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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: My Biggest Accent Secrets REVEALED!

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hi everyone I can't believe I'm actually

making this video because I'm revealing

to you

my biggest accent and speech training


I probably shouldn't make this video

I've still got time to change my mind no

I'll keep going right if you follow this

process whether you're a native speaker

or a non-native speaker this is a way to

improve your accent and overall speech

this is the same process that I use in

my accent training course and this is

also the same process when I'm teaching

myself new styles of speech I will do

exactly what I'm going to tell you in

this video we start off with a simple

concept this is not a secret of accent

training and this idea is modeling

modeling means finding a speaker whose

speech you like or whose accent you like

and you use them as your example that

you're going to copy and practice from

so the first important step is to find

that speaker that you want to speak like

right you've got that person now how do

you practice it how do you practice

speaking like them a lot of people write

in the comments section of my videos

that they use my videos to copy a model

that's a good idea and they say that it

helps them a lot so yeah I definitely

recommend that but here we go into my

secret part I would say that's not the

most effective way in terms of

practicing and the reason is I I expect

when they're watching the videos they

have to pulls a lot it's a bit messy

it's not paused in natural places for

taking your breath for example also when

you're doing a whole YouTube video it's

a lot of speech to model you don't

really need five minutes or ten minutes

worse you can take a one-minute chunk

and if you practice that regularly and

often that's going to give you really

good results you don't need a really


piece of audio to copy from but anyway

you find the person you want to sound

like and here is where I reveal my

secret to you don't do it just from

YouTube videos or just from reading

transcripts what you want to do is

download just the audio that you want to

model so it could be a speaker you like

it could be an actor performing a

certain part of a play

excuse the police car it could be a

famous speech by a politician or an icon

in history for example so you take that

audio you've got it you downloaded it

downloaded it from YouTube perhaps and

now what you want to do is split up that

audio so that you've got spaces that

give you time to repeat after what's

just been said the way that you cut up

the audio is to open it in a software

audio software program that has tools

for cutting up the audio so I use Adobe

Audition but you have to pay for that

another example software is GarageBand a

lot of people with Mac's or maybe all

people with Macs have GarageBand so you

take the small audio remember you don't

want more than a minute or two and you

cut it up in parts in your audio

software and you don't just cut it up

randomly you cut it up at points where

there's a natural pulse so maybe there

is a breath maybe there's pulse for

thinking about something or maybe

there's a full stop or a comma you cut

it up in the small chunks that give you

just enough time to say it to say that

part back and then it's the next part

and then it's the next part you go

through the whole audio like that until

your speech is cut up with all those

pauses for you to repeat after it then

you save that file

after you've saved that file when you

practice you hit play and whenever

there's a pause you repeat back and the

more you practice the better you'll get

you don't want to just concentrate on

the sounds of the words you also want to

concentrate on things like tone emphasis

pitch you want to copy back what you've

just heard now the more sensitive your

ears are the better you're going to be

at that and if you've never done

modeling before you won't be that good

at the beginning now another important

tip for you is to have the right

attitude when you do modeling a lot of

people who are critical about their

accent or speech listen back to

themselves and they just hate it they

hate what they're hearing they think

they're terrible they think they're the

worst speaker ever and all they do is

just pick pick pick on themselves and

that's the wrong attitude to have

because you're going to startle more

stutter more you're going to stumble

more and you're going to be inhibited

when you speak the best attitude to have

okay it takes time is to do your speech

practice like it's a hobby with a

relaxed attitude to it never I've got to

do this I've got to say it perfectly if

you do that it's going to go more and

more wrong and it's not going to sound


okay the last secret in speech and

accent speech and absent training is

that at a certain point you do need to

know something about the different

sounds within speech you do need to know

something about IPA now some people

because they do have a sensitive ear

they're much better at just picking up

sounds and these people perhaps don't

need to know so much about IPA because

they can already hear the differences in

sound but the majority of people can't

really hear the differences in sound

therefore they do need to learn

something about IPA because otherwise

they're trying to copy something that

they've got no idea about and they don't

understand so let me give you an example

let's say you went to a classical music

concert you didn't know anything about

classical music

you heard all those instruments in the

orchestra you think it sounds wonderful

but you couldn't play it yourself right

because you've got no idea what the

instruments are and you don't know how

to play them that's why the final point

of getting really really good with sound

accent speech voice is that you do have

to learn something about the sounds but

you can learn it slowly and it doesn't

have to become a big study area of your

life it just gives you that extra

knowledge you need to be able to listen

closely so that you can repeat back and

say things precisely

okay so I've revealed to you now all my

biggest accents and speech training

secrets I do hope that you stick around

on the channel and you watch more of my

videos in the future thanks for watching

and good luck with your accent training


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