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Wow we look at this

Welcome back to another episode of Stauffer garage guys

Today's detail is probably going to be one of the most fun details I've ever done. It is a 1999

Chevy Suburban with a diesel engine, which that's just cool

I'm super excited for this detail, especially because this is my wife's grandfather. So my grandfather in-law he is also Vietnam veteran

I love giving back to veterans as well to kind of pay back for their service that they did for our country

let's go and dive right into it and let me show you what it looks like before and if you're interested in any of the

Tools or products that I do use please make sure you check out the description box below

So the first step is get everything out of the vehicle itself

This is usually entailing getting anything out of cupholders anything out of rear cargo mat

Anything underneath the seats and when you do remove your floor mats from any vehicle that you're working on make sure you do so slowly

And do try to fold it up

So that way you're not dropping that dirt that's contained in those mats onto the floor and it just kind of makes your job easier

When you go to vacuum

All right, so now I have everything pulled out of the trunk

You kind of get a better idea of the depth of the stain here

Which I'm hoping comes out pretty easily

Some of this stuff on here will be a little bit more interesting that I'm going to try to use a steam cleaner on

at least for some of these stains in the carpet and just try to

Lightly brush it with some spray and then brush it itself and then try to soak it up

So that way you're not damaging this felt because this is just glued on

Just like your headliner is now that the spare tire is out as well

you can kind of see there's just a lot of the staining that I would have missed if I never pulled out that is just

A nice extra touch to get to a lot of this dirt that's there and then inside these brackets we'll get all these cleaned out

and all vacuumed out but then what I'm going to do is I'm actually just gonna take the pressure washer and pressure wash these I

Think it'll be a little bit quicker of a job

And then if I do these first it gives it time to dry and then on this spare tire cover

I'm just gonna vacuum it and maybe spot treat if there's a few different areas

But kind of just clean it up in general outside of the car and let these dry after I'm get done brush washing

So for the floor mats

the first step that I did was just pressure wash and try to rinse off as much dirt as

Possible the driver side floor mat was obviously the one with the most amount of dirt and I did get quite a bit out

But then I had to go to the next step which included using my all-purpose cleaner

And then I started to use a more direct formula too specific for carpet extraction and some of the deeper and harder stains in this

case the driver side floor mat actually

Contained diesel fuel oil and a lot of different chemicals and substances that are not typical for floor mats

So that's why I did spend more time on that one in particular and I was able to get all of it out

Now that the carpets are clean and extracted

I have those hanging up to dry for the remaining of the detail

And that was one of the big reasons why I did them first because I was going to be doing them a little bit more

Aggressively and essentially soaking them as much as possible to get all that dirt out

I wanted to make sure that there was time for them to dry before the end of the detail

So the next step that I did was actually cleaning all of the different door jams within the vehicle itself

so by using my brush and the steam cleaner

I was able to remove all grease and dirt that was caked into all the door jams

Since this car had been cleaned but it wasn't deep cleaned in a long period of time

I used the steam cleaner on all the plastic panels along with the windows themselves to remove any of the oily grease that kind of

accumulates over time on those surfaces


The past I have always done the door jambs as a part of my exterior cleans

But since I've been doing more interior cleans lately

I've realized that the door jams are an integral part of an interior clean itself

It kind of pulls the whole package together when you present the car to the customer

Now that all the door jams are clean the next step in the process is to actually vacuum all of the carpet

I like to do vacuuming at this stage of the detail just to get the majority of the dirt and leaves and debris out of

The vehicle as possible, especially when you start cleaning the door jams or start wiping down plastic panels

You don't want to introduce any dirt that could have been just vacuumed up at this point of the detail

One thing you could also do to ensure that you don't bring any additional and debris into the vehicle after you vacuumed is to wear

Socks and just take your shoes off as you get in and out of the vehicle

It does help with minimizing some of that cross contamination

So now when it comes to cleaning the dashboard

I'm just using my all-purpose cleaner diluted twenty to one that I talked about earlier and my detailing brushes to

Get between all the different cracks and crevices of the dashboard itself to clean out those panels and clean out that dirt

Nobody else can take your place. I'll never want somebody

One thing when you're cleaning the vehicle there's any parts that do come out of the car

Make sure you kind of check underneath them in this case when I was cleaning the glovebox area

I did find that when the cup holder is moved

There was a lot of different trash and stuff that was accumulated underneath that surface

So granted the customer won't see that but as a detailer

Those are the kind of things that you look for to complete the job and just kind of elevate your whole process

Now the interior has been clean with my all-purpose cleaner

I am now following up with the Chemical Guys silk and shine to essentially coat and protect the interior surface

This is what gives it that shine and luster that you're kind of looking for of a brand new vehicle

So for the seats I am using the Lexx all products that I had talked about earlier

the first step is to use the Lexile cleaner and this is just putting some onto a clean microfiber towel and

Agitating it on the surface itself

once you have cleaned the surface with the Lexile cleaner you then just want to use a damp microfiber towel to remove any product that

Is left on the surface

So once you have the seats clean grab a new microfiber towel in the leather conditioner

to then coat the surface and leave it on for about five to ten minutes is what I

Standardly do and then wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel

So for the windows I'm using invisible glass

and one thing to remember is

to make sure you roll down the window after you've done the main part of the surface to get that top leading edge that you

Would typically miss if you didn't do so

So the last step of the detail is to put the floor mats back in put in the spare tire and the spare tire cover

That had removed earlier

So now that the detail is complete it is now time to show the owner at the end results

Doesn't it it came out good I'm out great. Yes

Everything smells smells like a brand new vehicle

all the seats are conditioned and cleaned - so they're all they should be nice and soft now - and I got a lot of

the stains out

And all this out - so you're good to go Wow

You're welcome. Yeah, it turned out real nice it was fun to do

Yeah, I forgot what I used to be like to have buttons that go

in and out like this, they don't make them like that anymore Oh

Make sure those are all Center video they don't make them like that anymore. It was fun. Yeah, thanks. You're welcome. Enjoy it


Hope you guys enjoyed today's video

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Coming out. So thank you guys so much and I'll see you guys next time

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