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Do you think it's possible to add a headphone jack to an iPhone 7

I'm Scotty with Strange Parts. You probably know me as the guy who built his own iPhone in China

I'm here in Hong Kong in front of the Apple store

And I came down here a few months ago

To buy a new iPhone 7 because I want to shoot better video when I'm out exploring the industrial world

But I was really annoyed it doesn't have a headphone jack

and I really want one so I was stewing on it

And I was stewing on it because I know Apple's not gonna add it back

But I did end up buying one and I went home and I woke up the next morning

And I thought why don't I have my own headphone jack how hard could it be now other people have tried doing this

Don't do that it turns out it's really bad for your phone. I want to do it for real is it possible I?

I don't know I'm gonna head to Shenzhen and find out

I'm here in Shenzhen, the electronics manufacturing capital of the world. We're here in Huaqiangbei

Which are the electronics of wholesale markets and you can get just about anything here

I need a phone I can take apart, and I don't really want to take apart the nice shiny one

I just got at the Apple store

So I looked around for an iPhone 7 logic board that I could use to build up my own phone

And I'm not really finding very many so instead I bought a used phone

This is my screen cracker. See if we can open a gap down here where we can get either our fingernail

Or a tool in there

Yep. There we go. You can see there's not a whole lot of empty space in this phone, a little bit extra room

But not much. I wanna know what this thing is here

Because that's where the headphone jack would have gone

So iFixit says according to Apple,

The, this little plastic thing in the corner is a barometric vent in order to have an accurate altimeter


Just a piece of plastic. Yeah, I don't I don't believe that that's a barometric event

I don't really know what I'm talking about it

Just looks to me like a plastic clip that holds some connectors on. Here is the headphone jack if this was in here

Would it fit? Oh, it would it might?

Might stick out a little. Wonder how much I can cut this down without


Holy shit, I was expecting to say that there's no space here, and I don't think that's true

I thought it was gonna look like that where I was gonna have this big bulge on the outside

But now I think I could put it on the inside. I don't want to change the case at all

I just want to drill a hole I

Didn't think that was possible. I didn't think there was enough room inside, but I think there might be. That's kind of crazy

I'm on my way to the markets to get a dremel to grind out more room in the case

Okay, I think that's what I want. Let's see if that'll work

This right here is, where I want to put the headphone jack

This goes here, battery will go up here. So


Now it needs a hole to come out through. Right here

That is getting pretty far out there

The taptic engine is still in the way, maybe I can move the battery up oh


am a lucky bastard I

can totally

Just put the taptic engine in sideways so battery just a little higher

It sits right up against the top of the logic board which I think is fine

It's totally cockeyed, but it works

I'm starting to get really worried about the vertical space. That's fully flush on that corner, but over here. It's sticking up

That's a pretty big problem. So this is the bottom of the screen, that's the that's the button


Bracket right here goes right on top of where we want to put the headphone jack. Let's start taking that off

That is very close to at least allowing at the top connector to fit in if I grind off the corner

Man, now there are problem with the connector is getting unplugged

It's these two connectors right here that are giving me the problem. That's really hard to show this but they both sort of

Come together like right in the same area, and I'm worried

They're colliding with each other so it does, does work it comes

Pretty much flush at this point, but I'm worried that that pressure is popping that connector off. The other option

I was thinking about is if I can move this connector over far enough, then this actually can go on the bottom again

I'm not sure if that's gonna fly

I'm getting ahead of myself though. First, I just need to get the electrical side of things working I

thought maybe I'd get lucky, and I'd find a place inside the phone that I could just wire up a headphone jack to and

After doing some research online and talking to people. I don't think that's the case, so I'm gonna have to get clever

I started thinking about this headphone adapter that Apple gives you with your phone

It's got a lightning plug on one end and a headphone jack on the other and then we thought

Could I wire that into the back of one of these lightning jacks like this and then have the headphone adapter stick out the front

So I've come to the Apple store here in Shenzhen

It's the only official Apple store run by Apple to get some more official adapters

(Want buy this?) yeah, I want to buy this yeah

Okay, thank you. Well that was pretty easy, not cheap, but easy. Let's cut this open

That might... I just broke something. Yeah damnit. That might have been bad

That's bad. Dang it. should have bought more than one

Hi, you guys have lightning to headphone adapters? (Yes) I didn't see it here. Oh, it's

Perfect, need a couple actually. I'll take three. (Three) Yeah, I keep breaking them


and 36

But, do you need a receipt for that, in case it has some problems? Although it's very...

