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I am Kelsey Mays for cars dot com front-wheel-drive

Sports Group sorta had their day back in the 90's and early 2000's

or the Chicago Auto Show checking out one that stuck around

this is the 2010 Scion TC its

the release addition 6.0 meaning it's effectively the six

special addition to this car since it came out for the 2005 model year

rent check out what makes the really serious so unique

really serious 6.0 has a Speedway blue

paint job and actually think the TC has aged pretty well

the rears come dressed as a lot going on back there but the headlights

grill the front bumper they all look kinda sharpen

for car in its sixth year on the market that's pretty cool inside you get the

same blue themes across the seats

and the leather steering wheel wrapping sound only makin

1102 these and there's a little plaque here above hysteria readout that show

you which exactly up the 1100 you got bloat there's

and Alpine stereo system with a touch screen navigation unit never been a huge


aesthetically if these for aftermarket looking stereos this one gets the job

done but they're kinda small

and the NAP system is really pretty small as well that said you do get a lot

of cool little touches things like one-touch power windows in this

well-paying up here the dashboard and doors have this nice

attractive so horizontal raining across some and even when the pillars here are

a pollster with a lot of cost-cutting going on in cars these days and

sometimes you gotta go back to a car that's been on the market for a long


like the TC sort of the see what once was

the TC is one of the oldest models and Toyota's lineup

Toyota builds Scion Toyota and Lexus cars the good news is that because %uh

that in three separate suppliers the TC actually isn't involved in Toyota's

current unintended acceleration recalls the bad news is

since it's such an old card still wanna the remaining single models

in the entire Toyota Scion Lexus lineup but doesn't have an electronic stability


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