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I am from Bulgaria, my name is Danail, and I am 34 years old.

I have come here today to give my testimony because around 6 to 7 months ago

I had very serious health problems.

I had hemorrhoids, warts and I had a problem in which I watch pornographic films constantly.

For how long did you suffer with these problems beginning with the hemorrhoids?

I have been suffering with this problem for roughly 12 to 13 years maybe even 15 years, for a very long time.

What about the warts, for how long did you have them?

For about 3 to 4 months.

You also told us that you were addicted to pornography.

For how long?

From a young age, since I was in school.

Therefore, from a young age from the time you where going to school until

the moment you came to the prayer line you continued to watch pornography?

Before I became a believer it was happening 24 hours a day. Afterwards is was a little less.

Tell us, how hemorrhoids which you had for so long, how did they affected you

in your daily life and what could you not do?

First of all I tried to find a solution with herbs

but the woman who sold me them charged me a lot of money and in the end I had no results.

I wanted to sue this woman but I didn't.

Therefore, you tried to find a solution to your problem by using herbs?

Exactly. But I had no results at all.

What were the doctors saying about your situation, did they give you any solution?

After I saw that the herbs didn't help me, I went to many doctors 4 to 5 doctors, even specialists.

They gave me some medicine but I had no results

and that was how I remained like this for so long.

Tell us how did this problem effect your daily life?

I constantly had to be laying in bed.

I had to lay on my stomach so that I would be in less pain.

As a man I was unable to help my wife with anything around the house.

I have two children that always want to play with me

but I was in too much pain to play with them.

You are telling us that you were in so much pain that even doing simple things like

playing with your children was difficult.

Even carrying some groceries to the house and such.

Yes, it was exactly like that.

For all of these years you were in so much pain and you could not do anything about it, correct?

No, I did not find a solution.

Tell us a little about the warts you suffered with.

Did you go to the doctor regarding this problem?

Yes, I went to the doctor.

What did they tell you?

They told me to have surgery and that it was the only way for these to leave me.

Did you have the surgery?

No, I did not.

We would also like for you to tell us regarding the addiction to pornography you said you had.

We know that many people nowadays battle with this issue, especially the young people.

Tell us therefore, how did this issue of pornography affect you in your daily life,

in your spiritual life and in your relationship with God?

Beginning from your school days.

Yes, exactly.

I was 14 years old and every night before I believed in God I would watch these films.

When I became a believer in God every night there was a battle within me, "should I do it, should I not do it?"

Many times I fell to the temptation, I could not stand it.

I had a very big business. I had an office.

But this was something good for the devil.

What did your business have to do with?

My business was to transport wood from Bulgaria to Greece.

When I was at the office since my wife and kids where not there,

I was alone and every 5 minutes I would watch pornographic films.

So you mean to tell us that this desire you had inside of you

would not allow you to be at rest, you wanted to watch more and more?

Yes, I constantly did this and many times I hated myself and I would wonder, "Why am I doing this?!"

You also said that even though at some point in your life you became a Christian

and you accepted Jesus Christ,

the desire to watch pornography continued to exist in your life.

Yes, exactly.

From this we can see that the matter of pornography is not a simple thing.

Even though our brother accepted Jesus Christ into his life,

this habit could not seize because there was a spirit behind that was causing this.

How can this leave? Only with deliverance.

For many of us this is a lesson, because many of the things we suffer from

are not just something that happens in the physical, but there is a spirit that is hidden behind this

and deliverance alone is the solution to this problem.

Therefore, brother tell us during the duration of your life that you watched pornography,

how did this affect your relationship with your family and with your wife?

Me and my wife had many problems.

It was as if I did not love my wife and my children. I was blind,

I was constantly thinking about pornography and did not pay any attention to my wife and children.

I was in my own world as if no one else existed.

When we went home we had many problems, I was always mad.

It was better for me to be at work or somewhere else due to the problems at home.

How did this issue of pornography affect you in your workplace?

Was everything going good with your work? Where you progressing?

