Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Snoekbroeders #16 - VISVAKANTIE aan het VELUWEMEER

Difficulty: 0

How are you man? Yeah I'm doing fine!

It's already very hot.

The weather would get better end of the week.

You have great weather. It's fantastic.

Hi. Nice to see you. The boat is already packed!

We only need to put on the cover.

Otherwise it will get full of rain.

And then the bilge pump will switch on. Leaving us with no power for the day.

Let's put on the cover together. Just have to dry my last washes.

Have you never seen the boat? No. Well then come and take a look!

It is different from a bellyboat.

You never saw it up close? No, only in the movies.

Nice boat man.

I can put on an extra chair. I have it in the shed. Cool.

How long does a tank last? Around one day I guess.

It depends on the wind and how you sail. And whether we sail on the electromotor.

We tank 20 liters today.

If I fish half a day at my regular water, it is half empty. But then we only do trolling.

We are in the car. The adventure is going to start!

We are leaving! We are in the car.

On our way to the Veluwemeer. We put the cover

on the entire boat just to make sure.

In case it will rain tonight.

We put everything in the back. A bag with cameragear.

A bag with clothes. A bag with food.

I think we brought 185 bottles of icetea.

We are going to search for the glasses of Jacques de Mortel.

He lost them at the Veluwemeer. We will catch it later. On our lure.

We are standing at the lying table of the Veluwemeer Pension.

This pension is run by Kees and Ingrid.

It is a super location. I can tell you that.

So we are at the lying table. And it has all kinds of fishing stories written on it.

Yes all kinds of stories. A meter is a meter and not 99 centimeter.

You read one Ingrid. Almost caught is not caught.

1.20 meter. Thank you for the fine food. From Sjaak. That's about three years ago.

Better one fish hooked than 10 in the water. That's the way it is.

You run the Veluwemeer Pension for a while now right? Yes, almost ten years.

You can't see it that well on the camera. But the Veluwemeer is back there right?

The Veluwemeer is 800 meters from the pension.

And the trailerslope is close by.

The trailerslope is around 1500 meters driving.

That's ideal!

Maybe we can show the rooms of your bed and breakfast? Yes, Ingrid will do that.

I think it's super. And great coffee!

Nice rooms.

I think it's mostly fishermen coming here? Or also surfers?

Only regular people come here. Only regular people.

Oh then we are at the wrong location!

You are late because yesterday we had a party.

We catered a BBQ for the gentlemen last night.

You do that yourselves?

Yes. The boys ask if they can BBQ. And that's fine.

We take care of that.

We order meat and make our own salades.

Put it all together.

Good food. Good beer.

It is really a holiday here.

I'm looking for a new home. Maybe I put an offer for this one.

This house is not for sale. Not for sale.

There is Jurgen.

How do you like it here Jurgen. Fine!

Don't worry about the beer. The boys had a lovely BBQ last night.

They had a good time. I see the Hertog Jan beer.

You can see it is all tailored to fishermen. Oh there are lures everywhere.

The boys asked if they could put there lures up for sale here.

You can buy them all and put the money in the box.

We don't take care of the money. The guys do it themselves.

Are those homemade lures?

Yes. He made them himself. Dirk Knittel, a German.

He often visits us here.

And of course he is often on the water.

And he made all this himself.

Wauw. Nice lures.

These are from Jarno. Jarno Dingering.

He designs his own lures and has them manufactured. And then he finishes them.

We have our own ruler hier at the bed and breakfast.

My ultimate dream is to catch a 1.30 meter pike. But I only got to here.

Hopefully I will pass the meter mark next week.

The ruler is owned by the Veluwemeer Pension.

You can take it in the boat

and if you caught the biggest pike at the end of the season

you can spend a night with us for free.

But the mark is already very high.

Every room has its own toilet. This is the toilet of the Baars room.

And then we walk upstairs. Because the bed and breakfast is upstairs.

Oh I see a picture of Steff.

1.27 meter.

This is the spot where people are often getting together for a talk.

The kitchen part.

If you don't want to go outside for dinner, you can cook here.

You can heat some soup in this pan if you want.

And you can use the microwave.

