Practice English Speaking&Listening with: nuevo año, nuevo yo.

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A decade ends,

and another begins.

A new path opens up,

A new stage.

A tour that has its beginning, but not its end.

And this year, like any other, it's my turn to get to work,

with what I love most in life ...

The art.

A roller coaster full of ups and downs awaits me.

A roller coaster of new emotions, adventures and experiences to discover.

And if your mind is willing to face this adrenaline,

It's time to put on your seat belt,

because this... is the journey of my life.

Throughout all these years I dedicated myself to make many many people dance,

They trusted me, and my work.

I composed songs for fun, as well as by profession.

I was always looking to convey what I felt when composing that song because, I think that's the goal, isn't it?

to convey the passion that one has when doing what he loves most.

And in my case, at no time I doubted my only goal in life:


Create and show what art is capable of generating!

Enjoy, share and teach!

Boost that talent that seeks so much to give birth

And above all,

Never forget who I am:

Im Zann, and this is what I can do.

Its true that most of the time I want to give more than I can do.

It's only a matter of time, so if you think...

Its time for this journey to begin.

''New year, new me.''

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