Many of my problems affected my business, because every time that I made an appointment

with big business men for a lot of money, I had pain and could not go.

When you say pain you mean due to the hemorrhoids?

Yes, with the hemorrhoids.

With the pornography I was constantly locked inside the office.

As you where facing all of these problems

and you told us that the doctors did not give you any solution for the hemorrhoids and the warts,

what did you do to find a solution? Where did you go?

I tried the herbs and then the doctors.

I have even been to churches for them to pray for me,

but I had no results.

What happened afterwards?

A brother that is here, told me that there is a church here in Thessaloniki.

He told me it is a living church and the Man of God Harry is here and that I will find a solution to my problem.

I wanted to go to Africa to Prophet T.B. Joshua in Nigeria,

but because the man of God Harry opened a church here, I came here.

And it is closer to me, it is 1000 kilometers from my city.

Indeed, we thank God for the opportunity to have a living church in our country.

Tell us brother, you came six months ago and you entered the prayer line.

I could not come quicker to give my testimony because now I have another business

in Italy with my brother and now was when I found the chance to come.

At this point I would like for us to watch the video of what happened the day our

brother was placed on the prayer line.

My name is Danail Savov from Bulgaria and I am 33 years old.

My major problem is pornography, hemorrhoids, warts and family curses.

My major problem is pornography the other problems are secondary. These all affect my business and my life.

My life is a failure and I hope that God will heal me through the man of God Harry.

I have pain from the hemorrhoids and this affects my business because I cannot meet with others as I should.

We can see a medical report next to you, can you explain what they are?

This medical report states that I have hemorrhoids and warts.

I believe that I will be delivered from this evil spirit that has been tormenting my life.

In Jesus' name you are free. Thank you, Lord.

In the mighty name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you, Lord! You are free!

Amen! Let us give a great round of applause for Jesus Christ.

Brother, we saw in the video that the moment when the man of God prayed for you, you fell down

under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Tell us what where you feeling in that moment as you waited for the man of God to pray for you?

I remember I was holding my child as I see the video.

I don't remember much but something very heavy like a hammer hit my head.

After that I don't remember anything.

From this we understand that in that moment our brother was under a different atmosphere

that the Holy Spirit had encountered him.

So brother from that moment on, what changes have you began to see in yourself?

Beginning with the hemorrhoid pains.

In the past before I entered the prayer line, when I used the toilet as all of us go to the bathroom in the morning...

I hated the toilet, I didn't want to see toilets

because I knew what great pain would follow.

So you do not feel any pain now?

After the the prayer slowly the pain went away.

Wow! Hallelujah!

Before I could not lift any weights and now I go to the gym.

In the past the doctors told me that in the summer the hemorrhoids will hurt you more.

But after the prayer I can now go into a sauna which is 95 degrees without pain.

Glory be to God! Amen!

Tell us also about the problem you had with the warts.

They disappeared! I did not even have symptoms of pain.

They simply disappeared and I thank God that I did not have to get the surgery done.

Brother, indeed you have a received a very big miracle from Jesus Christ.

Tell us regarding the issue of pornography.

Before you constantly had a desire inside of you to watch pornography films.

What changed now after the prayer?

From here we went to Italy and many times I was alone and the desire to watch pornography did not come to me at all.

Let us give a great round of applause for Jesus Christ!

In one month I was wondering, "Why do I not have the desire anymore to watch pornography?"

Glory be to God for what He has done for me!

Indeed only Jesus Christ can do this. He delivered him from

the weakness he had of watching pornography and now he is a free man and can live for the glory of God.

Brother, we are very happy for your testimony.

We would like for you to tell us what advice you have for the people here today

that are facing different weaknesses, sicknesses and problems. What is your advice to them today?

First of all I want to say that the Holy Spirit should always be with them and the whole world.

And when they cannot find a solution to their problem, Jesus Christ will help them.

And we pray with you to make the Word of God a guide for your life

since you have been set free by the Word of God so that your miracles remain

permanent in the name of Jesus Christ.

And as you came today to testify for what God has done, you should expect more in the future.

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