There's a refridgerator with water for our guests.

The dishwasher.


Coffee and tea is all included.

You also prepare lunchboxes I understood?

Yes the lunchboxes are included.

It has a special sandwich every day.

Check the website or the Facebook page of the Veluwemeer Pension.

A different sandwich every day. With cheese, carpaccio, you name it.

And a bottle of water and other drinks, and something to snack.

That's great. There are also luxury boxes for lunch.

That can contain everything but it's always a surprise.

This is the living room.

Someone is already chilling there.

He's not going anywhere today.

In the evening the guests gather around here.

They will be talking about fishing of course.

There are Belgians, Germans, French coming here. And they have one thing in common. Fishing!

Often they speak in English or German.

Stories are told.

It's like one big family.

Yeah, that's what fishing does I guess.

I hope they understand my dialect.

I can always talk Limburgs. That's also possible.

I made up a joke for you guys.

You both have fish pillows in your bed.

Then I don't need to miss my wife.

Let's see. I've got the carp.

And here is the pike.

This is room Snoekbaars? Yes, it is.

And we decorated it with all kind of boats etcetera.

You can see that even on the beds.

I want to show the lightswitch. It is pretty awesome.

It's in every room.

This is room Baars.

Decorated with birds.

These are great rooms.

And this is room Pike.


So you have three rooms total?=.

If you're interested you can move the beds together. Do you hear that Jurgen?


This is the shared shower.

The bathroom with towels for you to use.

Throw everyting in the basked and it will be washed and ready tomorrow.

There's is a bathing robe if you want one.

This is fantastic.

We think it is important that everyone feels at home here.

Well I can say that, let me change the camera.

I felt right at home from the beginning.

It's really fantastic.

Nice rooms. Looks clean. It's really a fisherman's bed and breakfast.

Kees and I love fishing too. You can find us on the water regularly.

If I would live here you'd find me on the water every day.

Awesome. Thank you for the tour.

You will see our adventures!

Ok guys, we are on the go. We put all of our stuff in the room.

The boat is attached and we're going fishing.

It's about 15:00 now.

Exactly 15:00. It is hot though.

The wind starts blowing and some clouds are showing.

So we will be good for today.

Windforce 4 to 5 today.

That's a lot of wind. So today we will go trolling.

One can troll with some wind easily.

We have to turn right said Kees.

The trailerslope is 800 meters away from the Veluwemeer.

So we should be good.

We need a pass to enter. You get it with the bed and breakfast.

Let's see if we can catch something.

It will be light until around 22:00. So that is nice.

There's someone coming.

Coming to check the pass.

I think.

He's going to open the other gate first.

Then we can get through.

We can fish until 22:00 right?

No. By that time we are closed. 21:00 a good time?

No. 21:30 is fine. Ok thank you.

Well positioned.

How deep does this engine run?

I put it on shallow. Otherwise it won't work.

We sailed for about 200 meters now.

What am I saying? Around 400 meters.

If I see a pike here I jump on its back.

Look how clear the water is.


It's not cold at all. Would the water be lower than normal?

I don't think it will matter much.

I'm cranking!

Get the net because I just saw the pike.

Don't forget to close the reel.

Net. Net. Get the net.

I saw it.

Fierce attack.

Put the net away. It was a fierce attack. There he comes.

This is the first one!

We don't have him yet!

Leader touch!

It looks like it's pickeled. No it isn't.

They are so wild here. It's not a big one. But that doesn't matter.

The net is not right. Amateur alert!

We get it loose from the side of the boat.

Otherwise he's going to be tangled up in the net.

Leader touch!

Put the rod in there. It's just a little one.

Well it is not reallyl small.

He is loose but he counts.

You've got it on video.

He was barely hooked.

You need the Salmo Fatso!

Number one!

I didn't expect that. I did. You need the Salmo Fatso.

The small pike twist like vermicelli. They are so wild.

If it is a big pike you can put it in the net.

But not a small pike of 70 centimeters. But we have got one!

Didn't blank today. I never blank!

I know how to pull them off the ground. You want a Salmo Fatso buddy?

Or you can be selfish. No, I'll get a Salmo Fatso.

