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- Oh you're so dead! - Why are you so good at this?

- Just accept that I'm better! - No, I don't believe it.

- Now that I know it's someone else, let's do it, I'm ready!

♪ (upbeat intro) ♪

- Hey, I'm Justin, I'm a professional Super Smash Bros. player,

and I'm gonna beat up some casual players today.

- (FBE) So today, you'll be challenging our gamers

in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Of course, our gamers think they'll just be playing

a round with our C-Teamer Eric.

We'll be hiding you behind our super secret curtain,

and our gamers will have no idea

they're actually getting destroyed by you.

How do you think they'll do?

- Mmm, I don't think they'll take a stock.

- Well I mean this is kinda awkward, 'cause when you called

I thought I was gonna be the pro.

- You can take my spot if you want.

- You know, we'll see how I play first.

I'm just gonna sit behind them like (giggles).

- Oh, that's your plan? Like being out of vision?

- Exactly! - Don't even show your hands.

- I'm like out of sight, out of mind.

- (FBE) So today, we're gonna have you guys

be playing in some Super Smash Bros.

Of course, there's a little bit of a catch,

we aren't just playing Smash Bros.

This is part of our Ultimate Fighting tournament.

We're gonna play three rounds, and whichever one of you

wins the most rounds will continue on

to the next round of our tournament. Does that sound good?

- Sure, yeah, okay. - Wow!

She doesn't sound confident. So that makes me more confident.

- I really am not.

- Oh, I'm so sorry you have to die so young.

- I'm not gonna talk smack, because I'm just gonna let

the gaming do its work.

- I'm not competitive, 'cause that implies

that he has a chance of winning, so it's like I'm just objectively sure

I'm gonna win. - I'm just excited to be here.

You know, I love playing Super Smash Bros.

- Well it's no fun when you talk about like friendship.

- Okay, fine. - We're gonna have a good time!

- I'm gonna destroy him.

- I think it's fair to say, that when you see me playing

on this screen, it's gonna look like a pro.

I'm so confident in my abilities.

- Danny, remember when you played against a pro?

- (Danny) I can't hit 'em!

Oh my God!

- I'm gonna beat you worse than that. - Yeah, mm-hmm.

- Who do you play as usually? - Robin.

- Okay, I haven't really played against Robin that much.

I usually just stick with Mega Man. I think I'm gonna do Mega Man.

- Okay, let's do Donkey Kong. - Who are you playing as again?

- I think I'll just do Corrin.

- I'm gonna go with Samus, 'cause I usually do well with her.

- You're Mega Man, I'm gonna be White and Watch.

Are you actually a pro too? 'Cause last time, they trolled me.

- I am incredible. - I am incredibly good.

- I am the best, not at this game, just in general.

- I want you to put your controller out here

so I can watch you play.

- Alright, fine, let's do this, okay.

What are you, stop! - I don't trust this place!

- It's just a game man. - Uh huh!

- You're getting knocked off immediately, come on!

Ooh, nice!

Alright, I have a gun and armor and a robot.

Cool, you're doing great though.

(Izzy yells) Jump, oh hoo!

- Oh my God.

- Alright, don't let the panic set in yet.

- Luckily, her up-B is great.

- Okay, see if you can get it on me. - Oh my God!

- Nope. - I'm going like the wrong direction.

- This isn't fair, 'cause now when I do great,

he's gonna think we're tricking him, and I want the credit.

Nope, stop it.

Alright, well it's almost even. It's a little odd.

- (gasps) Yes! - Ooh, good recovery!

- Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. - Nice!

- See, I can't figure this out.

- No, all you gotta do is like hit me.

- You're killing me, look at that. - Just hit me!

God, my confidence is skyrocketing!

Nope, back up! Woohoo! - I'm really bad at jumping back

to the platform. - Holy crap dude!

Do you consider this one of the games you're the best at?

- No.

- I, ooh. - C'mon, okay.

- Oh my God, oh my God, wait stop! Jeez.

