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Norwich says he's ready for a

new challenge, taking on the

challenges facing residents of

our region. Joe Angelino is a

Republican candidate for the

122nd District in the New York

State Assembly. He started his

career in law enforcement with

the Chenango County Sheriff's

Office in the late 70's,

joined the Norwich Police

Department in the early 80's

and was its chief from 1996 to

2014. Angelino is also a

decorated war veteran, having

served with the Marines and

Marine Reserves in Dessert

Storm and the Iraq War. He was

injured twice and earned 2

purple hearts in Iraq in 2005.

Since retiring from Norwich

P-D, he's spent the last 5

years volunteering for his

friend Cliff Crouch who is

retiring from the seat at the

end of the year. Angelino says

that during that time, he's

traveled the vast, mostly

rural district getting to know

what issues are important to

constituents. He says he's

willing to stand up to the New

York City Democrats who hold

all of the power in Albany.

Candidate for Assembly Joe

Angelino says, "I've been

outnumbered in fights before.

You still have to have a

voice, you can't just roll

over, play dead and let them

run over us. A lot of people

in this rural district feel

that way. They feel their

culture, their way of life,

their hunting, their sporting

is being run over." Jim Ehmke

says: Angelino says high taxes

and onerous regulations are

chasing people out of Upstate

New York, 80 thousand in the

last year alone. He also

thinks the state should be

investing more in

infrastructure and needs to

make certain volunteer

ambulance services remain

viable. You can watch his

entire interview, including

his tribute to fallen

comrades, at Binghamton

Homepage dot com. Nick Libous,

son of the late State Senator

Tom Libous, and energy

activist Vic Furman are

An Owego grocery store is

doing its part to fight

hunger. Tops Markets is

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