I used to have a boss called Menno Blank. But he didn't fish. That's a petty.

I thought the pike was bigger. They pull like crazy.

Yeah they pull hard. The rod bent!

It's not a light rod right? No, this one is 120 grams.

That big of a Fatso? Yes, the size is fine.

Big bait, big fish.

Number 1.

Let's see how this one moves under water. It doesn't go deep right? About one meter.

One meter?

A wild pike?

There he comes.

Watch the waves!

There you see him. You see?

Watch out you don't fall in the water.

Did you see me flyboarding? I am stable!

The wind makes it difficult. It stays deep. Look at the rod!

And? Yeah it feels good. It's bigger than the previous pike.

Bigger? Yeah I think so. But the wind is also blowing hard. We get blown away.

Look at that rod tip. It's a strong rod. Kijk die top! Het is een vrij stugge hengel.

It's not splashing. It stays deep!

Take care of the net!

I'll pull it in. Watch out you don't get stuck.

The wind makes it hard.

There he comes. A head shaker.

Zander? No it is pike.

It stays deep. It stays very deep.

There he goes.

It stays very deep.

Boing, boing. It's a small one. Big ones don't move like that.

It will probably be a pike of 70 centimeters. But you never know.

There he comes. Back there. Do you see it? Yes I see it.

It's a fat one Tom. A fat one!

Look at that. It is barely hooked.

We will lose it! No we won't lose it.

It is hooked barely. In it's nose. He's almost gone.

Keep the net lower. Lower!

Do you get the net?

Yes. Got it. Dirty wind.

That's why we do it right? I'll get a picture.

Can I put the rod in here?

Well guys that was nice. We thought it would be very hard to fish with 30 degrees temperature.

It's around 17:00.

It's only 16:15! We are only fishing for less than one hour!

We are fishing for 45 minutes.

And yet we caught two pikes. One of 70 centimeters, and one of 90 centimeters.

That's not bad. We talked to a few fishermen who caught nothing all day.

Nothing the whole day. We catch them all on the Salmo Fatso.

Salmo Fatso!

I have a Salmo Fatso now too.

Let's see if they are interested in the FireTiger color.

Yeah I have the FireTiger color.

I didn't expect this.

The Fatso only goes about one meter deep. And we fish on 4 to 5 meters of water.

So they come and get it very high.

That thing goes a meter deep. So they come and get it high.

It is very clear water. You can almost see the bottom.

There are a lot of people sailing today.

Like the ones behind us.

We just catch them in between the other boats.

Look, something burning back there.

Someone fired up the BBQ.

Something is really burning. The firemen already

passed in there boat. At full speed.

So something is on fire. I don't know what.

Guys it is very quiet for quite some time.

What time is it.

18:30 or something like that.

What time did we catch the fish?

16:00 o'clock.

We saw no more bites. Two in a row and then nothing anymore.

Then it was over. On the Salmo Fatso.

We checked at the island but it was very shallow there.

So we are trolling again with the Salmo Fatso.

We are going to catch another fish. I'm sure.

We are comfortable. The weather is great now. There are less boats.

There were a lot of boats.

A lot of jetski's. They suck. But we are trolling again now.

We can't complain. It can be worse.

What is it? A pike?

Leader touch. Number three!

No leader touch yet!

Come on, I'll just get it off. I want to hold it.

Guys, that is it for the first day.

The wind is blowing hard. And they predicted thunder.

It is too dangerous to be on the water.

It is around 20:30.

That's a good time to stop.

We fished for five hours.

We caught three pikes. One got away.

We had a good time fishing. We've just been for a short while.

Tomorrow we get on the water earlier. And the weather is going to change.

15 degress less hot tomorrow.

It was 31 degrees today and tomorrow it will be 19.

Twelve degrees difference.

We will see. First, we get something to eat.

Let's load the boat first.

We'll be fine.

Good morning boys and girls.


I was woken in violence.

By my fishing buddy.

He threw a carp pillow against my head.

I am slowly starting to wake up.

There is no wind so that is good.

I can't talk to loud because there are people sleeping.

I've not waken up yet. Let's make some coffee.

Jurgen is already awake. He's jumping up and about.

