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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Try Guys Recreate Celebrity Makeup Looks Drunk

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- Sometimes people gotta put makeup on their face

when they're drunk, and that's what we're gonna do today.

- Thank you, that's good.

- What the fuck is this?

- Fuck, fuck.

Disgusting, I look disgusting.

- I'm gonna put on makeup

and make myself a beautiful person.

Did I say "make my snelf"?

- I think we should do shots.

- I've got myself a nice, light poor of Chardonnay

and I'm going to be putting on makeup.

- [Eugene voiceover] Each of the Tryguys,

who are drunk right now, have to recreate the look

of an iconic female celebrity who is known

for their awesome makeup.

- I was in theater, so I did

theater cakey makeup for the big shows.

- Physicians formula, I don't know

what any of this stuff is.

- I've applied make up once in a Try Guys video.

I don't have a ton of experience, but I'm willing to learn.

- I'm an artistic person, so if I imagine

my face is a canvace, maybe I'll nail it.

- Is this a butt plug?

- Who am I creating today?

Oh Shit. When I think of JLo's makeup, I think its glowing.

Maybe she's born that way, different celebrity.

What a look, I'm getting severe contouring,

very bronzey bronze, and her eyes are so like I'm so sexy.

- She's both natural and edgy at the same time.

Does that make sense?

So she manages to pull off all of these looks

that could look bad on other people,

but on her it looks like she's not even trying.

Rihanna, if you're watching Eugene Lee Yang loves you,

I will fucking recreate this look for you,

drunk and sober, all day all night.


(laughter) oh my god.

Pretty basic contouring, nice highlight,

very complex eyeshadow situation, a dark plum lip.

- Lady Gaga? I love Lady Gaga.

I love Paparazzi, I love Applause.

I could live by that mantra,

I live for the applause, the applause, applause.

I like Lady Gaga, I sing Lady Gaga all the time at karaoke.

She has very eccentric looks.

Oh this is great, this is about what I expected.

Very rosy, shiny lip, very nice, the eye is super smokey.

I don't really know how to do this.

- I'm going to be Kylie Jenner.

I respect Kylie, you know, she's made a whole empire

out of being someone's cousin,

I think that's really impressive.


Oh, first step I need lip injecitons,

I need a bold lip, contour, galaxy eyes, hot brows.

Beautiful Zach is ready to nail this.

- 20 minutes?

- Nice, light poor. Thank you, that's good.

- 20 minutes? Are you fucking serious?

- Okay, first thing I need is another shot.

- Alright, shot to waste my first 30 seconds.

- Okay great, we're starting off.

Okay, let's see what we got here,

we got a palette, we don't have a primer here.

- This is the different brown tone,

that's more color business.

19 minutes, okay.

- That's the eyelash, you can tell

because it has the barbed wire.

Do you know that cat's penises are apparently barbed?

- Foundation, but the proper pronunciation of that is


- Put some dots around, so what you want to do

with foundation, you wanna make it

so that your face starts one color.

- Where's the fucking brush?

Just dip it right in.

Boom, right here, right here.

- This is the sponge? This butt plug?

This doesn't go in my butt.

- 17 and a half minutes? Okay.

Lady Gaga would have, like, a whole team.

- You know, I'm already drunk,

I don't need the time pressure.

- She does a nice, pale look. This is so fun,

I don't know if this is doing anything

but I'm having a blast.

- Oh god, I'm like at a buffet. Oh fuck.

- Uh, okay, so I'm just going to have to improvise,

we're going to go with this black, oh too much.

- I've seen some contour videos before,

and I know they do a line and they blend it.

I don't know how to contour.

- Oh yeah, oh yeah, god I'm so glowy, I'm so glittery,

it's like it accents my beard,

more bronzing, more, more, oh god.

- Let's put some pink, let's just...

- More glitter if you make the fish face

- Hoo, a little too much on this side,

oh yeah that's hot, let's just go around the edges.

- Do I spit in it to make it...

But how do you make it work?

- Wow guys, I should be a makeup guru.

Highlight and contour done.

- She has fake eyelashes on, that's something I can do.

Take this little torture device and apply some glue.

- Let's just do galaxy eye. I need a black, there's no black

- So the eyes are the windows to the Rihanna.

I'm just going to try to use the darkest one right now

and just get the face on. Uh, these mirrors are crazy


- What the fuck is this?

- My eyebrows?

- Come on Jlo. Uh

- This is a shadow palette, so she has pink on the inside,

purple on the outside and then her lashes be done.

