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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Silicon Valley: Season 4 Deleted Scenes

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Just imagine how much better we can be!

Let's do Gavin Belson proud!

Jack Barker is trying to destroy me.

There's no other explanation.

Gavin, forgive me, but is not the simplest explanation

that Jack Barker is merely trying to make Hooli better?

Is it possible his impertinence aboard your Gulf Stream 650

was merely a foxy brusqueness, not malice?

Respectfully, I completely disagree.

You have the most acute situational awareness

of any civilian I've ever met.

And any suggestion that you cannot read Jack correctly is,

frankly, offensive.

He's up to something and you know it.


I mean, there's just something off about him.

Thank you, Hoover.

I want full surveillance on that pear-shaped son of a bitch 24/7.

It's Bachman. B-A-C-H

and then the traditional spelling of "man."


And he'll know what it's regarding.

How far down the hall is he?

'Cause I can hold.

I'm not averse--



All the marijuana in the world

is not going to make up for what is missing in your life.

What? Just shut up and float there you goggle-eyed toad.

You are the one floating.

All alone in a big ocean of nothing.

Nonsense. I have scads of opportunities.

I was just, um, Rolodexing them in my mind,

trying to figure out which one to actualize.

No, you're not.

Stop looking at me.

I have somewhere I have to be.

No, you don't.


Thanks for being here Mr. Download.

I'm told that thanks to Hooli's new tier 1 fiber network,

you got here in record time.

There you are.

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