I still have to wake up.

I slept about 5 hours.

That is enough to fish one whole day.

I start to wake up

slowly, very slowly.

I still have an adrenaline rush from

the carp pillow my fishing mate threw

against my head.

My fishing buddy is ready to rock and roll.

I'm already up for one hour he says. One hour!

I feel like a zombie.

But I don't care.

Did you already fish?

What are we going to do today?

We are going to fish man! It is 05:45.

I woke up at 04:45. I already took the cover off the boat.

Did you sleep enough man?

Yes I slept well. But there where a lot of flies.



We could eat the flies. There were that many.

We are going to rock and roll. We will be casting with lures.

There is no wind.

There you can already see the lake. But you don't see that on camera I think.

It's hard to see. But let's drive.

The wind is not blowing at all. We will trailer somewhere else today.

Because the trailerslope here only opens at 07:00. And now it is 05:45.

We will trailer the boat at strand Horst.

Do we have everyting?

I have the film equipment. Rainclothes. Yeah, it will rain a bit today.

Do you have the lunchboxes? Yes, I brought the food.

I also have sandwiches with me. And egg-cakes.

A bottle of icetea.


He's not gone yet. He forgot something.

The Frenchman.

He was already goine. Maybe he forgot his baguette.

We talked to two men there. There were casting and

trolling for an entire day yesterday.

They caught two fish.

That's not a lot. It seems to be hard to fish since

the Predatortour.

But I am fishing with the troll king of The Netherlands.

So we will be OK.

I have faith. We shall see.

Shall I put the Salmo Fatso back on?

I take the Fatso.

Let's see.

I take the red-white again. Or this one? Yes, this one.

Yellow white.

That's a nice color. Yeah, that's nice.

For some reason I like this one. It is floating. So it will run a meter deep.

We will fish shallow.

The same as yesterday.

Hook it up to the Fastach.

Those lures don't move much under water.

They just flank a bit.

You have dirt on the Fatso.

Where we fished yesterday

we had one vaargeul. You can see that here.

Here are the plants.

Then I can zoom in. This is our boat.

It is very shallow here.

That is indicated beautifully. The light blue is around 3 meters deep.

And then it gets dark blue.

There it is 4 to 5 meters.

The fishfinder remembers that.

When I catch a fish I press on the Mark button.

It is around 2.5 meters here.

You can see all the plants.

The plants too?

Look it says 2.5 meters here.

And now it is actually 2.8 so it's pretty accurate.

And we're back in the light blue. It is 3 meters there or deeper.

This is 3.5 meter to 5.

And then very dark blue.

That is 1.5 meters. This whole side.

Let's see what's in there.

Sandwiches, chocomel, a Lion.

Nice. Nice bun. With marmelade.

Yummie, yummie!

Wat is it?

A small pike?

Leader touch Tom!


I almost fell in.

Watch out!

A small pike!

Leader touch!

It is barely hooked.

Nice healthy fish. We have our first of the day.

We've got some action.

It's yours.

We take turns. It's yours.

I still have all my rods out.

It's gone. It banged its head.

No leader touch. It doesn't count.

I have a plant.

Unfortunate Tom!

But it was only a small one. Yeah, it was not big.

But it was a fish.

Fatso FTW.

The Fatso again.

Yes, the Fatso again.

Are we going in the right direction? Yes!

It is wild!

Let's reel in the other rods.

You already lost a fish earlier.

Good point.

I saw it.

It is not very small.

He crashed upon the lure.

Yeah, he took it very aggressively.

Oh they are wild. Are you ok?

A nice fish!

It's a 90 centimeter fish.

Look at that!

It pulls. Are you filming?

In the lip. Barely attached with a single hook.

Come to daddy quickly.

Yes! We had to wait long for that.

Do you take it out with your hands?

Let's take a picture. I'll hold it in my hand.

Yeah, I'll hold it.

For sure? Yes.

Hold him buddy. Or he demolishes your hand.

I've got it. A fat one. He is damaged.

Took it all the way!

Well, that took a while.

We were on the water at 7:00.

One pike this morning.

Then lost another pike.

And now one of around 90 centimeters.