- Ooh, off the top, too!

You're doing great. - Thank you.

- How'd that feel? - Ah, this feels amazing.

- Now, now, now, ooh! Come here, come here, yeah hoo!

- Nice job. - Alright.

Now stay down. No, no trampoline!

Why does he have a trampoline? - Ah [bleep].

- I don't even know where I'm going.

- You're going right into my fist, apparently.

- I should not have said that I was good at this.

Did I ever say that?

- I shouldn't have... - Well if I did, I take it back.

- I don't believe this is you. - Why, why can't I be good at things?

- We're going to get back on to the stage.

This is a really bad start.

- You know, it's gonna be a bad ending too, man.

Come on, man! - Your air attacks are nice.

- Don't mean to brag, I did warn you. Come on, you're doing great.

- Oh, you're so nice. Thank you. (laughs)

You're so nice to me.

I'm just gonna be annoying.

- No, I mean, maybe I'll give you a stock for free.

I'll tell you what dude, if you get one stock off me,

I'll let you keep going in the tournament.

You can have my victory spot. - Really?

- Yeah, 'cause I'm so confident right now.

- I don't like this.

Oh man. - I love when it's off the top.

- Come on. - Ooh!

- Wow, really? - God, his recovery is great.

- Oh, oh! - Okay, alright.

- Alright.

- That was good, you almost hit me that time.

- No, don't! - C'mon, and oh hoo!

- Okay, see this is.

I'm just not letting you get back up.

- How do you... - Come on.

(Samus screams) - Dude, dude.

- Alright. - Alright, alright, alright, alright.

Are you gonna be nice to me now?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll let you have this one.

- Oh wow, you totally did not. That was such a lie.

- What do you mean? - That was such a lie.

- Dude, if you can get one stock off me,

I'll give you 20 bucks. - That is so insulting.

- All my friends are gonna be like "Will is so bad at this game."

- No, they're gonna be like "Damn, Eric's good at this game."

- Oh my God! - You got it, okay.

- Oh my... - Oh, you're so dead!

- Why are you so good at this?

- You literally are stuck at 34%, and you haven't even died yet.

This is really sad. - It's a talent.

- You know, maybe I shouldn't play as Samus.

- Oh my God, oh my God. - God, ooh!

You are not gonna stay on this stage, my dude.

C'mon, oh hoo! - Wow!

- Let's get it!

- Dude, I do not know how you're able to...

Ooh! - Ooh baby!

- Ooch, oof. - Wow, only 42%, alright.

God, I think I found a new thing to put on my resume.

- Do you see this, do you see this, do you see this?

- I caused that!

Ooh! - Oh my God!

Where am I? (laughs)

- God, where do I enter a competition? Come on!

- Oh my God. - I need some real fighting.

- Oh, I'm so insulted!

- I don't believe this is you. - Why?

- I really don't, I don't believe it.

- Just accept that I'm better. - No, I don't believe it.

- This is... - Someone else is here.

- What do you mean? - I don't believe it!

- I'm really... - I don't believe it!

- I don't know what we're talking about!

- (FBE) Austin, you got destroyed! - I did!

- (FBE) The good news is there is a reason.

Eric, do you wanna tell her the truth?

- Alright, so we actually do have a secret.

You're dreaming right now, Reina. You have to wake up, wake up.

No, we have a pro gamer behind that curtain.

- (FBE) Justin, come on out. - Are you serious?

- Yeah, this isn't hooked up to anything.

- Are you serious? - Woo!

I am a pro gamer. - Oh okay.

- No, we have a pro gamer though, and he was playing for me.

This is not hooked up to anything. - No, what?

- (FBE) Justin, come on out.

- There it is. - So this is my arms.

- There it is. - Surprise! (laughs)

- Wow, thanks for beating my ass, I appreciate it.

- I got you, buddy. - What, what?

Oh, okay, now I don't feel as bad.

- You were playing the entire, what? No one told me!

- (FBE) So Danny, you were right, we were tricking you.

