Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Studying Engineering in Germany

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Students who are coming from abroad and are thinking about becoming an engineer

will find very good conditions of education in Germany.

In Esslingen, we offer the international study programme Automotive Systems.

It is taught in English and aims to

enable students to develop complex control systems in modern vehicles.

For me it was something really new because I could see

how real world works, what the engineers have to do every day

and then you have an idea of what you are going to do later on.

To study engineering in Germany you should

enjoy mathematics and sciences

and have a passion for solving technical problems.

If you want to study engineering then you don't have to be a genius like most of the people think.

You just have to have passion for something.

There are a lot of fields that you can study like cars or airplanes or whatever.

You just have to like what you do.

Besides technical knowledge,

an engineer also needs social competences, especially communication skills.

In our globalised world

prospective engineers should be able to efficiently communicate in international

and intercultural teams.

To me, living in Germany is more than studying.

I have met many nice people,

a lot of German and international students.

There are so many things to do in your spare time in Germany.

You can go on trips and explore nearby cities.

One really enjoys the quality of life in Germany.

Well, our international students have good opportunities on the job market.

About 30 per cent get employed directly in German companies.

Then, there is another group that works

for German subsidiary enterprises in their home countries.

The last group of alumni finds highly qualified jobs

in engineering companies in their home country.

This was my dream to go out and explore the world, to see more.

You just have to believe in yourself and try this and you won't regret.

I would say it's an experience that changes your life.

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