Nice size. They are so wild on this water.

He was spinning in the net. With the hooks in the net.

Nice fish though. I'm happy with it.

It is a motivation fish. It became very quiet for a while.

We were wondering if anything would happen.

The pike took the bait above two meters of water.

The line was screaming for a minute.

I though I was hooked up tot the plants. Because we were pulling the lure through the plants.

But it was a beautiful pike.

Made some nice pictures.

That gives us a little bit of confidence.

A nice sandwich from Ingrid.

You already finished it? Yes, I did. What was on your sandwich?

It was a healthy sandwich right?

Smells good. With ham.

Cucumber, egg, tomato, cheese.

Healthy sandwich. Nice.

All in today's lunchbox.

It was in the fridge. We could just take it. Great.


Goodmorning boys and girls. It is day three now.

The wind is supposed to get stronger.

But doable. Around 18 to 22 degrees.

We received a few hotspots for pike.

Last week there were 74 pike caught in 3 days.

So let's see if that's going to happen today.

Of courses we are going there. Let's see if we can catch something.

By coincidence it was the place where we caught

two pike last time. So fingers crossed.

Let's get a coffee otherwise I won't make it. I have to wake up.

I was in bed at 20:00. So I slept for 10 hours.

I'm still a bit broke, but I know I'll feel better than yesterday.

So that is great.

Good morning.

Have a look Jurgen.

All small fish

They're hunting for the musquitos.

I feel a thousand times better than yesterday.

You are an old man.

I was 57? That's what Kees thought.

I'm going to fish with one rod. What will you do? You can take two.

I hold the rod in my hand. It's better fishing than with 4 rods.

All musquitos here.

Hundreds of musquitos.

So many. Your sweater Tom!

On my sweater. I hope they are not here all day. Or I'll jump in the water. Op mijn trui. Ik hoop niet dat dit de hele dag is anders spring ik erin.

I'm going to jump in the water anyway, because I have got a good feeling about this day.

I have a good feeling too.

I fish with this one today. A bit smaller but in the FireTiger colors.

And Jurgen fishes with this one.

Pfew. So many flies.

We cannot go fast here because we only have 40 centimeters of water.

But all will be good!

It's just a very small one.

I feel nothing.

Maybe it's not a pike?

Is it a pike? Yes. I have the big Fatso attached.

The FireTiger again.

It's a very small one.

This is not a pike. A very light rod. Yes.

There he comes.

Well, well.

Nice fish. It's not a small one.

We haven't got him yet.

I have a very thin wire on this one. It's a rod for perch really.

Do I have to watch the depth? Oh no, it's still 3.5 meters.

It's a nice one. Again barely hooked. Put the net under it.

There he comes. Put the net under it!


A fat 90 centimeter pike mate.

Quick, get the pliers!

Hold the net.

He is already in the net.

He is detached. He wants out.

He is done flapping because he is still in the net.

This one touches the metermark. I'm sure.

I'm sure.

I'm sure.

The fish is wild.

It is a meter.

Yes, it is a meter.

Let's measure.

Put it on the photo. Yes, keep him sideways.

He's starting to jump again.

Release video!

It is around 12:30 now.

12:00 o'clock.

Only 11:00. Time doesn't fly.

We've had one good bite.

And we got the meter pike. So that was cool.

And then we had some more bites. But they are very careful.

They let go immediatly. They bent the rod and then Ze laten meteen los. Ja die hengel krom en dan

they would be gone.

All at this spot. Exactly where we are sailing.

We made a waypoint where we got the bites.

We just went over the waypoint and we got another bite.

And on the way back an ever bigger bit, but they all let go.

We will cross that waypoint soon again.

I'm going to jump in the water because I'm very hot.

Are you hot man? He's going to jump in another time.

We made some nice recordings.

Jurgen was in the water and he filmed the spinnerbait.

So we shall see.

It's a bit windy now so that makes a difference.

Because it was really hot.

I forgot my cap so I used sun lotion extensively.

I forgot my croissants and all my food.

A whole bag of food is still in my room.

I'm taking a shit and these mountainbikers pass me.

I'm in the middle of the path so I said I was sorry.

Did you say that?

