never buy eyed frosted ever

And stuck every single knife in the kitchen into that damn box jeez I know I'm frosted

it's pretty gross, but

Did it really deserve that yes?

If you don't taste good you deserve to die you know what they say tastes like shit get stabbed

What my beautiful sunshine?

Thanks again for going this will be the last time. I ask what's Matt. You're not sparkly

Just flat color is that for the lipstick? How is something light bright that like contradicts itself. It's underlined -

Why'd you underline light and she said a picture of the makeup?

She wanted this girl set her poor boyfriend to go to Sephora by himself the poor guy

This guy doesn't even know what Matt is everybody pray for him. Just get a color close to this please sorry

I had you go. She made him a list of stuff. She wanted light bright Matt

No Sparkle lipstick not lip gloss fake eyelash kit

eyelashes applicator glue

energy drink a dry shampoo

I should have what sorry I mean you could like show these texts like a sephora employee like help me

Please come on girl energy drink - this is for postmates. It's not a boyfriend my girlfriend's April Fool's prank on me

There's nothing in this world like raising his blood pressure may

I feel like a lot of girls do this, but how would you do this you have to like actually get somebody pregnant?

To pee on it right how do you find a pregnant person?

What do you just like Craigslist need pregnant woman to pee on a pregnancy test or a prank five dollars?

This is

Probably the best this girl got her boyfriend custom underwear with her selfies on him

So just in case you need a reminder or I mean if somebody else needs a reminder you might

This is so good. This is like

This is like a chastity belt for cheating said this is your lockscreen and this is your home screen

It's just like so every time you unlock your phone, it's just like I'm

Watching you he's like. I never cheated. Yeah, those eyebrows. I wouldn't need them. You don't fuck with girls

I know how to do their makeup like this. They will ruin your life, so you tell your girlfriend

I love chocolate ice cream chocolate ice cream is my favorite kind of ice cream, and she'll do this sorry, babe

I completely forgot you love chocolate. I've only said it like 50 times, but you know I forgot uh-huh

oh, it's like the pop-tarts one but a

little more expensive


Mean he probably bought her a car. You don't buy me an Audi I wanted at BMW

What'd I tell you I don't know apparently girls stab things

They don't like women stubs boyfriend for not like Instagram selfie fast enough

with a dab sharpen selfie stick wife stabs husband with squirrel a


How do you step simple with a squirrel? How did you do it Debra?

What bird stabs boyfriend after he farts in her face during an argument, okay, I mean

That's kind of disrespectful an Oxford student stabbed your boyfriend with a bread knife a bread knife

Not a butter knife the bread ones are the sharp ones Simon stabs boyfriend free dick Thanksgiving dinner too early

I work so hard to make all of this food

I put it on the table you took a bite of a biscuit before me how dare you?

Girlfriend pack the lunch for me after an argument the night before three

Potatoes not one not two, but three. I mean at least that hard-boiled put some salt on that bitch

Five-star snack, but anyways, that's all for today

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