This is a pro gamer.

- Good job. - How's it goin'?

- There we go.

- Now that I know it's someone else, let's do it, I'm ready.

- [Eric] What do you mean? - I knew it!

- (FBE) So Austin, this is Justin McGrath,

he's also known as Plup. - Hello.

- (FBE) He's a professional Red Bull athlete,

known for his Super Smash skills.

Not only is he a top 100 Melee player, he's also considered

one of the best Super Smash Bros. of all time.

- That's amazing. You are a God among men.

- Wow. - Ooh, ooh.

- I am honored to sit next to you. - Just throw that in there.

- Let me just bow down.

- I feel like now that being said, I'm ready just to kick it up a notch.

- You're ready to go, aren't you, yeah?

I still see it. - Yeah.

- (FBE) Alright, we're gonna let you guys play again,

and Justin's going to give you some tips and tricks

that will hopefully get you up to his level.

- Awesome, yeah! I'm excited.

- (FBE) We'll also let you switch over to a GameCube controller

if you prefer. - Great!

I love learning tips for this stuff, so this is the perfect episode for me.

- Ooh, I got a little nervous. - Nah, you're good.

- Just a little nervous now.

- For him, you wanna use mostly A moves and aerials.

So like when you go in the air, use your, just an A move toward me.

Yeah, you're using mostly big B moves,

that's a side B right there.

Try and like stick with one character maybe.

- Uh huh. - Because that will,

it doesn't mess with your muscle memory or anything,

so you can get real good with one character...

- Oh! - opposed to switching off,

and trying to remember what to do.

When you spam Razor Leaf, sometimes you're just going with

the Razor Leaf at long range, Greninja can kinda

dodge it pretty easily. - Yeah.

- So you don't wanna just make your neutral game too obvious.

That's what the pros call it, neutral game.

- See a lot of thing I struggle with is knowing which attacks

are gonna trump which, oh!

- Yeah, there's a thing in this game called disjoint.

So if I use my up-smash that's got this big ass sword, you know?

- Yeah.

- But if you're attacking me with say your neutral air,

you're attacking with your body,

so your body always loses to the sword.

Another thing Meta Knight's good at, is he's one of the fastest characters.

- Oh, really? - So you just kinda like

try and trick your opponent with your movement,

you know what I mean? - No!

Okay, I did a lot better that time. Yeah?

- You did, you did. Yeah, you got some stuff.

You like, you definitely followed me when I was trying to land a lot.

You were good at that.

Oh my God, it actually hit me, no! - Ooh yay, can I do that?

(gasps) Yes! Okay, oh, I (gasps) Oh.

Wow, you're so good. - Good try.

You always seem to use the attack first,

so like you go for your first attack

and I just wait for your attack to come out,

then I hit you for it. So like try and be a little patient.

- Yeah, I'm more offensive. - Yeah, you're aggro.

Wanna get in there.

A lot of the times I was hitting you just by kinda being in your zone

and baiting attack out,

and then waiting for your attack to come out,

then hitting you. - Ah, that's such a good tip.

I'm always attacking first and then getting smacked,

and then attacking first. - The good players always wait.

They're always way more patient.

- (FBE) Okay, for this very last round

we're gonna let you pick Justin's character.

- Oh okay.

I feel like he's good at every character.

- I play this game a lot, sorry. (both laugh)

- You should go with Jigglypuff. - Okay.

- I'm gonna go with Captain Falcon, just to mix it up a bit,

and see what my three top characters can do.

- I'm gonna pick Ryu for you. - Oh good pick, I'm terrible with him.

- Wouldn't say that.

I think I'll just go back to Corrin.

- Wario. - Wario? Alright.

- So I'm gonna pick King Dedede.

- You're gonna kill me with Jigglypuff I can feel it.

- (laughs) Not gonna be great, don't worry.

Ooh, starting off strong with a smash attack.

- Oh man, that was like, I didn't realize how much range.

Oh [bleep]!

- Ah [bleep]! - Oh no!

