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(trumpets playing)


- Hello everybody, it's me Fizzy.

Today we're going to make rainbow colored roses.

(gasps) Yay, I can't wait!

Mm, roses just smell so good.

You guys are so lucky that you get flowers

growing out of the ground here.

On my planet, all we have are eyeballs

growing out of the ground.

Okay, for this, you're going to need white roses.

You can get white roses at your local flower shop

or grocery store.

And the reason that we're going to white roses is because

they absorb the most color.

So I went ahead and cut off the leaves

and I'm going to go ahead and cut off the stem

to make the rose about eight to 10 inches.

Now, if you want to make two colored roses,

what you're gonna do is you're gonna grab some scissors

and you're gonna cut this stem right down the middle.

Just like this!

If you want to make three colored roses,

then you're gonna cut the stem into threes.

But be careful not to cut any part of the stem off,

or your fingers.

We don't want you to cut your fingers off.

Let's go put our rose in water.

Come on!

What you're gonna need to make your rainbow colored roses

are a couple of vases.

I have three different setups.

One for one color,

one for two colors,

and one for three colored roses.

What you're gonna do is you're gonna fill up

your vases with water.

Then you're gonna put food coloring

that you want to turn your flowers into.

I picked orange, green, red, and blue

because I'm gonna mix the red and the blue

to make


(techno music)

Now, I don't really have a specific amount of

food coloring that you can put into your water.

Just put as much food coloring as you think

until it looks like it's ready to go.

But you don't want to put too little,

because then the roses aren't gonna be bright.


The food coloring in the water looks so cool!

It reminds me of the nebuli I passed on the way to Earth.

In the first vase, I'm gonna put my one white rose.

In the second setup, I'm gonna take my rose

that I cut in half and I'm gonna put one half of the stem

in this color

and the other half of the stem in this other color.

And then, I went ahead and made a third rose

and cut it into three,

and each part of the stem

I'm gonna stick into a different color.


The three stemmed rose looks like

my three legged pet back home, Jonathan!

Oh, I miss Jonathan.

I hope gram gram is still feeding him.

Now, all you have to do is wait 24 hours

to see the color change.

But, since I can speed up time,

I'm gonna go ahead and do that.

(clock ticking)


Look at the flowers changing!

I can't wait to give these to Buzz.

He's probably just going to eat them though.

Maybe I'll just keep them for myself.

I was so caught up with being a scientist,

so look what else I made!

I grew 'em with Orbeez because Orbeez are so cool.

And these little round things,

I still don't know what humans use these for.

And my favorite-cereal!

Hmm, I wonder if this will work for you guys.

Let me know down in the comments if it works.

I don't think it will though because I used my

special alien powers for this one.

Okay, if you want to see more of me,

don't forget to hit that subscribe button.

Peace out!

Time for lunch.

Mm, tasty.

- Alien Buzz.

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