I was right on the path.

Well, not right on it.


He passed at 20 centimeters from me.

I'm hot.



It's not cold at all.

No? No it is doable.

You have to get in Tom. Dive in!

Let's see if I can find Jacques van de Mortel his glasses.

It's great.

Makes you feel a lot better.

Yes, I think so.

A big pike might bite my toe.

Tom is going to jump in. How deep is it here?

4.5 meter.

There is the amateur. Watch out for the roach.

It's in the water next to you. This is great!

Oh this is great. Don't go anywhere!

No, but now comes the hard part.

You have to get back into the boat.

I think you can best swim to the shallows Tom.

Where you can stand. Otherwise you won't get in.

Taking a piss.

You almost hooked the shad.

Well guys, that was the third day.

Great day. Meter pike in the morning.

Then it was tough, and we only had three more bites.

But they all got away before we could take the rods out of the rod support.

So it is still tough fishing.

There will be thunder tonight. Code yellow for the entire Netherlands.

But maybe it's nothing.

I feel droplets though.

We had a great day fishing. And swimming.

We were able to shoot some great video.

At least I think. I have to check that.

Back at the bed and breakfast.

Did we come from this way this morning? I'm not sure.

I don't know where we came from. There is the camping.

We are looking for the way to go back. Yeah I know the way, but I can't navigate through shallow water.

I think it's one more that way.

Then we are off-track.

Too shallow here.

We have to go back.

I'm already hooked up to the ground.

0.6 meter.

Drama here!

You have to watch where you go. Can't be here without a depth meter.

The propellor is full of plants.

The propellor is really full of plants.

We had a great day fishing. And got a sun tan too.

Look what's in the propellor.


You can dry it and sel it.

But we had some good fishing. We are going to label and organise the video materieal tonight.

And tonight the weather is going to change.

Look like it. Hope it will happen.

Tomorrow could be entirely different.

Let's hope we get some more bites tomorrow.

That would be nice. But we'll see.

See what tomorrow brings.

Goodmorning boys and girls.

It is 06:45. The day after the enormous thunder.

Some mirrors broke off of the cars. A branch fell down on them.

Our car is still ok.

It is 06:45 and we are heading for the water.

Of course.

But we expect a lot of rain.

So we have to see.

What exactly the weather is going to do.

We hope the change in weather makes the fish bite.

We shall see.

First some coffee and then we leave.

Jurgen is wide awake.

Twee seconds after he rises.

It takes a while with me. A few hours. But I'll be ok. At least I slept well.

There are branches on the road everywhere. Look at that.

There was a hug storm.

I made some nice video's of the storm.

I must not forget to edit them in.

If we're lucky, the fish start biting better today.

Fingers crossed.

Maybe we'll catch 20 pike.

But 1 is enough. One of 1.20 meter.

We go for the big one.

But it is hard. It is tough.

It's been very hot the last three days.

Now we have completely different weather. Around 16 degrees.

And clouded. So I hope the fishing is good now.

We will see. There's only one way to find out.

We are on the right spots. We know it. Kees says so too.

We are on the right spots. We run into other fishermen.

Pelagic fishermen.

There are at the same spots.

The fish are there. But they keep their jaws locked.

We'll see. The gat is still closed.

He's not there yet. The klukkluk.

So we wait.

Keep on fishing!

His whole head is covered with flies.

You only see this on

Yes sir!

You don't see that

in the Fly versus Jerk video's. Or maybe you do.

Big fish weather. Yesterday we were still swimming.

Now I'm wearing two pants and a rain suit. And two shirts.

And a sweater.

I'm glad you had an extra rain pair of pants.

Never used. I have no clue.

I'm just going to throw it overboard. We should attach a rope.


Is that yellow thing not the rope?

I think he has to go like this.

We need a rope.

But I've got one!

I've got a rope.

Let's get it.

Attacht it to this.

There he goes.

We're going to catch a pike in that driftbag.

It slows down the boat. Yes I think so.

Pull it and you'll know.

Yes, it slows down the boat.

Does it pull that hard? Yes, it pulls that hard.

Do you have to attach the driftbag to the center of the boat?

