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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Read Your FIRST BOOK IN ENGLISH TODAY! - BEST Reading Tips!

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reading your first book in another

language is a hell of an achievement so

here are my best tips so you can finish

your first book in English today the

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are my best tips for reading which

actually work first let's talk

dictionaries teachers often say don't

use the dictionary when you read a book

never use a dictionary I completely

disagree with this

I think this made sense when you had to

have a huge dictionary and it takes you

five minutes to translate a word but I

mean now you've got an instant

translation app on your phone it's not

much of a distraction there is one

problem I have with this though and that

is that if you read and you come to a

word that you don't know you'll

translate it what's this word oh okay

it's that and you move on but then one

minute later you've forgotten the word

that you translated so in that way yeah

it's probably not the best and most of

the time those little words that you

don't understand they're probably not

that important to the story so leave it

now ideally you don't want any

interruption when you're reading but of

course if there's one part in you you

need to understand this word or this

sentence to progress in the story fine

go for it or if you see an interesting

or fun looking word fine go for it but

make a note of that word on a piece of

paper on a list or highlight that word

in the book and translate it save it for

later we'll come back to this list late

second learning through context this is

the way that you should be reading this

helps your comprehension but what does

it mean let me give you an example so I

study Spanish now if I'm reading a book

in Spanish I will follow my own advice

one time I was reading a magazine I

can't remember what the article was

about but it said this I have to use

sunblock I don't want to get blah blah

blah this word I didn't understand what

this word meant but through context I

understood it so sunblock I know what

that word means okay if you don't use

sunblock what happens oh you get a

sunburn boom it makes sense this word it

must mean sunburn so I highlighted it I

made a note of it and I saved it for

later we will come back to this and what

to do later next let's talk or do books

when you have an audiobook and you're

reading the book at the same time this

not only helps your reading skills it

also helps your listening and your

speaking skills why is that well think

about it someone is reading to you what

you're reading on the page you're

getting pronunciation you're getting

intonation how to pronounce words how to

say them in a natural way so the main

skill you're practicing is reading and

listening but this also helps your

speaking because the next time that you

want to say these words you know how

they're pronounced you know the

intonation of this sentence which leads

me to the sponsor of today's video

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why am i recommending this what does it

do okay so you know when you read a book

and then you try to explain that book to

your friend and you give them the main

points of it everything that you've

learned those are the bits you tell you

friend about right this app does that it

takes all the best non-fiction books

takes the main takeaways from those

books condenses it into this intense but

very short version of that entire book

in other words you can finish a whole

book in 15 minutes if you don't want to

listen to the audio version you can just

read that short intense condensed

version of the book or you can do both

you can listen and read at the same time

that is what I recommend you do so if

you don't have much free time or if you

just can't be bothered to read an entire

full book this gives you the shortened

condensed intense version in audio form

in around 15 minutes also which is

really good for you the audio you can

slow the speed of the audio so if you

prefer your speech a little bit slower

it has the option or if you want to

challenge yourself you can make the

audio faster if you want to finish a

book in 10 minutes

again I personally use the app what am i

listening to them oh yeah

so the moment I'm listening to this book

it's called capitalism and freedom by

Milton Friedman a friend recommended me

this book and everything this guy says I

disagree with completely for me it just

sounds ridiculous but listening to the

Blink hissed version of this book gives

me all the main takeaways so I could

have an informed discussion with my

friend about why I disagree with this

book that he read I also recently read

color of Ellie's seven brief lessons on

physics I've also read the book book

version of it but I'll be honest

hearing the blink East Virginia

Standards possible I mean the book is

like 90 something pages the blink

aspersion 15 minutes what wins so again

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try the 7 day free trial you can finish

a book in English today okay you have

that list of words that you highlighted

and make notes of I told you we would

come back to it you know the meanings of

them now what do we do now many of you

have pointed out quite nicely in the

comments that it's easy to learn the new

vocabulary from my lessons well there's

a reason for that there's a very good

reason for that when you learn something

new it's always best if you have

something funny or crazy or silly some

story to go around it that makes this

thing much easier to remember like

personally I hate when I see an English

teacher like hi this is an English

expression it means this okay next word

this expression means this here's a

boring sentence no one can learn like

that but if you associate those new

words those new expressions with

something funny something crazy

something silly then it will stick in

your memory you'll remember it so when

you have those new words those new

expressions that you highlighted that

you made a list of now it's time to make

your own example sentence but when you

do remember make that example sentence

something crazy something silly

something easy to remember not a boring

example never ever do boring so those

were my best reading tips which tips

have you found the most useful let me

know in the comments also let me know

which books have you finished in English

which ones have you found the most

interesting share your best tips and the

books that you've read in the comments

with the rest of our little puppet each

meet English learning family that we

have here I'll see you in the next class





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