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Watch me transform Rapunzel's hair from long

to short

Just like at the end of Disney's animated movie Tangled

[Music: Rosie's Tea Party theme song]

Rapunzel's Makeover Part 1 New Haircut

Hi! I'm Flynn Rider

But you can call me Eugene

Welcome to my hair salon

People are always asking me how I gave Blondie her fresh new haircut

Well today is your lucky day because I'm going to teach you

Here's comes my next customer

Hey Eugene. Hey Rapunzel

Magic hair sure grows fast huh?

I didn't know you cut hair

What do you mean didn't know?

Don't be silly Blondie

Well, I was thinking of getting a trim anyways

And I'm already here so

Could you cut my hair?

Could I? Blondie! You won't regret it! I promise!

Prepare to be amazed!

Okay. I trust you

Before we start I need to take a before photo of you

Just stand here and look into the camera

and give it your best smile

Okay. Cheese!

You can take your eyes off me for a second Blondie

I know it hard not to stare at such a handsome face

but I need you to look at the camera


And smile!

I am smiling!

[Click] Got it!

For this hair tutorial, you're going to need your sharp object of choice

And from my experience it's best to use whatever

sharp thing is just laying around on the ground

My personal favourite being this broken mirror chard here

So uh ... let's get started

Uh um ... Eugene

I don't really feel comfortable with you

waving that piece of broken glass

so close to my face

Couldn't you just use scissors?

Blondie her brings up a good point

You could use scissors

but you just won't get that same jagged effect

when you chop all that hair off

Wait wait! What?! Chop?!

Oops! Did I say chop?

I meant to say trim

Eugene! Eugene! Let me go!

I am not letting you cut my hair!

Blondie! Blondie!

Doesn't all that hair feel heavy?

Can you even play any sports with all that hair?

You would get heat stroke!

Well I guess

See I knew you would come around

The ladies just can't resist the smoulder

Hi everybody!

Today I'm going to show you how to cut and dye

Rapunzel's hair into a layered bob

like it is at the end of Disney's Tangled

You're going to need an elastic to tie the hair in a ponytail

This will keep the hair from going all over the place

Whoa! That's a lot of hair!

As you can see, I cut it super uneven but

That doesn't matter because

I just wanted to make it easier to work with

I'm going to separate the hair into a top and bottom layer

Rapunzel's short hair is about chin length

Comb out the hair and hold it horizontally away from the head

This will create layers when you cut it



Do this all around the head and

try to keep the strands even by

matching them up to the last one you cut

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

After you're done the bottom layer

you can start on the top layer

The top layer is done the same as the bottom layer

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

To make the hair less poofy

cut vertically through the hair to minimize bulk

and add texture

You don't have to close the scissors all the way

while you're doing this

You want to do this slowly

and be careful and not cut too much

See the hair coming out?

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

I'm just going to go in and add a few more layers

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Soften the ends of the hair

by snipping them gently and vertically

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

For the bangs, they rest below her eyes

and swoop a little to the side

So I'm just going to cut them this length for now

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Here's what it looks like

I think it could have been a few millimeters longer in the back

But she still looks so cute1

This is the hair that I cut

I'm going to use sticky tac

along Rapunzel's hairline

to guard her skin when we dye her hair

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

It should look something like this

I'll be using this brown fabric marker to dye Rapunzel's hair

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

After you're done, just peel the sticky tac off

and touch up anything you missed

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

This is what it will look like after

going over it once with fabric marker

Once the hair is dry, you can begin to style it

I'm using hair gel

Take a little blob on your finger

and dab it on the ends of the hair

Pinch the sections of hair that you want of flick outward

Then twist and play with it

until everything looks just right

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Wow! Check out Rapunzel's spunky new haircut!

Doesn't she look so cute?

I love short hair!

She went from a super long blonde

to a short and sassy brunette!

Now that you've seen both

Which is your favourite?

Long hair?

Or short hair?

Post your answer in the comment section or

click on the icard and take our poll

Long or short, she's still the same

Spunky Rapunzel who loves adventure

Hey Flynn. Sorry I had to leave so quicky

I got you a gift. Oh thanks

Scissors? Yeah!

I was thinking maybe you'd scare away less

customers using these

Ah well thanks Rapunzel

No problem

So uh. What do you want me to do with all this hair?

I don't know? Donate it?

Anyways, I'm going to go shopping for a new outfit

Awesome! Have fun!

Make sure to come back and show me what you got

I will! See you!

Hey Eugene! Check out all the cool stuff I got!

Uh oh. Great!

Oh oops! Sorry. You're with a customer!

I see you're using those scissors!

I'll just wait over here until you're done

Okay. I'll be done super fast!

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Hey Eugene. Can you pass me that bag please?

Oh uh. Sure Blondie

I mean Rapunzel. Here you go

Hey! Don't look! I'm sorry!

I swear I wasn't uh

Okay. Just close your eyes and pass me the bag!

Uh. Okay

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