Yes, he has to be at the center. If I attach it to the front

then it will not work.

If you wanted to you could attach it to the front right?

The boat is always going to be sideways

in the wind. By default. Also without a driftbag.

Oh right.

Now we can cast easily.

I had a bite!


Great bite mate.

We didn't blank!

Thank you. I had no faith in today.

I thought it wasn't going to happen. It took it at the side of the boat.

I saw the spinnerbait under water.

I wanted to pull it out and then he took it!

No blank today. I was working the spinnerbait here.

I didn't believe I'd catch something.

Jurgen said we would catch more fish.

I was tired and thought it wasn't going to happen anymore.

I cast with the spinnerbait. The red one. I'll show you.

It's this one.

Monster Vibe by Westin.

Jurgen had a follower on this one.

It scared the shit out of me.

It is the first time I caught a pike like this, next to the boat.

He took the bait when the spinnerbait was 10 centimeters under water.

He flanked.

And then he took it. And dived down.

I yelled like a goat, from excitement.

Yeah he starts yelling like crazy.

He was yelling on the boat. I had no idea he had fish on.

Of course I caught a pike before. On a little lure.

But never a big one on a spinnerbait.

Yeah, they attack. And this one was wild.

Anyway, it was 80 centimeters.

These pike are strong. And wild.

Strong and wild. Unbelievable.

Unbelievable how they take the bait.

And then you have them in the net and they start spinning.

Anyway, it all ended well.

We can't complain, we didn't blank.

Against the eind of the day. We are catching less and less fish.

First day 3, second day 2, third day 1.

And yesterday 1 too.

I'm still casting.

Jurgen is still casting. Anything can happen.

He's going to catch a big pike of 1.20 meter. Watch him.

No I'm catching nothing.

Only small fish here.

The weather is better now. This morning it was bad.

Yes, hard wind.

And this morning it was also raining a little.

But all in all the rain was not that much.

And neither was the wind. Some mosquitos though.

Irritating mosquitos.

I think I swallowed half a kilo of mosquitos.

Anyway, I'm going to cast again.

There must be more pike here.

You want me on deck? Yes, and keep the line tight.

This is a bigger one. Keep the line tight.

Oh it is just a small one.

Oh they pull man.

I thought it was bigger than the previous one.

Yeah, they pull hard. Look how wild they are.

Oh there he gets away. There he goes.

Well, then we don't have to unhook him. But no leader touch.

It is day 5 again. That goes fast. The days fly by.

We were supposed to get up at 4:00 this morning.

But it was raining, and lightning flashed.

It thundered again. Second night in a row.

Very bad weather.

Jurgen thought to stay in bed. I slept through it all I think.

It is now around 06:00.


It is dry. It rains just a little bit.

I found my raincoat.

So I don't have to wear that stupid poncho.

Let's see if the second change in weather

brings some improvement into the bites.

I heard Saterday it would be windforce 6 or 7.

Then we cannot fish.

So we probably go back a bit earlier.

Anything can happen today.

So we shall see.

We are going to a different water today.

We will fish the Nuldernauw.

Oh really? Yes.

We are going to trailer at the Wolderwijd and then turn left.

We have to try because the fishing is tough.

Could be.

If you don't try, you don't know.

That is true. And it is not that far.


All the trees broke here.

So we go to the Nuldernauw. We have fished on the Veluwemeer. And on the Wolderwijd.

And now to the Nuldernauw.

It is convenient because you can go anywhere from here.

You can even go to the Gooimeer. That is about 45 minutes drive.

Markermeer. Drontermeer.

That's why the French come here.

For all that water.

We shall see. See what happens today.

What is that? I see it.

A small one. Not big. They pull hard.

It's a fish. Second bite. Within 10 minutes.

Within 10 minutes.

It's going to be a beautiful day today. Let's hope so.

Leader touch.

There he is.

Leader touch!

They are wild. One hook is already detached.

Are you ok?

That was fast.

With the pliers.

Yeah there he is.

You want a picture? No, not necessary. Let's put it back.

It is OK like that.

That's how we do it. 10 minutes of fishing.

Box. Two bites in 10 minutes.

Could it be the change in weater Tom?

