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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (Hindi) Grammar and Noun by Wren & Martin: Types of Sentences [English Grammar Lessons]

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hello everyone I am Niharika John Mara

your trainer for the series learning

English grammar by Edwin and Martin to

Hindi then my 10k through Leakey we book

English grammar get your hair okay on

Hindi we cover Carnevale here and this

is part 1 actually a topic here that is

kinds of sentences after the courses

series or lessons Kaleem which is it's

linked to follow course experience now a

little bit about me and a mass

communication graduate English trainer

at an academy a freelance personality

development trainer and English trainer

at yo P that is English on phone first

of all what is a sentence acceptance

Englishman hosogaya it is a group of

words which makes complete sense

that is called a sentence it s a

sangharsh of dukkha jokey it sense

barata it mutlar nichols the hell say

for example a method except in a pan

ahjussi's ricky muir that is bob is my

friend Bob Meara those hair ito Hayek

sentence head is a correct sentence k

Paxton a also define concepts in a get

complete wash your hair

lakyn occur is precocity cocky friend

Bob my is ye a sentence nahin hair we

cannot call it as a sentence and Bill

Cosby is a ex intense negative act a

cookie Milegi j-josh of the hair similar

shop suggests a Ameri pinellia valid

sentence mythic but you have a sequence

is picotto- komodo micheladas ok friend

karma klepto suit ahead Bobek nam hand

my metal Amira or is mclubbe heck

Iliamna euskara hair but a joke char

award hair so he dedicates a place

making hand sewing caucus and pinnacles

ahead comer club Mohini culture that's

why this is not a sentence hung if Val a

second example question intentionally

black ops a lake in any shop doko agar

have properly arranged personnel to a

Kamini Michalka at a keyboard mirror


Bob is my friend that's why we call it

as a sentence so this is the detonation

of the sentence now tied each sentence

gave us fairy-type certain and let's see

that biologic kind Jota has intense car

go ahead declarative or assertive

sentence unusual esta contento de han

Jue Kikuchi scuba on cutting hair yeah a

bcurtin could be saying head to be Baku

Cibola data hair carriage at ahead all

those things are assertive sentences

with declarative sentence Anika Hodges

ahead when in Martin key according it

first kind of sentences example Killian

he is a well-known singer Roy is John

Amana gaya care yaeko

photonic assertion him I'm Kitty cheese

cobertura have been a precaution carbon

approach expression to that simple

experiment hence next to my example here

sheeple is my best friend Joe Sheetal

married a bot pokiedotie abroad Aikido

stay again X normal statement a by and

the Henke Bhoomi a different hair so x+

Akiko the Beatty Beatty scuba encourage

or ahead

yogoro Siham just added but arranged a

kippa co s a sentences am

decorated you can escape if category may

obtain a so this is the first kind of

sentence according to women Martin next

type is interrogative sentence

interrogative sentence interrogation

Kamala D what I oppression a putana

so a sentence just me specially put you

gotta hear a sentence that ask a

question a bhop a typo car key question

was obtained an a ahmadi previous

courses will be Socata major categories

pimp la Carque oppression okie would be

a high and ie Q star value tener this

may subject nahi hota hai ostatic a bar

in Ipanema laplacian important or

detailed answer Balakrishna ho tennis

example second

how are you doing up getting him where

do you live after a tener que con cada -

who - he is packet intensity happy

pressure pulses are ahead depressional

booties at the hair were majorly in

shove those advantage on me happy

disgusting hair then I have what vodka

McClendon what the heck yeah then

they're welcome at la caja busca bath

when then come at love what the heck up

why just come at Laputa head kuhn how

much luck getting or accra hey Mara who

mutlar con so a jinn demon meaning water


- pressure pushes at a huge believer in

words with the English case start Jota

hair or tabular / result ahead

he's cutting in through here ending a

question marks the warrior that means

CoA can dedicated sentences you happy

who Valley to Krishna Otis namishyami

America takabbara me potage Alta so this

was interrogated sentence next kind Joe

hamari hair who had imperative sentence

a sentence

jokey Kitty Adi ishke gaawiin picot

batata here so they are the sentence

that express a command jokey ah - Oh

tight or n & tweety

jockeys win tota in imperative sentences

hosting a Cabana mess and luckily I clip

or a complete sentence mania licking it

Joe shove the imperative sentences may

use what to him whoa enough water here

we have up in an idea Kwame Raymond

which expression air okay Santa Monica

batata change their psyche a chemistry

fitnah Balu come here

so hoarse expand economy in completely a

tubular sentence s are some Ajay

efficient I did but come here itself is

a complete meaning you have it's not be

can adina-in after again mexico banana

cardamom again a core example dicta

please be quiet kappa super jock Ripa

ho jayegi you're happy again hammock vin

decoder crack come here ekadesha please

be quiet a 20s starting please save oh


I mean again as Alex Pataki you happy

Kitty Kotik a body in between Maria you

happy a subject can I predict API how

many so much bother him SL hasta aqui a

doula sentences but a sentence - Jota

just makes directed HDRI a servant eco

kiyohara he would say hum imperative

sentence key category mayor of san whoa

a parrot of kind what ahead sentence

iske in me um usually Jobi sentences

banana hair what short a hotel a lumber

in tend to say with her hair up or doe

words to say start okay maximum positive

word second sentence milega a device of

the lumber sentence imperative sentence

men he put in him

add a shock wave in tickly imperative

sentences come you thought ahead next

category next kind is exclamatory

sentences or as2 ten ten so ten joking

hamari strong feelings go home Arriba of

now quakes press cut the hair it is the

sentence that expresses from feeling

jumpy huh ooh dr. thing about excited

with him yeah poor Giada attempted to

thing approach other crucial to him so

another let expressions hamari bull

named after him again India pista had to

improve later lotta hair a guy raha make

which choke summit almond psyche which

Buddha from eternal so hamara voice

low-budget a harem but ethnic apart a

Buddha wah if said such expressions

about English Bibles in here wouldn't

insist Co exclamatory sentences may

count Piaget ahead with a exclamatory

sentences valley kind America gotta have

example Johanna Mara how cold the night

is keep meet Andy rosin he got strong

feeling here in Bamako Bottari ham boy

particular statement Canadia Jiraiya

non-equal Krishna puja darahannah he

couid a shows in PA


exhaling hair yoky out of nowhere it

comes out let's go on a question me but

ArchiCAD on credit in here

so ye sentence ex came a tree sentences

a time

Kamisha in bartender key and the Cabiria

ik symmetry sentence are much now yes

figured out car knocking submissive

symmetry sentence concept or sentence

key bad Nabu . a question mark nahi

balki exclamation mark Malaika at the

happy date party Escobar a exclamation

mark lot my duty exam pajama Rihan what

an excellent performance cambodia

performances it's not a chuck card awake

at night reproduction hair if nirvana is

enough for my feelings with whisker

nickel in my palm naka botanically he

hyung joong the duration comedy coyote

hung as one metalliguy of them

appreciate cousin here so ye again it

exclamatory sentence pancetta head or

see behind me are big the saying of the

exclamation market so Fe feeling sky by

hums Wow awesome

ye words Bolton that is our X comma T

sentence Vallejo ich werde can but it's

my ex strong feeling hair Yokohama a man

me jo Cady appreciation I have vascular

do care roots ahead to express curly

hair that's why it is counted as

sentence and as an exclamation sentence

we a hemorrhage are kind space intensity

according to when in Martin thank you


we have lots and lots more coming up get


all of you please don't forget to rate

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The Description of (Hindi) Grammar and Noun by Wren & Martin: Types of Sentences [English Grammar Lessons]