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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Music parodies, beat box & gypsy rap !

Difficulty: 0

How many people speak Spanish ?


Two people

Speak Spanish

And how many people in the audience speak English ?

Two !

Two speak Spanish and two speak English

And how many people speak French ? Speak French ?

Four !

So two speak Spanish, we don't speak English nobody speak French... We have nothing for speak !

It was a joke

Very funny in Belgium !

We want to tell you that we speak

We speak a little bit

We want to tell you that

We are very happy to be here with you tonight !

We want to tell that we love you !


There is no time

To be with everybody

It's a joke !

I have time...

For love !

When I saw you there, I knew

That you want me but not him

When I was there and you look at me like that

I knew you was for me !

The Description of Music parodies, beat box & gypsy rap !