I always get confidence if we catch a fish early.

You had a bite pretty quick. I did feel that correctly.

Yes sir. They pull hard.

I thought it would be a pike of 1.20 meter.

We are going to fish the same spot again.

It was a nice bite. I was holding the rod.

Let's make some speed.

I gave you the favorite Fatso.

Keep it tight.

Do I have to close the drag? Yes, a little bit.

Did he get away? No, he did not get away.

He's here already.

He didn't get away.

Same size. Here he comes.

He's so wild!

Leader touch. Stop winding.

He attacked aggressively.

Hardcore dudes.

Don't let the line go loose.

Leader touch.

Hoppattee! A small and long one.

Did he swallow the lure?

Let him go wild for a second.

Look at that. Nice images.

Do I have to get the net? He's not done yet.

They pull hard!

A bit bigger. A bit bigger, yes.

Full of weed. He was between the plants.



Second pike in 20 minutes.

Jezus they are wild.

On the Salmo Fatso boys.

Can you imagine if you catch a meter? How they pull?

That has to be a submarine.

I'm going to turn.

On the Salmo Fatso.

14 centimeter. I've got this one.

And Jurgen has that Fatso.

I caught them on this. You can see that, it was new.

14 centimeter. Are they slow sinking? Yes, suspending.

Suspending it is.

Here we go.

We are going to fish stat spot again. I had the rod in my hand when he struck.

Nice. We are fishing for half an hour.

Half an hour right?

And we already had five bites.

So I am carefully hoping.

Half an hour. 2 fish and 3 got away.

Two fish. Three got away.

They still bite a bit careful.

Jurgens rod bent all the way.

But it got away.

We have had more bites than the last two days combined.

The temperature went down 2 degrees. The water temperature.

Maybe that's it.

Water temperature is now 19.2 degrees.

But it is also a different water.

We are at the Nuldernauw.

And not on the Veluwemeer.

So we're doing good. If this continues.

I hope it continues.

You never know. But I'm carefully hoping this continues.

All the fish caught on the Fatso's. All five bites.

All on the Fatso's.

Fatso's for the win this holiday.

Let's continue.

7 kilometer an hour trolling.

Feels good. But so did the previous one.

Small one. It's not big.

Doesn't matter. Close the drag a bit.

Watch the engine. Do I have to go over you?

It's a nice one.

Keep it tight Tom. One pull and you'll lose it.

A nice one.

It is barely hooked.

Unhook it at the side of the boat.

Leader touch. You have to pull otherwise I can't touch it.

Nice one anyway.

See if I can unhook it?

Is it gone? No, no.

In the waterway.

He's coming this way.

Take it easy. Crank, crank!

Line is too loose Tom. But nice fish.

Leader touch and we'll unhook it.

No need to get in the boat.

Here he is.

Doesn't count. Shit.

Well at least you don't have a Salmo Fatso stuck to your face.

Boys and girls, I'm in the train. As you can see.

I wasn't meant to be though.

I wanted to fish tomorrow, and tonight.

But the wife called.

We sold our house.

I told her to fake my autograph.

So she could sign instead of me.

And I don't have to be home.

But apparently

you have to sign in person.

The only option was tomorrow at 11:15.


I asked if it was possible on a later time. Or maybe Saturday.

Can't do it next week? No, not possible.

My wife wants it done this week.

More than me.

I'm OK with next week.

But anyway, sometimes you have to

put water to the wine.

If my wife doesn't think it's necessary for me to come back, she wouldn't have asked.

So it is an unexpected end of the fishing holiday.

But we had a great holiday.

We were able to fish a lot of days.

Caught well this morning.

I hope Jurgen catches a 1.20 meter pike tomorrow.

I really hope so, even if I'm not there.

He has to be careful because there is going to be a lot of wind.

But I'm going to say goodbye. I'm on my way to Utrecht station.

Switch trains there.

Then off to Den Bosch.

I'm quite tired. Got up at 5:00 this morning.

So I'm going to sleep in my own house while I still have it.

Thanks for watching.

Keep on fishing! See you next time!

The Description of Snoekbroeders #16 - VISVAKANTIE aan het VELUWEMEER