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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why Will Smith as The Genie gave me a hard-on

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ladies gentlemen boys and girls hello

I'm Jillian orpurt from doing English

Dom Khan last night I watched the the

new al Anton film I say new it's new ish

now and I don't mind admitting it was

pretty good I really really enjoyed it

not least because the one and only the

great Will Smith is in it let's face it

anything with Will Smith in it is gonna

be good now whenever I watch films like

this I'm always looking out for

interesting little bits of linguistic

wordplay let's say and I was not

disappointed by this film there's warm

wine fairly close to the beginning of

the film that most native speakers

probably wouldn't pick up on let alone

people watching in English as a second

language but it was a particularly sexy

bit of wordplay tell you especially

coming from Will Smith it gave me a real

hard-on it's got to be said it's in the

scene where the genie is making a

landing into a prince and the genie says

I'm about to fabulous you now it comes

from Will Smith as the genie the king of

fabulous himself and indeed he uses the

word fabulous again and again in a game

in the film when he says I'm about to

fabulous you it's obviously supposed to

be taken as I'm about to make you

fabulous however it actually has a

double meaning because that's not quite

what fabulous really means the word

fabulous actually comes from the word

fable not fabulous of course the most

able and fabulous also have the same

roots but the way fabulous is used is

actually used in a different way of a

different meaning that it means to

create a fable around something that is

to invent to lie about the what the

story around something so when the genie

says I'm about to fabulous you what he's

actually saying the real meaning again

it's meant to have this novel meaning

the real meaning is

about to create a lie around you which

is of course exactly what he does

because Aladdin is not a prince but he

creates this persona this fable around

Aladdin as Prince Ali to make him into a

prince he fabulous is him now if you

don't catch the subtleties like that yet

don't worry again I can't imagine many

native speakers even would have picked

up on that particular piece of wordplay

but you can get to the point where you

do pick up on these things and indeed

one of my method graduates was just the

other day telling me that it's taken her

ten months but she's finally got to the

point where she can sit down and she can

really enjoy the films and the media

that she loves in English without

sometimes about captions I should have

to sit there and comprehend it and

really be able to follow the the

subtleties is going on in the language

and once you reach that level with your

English comprehension wow everything

becomes much much more enjoyable it's

got to be said it's one of the reasons

why I kept on going

my Japanese even long after I could have

stopped if I'm perfectly honest because

I love films I love I love story I am an

average student of story films books I

love to read and I love to watch films

and I want to be able to really actually

dig deeper into them in catch the

subtleties that maybe most people would

miss now if you want to get to this

point yourself I can help you to do that

how ha ha

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early at this point in time at for the

2020 January run right I'm pretty much

just rambling at this point in time if

you haven't seen the Ladin go watch it

it's a great film if you have seen it go

watch it anyway see if you can catch

that line again it's a yeah particularly

sexy a bit of wordplay if you ask me

right this is me Jude in Northbrook off

to have to do what I don't know

something else bye bye

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