- Ah no! I got excited.

- You wouldn't spam that air dodge if you get hit.

- Oh. Just gonna run.

- Can't use that up-B, I'll just follow you when you fall.

- Oh no!

I didn't even land a single hit off of you.

- Why am I, I'm not getting any jumps.

- I'm always bragging like yeah, I'm so good.

- Classic brag is oh yeah, I beat everybody at my school.

Oh nice. - No!

Wow, I only had 12 damage on you.

- Okay, no no, no no, jump!

- Aw, you had it if you up-B'd there. - I did!

- Uh, did you, oh. See now you're being like me.

You're doing the side B. (gasps)

Oh my God, oh my God, oh no! - I also got hair now.

- How are you only on 12%? I thought I was...

- You gotta hit me! - I'm trying my best!

(Will laughs) - You made another hit, you got it.

Oh, okay, you got the counter. - There we go!

- You got the counter. - Oh my God, what did I...

Do you know what that thing does? (gasps)

You just did my most... - Which one?

- The one I've been trying to do on you.

- Okay.

I don't know how to play this character.

Get in there. Oh no, not again.

- No, no no no! (laughs)

- One thing I do struggle with is Luigi's recovery.

- Oh my God. - His recovery is really tricky.

- Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! - Yeah. (laughs)

You gotta avoid her out there. - There she goes,

with her little hat on.

- Good hit, that was cool. That was just like cinematic.

- Yeah, I was like edge guarding right there.

- Oh no, oh no!

- Oh I missed my bike! - Oh, I got a stock!

Let's go! I don't even care!

- You spam spot dodge and rolls a lot. People are gonna

catch on to that, you know? - Yeah, that's a good point.

- Okay, okay okay, you got some stuff. - (laughs) I don't think so,

but thank you. - Give me a break!

See the only times I have breaks are when I do my up-B.

- (laughs) But you get hit right afterwards.

- Oh, I missed you, oh. - Yes, yes!

Will I kill him? Probably not.

- Oh you're feelin' it. - Now I'm feelin' it, nope!

Oh wait, did I just? - You bounced off the wall.

Oh my God, you're too good for me. I'm chokin'.

Nice dodge!

- Really? - I got you with the back guard, yeah.

- Oh okay.

- Ooh, I actually caught that. - Oh ouchie, ouch, nice, I got close.

- You, oh my God. I'm still hangin' in there.

- Oh for sure. (laughs) - (announcer) Game!

- Oh my, was that longer, the time? - Oh you did, nice!

- Oh, thank you, you're so nice. - I notice every time you get hit,

you spam R to air dodge. - Oh, do I really?

- Yeah, yeah.

The way to get really good at this game

is to break your own habits when you notice them, you know?

Oh my gosh. - And I'm dead.

I got a stock! I got a stock!

- I guess. - That's a lot better than most people

- Alright. (laughs)

- (FBE) So Justin, how did our casual gamer do today?

- No, he was good. He was better than

you guys lead him on to be.

He was doing great.

I don't know about that stock you took.

That was a little bit suspect to me.

I kinda just ran off the edge, but no he didn't do bad,

he was doing good. You did good.

- (FBE) So what do you think?

Are you ready to go back to playing casuals?

- Yes.

I wanna get a little bit of confidence back.

A little, oh, I got a win!

- I'm ready to go back to playing casuals.

This is tough. - I'm sorry.

- I'd rather play as pros, so then eventually,

I'm gonna get to their standard.

Then I'm gonna start kicking their butts.

- Yeah, you learn more when you lose.

- I love getting my ass beat, 'cause you learn so much

about what you need to do.

But I'll play some casuals to get my confidence back.

- (laughs) Oh.

- I wanna play Eric for real now, okay?

- Thanks for watching us get destroyed on Super Smash on the REACT Channel.

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- Thanks for watching, bye!

- Thanks for watching. If you wanna see more of me,

I'm PG_Plup on Twitter. Check out Red Bull.

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♪ (upbeat outro) ♪

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