I think it's okay

I think the next step is for me to try and solder wires on to the back of a Lightning jack

And onto the headphone adapter, and then try and connect them together

But this is finer solder work than I've ever done

So I went to my favorite tool booth in the markets and I got their fanciest

tweezers. This one okay, this one good, and this one the best

Switzerland fetus, and they come in a tube, which means they're extra fancy

Switzerland fetus, and they come in a tube, which means they're extra fancy

Good. Super nice guy

High temperature, okay

High temperature sounds good

(What do you want?) Maybe I'll get red, the high temperature, yeah

My $10 USB microscope is total crap so it's time to go get a new one

So that was a typical, but amazing experience. She took everything out of the box, showed me how everything went together

Debugged it all just to prove everything works and make sure I have no problems

Here goes nothing

This is what I've been working on for

far too long now, well over a week at this point. This is

the lightning dock that would go in the bottom of an iphone 7

I've soldered wires on the back of that to each of the pins to this breakout header here. This is my taken apart

lightning to headphone jack adapter. I've just taken all of the pins on the Lightning jack

And I've attached them to these header pins here. The next thing to do is to connect them together

This is exactly the same thing

It's just plugging the adapter into the Lightning jack

But it'll just test the dock that my wiring right before I start trying new things. Here it goes

Yes, it works


Now I need to figure out how to charge the phone. If I'm gonna wire up this headphone adapter instead of the Lightning jack

Then the Lightning jack won't be connected anymore, so I got to figure something else out

We're just talking with some friends over beer and street barbecue tonight

And and I've been telling what I've been working on and struggling with and

They suggested that I make my own circuit to just switch between the Lightning jack and the headphone adapter

Apparently there are chips that can switch USB, so maybe something like that will work

I think I found a chip that'll work. I'm on my way to the markets to meet a chip broker that a friend recommended

Ni hao. Are you Andy? (Yeah) yeah Scotty, nice to meet you. Oh, you got em already ready? (Yeah) perfect

I just want to give a quick explanation of what's happening here

This is the headphone adapter, and this headphone jack will stick out of the phone

This is the Lightning jack that you'll see on the outside of the phone

And then this is where it's all connected to the phone where the Lightning Jack used to be connected

And then this is the switching chip that switches between

Connecting the headphone adapter to the phone or the Lightning jack to the phone

Depending on whether something's plugged in to the Lightning jack or not. Here goes

so let's start by putting the

Lightning jack in. First test, do the headphones work. It says iPhone, right?

Plug this guy in. Now it says headphones sweet

Amazing holy shit it works

Okay, now here's the real test. Can i switch over to the other jack

Okay, headphones are connected. Now let's switch it to one and bingo

headphones, again, charging

Headphones, plug in, charging

Headphones, I think I got it

Yes. Time to make a circuit board. Really excited to get this point

Next, I need to figure out how to get this inside of here

Originally, I thought I'd be able to hand wire it, but I think things are way too complex for that now

So I'm gonna make a printed circuit board or PCB. You've probably seen these before

They look really complex, but they're really just a bunch of wires

glued on to a rigid piece of fiberglass and

The cool part about these is that I can draw them on the computer and then have a factory make a really precise copy

The first circuit bar to make isn't not gonna fit inside the phone. It's gonna be way too big

I'm gonna use big chips that are really easy for me to solder

I'm gonna add lots of test points to make it easy to debug and then I'll use what I learn from this

To design a much smaller board that will fit inside the phone


Finally done designing the circuit board. I'm exhausted

I've been working on this for the past two days. Hopefully I didn't screw anything up too badly

It's about 10:30 in the morning here on a Sunday, and I just got the delivery

Circuitboards. There, is our finished prototype board. Sweet, time to put it together

Let's give this a shot. You can put it together with the iPhone 6s, seven is still in the shop

Oh no. So headphones

don't work straight out of gate. That's not right

Yeah i just totally wired these backwards

Okay, well there's probably an easy solution to this

which is

To remove the headphone jack and wire it up with the wires

Right about now, I was hoping to say there it is the prototype is done, and it's working

But not so much. The only part that's not working right now

is this little guy, which is the Lightning to headphone adapter

But, I have wired up the headphone adapter that I hand soldered, that I was using before for prototyping

and I can get that to work. I think I'm gonna declare victory and move on

Now it's time to fit all this circuitry inside the phone. Now obviously this big board isn't gonna fit

So I'm gonna have to make a smaller one, a much smaller one

I'm going to try making a flexible circuit board. Now these are the same as

the normal circuit boards, except that instead of gluing the wires down to a rigid piece of fiberglass,

They're glued down to a flexible piece of plastic instead. This allows them to bend around other parts

They used a lot in cell phones and cameras, where space is really at a premium

They're sometimes called origami circuits because they often have really complex folds

I've never designed one of these before so we'll see how this goes I

Went got printer so that I can figure out

whether the flex PCB design fits as drawn on the computer inside the phone

Time for a little ghetto lamination

I'm going to the markets to see Lisa, who is my contact at the flexible circuit board Factory. Hi, how are you? So

this is an iPhone 7. I am adding a headphone jack

(Oh, you change it? you change the phone?)

