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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mini Monster Truck Go Kart (Daddy Daughter Project) - Hot Rod Hoarders Ep.8

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On this episode of Hot Rod Hoarders we dig out my vintage monster truck go-kart

we get it running again with a predator 212 engine. So I got this

go-kart for Christmas when I was 5 years old and for a kid who grew up in the 80s

and 90s this was just like a dream come true and actually Santa Claus brought it

to me and left it right on the front porch so that was pretty awesome

Can you scoot up there? Scoot way up there where the gas is, where you give it gas.

Get ahold of the steering wheel, and scoot way up there. When I was a kid I rode

it a few times but it really wasn't all that fun it was kind of slow didn't have

a very good turning radius we didn't have a great place to ride it also was a

very capable off-road it's just a go-kart it doesn't actually have

suspension so this thing was kind of useless in a way so I didn't really get

a lot of fun out of it as a kid. We did get it out in the snow one year and that

was a lot of fun and one particular memory I have of my dad getting on the

very back of it and us doing this big monster wheelie in the churchyard just

down the street from us. So my dad ended up getting rid of this go-cart just a

few years after I've gotten it it was not serving us any purpose so we let it

go and just happened to go to one of his best friend's Denny George who had two

boys and I think they found that it was also not really all that fun because it

really just sat in storage for a lot of years. So for my 30th birthday, my wife

and family it surprised me with a birthday party and when I rounded the

corner to come into my garage which is where the party was going on,

there was Swamp Rat sitting there and you know it was a huge surprise to me

because honestly I didn't know that the thing even existed anymore so that was a

lot of fun and you know the idea was for me to get it running again someday and I

was shocked that after 25 years that the body was still in good shape the paint

job and the lettering that Santa Claus did or his elves or whoever did years ago

and all those old car stickers and stuff they're still in good shape this thing I

mean it's not quite as shiny as it used to be but it still looks like it's

supposed to. To be honest it fell pretty low on my

priority list and I just put it over here in the corner of garage and

basically just used as a shelf. So back in January there was a big chance of

snow in our area and it kind of inspired me to put this thing back together and I

wanted us to be able to go play in the snow a little bit you know do some donuts,

and have some fun and so finally it gave me the motivation to go pay a

hundred bucks for this predator 212 engine and get this thing back going again.

So this thing had a like a three horse Tecumseh and it, like I said, it was slow and

the only good thing had going for it is it's got a comet

torque converter on it and that bolted right up to this new predator engine

that was pretty much the only thing I had to do to switch everything over

was bolt on that torque converter and then bolt the new engine to the frame

I was so happy to get this thing running that I drove around the yard with basically

flat tires before I got the new tires put on.

so I took a few laps around the house with no body on it and flat tires

But it ran okay it was surprising but this thing fired right up and we took off

down the road with it.

so along with the new engine it needed some new tires and these tires were

rotten and old and they're actually a tubeless design so it didn't really do

me any good to try to put any air in them, they were just coming apart so I got some

new tires off of Amazon they're just cheap Chinese Junkers but they would serve the

purpose for what I needed. The tire swap actually ended up being the hardest part

of this whole thing. The payoff from all this aggravating work on those tires

especially was being able to get this thing out and take it for a real ride

down the road and that's something that just made it worth all the effort. It was

just a ton of fun to take this thing down the road and really open it up

because my little test drive with the flat tires obviously I didn't go very fast but

now you know you can hit this thing and it runs really good it's obviously a

very bumpy ride if you're on a bumpy road or in the yard or something like

that but it's a lot of fun

My favorite part of this project is the fact that Carlee wanted to help me

you know it's not often that Carlee can really get in under a car and help me

with stuff or anything like that because it's a little bit dangerous and it's

hard work and all that but this was really the kind of project that me and

her could get together to work on she helped me clean it up, she helped me with

taking the body off and put it back on she was right there with me my changing

tires. She saw it all, so that was really fun and now she's getting to enjoy it

too so the plan for us moving forward is we're gonna keep riding it around I'll

get her in there with me and we'll have some fun with it and then eventually

she'll get behind the wheel herself and take down the road and through our yard and have

a little bit of fun of her own but for now she's not quite big enough and it's

really it's still kind of hard to steer. Just those big tires I guess just

make it hard to steer her so she's got to get a little bit more used to it

before I'll turn her loose on it. If you like this sort of thing hit the

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