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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Easy Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary - Stop saying VERY!

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hi guys that is e for you comm website

today I would introduce view 128 words

to use is that a very already let's

start don't say very accurate just say

exact very afraid

instead of fretful brain angry instead

of service very annoying equals

exaggerating very bad because awful very

beautiful equals gorgeous don't say very

big just say massive dry boring is equal

down bright bright luminous very busy is

the same as swamped just say very calm

just say serene just like very careful

say conscious very cheap is equal to

stingy very clean is the same as

flawless very clear equals avarice

bright code is the same as freezing

ready colorful is the same as vibrant

bright competitive tax trout bred

complete is is quarter comprehensive

just say break and field say / sliced

just a very creative just say

innovative drag cloud it is equal to

lastly bright justice is perilous very

dear is the same as terrorists very tip

is profound very deep breath means

despondent very detailed means

meticulous very different means the

spirit just like right to vote say

archers very dirty mean filthy very dry

means direct breakdown is equity tedious

right easy means efforts right empty

means desolate right excited is equal to

trout right exciting is the same as

exhilarating but expensive means costly

just like very cute just like a drawable

very fancy mean lavish very fact is is

the same as obese right friendly is

amiable very frightened the same as

alarmed very frightening is terrifying

don't say very funny to say he Labor's

till say very black just say overjoyed

very good is this

as excellent very great is terrific very

happy is aesthetic very hard is

difficult very hard to find that means

rare very heavy mean native very high

means surely very hard is the same as

sweatery drag huge men colossal her

hungry is the same as starving don't say

very hurt say battered don't say very

important say crucial very intelligent

brilliant very interesting captivating

unlock means huge very lazy means in


where little is the same as tiny 12 1

equals extensive very long term means

enduring by loose means slack brand me

is the same as true we're messy means


when necessary is equal to its central

right nervous is apprehensive very nice

is the same as kite

just say very noisy say definite just

say very offering just say frequently

they'll say very old just say and

right old-fashioned means archaic Dulce

very loud just say thunderous don't say

very slow to say sluggish right open

means transparent very painful is the

same as excruciatingly repeal means asha

prep perfect means flawless very poor is

the same as destitute very powerful is

the same as compelling for pretty means

beautiful for quick means rabbit just

like very pilot say hushed the rainy

means prorate very rich means wealthy

just lay very sad say sorrowful grace

cat means gratified try scary means

chilling mysterious is the same as brave

very sharp means King don't slay red

shiny just say CLE me just say very


say brief does a very shy to say Tim it

very simple mean basic press skinny

same as skeletal by small mean petite

very smart intelligent press Mele mean

pungent very smooth is the same as slick

red stuff means downy red sari is the

same as apologetic press special means

exceptional press strong means fossil

don't say right stupid just say idiotic

pressure means certain very sweet means

thoughtful don't say very talented say

we tipped read talk is the same as

towering protesting means delicious red

thirsty means passed very tight means

constricting don't save a tiny say means

kill retired

that means exalted just say very ugly

just say piteous don't say very unhappy

to say miserable very upset equals

distract very well that means hot very

quick means throw very well to do that

means wealthy very wet means

showed does a very right to say

expensive very willing just me

eager very windy blustery very wise

means sage very worried means distressed

that is the end of the listen today if

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