Yeah, yeah, so that's what this board does

(Okay, good one) *laugh*

This is my first flex PCB design, so I want to make sure I'm not making any major mistakes

(You just need one piece). I probably should get like at least five pieces

just in case, I have five or ten pieces just in case I'll have problems

Yeah, and I'll send you the file when I'm done. Hopefully the end of today. I'll get it to you

Thank you. Good seeing you Lisa. Good seeing you Nana. Okay, bye-bye. Feeling pumped up again

Things are moving forward finally

Alright, I just sent files off to Lisa and she said she got em. So just waiting on them to make the make the actual

boards now. I'm super excited

I'm rushing over to meet Lisa to go out to the factory. All right, so we're here at the FPC factory

Let me give you a quick overview of what we're gonna see before we go into the factory

Remember I said that circuit boards were just a bunch of small wires

Well they etch those wires out of a sheet of copper using acid. First we need the copper

That's gonna become part of our circuit board. They cut it off a roll

It's actually two sheets of copper with a layer of special plastic in the middle

Next, they drill any holes the board needs they use these really cool robotic drilling machines, which can automatically switch between different sized drill bits

Wow, it's super strong smelling in here

Okay, so it's for copper plating the vias

When they drill a hole, then they need to fill the hole back in with copper so it conducts between the two layers

They then run it through these machines which edge off all of the rest of the copper, leaving only the wires I've drawn

Now it's time to make the solder mask. The solder mask is another layer of plastic that

Covers up the wires where I don't want solder to stick when I go to solder on the chips

This is the, some screening room here where they're putting on the silkscreen for any

numbers or letters or writing that needs to be on the board

Gradual stacking up of a layer of Sandwich

We're testing all of the electrical contacts everything that should

Connect, connect and things that shouldn't connect, don't connect every time a board is made

Then we need to make the tool, a test tool for it

Finished? Okay, that's the whole process

Great. And finally they ship out the boards to the customer

That's me. So Lisa just texted me on WeChat and said that the Flex PCB boards are done. Hoping this board just works

If it doesn't it'll be at least a week's delay maybe more

Hi, Lisa. How are you?

Good, oh, you've got them right in your hand

Awesome, yeah

Yeah, they look good. I got the boards and I'm super-psyched. Big question now,

is do they work and can I solder them. I'd be lying if I

I didn't say I was at least a little bit worried, and this is the smallest soldering I've ever done

So I'm hoping I can pull it off. So I'm gonna start with the cheap chips first

I mean, I think the strategy here is to apply a little bit of solder paste this solder paste is

A little tiny microscopic metal balls, solder balls suspended in flux in like a flux paste. Alright,

I've got something everywhere. Now, when I apply the hot air, all of this, all of these little microscopic solder balls are gonna melt and

Turn into a solid piece of metal

Wherever they are so I'm trying to make sure it's they're all in the right places

Surface tension is totally your friend when you're doing this kind of stuff

so I just want everything to be kind of connected enough that surface tension will pull it all together when it melts

I guess let's put the passives on first the little capacitors and stuff

Okay now,

Chips. All right these are the BGA chips, these are the ones that are the smallest and have a little solder balls on the bottom

This could

This could result in massive failure if I just blow all these chips everywhere, just want like a baby's breath of hot air

See everything moving around?

That's what should happen

Boy that looks great. I think I'm gonna stop there. If that was actually it, that's really darn simple

Just looking for that everything got adhered properly and there aren't any major

Bridges between pins or pads. There it is, that's our little set of chips here. Sweet

Awesome. Next step, the other side

I will accept that, as

Maybe working. So many things have to go right for this to work

I'm nervous

This is the moment of truth

*music playing*

How cool was that?

Months of work finally coming through

Headed over to my friend, Nick's place

He's a mechanical engineer, and he just got a desktop CNC mill. CNC's are super cool

They're basically super precise robotic drills

So he's gonna try and help me mill better holes in the case for the headphone jack

And what I can do by myself just with a handheld dremel

You got a proper lab in here I can set up the basics of this, okay

I'm still figuring out how to use this software so

It's gonna sit like this, right

Yep, so and the important measurement is the height of the hole from this face. Okay,

So it's doing a helix, and then these blue lines or yeah, just cuts. I'm gonna load the g-code

Just try it. Yeah, let's give it a shot one of these one of these spare backs

I hope this isn't a bad idea. Alright, here goes nothing

*drill working*

Well, I don't think our feeds and speeds were ideal. There's definitely a lot of vibration going on

Oh man, I wonder how many like

Noob things we did all in one go

I'm gonna

Cut out the inside now, and that'll allow us to actually like test fit the the Jack and see if this all works

There goes, oh shit. I guess we'll have to have a 2.0. Oh yeah totally

- The box is destroyed - But it still-- It's got a sticker on it - I looked it up on Taobao, and they're about ¥180, so... - Yeah. Cool.

