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Yes, everyone! I'm Minami Chigasaki!

Thanks for watching the videos all the time

I'm going to a day camp today

Aim for your destination with safe driving

Go to a campsite in Kanagawa, Japan

Go to Takizawaen Campsite

One thing I want to do at day camp

It is eating meat

Did not eat meat at the last camp

So I want to eat meat

I want to bake meat at day camp

I go to a day camp to eat meat

The current time is 8:40 minutes

Go straight on National Route 246

Less luggage as it is a day camp

Recently purchased...

I brought an iron frying pan

I want to bake meat in an iron skillet

The campsite to visit this time may be open fire

Bake meat with charcoal and bonfire

So I brought an iron frying pan

I am happy if I succeed.

Go straight

Will arrive soon

Today's weather is cloudy. Sorry ...

It will rain from tomorrow.

Cloudy is lucky!

Lucky because it did not rain

Before going through the tunnel

A little more

Shopping at a convenience store

I bought chili tomato noodles and gloves at a convenience store.

I tweeted on Twitter "cameras and bikes are the best"

I was happy that there were many people who sympathized.

I bought boots under the influence of Yuru Camp.

Today I am wearing those shoes.

This shoe is very warm

The perfect boot for camping in winter

I do not get cold even though I ride a motorcycle

So, comfortable

It has become a mountain path

The road is gradually narrowing

Road is wet

Scary because the stone is falling on the road

Campsite sign found

I wonder if this road is good

Can I make a U-turn if I make a mistake?

Arrived at the reception

log bridge

Somewhat scary

There are many furnaces made of stone

This is my campsite

I go buy firewood and charcoal

Incidentally, a walk

Return home from a walk

The crow has eaten the important tomato chili noodles and Cairo.

Bad things have happened, but we're having fun preparing our camp.

The camp is ready

Its a day camp so its easy to get ready

I brought an iron frying pan because I have less luggage

Iron frying pans are a bit heavy

Now I want to cook the steak

From now on, we will set fire and bonfire

Cut firewood

Light the charcoal

Cut the vegetables. The vegetables I brought were paprika and asparagus

Lantern lighting type

Thanks for watching the video

I'm going to bake meat in the next video

Please subscribe to the channel. That's very nice.

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