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I got maintenance delay compensation right after I went live. It was three and a half hours late because in the UK they never log in in the morning

So this extension is the same as no extension for me but I'm happy to get this compensation for nothing

So let's take a look at what good things have come out of this update. First of all, new fashion, detective round

You may find that the special effects of this new fashion are getting better and better

It's a new fashion, it's open , it's open, it's open, it's open, it's open, it's open, it's open

And then the rest of the things like check in activities or take a picture of yourself or do a task and I'm not going to talk about those activities , right

Then we will mainly look at the lucky Raiders this time

From our mobile cannons and sabers and flamethrowers, I didn't think this black silk horn could also be drawn in reverse

There are a lot of some purification weapons can be done ah that you go to have a look at the line ah for the market inside it is also a new pile of fruit furniture

The most important or radiation efficient S six season arrived ah before the fans with cloud brother said ah

This 14 can have radiation efficient I feel return not letter of ah did not think of since really came ah the frequency that is to discover this radiation university to give is also more and more high recently ah

Boy, this one has 180 floors

Ah, it's the world of efficient nail painting. Are you ready to be painted? How many layers are you going to hit this time

You can leave a comment in the comments below the sports video. See you at chess. Bye bye bye bye bye me

The day of your flower petals is sandy

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