So we picked up this xbox360 controller

So we picked up this xbox360 controller

Now it works with Mach 3. Cutting plastic like a video game. Yeah, I really want one of these now

Looks a lot better than first time we tried this. It was a lot less terrifying than last time. That looks pretty damn good

I think. It almost looks like we know what we're doing now

That's, that's beautiful. Next is to machine one of these headphone jacks

Around the front to get that perfect circle so that it fits in the hole. Okay,

So it looks like you hacked the shit of this connector


I really did. So I took the dremel to it and basically just shaved it off until I hit metal on every side

Okay, that's enough

That's pretty damn good, I think that's it

Hopefully this case is the one. Time to go home and go to sleep

Last thing I need to do is fit inside the phone, so

Have it mounted here in the bottom the case. It's one of the ones

I drilled out by hand, and I just make sure that the screen fits on, still

Pretty decent size gap there still. That's a problem


That's real bad.

It fits together, but the screens are breaking

broken two screens in the past 24 hours, and they're

Just being too smashed i think, by the headphone jack

I don't know guys,

I really want to give up at this point

Just feels like now it's a matter of not screwing up, not breaking something, which isn't very much fun

It's also getting really expensive

Hundreds and hundreds of dollars in broken parts. Like, just this week alone ignoring the rest of my costs I

I knew this project was gonna be hard. I had no idea of how hard it was gonna be

I've heard from so many AVU via emails

Facebook messages, and a lot of you said

how inspired you were, by, by what I did. And I wanted this story to be another story of inspiration,

of success.

And right now it's not


I really want to show you guys, like a finished phone. I really wanna be able to say here it is, it works

*sighs* :((

Yeah, I can't stop here. I'm gonna go give it one more shot and

Be really careful this time. I feel like I'm gradually learning, how to not break stuff. It gets a little bit better each time but

Wish me luck

Finally got it working. I finally put it together

Without breaking anything check this out. Okay? Here's the speaker and


Is the headphones. How awesome is that. Volume buttons work,

Can pause it and play. And when I unplug the headphones,

It stops. How cool is that and lastly the hardest part was getting it so that it would charge

Check this out

*TADA* 😄

That, is a pretty sweet sight. So one question you might be asking is how does this compare to an iPhone 6s, which was the

Last model of iPhone that Apple made with a headphone jack

This here is my old 6s, and you can see the headphone jack

Here is a little bit closer in on the 6s, and lines a little bit further out

And then my hole is a little bit more jagged than theirs um, but hey not too shabby for a handmade phone, right?

But wait, there's one more thing

I'm sure a lot of you are asking how do I get my own iPhone with a headphone jack? Be patient

I've already talked to a lot of people who want a modern iPhone with that phone jack and unfortunately. I'm not your Savior

just yet. You can see how hard it was for me to put together with just this one phone

This design isn't quite ready for primetime. But for you diehard strange parts fans, I've made a limited edition board just for you

Go here to find out more. Next, to Apple: I really want to buy an iPhone with a headphone jack in it from you. I

I hear you've got a new phone coming out soon. So if you want help adding a headphone jack, let me know

I'll go one step further, if you're an Apple engineer and you can email me any reasonable proof

I'll send you a free circuit board. I just want to help, guys. If you're a strange parts fan,

I need some help. Please comment below with what you'd like to see me do next. And if you think you've got a really awesome idea,

Send me an email to tips at

I'm really looking forward to exploring outside of just cellphones and China

I travel full time, so if you live somewhere interesting, or you've got an idea for an interesting story in an out-of-the-way place

Chances are, I'm interested in going to check it out. Also to the brothers and sisters in Huaqiangbei and the broader

cellphone ecosystem here in Shenzhen,

You've helped me so much, so I have a gift for you

I want to give you the design for this, no charge, to make and modify

so many of you are way more skilled than I am, I hope that you can improve on this design and make it available to

The average person. Believe me, they really want it

I give you my full permission to make and sell these. The files are on my Weibo account and website here

Also, I have some extra PCBs to give you, send me a message on Weibo

And I'll tell you how to get one. I hope that one day. We'll feel like we truly own our devices

That will feel free to modify and repair our phones as we please, to upgrade them and to add whatever features we can dream up

Until then thank you for watching. I'm Scotty with Strange Parts, hit that subscribe button down below and stay tuned for more adventures

Oh, and lastly I wanted to give a huge shout out to everybody that's helped me with this video. Go check out the description

there's a lot of people doing really amazing things

I know a lot of you are gonna ask can this be done on an iPhone 8,

I don't know. I haven't seen one yet 😄

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