- So she's got a whole fuck ton of black around her eyes,

doesn't she? We're just going to go for it, let's start.

- Am I just spending all my time putting on fake eyelashes>

This is hurting my eye.

- Can I use my finger? Can I finger this?

- Really? Oh, I didn't know that,

but I just naturally went for it.

- Oh no, oh no, okay

- I need more wine for this girl


It's only me and her right now.

- These eyes are hard y'all,

these are really hard eyes she has.

- How the fuck, you know, I thought Kylie was just a person,

but now that I'm doing this, mad respect.

- Under eyeliner, I just want it to be better,

but it's not, it's not.

- I feel like I've seen that in videos before,

where women, when they put on make up, they just go...

- One thing I love about this look,

is she's got really good bronze action, so I need more.

- Fuck, fuck. Let's just say that's done right now,

I'm going to fucking go to the eyeliner.

- Get in there, get more.

- Yes, and I'm hot, and I shouldn't have worn two layers.

- More, more, more, more, more, more, more.

- I've been doing this for ten minutes?

Already? That is pathetic.

- I need more bronzer.

- I'm trying to blow my eyes dry.

- More bronzer.

- Aw shit, is there a way to fix the smudge?

- This is from the mirror, I was like what's this?

Oh yeah it's a contour tool.

- Yes JLo, I'm going to make you proud.

- Five minutes?

- Mmmmm smell a liar, I won't be able to see it

through these lashes.

- I wasn't confident before,

but now that I'm on the eyebrows, this is perfect.

- Ah fuck, I'm fucking it up, I'm trying to correct

my liquid liner smudge by connecting it.

- Oh this is for the eye, let's fuck shit up.

We're about about to get so Kylie.

- Well I better fucking move on to my eyes then, huh?

Psych, more bronzer.

- Pretty fucking good, alright where's my lippy lip?

- I want my lips to look plumper than they actually are.

- I need lips, oh crap, okay, get those lips in there.

I didn't do this.

- Disgusting, I look disgusting. This looks like

I just went to a raspberry patch and went wild.

Never, but now it looks like I live in one.

- Oh we are all of the shallows now.

- Ooo I could be a reality star

- Um, what else is there to do?

It's pretty perfect, isn't it?

- [Narrator] One minute

- Ah, oh my god.

- Mascara, mascara, mascara, mascara, mascara, there.

- Good powder.

- Alright, shadow pallet here we go. Finishing stretch.

- Oh this is my highlighter, there we go.

- Just go over everything with the lightest of dabbles.

- [Narrator] Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five

- Just give me one, just give me one

- [Narrator] Two, one, tools down please.

- This was difficult, but the wine made it easy.

- I'm going to go on a limb

and say I probably look better than the other guys.

- Lot of ladies in the room who clearly are intimidated.

Keith's so good, he taught me that trick.

- Yeah, I'm going to wear this out

because I don't own makeup wipe removals.

- I mean nothing was easy, the foundation was easy.

- All in all, I think I did pretty well,

the liquid eyeliner, I mean, that's a nightmare.

I thought I hit my zones, get the bright forehead,

bright nose. I think I could have gone a little harder

with the highlight on my cheekbone.

- My skin looks golden, my eyes look awful,

and my lips look fine, I mean,

I think I achieved a JLO look today.

- I did spend, like, half of my time on the eyeshadow.

If you look closely, I feel like

I got some complexity in there.

There are four colors on my eyes.

- Am I pleased? That is an understatement.

I think I'm elated, ecstatic,

I think people are so turned on watching this video,

that they don't know what to do with themselves.

- Sometimes you just gotta trust your beauty instincts.

I know, this is not Rihanna level.

Every time I look at my face I get sad,

because then I turn and I see Rihanna's face

and I'm just like...

- How does she do it? Like this.

Did I fuck it up? Yes. Did I crush it? Also yes.

- They eyes are popping, I could do anything to this face

and the rest of the guys are not going to look as good.

How is it that I am already hungover?

- I love her face in this, it's that perfect, like,

I can see a hint of her teeth.

The eyes really mattered for a good Gaga look

and I look Gaga gorgeous.

- Makeup, I'm not good at it sober

and drunk, I'm even better.

(Light Rock Music)

- Rihanna, if you're watching,

I will leave the Try Guys to just hangout with you.

If you could literally give me two minutes to just, like,

fucking sit on a couch and just chill,

I will murder all the other Try Guys.

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