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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Scott’s quitting story

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I'm 52 and I smoked for about 28 years.

I always wanted to not smoke but it was like

sort of woven into every part of my life; I associated it with everything.

Things I didn't like about smoking - financially I didn't like it

and I didn't like the fact that towards the end I found it hard to do everything.

You know to bend over, go upstairs.

I decided to quit smoking because I didn't want to be tied to anything.

I didn't want something that was out of my control

and I wanted to live a healthy life.

The day I stopped I went and bought some of those sprayers.

I decided to get them because they're oral but they don't act like a cigarette,

it's not like sucking on a nicotine, those little nicotine things like cigarettes.

So I wanted to get out of habit of inhaling, also I used the patches as well,

so I use them in combination, whenever I felt like

a cigarette, about every third or fourth time I felt like a cigarette I'd have a spray

and then eventually the spray, because the way they're designed, they run out slowly.

And so you're getting a little less nicotine, a little less each time towards the end of the sprays.

So I gave myself about two weeks on those and then I just put both of those down

and just decided to deal with it.

Since quitting I feel like I have more control over my life.

Food tastes way better which is really good.

And it's kind of a self-care thing, you sort of learn to love yourself more,

you know and it is, it's an act of love to not smoke for yourself and that's really important.

I love going to the beach before the sun comes up and swimming,

which makes me sound way more healthy then I probably am.

Some advice I'd have for people who are trying to stop smoking is

to be kind to yourself through the process.

That's really important because it's hard, it's one of the hardest things I've ever done.

Also to know that your life is going to be so much better

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